Justice Now For EPS Agent Melvin Earley!


It is now nearly a month since the death was reported on Friday, February 19, 2021, of Executive Protection Service(EPS) agent Melvin Earley while on duty during President Weah’s tour of Nimba County.

Initially there were conflicting accounts given of how agent Melvin Earley met his untimely end. One initial account, allegedly attributed to the EPS, said agent Melvin Earley shot himself to death.

On the other hand, social media was awash with several accounts of the circumstances leading to his death which, according to most accounts, attributed agent Melvin Earley’s death to individuals assigned to President Weah’s security detail.

It was further alleged that the late agent Earley had taken a snapshot, on his phone, of Executive Mansion Protocol officer Finda Bundoo allegedly after she emerged from the President’s quarters at late hours clad only in her underwear.

Such conflicting accounts amid heightened public concerns may have prompted the release of an official statement from the EPS promising a full-scale investigation into the matter.

Taking the issue further, the Daily Observer in its February 24, 2021 editorial headlined, ‘What is the Truth Behind EPS Agent Melvin Early’s Death?”, called for a speedy investigation as promised by the EPS into the death of Agent Melvin Earley given the various and, in some cases, conflicting accounts of his death bandied on both local and social media.

The Daily Observer further urged President Weah to let the matter claim his urgent attention and get to the bottom of matter in order to put paid to wide allegations and speculations suggesting his approval of whatever happened.

Whether or not the matter did claim his attention remains unclear. However reports suggesting that the family of Earley was allegedly contacted by EPS officers to finalize funeral arrangements have not been confirmed.

But the family has since then broken its silence on the matter and called for a full investigation including an autopsy in order to determine probable cause and time of death. Other circumstances surrounding his death, to the best of public knowledge, have not been disclosed by the Police.

This is a very disconcerting development which may have, more likely than not, led to the Earley family’s decision to officially break their silence by dismissing suggestions that agent Earley committed suicide and calling instead for an open and transparent investigation into circumstances leading to his death. 

Speaking to FrontPageAfrica, his aunts Madame Ruth Pittman Kpakah and Grace Pittman disclosed that they had maintained silence for fear of causing harm to the widow of Melvin Earley who had since gone into hiding because she had leaked to the “Prophet Key” an audio recording between herself and her late husband apparently minutes before he was killed.

Their disclosure that the family had not been contacted by the EPS save a single visit by a lowly ranked officer to discuss funeral arrangements when an autopsy has not even been conducted has since claimed public concern.

They did not hide their disappointment in the head of the EPS, Trokon Roberts, who they claimed was a personal friend of Agent Earley but has since the death of their son distanced himself from them.

Whatever the case, the need for a speedy and transparent investigation into the death of agent Melvin Earley cannot be overemphasized. This is  especially in view of the yet unexplained killings of senior government auditors and a tax compliance officer, all of which are suspected to have been masterminded by rogue elements of this government.

To date, not a single individual has been charged and brought to trial for the serial killings of those officials. Once again, it appears the public is being kept in the dark about the actual circumstances leading to the death of agent Melvin Earley. Justice Minister Musah Dean, Chairman of the Joint Security is as usual maintaining sealed lips on the matter.

This newspaper has reminded President Weah time and time again that such developments do not augur well for the image of his government. A manifest lack of official action against the perpetrators of such abuses could easily be interpreted to mean endorsement. And in the final analysis, the blame will fall at his feet.

How many more of such unexplained deaths will it take before President Weah can act to bring things under control? Granted that agent Melvin Earley may have indeed taken a snapshot of the Executive Mansion Protocol officer emerging at the early hours of the morning from the sleeping quarters of the President, did that or should that warrant his death?

Granted further that the Death Penalty is indeed prescribed for such offenses as taking unauthorized snapshots of high-profile individuals, does it forgo the rights of the individual to due process, to trial before a court of competent jurisdiction?

Is such alleged killing of agent Melvin Earley not tantamount to extrajudicial execution? And should those responsible not be held to account now or in the future?

Well, let it be known to all and sundry that extrajudicial killing constitute a crime against humanity. And let it be known further that Statute of Limitation laws do not apply in such a case.

Now as to whether this will have any discernible effect on the conduct of the promised investigation remains uncertain. And given the recent history of bungled police investigations into unsolved murders of government auditors, there is growing public concern about what is suspected as a cover-up attempt.

We (Daily Observer)  certainly hope this is not the case and so we strongly urge the government of Liberia (GoL) to speedily conclude its investigation and make its findings public. Melvin Earley’s family need and deserve closure on this matter by disclosing to them the truth concerning their son’s death.

Above all, they need JUSTICE for “JUSTICE delayed is JUSTICE denied”!


  1. In late 2020, Albert K. Peters, Gifty A. Lamah, George Fahnboto, Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa and in March 2019, Mr. Mathew Innis, all senior officials of the Government of Liberia were reportedly attacked, tortured and murdered in mysterious and unexplained manner. Later and after much delay, the Government of Mr. George Manneh Weah by and through Cllr. Frank Mousa Dean, Minister of Justice & Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia, stepped forward and read to Liberia and world an uncoordinated and heartbreaking report that indicated that Albert, Gifty, George, and Emmanuel’s mysterious and unexplained deaths had no official or criminal connection. So, after deliberating what Mr. Weah and his Government termed as their authentic and conclusive autopsy report, the mysterious deaths of Albert, Gifty, George and Emmanuel were factually and legally considered discharged and closed in and throughout the Republic of Liberia. What a tragedy.

    Barely 6 months after the unexplained murder of Albert, Gifty, George, and Emmanuel, Officer Melvin Early reportedly assigned to guard and provide executive protection to Mr. George Manneh Weah, President of Liberia, is reportedly attacked and murdered in mysterious and unexplained manner as did Albert Peters, Gifty A. Lamah, George Fahnboto and Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa, and Mathew Innis, all employed by the Government of Liberia.

    Penal Code Liberia Code of Laws Revised, Volume IV, Title 26, S § 14.1. Murder, states that:
    A person is guilty of murder if he:

    (a) Purposely or knowingly causes the death of another human being; or
    (b) Causes the death of another human being under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.

    Murder consistent with our Law is a first degree felony. As such, Murder being a first degree felony, the accused cannot plead or find shelter under the any Statute of Limitation. In short, the prosecution of Murder is not and shall never be time barred.

    The question that is and remans troubling to most Liberia is, why are there so many mysterious and unexplained deaths happening these days on the watch of President George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government, and why are the alleged killers not indicted, arrested, and prosecuted by Mr. Weah and his Government?

    Liberia and the people of Liberia cannot afford to have their country listed by our partners and the international community as a rogue state where criminals are permitted to walk free. President Weah and his Government need to do everything to bring justice to the family members of the Late EPS Officer, Melvin Early and swiftly too.

    Murdering fellow Liberians in cold-blood, discounts Liberia’s image and credibility.

  2. Ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    They say George couldn’t hurt a fly. That was a lie. They say George couldn’t killed a fly. That was a lie.
    But looking very deeply into those statements, one can fairly those statements are true that George could not do any of those things people are saying about him.
    But in that same manner, did anyone actually witnessed Samuel Doe killing anyone by himself? Did anyone actually witnessed by himself that Samuel Doe torturing anyone ?
    The answer so far without proof is NO ! But the families that were missing their loved ones said that Samuel Doe killed their loved ones. And many citizens believed that. Again without proof that Samuel Doe did that. But for them Samuel Doe has to go, for the sakes of peace. For the sakes of the well being of the nation, Samuel Doe has to go. Too many killings. Too many awful things happening. Too many lives have turned into fear for their personal safety, and that of their children and that of their families and that of their friends and neighbors. They concluded that for the best of the country, Samuel Doe has to go. Although, there were some citizens that believed Samuel Doe could not hurt a fly, much more to kill another human being.
    But still the citizens believe that for the good of the country Samuel Doe has got to go or be pushed out.
    Barely four years of the regime of George, more than nine citizens have been killed by political operatives of the regime of George. The same as what was carried out by the Samuel Doe’s brutal murderous regime.
    But no one ever saw Samuel Doe killing anyone. But They Say He did. So let that be with George, that no one ever saw George hurting a fly or killing a fly. But those citizens that have lost their loved ones are of the mindset that their loved ones were killed by the political operatives of George. And for the sakes of the country and to stop all the killings and awful things happening in the country he too, George must to go as the only kind of justice. He Must Go. Whether he killed a fly or did not killed a fly, too many awful things are happening that He George Must Go For The Sakes Of The Country.


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