Look Who’s Crying Wolf and Shedding Crocodile Tears


“Give a dog a bad name and hang him” is an old English proverb dating back to the 18th century or probably earlier. John Stevens, in 1706, is said to have recorded it as : “Give a dog an ill name and his work is done.” This proverb means once a person’s reputation is soiled he will suffer difficulty and hardship as people will expect that he will behave just as badly as he did from the get go. It also means that a person who is known to have been guilty of some offense will always be suspected of being the person behind similar offense.

This newspaper has highlighted this old English proverb in light of statements made by Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee accusing the Justice Ministry of being silent on the recent election related fracas in which he (Koijee) is said to have played a leading role directing the violent assault against supporters of Unity Party candidate Cornelia Kruah-Togba in the just concluded by elections.

According to eyewitness accounts of the violent incidents, Cornelia’s supporters were attacked by machete wielding and stone throwing individuals which resulted in serious bodily injury to several of her campaigners. Grand Bassa Senator Nyomblee Karnga, who was also present at the rally in support of Cornelia, reported on her Facebook page that she was attacked by Koijee and his men and had to flee the area for fear of losing her life.

Koijee in his defense had claimed that having learnt that some of his supporters had been denied free passage by Cornelia’s supporters; he felt duty bound to go to their rescue. As events showed, Koijee mounted a rather brazen and unprovoked attack against Cornelia’s supporters. To the sorry disappointment of many, the Police was not on hand to prevent the orgy of violence from unfolding.

To the best of information available to this newspaper, the Police did eventually intervene but apparently did so only to whisk Koijee to safety, while the Grand Bassa Senator had to find her own way out of the area in a surreptitious manner for fear of being attacked by the machete wielding and stone throwing men. Public concerns about the violence have still not been addressed and, to the best of available information, not a single individual has been apprehended by the Police for involvement in the violence.

Senator Karnga Lawrence did convey the information to the Senate and requested its intervention in the matter. Since then, there have been no reported arrests of individuals involved in the violent fracas. And to the best of available information, the Police have not since called Jefferson Koijee in for questioning although eyewitness accounts put him at the center of the violence.

In a rather strange and bizarre twist, Jefferson Koijee has instead upped the ante, virtually calling for the dismissal of Justice Minister Musa Dean for what he (Koijee) claims is the Minister’s silence on the violent fracas which he led. What therefore is Jefferson Koijee telling the public?  After having unleashed his storm trooper goon squads on citizens peaceably assembled, he is now crying “victim” in a manner strongly reminiscent of Nazi zealot Heinrich Himmler blaming Jews for everything wrong and systematically exterminating them.

In the opinion of this newspaper, the Police should have long since launched a probe into the violence and should have by now made some arrest. But this has not happened apparently because Jefferson Koijee is untouchable –touch him and you have touched the Big Chief. Although it is clear as daylight that Koijee played a major role in instigating the violence, he has not been called in for questioning.  The Police should therefore provide answers to growing public concerns about what appears to be selective law enforcement.

Police Inspector-General Patrick Sudue has long been accused of partisanship in the running of the Liberia National Police. Therefore, could the apparent nonchalance of the Police be attributed to the Inspector-General’s alleged membership in the CDC? Should this be the case, then he ought to step down voluntarily or risk summary dismissal by President Weah.

Equally so, the Justice Ministry cannot be absolved of responsibility in this matter. It is the Justice Ministry that has supervisory oversight over the Liberia National Police and, in the instance where the Police fails to act in keeping with its statutory duties and responsibilities, the Ministry should, without prodding from anywhere, immediately take the necessary remedial measures in order to, if not for anything more, redeem and uplift the image of the Police, shore-up its integrity and promote accountability.

This means that the Police under the leadership of Patrick Sudue has to do better. Law enforcement under his leadership cannot be selective. Rather, it should be unbiased, coldly neutral and proactive. Admittedly, this is an uphill task all things considered yet, it can be accomplished. This newspaper has since called for an independent probe in the elections violence to establish its immediate and antecedent causes as well as to identify, arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, all those responsible for the violence.

This is very important given what appears to be a growing trend by government officials to display might and coercive power with the sole intent to intimidate political opponents. This is completely unacceptable and the Police has a key role to play in ensuring that peace is sustained more and better through cooperation rather than through coercive violence.

In this regard, Jefferson Koijee’s antics must be regarded for what they are — dangerous and replete with conflict inducing potentials. As this paper has repeatedly pointed out, the lessons of the past should never be lost on us. Assaults on the dignity of the people must stop forthwith. The Liberian people did not take it from Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor and, having come this far in a blood soaked journey, they will never take it from their beloved George Weah let alone from upstarts in the likes of Jefferson Koijee now crying WOLF and shedding CROCODILE tears over his misadventure.


  1. Events of the past two weeks have shown that Mayor Jefferson Koijee deserves the Government Goon of the Year award! He won because he frightened off current and future investors from our country! Businesses closed down because Koijee and goons were blocking traffic, wielding machetes. and throwing stones at innocent citizens!!

    Is that how a government official should conduct himself?? You can take Koijee from the bush, but you can’t take the bush out of Koijee!!

    These days, market women lay in bed all night, thinking whether it would be safe for them to take their goods (bitter balls, pepper, ground peas, etc) to market so they can make a little money to feed their families!

    As you can see, Mayor Koijee is a clear and present danger to our country!!! He’s goon. He doesn’t belong in government, but behind bars!…When will Weah fire his ass???

    • President Weah made a huge mistake by appointing Koijee as Mayor of Monrovia. The guy behaves like a gangster, and he doesn’t have the experience and qualification to run such a big city. I heard him speak on FB and I couldn’t believe his lack of diction, and poor grammar. This man is already failing the city and it’s a great disservice to the residents of the city. President Weah should indeed fire his ass or transfer him somewhere else. There are competent people in Monrovia that could do the job. It’s an embarrassment.

  2. Where is Liberia headed, I wonder? By now, an independent investigation should have already been launched to investigate this entire Montserrado by-election saga. I remember how the CDC trumpeted the saga that led to the tragic, unfortunate and untimely death of poor little Shaki Kamara. Now that they are in the driver’s seat, they’ve turned into complete hypocrites! SAD!!!!!!!

  3. all we hear and read about Mama Liberia these days is just negative. Can we please read about some solutions to the many problems that abound?

  4. Believe it or not, nothing will come out of this deadly ordeal. Why? With the exception of members of the intelligentsia and other well informed groups, most Liberians define a democracy as voting for someone, or for a group of people who have the right to either do them harm or favor as they see fit.

    Even the assurance or re-assurance of their basic human rights under the constitution cannot wipe out such a fear. Nevertheless, we are all equal under the law and that a servile allegiance to the tyranny of any leader or his surrogates should not be countenanced.

    This self-defeating thought has had its roots in an old tradition and it is well ingrained on the psyche of Liberians. To the average Liberian, the presidency is like a pantheon (the gathering of the gods) with the president being the ultimate god to preside over it. In this regard the president and all else relating to him (supporters, family members, ruthless security forces, tribal alliances, partisans, etc) become untouchable.

    Liberian dictators have always maintained a cult-like presidency. To give life and energy to the cult, a president would often recruit and give clandestine training to ruthless groups so that they can carry on undercover vices against people or individuals whom he, the president, really hates but is afraid to openly hurt them since it would stir up both national and international outrage. These groups then become the errand boys to do the dirty work on his behalf.

    It may not be directly expressed as a presidential job requirement, but nevertheless Liberian dictators have always made it an essential function of their presidential duties to conduct terror among law abiding citizens with the sole purpose of instilling fear among their critics; make their opponents politically impotent and completely irrelevant in the political arena.

    The Samuel Doe’s SATU and Charles Taylor’s Pepper Bush are notable examples of notorious para-military groups that committed a lot of senselessly dastardly acts against innocent civilians before and during the civil war. They both had disastrous endings.

    Now, we have Jefferson Koijee who as eye witness report says, led his brigade of CDC tonton macoutes stabbing and committing unnecessary mayhem in a crowd of innocent citizens who were simply exercising their constitutional rights of assembly.

    Natural law does not fail. You reap what you sowed.

  5. You have a criminal enterprise in charge of the country that pretends to be a government that continues to inflict pains and sufferings on its citizen; hence a recommended solutions will not work. This is what the Liberian people voted for and for the sake of democracy, they will endure it for the five years remaining until the next election. Those that voted for this regime are being school so that next time, they will use common sense to vote for a better candidate who is qualified and loves Mama Liberia. They voted into office a person with ZERO qualification and brought NOTHING to the table to contribute towards the building of Mama Liberia. Finally, look at how many convicted felons that were deported from the U.S. for financial malfeasance that are in positions of trust within this government? Leopard cannot change its skin.


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