LRA’s Vigilant Stewardship—Impacting National Security


The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) recently seized a consignment of illegally imported goods from Nigerians following a tipoff from the Bureau of Immigration and
Naturalization (BIN).

The LRA’s Anti-Smuggling and Intelligence Unit found the smuggled goods, which included motorbike parts and a consignment of Nigerian-made “Baby Oku” liquor, in the Chugbor Community of the Old Road, where the smugglers, Nigerians all, had hidden them.

LRA Commissioner General Elfrieda Tamba said the successful seizure was “indicative of the important role communities across Liberia can play in the collection and payment of tax revenues to the Liberian government (GOL).

“It shows how various government agencies working together can achieve multiple benchmarks,” Commissioner General Tamba added.

We highly commend the BIN and their counterparts in the LRA for their integrity and patriotic cooperation that led to these seizures and arrests.

The Daily Observer has long been begging, pleading with and urging Liberians to be more patriotic, more honest and more serious in their every activity and action on the job. The BIN and LRA officers, in their recent action, have clearly demonstrated a high degree of work ethic, which is hard to find not only in government agencies, but private enterprises as well.

The issues of seriousness on the job, honesty, hard work and patriotism are essential to our success as a nation and people. No nation can prosper without these virtues, deeply instilled in the blood, hearts, minds and sinews of its people.

The LRA has indicated that investigations are being conducted on how these smuggled goods entered the country. We this this is critical to the whole story and, more especially, to future LRA and other security operations. When it is established how these goods got from the country’s ports of entry all the way into a suburb of the capital city, this should tell the Revenue Authority, especially its conscientious Commissioner General, Elfrieda Tamba, that there may be within her ranks a fifth column undermining her courageous and gallant efforts to free the nation’s revenue collections system of corruption. A fifth column is a clandestine (covert, secret, stealthy) group or faction of subversive or corrupt agents who attempt to undermine the larger group or a nation.

There are many in the Liberia business community who would prefer to pay far more than necessary under the table to corrupt Liberian officials in a deal, by enticing them with money and, in the process, making them conditioned to corruption, so that when a bigger deal comes up, these business people can throw a little money around and ALWAYS get what they want.

Commissioner General Tamba needs to consider seriously establishing within the LRA an inner spy ring that will check on each segment of the Authority to forestall any clandestine and unlawful activities.

Without this, the LRA will be frequently faced with such revelations as the Nigerian goods smuggled into the country, without any clue of how such machinations came to bedevil a system known for its integrity and efficiency.


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