It Is Something Else, Not a “Christian State,” That Will Make Liberia Great?


Many, if not most of the people who are calling for Liberia to be declared a “Christian state” have traveled around the world, especially Europe and America. Some have even traveled to India, the world’s largest democracy.

In addition to being aware of the complete industrialization of Europe and America, these so-called advocates of a “Christian state” have seen how wealthy Europe and America have become. True, there is still poverty in some of these industrialized nations, especially the United States, where they are still fighting for universal healthcare as a human right. But the riches of Europe and America have made them even more powerful—so powerful that despite the fall of colonialism, they still control the world. Their non-governmental organizations (NGOs) alone wield considerable power in most developing countries, including Liberia. This is in addition to their governmental organizations, such as the European Union, the US Agency for International Development, the Swedish International Development Agency and those of Germany, Japan, etc. These agencies in many instances call the shots in development initiatives, especially in such countries like Liberia that have grown so dependent on outside help. The officials and others in such countries feel they can do nothing without outside help, which is NOT true.

All we need to do is to become independently minded to realize that our destiny is, under God, in our own hands, and we must use our resources wisely in our care for one another and for our country, instead of being selfish, dishonest, corrupt, uncaring and so unpatriotic, not giving a fig about our own country or our own people.

We do not realize that so long as we maintain this selfish attitude, so long will we remain poor, underdeveloped and backward.

See how, because we have insisted over the past 10 years of maintaining this attitude of selfishness and corruption, we have little to show in terms of development, compared to at least two African nations—Rwanda and La Cote d’Ivoire.

Have these two nations been declared “Christian” or Moslem nations? NO! They have other priorities—not foolishly and blindly pursuing a vain policy that they KNOW will DIVIDE their countries and bring conflict.

Here we come to the whole point of this Editorial: Have these Liberians who are calling for a “Christian state” ever heard of such a thing in Europe or America, the two regions that control the world? No!

There are in these two regions mosques, Buddhist, Hindi, Tibetan and other temples—why? Because there is freedom of worship in these regions, despite the fact that most of their populations profess Christianity. In the American Constitution (1776) they call it “freedom of conscience” and “freedom of worship.” The same pertains to the constitutions of most European nations. They do not behave like Saudi Arabia, where only Islam is permitted to be practiced; nor Iraq where, since US President George Bush invaded that country, churches have ceased to have the freedom they had enjoyed for centuries. There, especially since the emergence of the Islamic State (IS), churches are being burnt down and Christians massacred.

See now how, since that invasion, that region has been riddled with conflict! See how this and other particularities, including dictatorship and oppression (Syria) have led to the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.

So we say to Liberians, NEVER allow anyone to fool you into tolerating such a foolish, divisive, conflict-prone and TOTALLY unnecessary idea of a “Christian state” in Liberia.

Instead, as we suggested in a recent Editorial, let our churches embark upon a sustained, serious, strategic and systematic EVANGELISTIC CAMPAIGN to rid our country of witchcraft and other demonic tendencies. In addition, let the churches, just as the missionaries did in the 19th and early 20th centuries, build schools, hospitals, clinics and help create an environment where faith in God, love, peace, educational and social enlightenment and tolerance will prevail. Love for one another and for our country will propel us toward doing everything good for one another and for Liberia.

Then and only then will we be on our way to a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Liberia.