Let The People Decide

Dr. Augustine Konneh

By Prof. Augustine Konneh, PhD

2017 will be remembered in the annals of our history as a defining year. It is the first year since 1944 when one democratically elected government of Liberia will succeed another. Liberians took the first step on October 10, by going to the polls in droves to vote for their President and members of the House of Representatives. Because none of the 20 presidential contestants met the constitutional requirement of 50% Plus One, Presidential run-off between the two leading parties, the Unity Party (UP) and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is scheduled for November 7, 2017.

All things being equal, the scheduled run-off election between the Unity Party (UP) and the Coalition for Democratic Congress (CDC) is a critical juncture in our journey to a New Day in our dear country. This is the point where the road to prosperity and stability must be taken.

After taking the first step in voting for our leaders on October 10, 2017, we must now complete the journey to be led by a tried, tested, trusted and dependable leader. We must choose a President that will give us new roads, resourceful industries, profitable work, quality education, and peaceful communities. We will be better-off with Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, a leader that will guarantee every Liberian “freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear.”

I call on all Liberians to vote their conscience and country as we continue this journey to this New Day. All of us traveling on this journey, from every corner of our precious country, must stand together for peace and prosperity.  I call on all our people in every county, district, chiefdom and clan to come out and vote for a new President whose government that will reflect every facet and shade of Liberia, so that we can all together reach the New Day. It is a choice worth making.  I call on the young people, women, men, and the disable to come out and vote for this day. By the single act of expressing our franchises as citizens of this great Republic, God willing, we will have a visionary leader that is competent, prepared, experienced and qualified to lead our country to a period of greater peace, enlarged freedoms, and inclusive governance.   It is therefore time our people to decide their future.


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