Liberians’ Three New Year Resolutions


During the last part of the old year or the early part of the New Year, people usually declare resolutions. This is the time they tell themselves what they wish to do or accomplish or refrain from doing in the New Year.

We are sure that some of our people have already decided what their New Year resolutions are. There are, however, many of us who have been too busy preparing for the Season, especially Christmas, and have not found the time to make our New Year resolutions.

Whatever the case, we at the Daily Observer propose at least three 2017 Resolutions that all of us Liberians should make for ourselves and our country.

The first is to continue to believe in, trust, obey, praise, thank and honor God Almighty for having since 2003 steered our country and ourselves through these 13 years of peace and allowed us to see the beginning of each successive New Year, and this momentous one into which on Sunday He graciously ushered us.

It is this great and gracious God who has brought us through these past 11 difficult but peaceful years of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration. We cannot, must not be dismissive of these past 11 years. Why? Because though there were many things we had hoped for from the leadership of this most highly educated and most experienced national leadership in our history, it could have been worse.

There have been many times and things that have brought us close to chaos, but God has delivered us from them all.

Let us remember that amid the uncertainties of life, anything could have happened at any time to us and to our country. Some things indeed did happen. Who can ever forget Ebola, that deadly, debilitating and destructive disease? Yet God, and Ellen’s decisive and gallant leadership, delivered us from it all. And although we were the worst hit among the three affected countries, we were the first to be cleansed from Ebola. The prayers of our religious leaders and people were answered by our beneficent Creator! And so, we must be thankful!

Remember, too, the other devastating blow—the sudden fall in the prices of Liberia’s two main foreign exchange earners, rubber and iron ore that drove the Liberian dollar into a tailspin against the United States dollar and plunged our economy from 6 to 0.3 percent.

We yet survived and were able to celebrate two Christmas and New Year seasons in peace, not the chaos that could have been expected due to the suffering of the people. Is this not something, too, for which we must be thankful?

Our second New Year Resolution is that we must continue to love our country. Let all of our leaders especially follow the example of the ordinary Liberian people who, because they love their country, have patiently endured all the hardships and disappointments and remained peaceful, hoping against hope for a better tomorrow. Let our leaders in the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government soberly take note of the ordinary Liberians’ love for country, which has compelled them to be patient, patriotic and steadfast, hoping for a better future. Let our leaders, in everything they do, demonstrate this same love of country, putting Liberia FIRST before themselves, their families and friends.
Should they—our leaders—do that, God Himself will reward us with His peace—be it in diplomacy, business, economics, medicine and science, philosophy or even politics.

And now the third Resolution: to ask, beg, beseech and implore Almighty God to anoint for us a new leader who will truly love Liberia and his or her fellow Liberians, put them and the country FIRST before himself/herself, family and friends, and FOCUS on and work exclusively for the common good of Liberia and its people.

Let us all implore Almighty God, asking Him to anoint for us a leader who will be honest, humble, yet decisive and resolute, efficient and evenhanded in administering the affairs of the State, leaving nothing to chance but focusing on the needs of the people and country.

Yes, let us pray for a leader who will lift all our people out of poverty by using the country’s resources and opportunities to lead them to self-reliance in education, food, health, medicine and sanitation and general economic and social development.


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