Motorcyclists, When Will You Ever Learn—or Must GOL Permanently Ban You from Our Streets and Highways?


The latest victim of Liberia’s motorcyclists’ recklessness that we know of is Victoria Keryibah, the Bahn, Nimba County, woman who recently suffered broken bones in a head-on collision of two motorcyclists on the Bahn-Bartuah highway.

Alas, many people, including motorcyclists themselves, have died because of this reckless behavior. When, when, we ask in desperation, will these motorcycle riders ever learn?

Very recently, weeks before Victoria met her unfortunate fate, a Monrovia motorcyclist ended up dead under a truck! What was he doing there? Who does not know that underneath a truck, whether moving or stationary, is a very dangerous place to be, no matter who one is? About three years ago a senior official of a bank, driving home through Congo Town, just minutes before reaching his residence, ran underneath a parked dump truck and was instantly killed. People had to use axes to break open the car to remove his crushed remains.

And what were two motorcyclists doing in a head-on collision on the highway in Bahn? Do they not realize that a head-on collision of any kind, be it motorcycles or motor vehicles, is dangerous and even life-threatening? Look at what happened to Victoria, a mother of four, who is now stuck alone to care for her four children, her man having eloped, saying he does not want a woman in her broken-up condition!

How much more damage, injury, disruption of people’s lives, livelihood, health and security must these motorcyclists be allowed to inflict upon our innocent people only because they want to get from point A to B fast and collect the fare? Just last week, a man and his driver, riding an SUV, came very close to fatally hitting a motorcyclist who abruptly swerved before the moving SUV. Only the SUV driver’s attentiveness and quick reflexes stopped him from running over this reckless motorcyclist. Is it even necessary or useful to ask this motorcyclist why he abruptly and without thinking swerved before a moving SUV that could have seriously injured or killed him? We know that this question is futile.

But how many times must such a question be asked? Must this always be the nature of the beast—to drive thoughtlessly and recklessly, without any thought of the consequences, be they injurious or deadly?

Chris Massaquoi, the former Police Director, tried to tame the motorcyclists by banning them from certain parts of Monrovia. Now the new Police Director, Gregory Coleman, and his Deputy for Operations, Abraham Kromah, who has been re-instated following his earlier dismissal on account of these same reckless motorcyclists, are now faced with the identical challenge: taming these unconscionable and ruthless motorcyclists. Look what they have done to Victoria!

This poses yet another serious challenge to the Liberian government—to fix the country’s transportation system. Presidential candidates, we know that you would not want to play politics with this one—pandering to the unscrupulous and often arrogant sentiments of motorcyclists. But be careful. The monster may come back one day to bite you! The question is, how will you contain, deal with motorcyclists’ recklessness that seriously threatens and endangers precious lives?

If you think this question is unnecessary, just wait and see.

The plight of Victoria should be the first wakeup call to Director Coleman and Deputy Director Abraham Kromah. Abe, you have been there before and are once again facing the same monster, motorcyclists’ recklessness. The public awaits your response to this dangerous scenario that you know all too much about.


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