Looking For Those Trying to Track You Down? Just Look Around You, Mr. President!


While the December 8 senatorial elections were largely peaceful, its aftermath have been marred by violence instigated mainly by complaints of attempted vote count rigging in Nimba, Grand Kru, and Gbarpolu Counties.

The conflict situation brewing in those counties arising from arising from the conduct of the elections is indeed worrisome and warrants the immediate attention of President Weah lest the situation may spin out of control with potentially disastrous consequences for peace and national stability.

The situation in Gbarpolu and Grand Kru are of extreme urgency and should be treated as such. In Grand Kru the Magistrate has been accused of manipulating the vote count in favor of the CDC candidate Dr. Peter Coleman against the leading contender, Nathaniel Barway. 

Reports say the Elections Magistrate building had been surrounded by angry protesters who threatened to burn down the building should the results be tweaked to reflect the CDC candidate as the winner.

Informed sources have told the Daily Observer that a certain legislator was allegedly given a huge amount of cash (US$600,000) to spend in Grand Kru in order to ensure the election of a candidate favored by the ruling CDC.

Informed sources further say there is an alleged growing rift between President Weah and Grand Kru Senator Albert Tugbe Chie, which is being reflected in the battle between independent candidate Nathaniel Barway and President Weah’s preferred candidate, Dr. Peter Coleman. 

The Senate President Pro Tempore, Albert Tugbe Chie, is reported to be filthy rich and has reportedly placed his bets squarely on the independent candidate while President Weah has reportedly also placed his bets on Dr. Peter Coleman.

At this point it remains to be seen how this clash of the Titans is going to pan out. But for now the nation’s attention has become riveted to ongoing developments in Gbarpolu County, which are indeed alarming.

Reports of violence being perpetrated against female candidate Botoe Kanneh can by no means be considered an isolated incident given what appears to be manipulations by top officials of this government to secure victory for the CDC candidate.

According to sources, Madame Kanneh has been active in the lives of the people, supporting and undertaking local development initiatives with her personal resources, intended to benefit local communities.

Thus, according to sources, it is by no means surprising that she has garnered so much support for her candidacy. But the problem is, given current developments, neither she nor her supporters may be able to cast their votes in a significant voting center owing to what the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) claims are tactics of intimidation by the ruling CDC.

Caller after caller on various radio talk-shows have pointed accusing fingers at officials of this government particularly, Minister of State Nathaniel McGill, who is accused of being the mastermind behind the violence and illegal activities by vigilante groups.

At this point it remains unclear whether the elections rerun in Normor Datondo Town, Gbarpolu County, will be held at all. This is in view of the presence of the “Bush Master” (Poro Grand Master) in that town. This means that female candidate Botoe Kanneh and her female supporters  will not be able to access the polling center.

Just how the National Elections Commission(NEC) is going to handle the situation remains unclear at this point as there is no indication whether the matter has been resolved.

Police spokesperson Moses Carter however, told journalists that several individuals, about 30 in number, have been arrested by the Police in connection to the seizure of the ballot boxes. But he could not say whether sufficient calm has been restored to allow the election to proceed without hitch.

The current situation highlights the precarious nature of the peace the nation currently enjoys. Reckless behavior appears to be a defining character trait of officials of this government and it is rearing its ugly head, triggering an unprecedented wave of post-election violence with a potential to morph into open conflict.

The current situation also underscores the country’s critical national governance deficit with grave implications for sustained peace and stability if left unchecked. Included in this is the critical deficit in natural resource governance.

This has created a situation where now more than 10,000 Burkinabe nationals have reportedly crossed the border from the Ivory Coast into Grand Gedeh County, where they are setting up permanent settlements operating under Ivorian law according to Attorney at-law and head of the Grand Gedeh Bar Association, Alphonsus Zeon.

Local communities say they are aggrieved and feel betrayed by their officials who they accuse of facilitating the illegal mass settlement of Burkinabe nationals in their county.

All these concerns are issues which people feel strongly about, and which, ultimately, feed into and inform their political behavior and choice at the polls. 

As the results of these elections show, it is trust and confidence of the people not money nor a show of force which can earn one the opportunity to serve and not to be served.

And these are all reasons why President Weah should become seized of the situation and act with dispatch to bring things under control. 

As this newspaper has always reminded him, in the final analysis, he will bear his cross alone. That is when the likes of the greedy opportunists around him would have been long since gone.

President Weah should also bear in mind that the Vice President-elect of the United States is a female and this newspaper harbors no doubt that in her stead, she is expected to do her all to advance the rights of women everywhere including women in “shithole countries” — like ours?

And it includes the rights to contest public office just like what Madame Botoe Kanneh is now attempting to do. She ought to be encouraged and not cried or shot down by mean and spineless men without character. 

Looking for those trying to track you down Mr. President? Just look around, they are right there before you hiding in plain sight.


  1. Since the dust of the December 8, 2020 Election has come and gone, Mr. George Manneh Weah needs to get off his hands and effectively immediate take control of and swiftly implement the foregoing National suggestions and Recommendations on or before January 2, 2021; that is if there is anything good and respectability left Mr. Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government:

    1. ENTER A NOT GUILTY PLEA as it relates to who abducted, tortured and murdered Albert Peters, Gifty Lama, George Fahnboto, Emmanuel Nyesuwa and may I add, Mathew Innis, and remit US$5,000,000 to the children and family members of the Late Albert, Gifty, George, Emmanuel, and Mathew representing out-of- court settlement payment for Mr. Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government failure to protect the distinct and individual lives of Albert, Gifty, George, Emmanuel, and Mathew consistent with Liberia’s Laws;

    2. RRETURN to his socio-political and economic table and immediate terminate the services of Samuel D. Tweah as Liberia’s Minister of Finance and Development for publicly and intentionally deceiving and misleading Mr. Manneh Weah and his Government and forthwith subject him to investigation for financial, economic and any other Crimes he might have committed in the name of CDC and Mr. Manneh Weah;

    3. PROCEED and immediately discharge Nathaniel F. McGill as Liberia’s Minister of State for Presidential Affairs for knowingly and intentionally misleading and deceiving Mr. Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government by erroneously designating Mr. George Manneh Weah and saying that he, Mr. Manneh Weah, is and has been the BEST President Liberia has ever produced and swiftly subject him to indictment and prosecution for reportedly committing Financial, Economic and other Crimes he might have committed against Liberia and the people of Liberia in the name of CDC and Mr. George Manneh Weah;

    4. FORTHWITH proceed and immediately terminate Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, Liberia’s Minister of Justice & Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia for knowingly and intentionally deceiving and misleading Mr. Manneh Weah by publicly coming to the people of Liberia and reading out an Autopsy Report that he knows failed to coherently and unequivocally state the cause and time of death of Albert Peters, Gifty Lama, George Fahnboto, and Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa targeted and murdered under mysterious and unexplained circumstance; Counsellor Dean, knowing fully well that his interpretation and application of our Criminal and Criminal Procedure Laws remains suspect and not narrowly tailored to how and who murdered the Auditors;

    5. Effective immediately terminate Bill Tweaway as Managing Director of the National Port Authority for his deceptive and misleading role in clearly not stating the economic downfall of Liberia and residents and swiftly have him surrender and report to the Ministry of Justice for Economic, Financial and other crimes he might have committed against Liberia and residents and in the name of CDC and Mr. Manneh Weah;

    6. Swiftly Terminate Mr. J. Aloysius Tarlue, Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia for his ineptitude and incompetence in running the Central Bank of Liberia and have him replaced with a more qualified, capable, competent and skilled Liberian, as well have him investigated by the Ministry of Justice for any economic and financial and other crimes he might have committed against Liberia and its people in the name of Mr. Weah;

    7. Forthwith terminate Jefferson F. Koijee as the Lord Mayor of the City Corporation of Monrovia and replace him with a capable and more mature and competent Liberian and have him investigated by the Ministry of Justice to determine his role in separate and countless distinct attacks and street violence in Liberia.

    8. Surrender and have Mr. Milton G. Findley, Liberia’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs to report to the Ministry of Justice to state his role in the overt and public sale of Liberia’s diplomatic passports out to known and unknown characters and for subjecting Liberia and its people to national and international security risks;

    9. Effective immediately, appoint and set-up a National Assets Recovery Commission (NARC) separate and distinct from the management and control of Liberia’s Minister of Justice and Solicitor General to help target and swiftly investigate and independently prosecute all financial and economic crimes in Liberia;

    10. Immediately order Liberia’s new Minister of Justice & Attorney General to review and investigate all Audit Reports conducted as to the whereabouts of Liberia’s revenues and resources before and during the Government of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; particularly as they relate to the crimes of Economic Sabotage, Property Theft, Capital Flight, Money Laundering and what have you with immediate effect.

    11. Effective immediately, work with the House and Senate to enact into law a National Judicial Conference Commission (NJCC) to monitor, supervise and watch the independent and reliable function of the Courts of Liberia as it relates to establishing and maintaining at all time, a fair, clear, independent and enforceable judgments of the Courts of Liberia; And,

    12 PROCEED and swiftly terminate Mr. Thomas Doe Nah, Director General of Liberia’s Revenue Authority (LRA) and forthwith have him report to the Ministry of Justice and answer to any Economic, Financial and any other crimes he might have committed in Liberia and against residents in the name of Mr. Manneh Weah and CDC.

    Looking from where I sit, Liberia and the people of Liberia are overburdened and fed-up with Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government and his mold of leadership and governance.

    WE WHOLEHEARTEDLY, THANK the people of Liberia for holding a peaceful election on Dec 8, 2020.

    • Frederick Jayweh, even the law you claim to have studied, you do not know!, Not to talk about the modus operandi of government which epistemological or ontological wherewithal you lack!

      Nor have you actually worked within a normal government!, Except when the imported government of Amos Sawyer, DURING THE WAR, placed you as some justice of the peace somewhere in Bassa. But he Sawyer was compelled to throw you out as a result of your incompetence. A reason why you to this day hate Sawyer. And to be perfectly honest, as one well grounded in the judicial process, and the workings of government, I now see why you had to be thrown out, taking into consideration your reckless and childish conclusions.

      And your ignoramus mentality is made evident in the nonsense you have parroted here …a nonsense which even a junior high school student government shall laugh at and trash into the garbage littered with your “effective immediately, effective immediately, forthwith, forthwith“ followed by senselessness. .

      You are so ignorant that you foolishly believe the government of Liberia is a one party government or a military junta, when the the fact, or truth or reality, is that the government is a DEMOCRATIC COALITION GOVERNMENT. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT government.

      You are simply a parrot parroting about a situation cannot fathom or a problem you cannot identify! Only people who are aliens to the rule of law, governance, or POLITICAL RENEWAL, or who are blind to the reality that the problem at hand is no other but fundamentally, the inherited deteriorated economy would pay attention to your rubbish.


      • Mr. False Nationalist,

        Just so you know, should Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government refuse, neglect and fail to respect and effect the foregoing 12-count National suggestions and Recommendations, he must have the courage to blame himself and his CDC-led Government. Come 2023, the people of Liberia will vote him and his CDC-led Government completely out power and out of office.

        Without a doubt, it is due to such irresponsible trash written and published by you and your associates, Mr. Manneh Weah and CDC out-rightly lost 10 counties out of the 13 counties of the Republic of Liberia. Particularly, Mr. Manneh Weah lost the foregoing counties:

        1) Montserrado

        2) Grand Bassa

        3) Lofa

        4) Grand Cape Mounty

        5) Bong

        6) Bomi

        7) MarGibi

        8) Gbarpolu

        9) Rive Gee

        10) River Cess

  2. Cllr. Jayweh:

    You’ve made some very good recommendations, but how can Weah implement them when he himself has plunged so deeply with many of the bad actors, which you mentioned? So his fears could just be when he attempts to make these painful changes, the tsunami that will flow from his decisions will not only capture his supporters alone but will also sweep him along with them.

    Figuratively speaking, the storm which Weah is facing on his rough presidential seas along with his enablers would have been easier if they were riding in different boats because not all boats are built the same way. Some are sturdier than others because of the kind of quality and craftmanship they they contain while others are very fragile and not durable enough to withstand the oceanic tides.

    Nevertheless, he is in the same boat of “corruption” with them. So what is the difference between them and him? No differences exist besides being a figure-headed president! When the corruption boat capsizes, the colossal impact will affect them all because he is right in the same boat with them.

  3. Cllr. Jayweh

    Good suggestions Cllr. Jayweh and like you said, “…we start from somewhere and patiently wait for 2023;” nevertheless, who would be a better catalyst to spearhead the change? Don’t you think it should be Weah himself since he is the president? I think change should start with him as he hovers a lot of political clout among his diehard supporters and the country in general.

    I think if he was to lead by example, Liberians might begin to have a change of heart. But as the situation appears, many people feel the president is not amenable, and so things will go on as usual under his umbrella.

    Since this president came to power, many Liberians of goodwill and intent have offered invaluable ideas and suggestions to him on how he can revive the economy, promote unity among the people in an effort of stabilizing the country, which has been ravaged by a succession of deadly civil conflicts, and stop the abuse of the scanty revenues which only serves to inflict more poverty, underdevelopment, and misery on the people, but all have fallen on deaf ears.

    One opinion which seems to be gaining traction in the country right now is from now until 2023, no major national developments will be undertaken by Weah’s government because he has become obsessively compulsive with power; furthermore, his major focus right now will be on how he can unleash more deadly force on the citizenry with the motive of coercing consensus out of them to vote him back as president.

    I wish he could take a look at the kinds of recommendations you’ve made in this article and maybe he might have a change of heart.

  4. There’s an adage that goes like this….”Don’t count you chicken until the eggs have hatched”.

    For those of you who have crossed Weah out of the presidency in 2023, don’t be so sure until
    the voters have handed down their verdict. It could be disastrous for the opposition. I have seen it before.

    On a second note, be informed that the CPP is broken, weak and disorganized. With as much infighting within its ranks, there could be chaos. Frankly, I don’t think a fractured dis-organization will be hired by the Liberian people. It remains to be seen.

    My warning is a word to the wise.
    Thanks for listening.


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