Is Liberia in Terror and President Weah Does Not See It—or Doesn’t Care?


When on Monday, January 22, 2018 President George Weah took the oath of office during his inauguration as President of the Republic of Liberia, he pledged under Biblical oath to “protect, uphold and defend the Constitution.” That same Constitution states in Article I that “All power is inherent in the people. All free governments are instituted by their authority and for their benefit and they have the right to alter and reform the same when their safety and happiness so require.”

Yet, under President Weah’s watch, certain people in his government have taken unto themselves the power to contradict and nullify the rights of the people to safety and happiness, which the very first Article of our Constitution guarantees. There are two particular persons in this government who have taken upon themselves the right turn Article I of the Constitution on its head, and go about harassing, brutalizing, even raping people, especially women, with absolute impunity and no one—not the National Police, not the Justice Ministry and surely not the President of the Republic takes an note of this evil perpetrated against innocent people.

Two men in particular have taken unto themselves the right to inflict evil and brutality against innocent people by taking the law into their own hands and unleashing their wicked acts against citizens. The first is the Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee, backed by what is described by “the thuggish behavior of the ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC). These violent actions by Mr. Koijee and one Augustine Nagbe, a former rebel commander who is on record for forcing a woman to eat human feces. This same Nagbe announced on Freedom Radio that he was forming a “Kru Defense Force” to protect President Weah, who happens also to be Kru. And it is widely reported that this same rebel commander, Augustine Nagbe, is training men and women on the new compound of President George Weah adjacent the Baptist Theological Seminary in the Robertsfield Highway.

These nefarious (evil, wicked) actions are being perpetrated with the benign neglect of the Liberian National Police and even the Ministry of Justice and its Attorney General. In a Facebook interview recently, a woman named Jestina Taylor accused Jefferson Koijee of murder and arms trafficking. The following day Ms. Taylor went missing and was later found along the Robertsfield Highway beaten, brutalized and harmful substances injected into her body. According to her, she was also to be murdered. She was rushed to the Catholic Hospital and treated. After she regained consciousness, she said she had been gang raped.

Where are the Justice Ministry and the Liberia National Police in all this? These terrible atrocities against innocent people have come to the attention of a total stranger, a member of United States House of Representatives, Mr. Chris Smith. “I am especially concerned by allegations surrounding Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee and the thuggish behavior of the ruling Congress for Democratic Change Security Force which Koijee heads.”

What, one may ask, has a member of the US House of Representatives to do with wicked atrocities inflected on innocent people by senior officials of the ruling CDC and the Liberian government? Well, every one knows that due to the rapidly deteriorating economy in the country and the woeful financial malaise facing our country that caused Liberians to experience the worst Christmas in a very long time, it is very clear to all that Liberia at this time needs all the friends she can get; and one of the nation’s most trusted sources of friendship is the United States, a country that has been interested in Liberia for a very long time. The United States Congress, one of the pillars of American democracy, has the power to determine what kind of and how much support comes to Liberia from that country. So we have to be concerned when a senior member of the US House of Representatives sounds serious concern about human and civil rights abuses in our country. So those who think he is meddling in our affairs clearly do not know what they are talking about.

Congressman Smith’s concerns about what is happening in Liberia should claim the serious concern of the National Police Force, the Ministry of Justice and the President himself, George Weah. Indeed, the Congressman’s concerns should claim the attention of all Liberians, for it is we who are constantly assaulted by the likes of Jefferson Koijee and Augustine Nagbe, a man who has pledged to organize a “Kru Defense Force to protect President Weah. We are reminded of what happened in 1930 when D. Twe made it known that he wished to establish a Kru republic in Liberia and asked an English woman to send him some arms to make that happen. What do these people want? The time has come for all of us to AWAKE to current realities on the ground in Liberia and watch, pray and act to arrest any attempt at sectionalism in our country. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient.


  1. Apparently, partisan Daily Observer is at its best fanning half-truths and taking things out of context; did D Twe irrationally call for establishment of a Kru Republic, or reacted to targeted dispossession, suppression, oppression, and President King’s policy of ethnic cleansing against his people? Not to mention that the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) in 1847 by few strangers who stumbled onto Cape Montserrado from Sherbro Island in Sierra Leone twenty-six years earlier was illegal, and had only been forced because of U.S might and desire to empty her Black population in Africa where they originally came from. Don’t get me wrong, a return which was reportedly welcomed by Krus at the cape.

    The truth of the matter is that some Southeastern communities had a sort of Federation before 1821. By the way, a fact which wasn’t lost on Americans who knew that Black on Black colonialism wouldn’t sit well with people some of whom were partly exposed and earning money, among other things, through seafaring on European ships. It explained the 1842 artillery shelling by their Navy ship – under command of Captain Matthew Perry – of coastal villages on the excuse that a Chief interfered with US shipping.

    This isn’t the first time a Daily Observer editorial has taken a swing at the Krus. First, it was just bigoted commenter James Davis attacking Information Minister Eugene Nagbe by echoing a sarcasm of his forebears that “There was peace in heaven until the Kru man gets there”. Of course, an allusion to the fact that the Krus didn’t bare their buttocks for strangers to bloody because they came from America. Since then that theme has been woven into a shameless and malicious anti-establishment narrative.

    Perhaps, a Kru phobia plays into the resistance against a Weah-led Administration. Little wonder, then, its death knell was rung before his Inauguration in few articles by Pan-Africanists Moses Yemiah and Alfred Kladii allegedly mouthpieces for other interests. It could also explain Tubman’s pivotal to a de facto One Party System to cement an anti-majoritarian policy prescription initiated since 1847. And guess who were the targets: D Twe and members of the political party he led. As Les Guespes famously said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same” – nonsense rabble-rousing bordering on hate speech.

    • Slyvester Moses,
      What a bigoted post from someone who should know better. Do you honestly believe the “few strangers” referenced in your post willingly sold themselves into slavery? Do you know the main tribes that were DIRECTLY involved with slave traders in what was present day Liberia? Do your homework Mr. Moses. You can’t rewrite history just to satisfy your ego.

  2. You do well (as the Liberian man would say) to respond to this stupid rant from a silly crumbs collecting clown at the Daily Observer.

  3. 14 out of 15 counties, besides Lofa County voted for President Weah without any tribal bias? What and where is the problem? The tribal politics has already started; which will be reflected in the 2023 elections?

    In any case, everybody should follow the Constitution.

    Only the best of our educated with the needed Know-Hows, Skillset can move Liberia forward.

    • You are dead wrong! IT IS NOT Only the best of our educated with the needed Know-Hows, Skillset can move Liberia forward as you believe! It is first and foremost a leadership and a citizenry which abide by democratic constitutional principles (eg. elections, impeachments, acceptance of electoral defeat)!

      And not hustlers claiming to be educated as we have had with Amos Sawyer and his gang, or this Boakai and gang crazily believing they can use the right to assemble as a ploy to provoke and create anarchy, and commit treason so as to have A SELECTORATE replace what THE ELECTORATE HAS DEMOCRATICALLY DECIDED!

  4. A number of serious issues have been raised by the author. The author names Augustine Nagbe, Jefferson Koijee and President George Weah as destabilizers. Strangely, the late D. Tweh’s name was mentioned, possibly suggesting that D. Tweh was was also a 1930s troublemaker.

    Augustine Nagbe:
    I don’t know the gentleman. I became aware of him when his name popped up in the news a few months ago, or let’s say last year. I cannot defend or blast him because I don’t know a whole lot about his past and present activities. If he’s doing anything that’s nefarious, it’s my sincere hope that he’ll quit it immediately. We don’t need trouble in Liberia. Please!

    Jefferson Koijee:
    I met Koijee in person on two occasions; once in his City Hall office and in Belgian, Brussels because we flew on the same flight from RIA in October of 2019. I am not here to defend or lambaste Koijee. Koijee told me bluntly in his office that he’s not a Kru guy, but rather a native of Lofa county. There’s a tendency for Weah’s critics to label Koijee as a Kru guy. No he’s not Kru! Suggestion…..if Koijee is a troublemaker, he should stop immediately. The city needs to be kept clean. Garbage must be picked up. Weah should not do this, the city mayor has the responsibility to make things happen.

    George Weah:
    I have never made excuses for the president. I am in sympathy with his presidency. I have a feeling that Weah wanted to do something good for the Liberian people. Unfortunately, Weah inherited a country of problems. There was high unemployment, inflation, weak economy and all sorts of issues before he ascended to the presidency. Yet, I am not making excuses! I also think that some of his appointees who weren’t members of his party, but who were brought on board in his government are unpatriotic and disloyal. Some of his so-called trusted appointees have big titles, they drive big cars, chase the young girls and boys for sex and they eat good food. With all their enjoyment, the work of the country is not being done by them. Sadly, Weah takes the blame. I agree. Work needs to be done. I want him to get tough by firing the bozos in his government who are depleted with productive ideas.

    Let’s Be Real……..
    Some of the destabilizers are the old guards who want to wrestle power from Weah. They are the power-hungry people who work behind the scenes and pretend they love Liberia. (No names)! Some of them are wealthy, while some of them have international connections. Those “outside destabilizers” are the reason why things aren’t going too well in Liberia. One wonders whether those people love Liberia. The country of Ghana had such a problem. The old guards at one time in Ghana “caused destablization”, according to Jerry Rawlings account. Rawlings did the unthinkable by putting the Ghanaian old guards to death. Do I favor the Rawlings’ experiment in Liberia? No! Never! Never! But I want the Liberian old guards to calm down and act democratically.

    Now the late D. Tweh. Tweh was a patriot!
    In my view, Tweh’s name should always be discussed professionally, and not in any derogatory sense. Please note that D. Tweh was a patriot in the real sense of the word. Tweh believed in democracy. He believed in power-sharing regardless of one’s place of origin in Liberia. Regardless of class, openess and power-sharing was being democratic in Tweh’s lexicon! The author of the above article has a right to express himself. If he’s denied his right to express himself, I will vouch for him. But in my view, the author’s mention of D. Tweh in this article is reckless. May D. Tweh’s soul rest in perfect peace.


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