Mr. Weah, Convince Liberians about What You Are Capable of Doing


Since the commencement of postwar electoral activities in Liberia, unsubstantiated claims by the Congress for Democratic Change/Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) about cheating have always been the constant recitation.

In the 2005 runoff election, CDC standard bearer George Weah cried foul, saying the election was marred by fraud; denying him and his supporters of claiming the Liberian presidency that year.

Also in 2011 Weah and members of his CDC delusively dwelt on a wrong communication signed by National Elections Commission (NEC) former Chairman, James Fromayan, that they were cheated in the election that put Unity Party (UP) ahead of them in the second round that year.

Amid all the allegations and claims, this top opposition party has on no day challenged any result of these successive elections in the court or before the NEC Board of Commissioners, but its members have engaged in violent protests that led to the destruction of people’s properties.

Today, Mr. Weah continues to make reference to the same unsubstantiated claims, impressing upon his gullible supporters that their democratic rights will not be infringed upon this time around.

Upon returning to the country from the ECOWAS parliamentarian meeting, the CDC standard bearer told supporters that Liberians have for too long suffered at the hands of the Unity Party-led government and that it is CDC’s time to lead the country with people of diversified political and social backgrounds.

Not considering the legal proceedings that have characterized this 2017 election, and without the first thought that others who voted for candidates of different political parties have their own decisions to make in the runoff, Mr. Weah and his CDC members have reasoned that they are the next group of people to take on the mantle of authority in the country after Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

This euphoric belief may be derived from two standpoints: The fact that CDC in the first round of the election on October 10 came up with 38.4% of the total votes, or rumors circulating that the President and her son Robert Sirleaf are supporting George Weah.

Be that as it may, the CDC standard bearer should by now be in a position to convince Liberians as to what he is capable of doing to correct all errors of current and past governments that have humiliated the Liberian people and kept them poor and backward.

The Liberian people, who are said to have suffered gravely at the hands of the Unity Party-led government, must be told how the CDC intends to improve the education and economic systems of the country. What, Mr. Weah, can you do differently to improve the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and increase the literacy rate of Liberia from 43% to at least 75%?

Weah’s critics have always expressed concerns and fear that he is incompetent to lead such a politically complex country because he does not speak and understand the English language, the mode of communication in the country. With the high degree of enthusiasm to take over from an educated President whose administration most people agree has failed the country, how prepared are you, Mr. Weah, to lead the country, in order to dismiss successfully claims and perceptions of your critics?

How can you convince Liberians that you are prepared to represent them ably at the United Nations, African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and Mano River Union, when we are frequently informed that you have always turned over your responsibility at the ECOWAS Parliament to others to perform?

Your followers have held on to unchallenged and unsubstantiated claims that their democratic rights have been infringed upon, setting the basis for violent sentiments by your followers.

Mr. Weah and the CDC should know that being ambitious and excited about victory ahead of the runoff is too premature, as humans can change at any time.

Instead of making a statement that will inspire violent feelings in people about the electoral process, we urge Mr. Weah to tell Liberians how competent he is to lead Liberia and to preside over the affairs of the state.

Can he give us a plan of action for dealing with the nation’s many problems—agricultural, cultural, democratic, developmental, diplomatic, educational, economic, financial, housing, infrastructural, judicial, monetary and scientific, the problems of national unity and cohesion.

We need to hear from you, Mr. Weah, what future you envision for Liberia and Liberians.

This, we think, is not asking too much of someone who is running a third time for the Liberian presidency.


  1. Two political parties are in the run – off, both have yet to present comprehensive political platforms, but instead of asking for those, Daily Observer expects a public lecture in Oxbridge English by Senator Weah to roll out CDC’s. It was the same newspaper which suggested that LP should “try the Supreme Court” regarding a Code of Conduct mandate that public official planning on running for elective office must resign two years ahead. Well, every high school student knows the outcome of that suggestion: Supreme Court reversed itself on a whim allowing FDA Managing Director Dr. Karnweaye, Brumskine’s running mate, and others to morph the law overnight into a toothless bulldog.

    Of course, it was the same Brumskine whose most memorable major campaign speech in Oxbridge English – loved by Daily Observer – promised social security benefits to the elderly in Liberia while the US government trims down theirs. Unsurprisingly, the very Daily Observer now enquiring “What, Mr. Weah, can you do differently to improve the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and increase the literacy rate of Liberia from 43% to at least 75% …” never asked Brumskine how the “social security benefits” would’ve been funded. Rather, the newspaper would five months later cheerlead his mass – electoral fraud lost cause, yet again, at the Supreme Court.

    Truth be told, it is the prerogative of any newspaper to endorse a candidate or political party. Nonetheless, unless it’s a mouthpiece for a particular political party, the public expects some sense of fairness, not spewing of prejudice against others. (No wonder EJS expected the newspaper to continue its role of echo chamber for her).

    Some of us were working in Sierra Leone when that country had it first major general elections in 1967. The Mayor of Freetown, Siaka Stevens, a high school dropout and trade unionist was going against Prime Minister Albert Margai, a UK – trained lawyer. The educational disparity wasn’t an issue, and has never been. Furthermore, the fact of the freaking matter is that Senator Weah has a ‘head’ and that’s why he is ahead today. His experiences from the urban slums of Monrovia to senator encompass leadership qualities such as: Empathy, compassion, humility, vision, confidence, talent, charisma, courage, and, importantly, an ability to delegate responsibilities, which keeps CDC intact – in spite of two defeats – and growing in numbers.

    Lastly, somebody or a group should have taken a strong stand years ago against the perennial elitist and class propaganda used to keep the vast majority Country – Congua masses ‘in their places’; the same silly superior pedigree self – entitled mentality that emboldened Brumskine to label VP Boakai a Nobody from Nowhere until SKD came to power. By the way, those close to Senator Weah said he is contesting the run – off, and no amount of choreographed and coordinated psychological warfare or demonizing propaganda would derail that course.

    Hmm, as they say, “Any leader is as good as the team around him”. Let’s therefore ask UP and CDC for political platforms, and stop the unhinged bias; Vice President Boakai or Senator Weah will make an effective president – just permit voters to decide, Daily Observer.

  2. In your list of leadership qualities that you attributed to Weah, it is glaring how ‘Experience’ is not one of them.

    Also, you invoked the name of Siaka P. Stevens and forgot to mention that he attended Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leone and Ruskin College in England (a certificate program from either of these colleges is accredited more than a degree from Strayer or Devry online learning tools) and also, you failed to mention that Siaka Stevens failed to develop Sierra Leone. Yes, he was elected but conscience Sierra Leoneans would tell you that they made a Big Mistake by electing Siaka P. Stevens.

    Who wants a president that goes around town exchanging insults with his people on the streets?

    Of the two candidates, we have today ( Weah & Boakai), Boakai is educated and has lots experience. Oppong is a very, good man but the work of the presidency requires more than compassion.
    If Oppong runs to become president of LFA, WAFU, CAF, or FIFA; I will vote for him.
    But I cannot vote for Oppong to become president of Liberia or any village in the whole wide world.

    We have already disgraced ourselves enough by electing War Mongers, Rebel Leaders, and rebel fighters as Presidents, Senators, and Representatives. If we make another mistake by electing an uneducated, lacked of leadership experience, footballer as our president; the whole world will just give up on us.
    Because, We Will Be Inside For a Long, Long Time.

  3. Just to add my one cent, Bill Cooper. Siaka Stevens going around exchanging insults with young people in Free Town was in the dark days. What is about Donald Trump has not even been President of America going around insulting citizens and even sexually assaulted several women and brag about it. There are presidents in Africa who are not college graduate but are doing extremely well EG; Paul Kagame of Rwanda, he is not a college graduate, but look at Rwanda today, Jacob Zuma of South Africa is not a College graduate, Mohammadu Buri, president of Nigeria, Sudanese President and the list goes on. Weah has a head on his shoulder and he will do well. Liberians complain about book, book all day and your Harvard Economist Ellen and your University of Liberia graduate Joseph Boakai screwed up the country.

    • S.Wono; get real! The Sirleaf/Boikai team, is surely not leaving Liberia in the same state; as when it first took office. Neither can we say that Liberia is now worse off. Certainly, more could have been done. However, some progress have been made. Let’s continue to build on the positives. Take all the variables into consideration. There have been obstacles that hindered Liberia’s Developments. I should remind you. No matter who’s Liberia’s next President, book people ie Educated People will always be needed. I suppose, you are one of them; or else, you won’t be able to portray your ideas as well as you are capable of doing. You tell me. Who are your Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and many other professionals? Think it all over; before you grossly BADMOUTH book people. Apparently, you are one them. I bet! You like being EDUCATED.

    • Disclaimer:
      I am NOT and, have never been a supporter of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the Unity Party nor have I ever been a supporter of any Liberian political party, period.

      Unfortunately, we are now stuck with two bad choices and Boakai is the lesser of two bad candidates.

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