Liberians, Seize Your Future: Go Register to Vote Now!


The date for voter registration was extended for a week, giving delayed or reluctant voters one more chance to register.

We, therefore, begin this Editorial by appealing to, begging, urging all Liberians who have not yet registered to seize this last opportunity to choose the next President of Liberia by joining the lines and registering to vote, taking advantage of this last chance which the National Elections Commission has given you. In so doing, you will be empowering yourselves to elect not only your next members of the House of Representatives but also, and more importantly, the person who will be your next President of Liberia.

That person, mark you, will lead you and your country for the next six years, and should he, by faithful and productive stewardship (the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care), convince the people that he has done well, could be given another six years to lead Liberia.

So we all see how critical, how important and how hopefully redeeming the 2017 elections can be. No Liberian 18 and above can play with these elections. Yes, there may be many reasons some may stay home and not go register to vote. Some, because of disappointment with the status quo (the current situation); others, because of frustration with the way things have been for a long, long time in the country, still are and may remain; and still others, because of apathy (indifference, unconcern, laziness), dismissing the state of affairs in the country as “those people’s thing.” All of these self-defeating thoughts and concerns may cause people to shy away from the polls.

But wait! God did not make you an American, or any other nationality. He made you a Liberian, and gave you a country of your own to love, nurture and develop, in the same way you are supposed to love, nurture and develop your own children, your younger—or even older—brothers and sisters, the plants in your front or backyard garden and any other gift that God has given you.

So is Liberia, this beloved land of your nativity (birth). Yes, Liberia has been for a long time beleaguered (long suffering, besieged, plagued). Yet, the Almighty has given us—not all of us, but many of us—long life to be able to fix our country’s problems.

You, who are just now turning 18, welcome to the club, and to the country that has been waiting for you all these years to join in the task of nation building! Only God knows how long you will live; but you have arrived at the moment when you can decisively participate in your first, most sacred (holy, blessed, hallowed) undertaking in your country, choosing the next President of Liberia!

Please do not allow anyone to tell you that you are too young, too small to register. You are NOT!

We are urging all Liberians, young, middle-aged and old, to take advantage of this extension NEC has allowed us to go and register to vote. And once that is done, read the newspapers, listen to radio and to all the candidates and the promises they make. Take those who are seeking re-election to the House of Representatives. Voters should go check behind them and see what the people who know them better can tell you about the promises they made when they were first running and whether or not they have kept those promises.

As to the not yet elected ones who are now running, voters should check their backgrounds to see what people think of them; how they have treated people and whether they are the ones you want to represent you in the House.

Now is the time for every voter to become fully engaged in the affairs of your country and pay keen attention to all that the politicians are saying and what the newspapers and other media are saying about them.

This will fill you with the knowledge you will need to choose your next leaders of Liberia.


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