July 26, Time for Reflection, Not Celebration


Sunday, July 26, 2020 is the 173rd anniversary of the declaration of independence on July 26, 1847. It has been nearly two hundred years since, looking back. But what has been achieved since the adoption of a flag, anthem and motto, is the question to which answers are hard to come by.

That a nation so abundantly endowed with vast natural resources and with a very youthful population can be classified the poorest country in the world is indeed a stinking indictment of past and current national leaderships. Some indicators of the extent to which Liberia continues to be mired in poverty can be reflected in official statistics — the 2013 Liberia Demographic Health Survey (LDHS) report.

According to the report, only ten percent of households have access to electricity, while 45 percent of households have no toilet facilities at all; additionally, Further, as the statistics show there are serious rural, urban and gender dimension to poverty and underdevelopment in Liberia which much too often is overlooked or not addressed in meaningful terms.

For example, forty-seven percent (47%) of females and 33 percent (37%) of males age 6 and older have never attended school. Further, only 39 percent (39%) of women have completed primary school compared with 62 percent (62%) of men; likewise, 10 percent (10%) of women have completed secondary school compared with 23 percent (23%) of men.

Additionally, 50 percent of rural women have no education compared with 23 percent of urban women. Among men, 19 percent of rural men have no education compared with 9 percent of rural men.

These are just some of the myriad problems attending this country’s 173-year strive to become truly independent. But if the problem has not been the lack or want of natural resources to accelerate our national development process, then the problem must be traced to the kind and quality of national leadership that has steered this country over the years.

Most Liberian elites, including successive national political leaderships, have always tended to look outside rather than inside for answers to problems of national development. And the single most country to which successive Liberian leaderships, including members of the ruling elite, have tended to look is the United States of America. Anything foreign made was always considered better than those made locally.

For example, there was a time when locally produced CLUB Beer was considered not good enough for the dinner tables of the Liberian elite. They preferred instead, Heinenken, BECKS and other foreign produced beer. The wearing of a top hat and tailcoat became synonymous to wealth and status in society.

An additional cultural aspect to this was the adoption or imposition of western cultural attributes and tastes on the population. For example, until the inauguration of President William Tolbert in 1972, at no other time in the history of Liberia were indigenous native songs rendered at that occasion. All other times before, only Western hymns and songs were rendered at such occasions. And that was a singular achievement of the venerable Liberian female ethnomusicologist, Agnes Nebo von Ballmoos.

Back to the present, Liberia at its 173rd anniversary of independence, finds itself faced with perhaps the greatest crisis of leadership in this country’s contemporary history. Since emerging from a prolonged brutal civil 14-year civil conflict in 2003, the country has experienced three (3) successive democratic elections back to back.

It experienced twelve (12) years of uninterrupted peace under the reign of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, thanks to the presence of 15,000 UN Peacekeepers who maintained stability and thus enabled the government to attend to other priorities. Three (3) back-to-back successive democratic elections should be indicators of a healthy and robust electoral system in any country.

At least this is what is expected. But in the context of Liberian politics and perhaps elsewhere such a robust and healthy electoral system can be undermined by a leader bent on imposing its will on the people as was vividly demonstrated under the leadership of President Sirleaf, who not only encouraged a corrupt non-Liberian citizen to oversee the elections process, but she also displayed open bias towards a rival political party and ultimately ensured its rise to national leadership.

More than that the passage into law of 66 bogus agreements, thus virtually mortgaging the entire country, makes nonsense of whatever pretensions to sovereignty and independence our leaders may have proclaimed. More to that, it is becoming increasingly clear that the glowing terms in which she-spoke of the promised generational change that would solve the country’s problems, was all hype and fake. Now the country finds itself plagued with such a plethora of problems that should make any lavish celebrations unthinkable.

But it appears not to the case as top officials of this government are engaged in a spending splurge intended to woo people into voting for the ruling party at the December polls. That the country appears to be fast sinking does not make a difference to these officials. What will the celebration of July 26 mean to them when they do not have any money to buy food to feed their children?

Frankly speaking there is little for which to celebrate. This should be a time of reflection on what we have achieved to far, the mistakes we have made and how we can learn from those mistakes so that we do not repeat them ever again. Additionally, this occasion should provide an opportunity for President Weah to speak to his people from the heart with a solemn pledge to turn things, to end the spate of corruption which is running this nation to the ground and making nonsense of its claim to 173 years of existence.


  1. FREEDOM has been achieved since the adoption of a flag, anthem and motto IS THE MOST REALISTIC AND OBJECTIVE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liberia is RELATIVELY NO DIFFERENT from many Third World countries. Besides, had you people and your now political flunkies – ACDL/NPFL/PDF/LURD/MODEL/ULIMO, ETC.ETC. did not carry our country hundred years backward via your wars for money, Liberians and Liberia would be far far far ahead many Third World countries today.

    But thank God Almighty HE has given Liberia a leader who is set to make Liberia economically strong at home, and politically respected and admired around the world and across the globe!

  2. Had you people not carry our country hundred years backward via your wars for money, Liberians and Liberia would be far far far ahead of many Third World countries today.

  3. Liberians, especially THE ELITES should turn away from the 16th century mentality of removing a democratically elected government from power simply because power-seeking hypocrites claiming to be leaders of political parties have lost in an election and want to seize powers even at the cost and expense of the people and the country. I am NOT referring to the legitimate removal from power of the settlers TWP SEMI-APARTHEID MINORITY RULE!

    What we are referring to is, for example, exactly what that old and very ugly Joseph Boakai, Benoni Urey, LPP, Alex Cummings were financially and politically though clandestinely engaged in with those bandits called CoP, but were trashed by the government and the rest of the comity and community of nations. ONE MAN ONE VOTE VIA MAJORITY OPINION!!! AND NOT LOSERS OF ELECTION WANTING TO GAIN POWER VIA THEIR HIDDEN AGENDA!

  4. Mr. Naturalist,
    Watch it. Come 2023, those who wish to “usher in” that unpredictable year will be without a populist message. It’s going to be the same old, same old message from their defunct wilderness.

    Yesterday a comrade of ours, Mr. Concerned Liberian, wrote a piece in which he said that the Kroll Report has indicated that no money was actually missing from the CBL. Initially when the news broke about missing money from the CBL, Weah had sad he would get to the bottom of the investigation. Weah kept his word and that’s how Kroll got involved. Strangely up to date, no critic of Weah has stepped up to challenge Kroll. What’s holding the critics back?

    There are two men with business backgrounds so far who will splash themselves in the fight for the presidency. In fact, to be politically correct, let’s just say that there’s one guy (Urey) who’s got a genuine business background. Commings has worked in the businessworld. But he’s not known to have operated his own business. And truthfully, whatever Cummings did while working for Coco-Cola, was planned by the top brass in Atlanta, Georgia and then eventually passed on. The difference has to be made

    The greater point to be made here is that the Liberian people have got to be cognizant of people who claim to be the ideal types just because they’ve worked in the businessworld or because they’ve owned their own business. Comparatively, Trump and his supporters were bragging during pre-election because of his business background. But after all, Trump’s business background has failed the American people miserably. Example, Covid-19 is out of control in America. Despite his business experience or acumen, Trump has done little or nothing to deal with Covid-19 constructively.

    Liberians are mandated by experience, especially considering the Trump fiasco that Greeks bear gifts. Having a business background is “not” enough to be elected to the presidency.

    Perhaps being elected to the “unpresidency” is the right course of action for some people!

    • Mr. Hney, besides Alexander B. Cummings´ LIFE OF SODOMY, this clipping hereunder from a news outlet should “tell” you more about the dishonest character and incompetence of Alexander B. Cummings to get anywhere near the modus operandi of sovereign governance:

      “Investigators also alleged that Cummings was instrumental in siphoning off funds from Coca Cola company, channeled for charities in Africa leading to his unceremonious retirement from Coca Cola..”

    • Then Mr. Hney will say that James Davis is accusing him of being CDC, or whatever they called themselves. James Davis did not only accused of being a CDC, but actually said that you Mr. Hney is a personality worshiper. While standing behind George and his failed CDC regime and throwing out many stones. A failed regime that can not host the national independence day celebration without struggling to find money. Last year 2019 it was the same debate , and this year 2020, the regime is still struggling to host the national holiday celebrations. Knowing that this day in history will come. No money was stolen, just as no 25 million US dollars were pumped in the economy that saw a decline and money shortages. And the words from the United States Embassy that the regime has met all human trafficking conditions, and here is a congratulatory message from the United States Embassy. Less than a month, Qnet is exposed by news media about human trafficking, not the regime’s of George. And here is Mr. Hney pretending to be objective, while standing behind George and his CDC regime throwing stones, with his blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Truth must be told.

  5. I am obliged to respond because my “demigod” Alexander B. Cummings is being trashed by biased critics and an ignorant commentator.

    First, let me comment on one of the greatest America presidents ever in the history of the country, Donald J. Trump.
    On December 4, 2016, the DOW Jones index was at 17,888.28. On February 14,2020, upon the full outbreak of the COVID-19 in the USA, the DOW Jones Index read 29,398.08. Today, it read 26,652.23. It means the NYSE peaked unprecedentedly under the proven and prolific businessman Donald J. Trump (I wish the USA could lend him to Liberia for 4 years).
    “Qui dit mieux”?
    On his foreign policy, Venezuela is still a peaceful country, Iran is not being bombed and the children of Iraq and Afghanistan have started having hope again.

    Let’s come back to our trouble in Liberia. No flunky can excel within a multinational like Cocoa Cola, to the point of running black Africa and holding the vice presidency. You guys need to be proud to have a Liberian like Mr. Cummings with such career achievements.
    A reminder, he resigned because of his calling to help Liberia. Encourage him and respect such atypical Liberian, my people.

    Liberia is not the ONLY African country to have undergone prolonged war and dire human crises. Rwanda was there and is today the fastest developing black African country, why? Because they have the right leadership.
    Ghanaians were once scattered all around the world in search of better living. Today, Ghana is a pride in West Africa, even teaching our country Liberia in all capacities, quelle honte!

    Nigeria was devasted by the Biafran war but today, it is our economic and military giant.
    The Ivory Coast was once considered a poor agriculture country but today, a recent CIA report described the Ivorian economy as the most vibrant in West Africa.

    Liberia could have been listed among countries making great strides in Africa if and only if we had not looked down on excellence.
    Look at the resume of people who brought fame to countries we are proud of in Africa. They were not honorary degree holders nor empty-headed military juntas.

    Tell me Liberians, what was the development level of the country before the onset of the 1989 war?
    For Liberia to once again be welcomed in the comity and community of nations, let’s settle down for excellence. Cheap politics or propaganda will NEVER make us to develop.
    What sustainable development projects can you embark on in Liberia with a frequent and repeated annual budget of half a billion dollars?
    None of our cities are planned, no electricity grids, no telecommunications infrastructures, no schools to teach Liberian diplomacy, culture, civics, customs and traditions.

    I equally don’t like the mentality of the Liberian elites but to succeed in shrugging or cornering them, we need to promote excellence and strive to provide the best education to our children, this is the ONLY way out. If not, the elites will again come back democratically and rule us forevermore!

  6. Comrade Dolo,
    I would have responded to you earlier in the day, but I got very busy today. I understand that you don’t like to be bothered with comments during weekends. Guess what? None of us would like to make comments during weekends. However, like they say in America, “if you have to go, you have to go”! So, let’s go the way of comments.

    I may not be able to respond to every issue that you’ve raised. But I will try.

    Reminder:…..I am not Alexander Cummings’s biased critic. I have no reason to tell a falsehood. I am a critic of his because he’s at the epicenter of an ongoing debate. The debate goes like this….is Alexander Cummings eligible to become president of Liberia? Cummings’s business background is kind of spooky. He never owned a business entity. Rather Cummings worked for an American fortune 500 company. Again, does that qualify him to become president?

    Let’s deal with your defense of Trump:
    You have your God-given right in this court of public opinion to defend Trump. But the facts are more important than anything one can imagine.
    First of all, the stock market fluctuates. Every one knows that. Don’t give the impression that because the SM (stock market) is high today so therefore it’s going to be like year round. Oh no!
    The Dow Jones industrial average goes up and down. Trump does not control the stock market. His politics may affect the way in which investors think and react, but overall, Trump is not in charge of Wall Street.

    Second, unemployment (has become, or is becoming) a problem. A poll that I looked at this morning (7/24 …conducted by FOX news) states that most Americans do not believe that the Economy will rebound this year. In battleground states, Trump is lagging behind Joe Biden. Also in some red States (Texas for example) Trump and Biden are neck and neck. Some national polls show that Biden is leading in Texas by 2 to 3 percentage points, and

    Thirdly, millions of Americans face eviction because of Trump’s inability to deal with the economy he bragged about in the past. You can sing praises of your man. But the reality is that he’s in trouble. His business background has become a liability. It’s a fact, not a guess work or a fantasy.

    Other Issues You Have Raised………
    “Venezuela is peaceful”. It depends on who you ask. If you’re a Trumpian acolyte, you will spread the false gospel of stability in Venezuela. There’s economic hardship in Venezuela. Although they have oil, the working class people in Venezuela are going through thick and thin!

    Iran is not being “bombed”.
    Question…was anyone bombing Iran before Trump before became president? Who? What country?

    “Children in Iraq and Afghanistan have started to hope again”. Comrade Dolo, be aware that Trump did not nip ISIS in the bud. ISIS was badly beaten to the pulp during the Obama administration. Fact! So if there’s hope in Iraq and Afghanistan, much of the credit goes to Obama.

    The Biafra war:
    Even up to date, there’s instability in the Ibo land. Since that war, (the 1960s) how many Ibos have been elected to the presidency in Nigeria? Do you know the answer to my question? Do you and Cummings want the Liberians to replicate the Nigerian experience?

    Mr. Dolo, should we be like you and heap praise on Cummings? No way! A year ago, I asked you to tell the Daily Observer readers if in fact you’ve met Cummings in person. You said unequivocally that you’ve never met him in person neither have you spoken to him.
    Question…do you want us to be like you? Come on Dolo. Wake up to the smell of reality.

    Cummings was not a business man. Rather, Cummings worked for a fortune 500 company. Just because he worked for Coco-Cola does not mean he is a shoo-in to the presidency. We are hardcore critics. We are not biased. I do not relish anything Cummings has.


  7. Comrade James Davis,
    You have made two clean-cut accusations. Please be reminded that both of them are incorrect.

    1. You strongly believe that I am a CDCian.

    Honest Response:
    You’re wrong James Davis. I have never seen Weah in person. I saw him a few times on the soccer field (on TV), but that’s it. If you’re convinced that I am a CDCIAN, prove it. Don’t hide yourself behind a woman’s skirt and accuse your fellow Liberian. That kind of business is tantamount to spreading destructive rumors.

    My position statement:
    I hope and pray every day for Liberia.
    If comrade James Davis becomes president of Liberia, I will stick my neck out for him if I feel comrade James Davis is being unfairly mistreated. Fair enough?

    Second accusation:
    Quote…..”but actually said that you Mr. Hney [is] (are) a personality worshipper”. The linking verb “is” was used by you. Okay, first of all comrade James Davis, I am not a “personally worshipper” and I Hney do not know what you mean by personality worshipper. Have you seen me before, comrade James Davis? Have I spoken to you in person before? You sound like a known apologist (no name) who knows exactly what his half god thinks, but in reality, the known apologist and his master have never met. Lastly, there you are telling your Daily Observer readers (who are probably bored with your accusations) that I Hney stand behind Weah and “throw stones”. Shame on you comrade James Davis. Do you think I am a coward?

    Comrade James Davis, please do not forget to use your own independent thoughts. Don’t rely on what “they say”.
    On a related front, you were heard the other day saying that the new company that’s going to operate in Nimba will pay it’s employees “$5 ud”. Where did you obtain that information, comrade James Davis? Are you saying that every employee of the new company will be paid only $5? Get serious. Give Weah a break. Be nice. Be debonair. Make your light shine. Think Weah. Go Weah. Don’t be so obsessed.

    If anyone is throwing stones, it’s got to be a guy named James Davis. Even my computer knows his name. Because whenever I type James in my browser, the next name that pops up is Davis.

    Hopefully, we should all be glad because the new mining company that will operate in Nimba will help to create jobs for the Liberian people.

    • Another blah blah blah blah blah. While standing behind the CDC line throwing stones at any one who will advocate for any of Liberia’s politicians against his beloved leader George. Even the Chairman of the CDC political party has questioned the direction of the party. Even Representative Gray has voiced his opinion on the direction of the party, because they all want the party and George to succeed. And that is not a bad idea at all. But not Hney, he will stand behind the back of George and his regime and throw stones and questioning others why can’t they say nice things about George sometimes. But he is throwing stones while standing behind the line of the regime. And here’s the facts: Mr. Hney writing: you (James Davis) sounds like a known apologist( no name, but speaking about Mr. Dolo) who knows exactly how his half god (Cummings) thinks , but in reality , the known apologist and his master have never met. This is Hney the liar, the guy who says he does not throw stones behind the CDC line. The guy who says he is objectively speaking or writing. Read his post to James Davis and the one to Mr. Dole. Talking about the man and hiding. The guy is not feeling well, most of the times. Think Weah, talk Weah , go Weah , but he says , he is not a personality worshiper. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. He got many people fooled.

  8. Happy New Week, grand frère Hney!
    I hope you spent a Happy Independence Day.
    As for me, I would celebrate the independence of Liberia the day the government of Liberia provided 3 meals to every citizenry, pipe borne water, electricity and telecommunications facilities to every hamlet, connected the entire country with pliable road networks, assumed the sea, air, frontier and technological defense of our country, and most of all, upheld the rule of law, promoted excellence and rewarded merit.

    Cummings’ biased criticism?
    Yes Sir, I think you are a biased critic of my “demigod”. When people write idiocy of Cummings being a gay, you give such rubbish a credence.
    Now a pathological ignoramus has raised doubt about Cummings’ professional achievements, you are asserting something “spooky” about it.
    If you were not a biased critic, you should have weighed and analyzed the information before your assertion.
    Or maybe there are some personal things we don’t know about Cummings for which you would like to unearth. If so, go ahead because the guy is now a public figure and so his life can be placed under the mirror.

    On a multinational company’s board, there are two categories of people who preside: majority stakeholders or their representatives and the brains (top policy makers and operatives) of such company. To date, Cummings sits on the board of at least 3 multinationals, he successfully ran Cocoa Cola in black Africa with duty station in Nigeria, what is “spooky” about his achievements then?

    In Yopougon, we say “Quitte dedans! Cela ne te ressemble pas grand frère ! »

    Defense of Trump
    The stock market is at the core of my academic qualification. Though thousands of miles away, I closely monitor major stock markets to gather opinion on the global trend of world economies.
    I agree the stock market fluctuates but not anyhow. A major catalyst in the fluctuation rate of the stock market is the policy/ies implemented by a government. The risk premium attached to a given stock speaks tons to investors. In the history of the founding of the USA, the stock market has NEVER reached the level at which it is. Do you know why, simply because we have a successful businessman in the White House who knows what the market needs.
    In the midst of a world pandemic, the DOW Jones is still higher than anytime of the OBAMA’s era, understand this simple fact!

    As for polls on Trump, I equally monitor them. Remembered the polls recently between Hilary and Trump?
    Trump is NOT the mainstream media guy; he doesn’t belong to the deep sea and so expect him to be lambasted.
    There is one thing you should note today for November: There is NO match, ABSOLUTELY no match between Biden and Trump. Biden knows it, OBAMA knows it! The margin for the upcoming elections will be worse than the OBAMA/McCain’s results, take my word for it.

    Unemployment number had risen to 11 million, it reduced by 2.5 last month, there will be decrease this month (figures will be up next week). I just saw in the news today that a vaccine against COVID-19 is a matter of days away, imagine the boost of the economy when that long-awaited announcement is made? You will benefit, NOT me and so, allow me to concentrate on what will benefit me here in Africa.

    Venezuela and others
    Can you believe that Venezuela, an oil rich country could have people going without food or a home? It is like Liberia with immense mineral reserves, yet the children are hungry and do not have the basic infrastructure. Why do you think Ugo Chavez was contested by the West? Simply because he was building homes for the poor and adopting nationalization policies. His successor is facing similar pressure for the same reasons.
    Trump has refused to sign onto the multinationals’ plans as usual and so he had to fall off with the then Security Advisor John Bolton who was in the pocket of those warmongers to reign bombs on innocent people.
    I beg you, I am a poor guy, let me stop here before I fall into trouble!

    The Biafra War
    You took me out of context for the example of the Biafran war.

    On Sunday, Liberia was 173 years old, wow!
    Nearly all West Africa countries became independent in the 60s. Liberia, look at yourself and look at these countries, are you proud to be this old?

    Happy Independence Day to all those celebrating!


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