I CAN’T BREATHE! I CAN’T BREATHE! Any Lessons Learnt from America?


Developments unfolding in the United States of America since the killing of a black man, George Floyd by a Minnesota Police officer, have revealed the depth of outrage that ordinary people in America feel and have expressed about the unjustified killing of an unarmed and handcuffed man by a white Police officer.

And they have showcased their anger in a rash of street protests and demonstrations in all fifty (50) states of America. Undaunted by the presence of armed Police and later National Guardsmen protesters have pressed forward instead, virtually ignoring the curfew which has been put in place in cities most heavily affected by the protests and attending violence, looting and burning.

One clear message which such action has amplified is that when people are tired and fed up, they are tired and no amount of threats of the use of force or the use of force itself can stop them. Only days ago, for example, the push by demonstrators pressing forward towards the White House fence, scenes of the teeming crowd beamed on TV screens around the country were perhaps intimidating enough to have sent President Donald Trump scurrying like a prairie dog to its burrow — in this case the Presidential bunker, presumably located and buried deep beneath the White House.

Recalling history, President Trump called IS leader Al Baghdadi a coward and that “he died like a dog”. In Trump’s own words, he said of Baghdadi: “The thug, who tried so hard to intimidate others, spent his last moments in utter fear, in total panic and dread, terrified of the American forces bearing down on him”.

In a strange twist of fate, the leader of the free world, apparently terrified by the surge of the teeming crowd advancing towards the White House fence, found himself fleeing into a bunker just as Al Baghdadi did. So even the fire-spitting powerful US President Donald Trump could cower in fear of unarmed but angry Americans despite all his threats of the use of unprecedented force against his own fellow Americans were enough to deter or dissuade the protesters from continuing their action.

Indeed, a clear message has been sent to all and sundry that when a people are tired and fed up, they will not hesitate to take matters in their hands. However, it remains unclear whether this message has had any import on our leaders here at home. The manner in which our officials conduct themselves suggests that their arrogance, feigned or real, leads them to believe that there is no tomorrow, that they will continue to plunder the resources of this country for 12 years without remorse or forethought of the inherent consequences.

And this goes to past and present leaders of this country, particularly former President Sirleaf under whose rule, stealing and looting of the national treasury by her relatives and cronies was a virtual sport. She should remember that a day of reckoning is sure to come.

In this regard, it would behoove President Weah to take note. The economy under his watch has continued to spiral downwards. Unemployment, very high under his predecessor continues to rise while real incomes continue to fall. Hardest hit are those at the lower income levels especially those without income and just eking out a daily existence surviving on less than two (2) dollars a day.

At the writing of this editorial, employees of some government agencies have not taken pay for months and the continued slide of the Liberian dollar against the US dollar is only making matters worse. Worries about meeting up with school fees when the COVID-19 subsides are mounting and there are genuine fears that many parents will not be able to send their children to school.

Additionally, the displayed lasciviousness and ostentatious flaunting of ill acquired wealth by President Weah officials have not helped him. His cabinet ministers, many of who hail from impoverished family backgrounds are now filthy rich but are now our latest set of nouveaux riches and noblesse obligés.

Former Finance Minister Amara Konneh came to public office virtually penniless. But today he is a multi-millionaire. His oil palm plantation in Gbarpolu County is said to be one of the largest in the country.

This is not to mention Robert Sirleaf, under whose watch the viable National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) went bust. Perhaps it is because nothing has or did happen to those Sirleaf era officials who stole the country’s wealth, some officials of his government see it as an opportunity or carte blanche to plunder.

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor did not mince her words neither was she jestering when she declared to chiefs in Bong County, “dat our time to eat”. Our officials convey the impression that either they are not aware of the sufferings of the Liberian people or they simply do not give a hoot.

Some are even reported to boast that they will maintain their hold on power for 12 years whether Liberians like it or not. President Doe probably may have felt that with the backing of his army he could do anything and get away scot free. Similarly did, Charles Taylor who fell convinced that with his powerful Anti-terrorist Unit (ATU) and an array of well-armed irregulars, he could maintain his hold on power indefinitely.

Suggestions from some quarters that a strike force of 500 men military trained in Burkina Faso and allegedly recruited into the ranks of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) plus a motley array of ex-rebel generals and-ex fighters will provide a mainstay for this government grip on power for 12 or more years, is indeed laughable based on past experience here and further afield.

An enraged Burkinabe people sent dictator Blaise Compaore fleeing. An enraged American people sent Donald Trump fleeing to a bunker. I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!!!

Any lessons learnt from America? Only time will tell.


  1. STOP LYING, Mr. Editor!!! NO “American people ever sent any Donald Trump fleeing to a bunker”! Stop lying!

    Do you think Western law enforcement officers “take shit” from protesters as you fool expect some Third World police to “play with” tools and fools of political flunkies calling themselves protesters or opposition?

    If even the police is so feared ESPECIALLY in the USA, and also in Europe, China, ETC, you make a big fool out of your silly self to lie that Pres Trump fled from protesters!

    That is just how you bastards incited your scumbags during the brutal and corrupt regime of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. And when they so called demonstrators or protesters were fired upon and killed; absolutely nothing came out of it!

    Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Nigeria, Senegal; not a damn thing comes out of protesters been killed! AND YOUR SILLY BACKSIDE KNOWS THIS! BUT YOU MUST FOOL YOUR TOOLS AND INCREASE THE SALE OF YOUR PAPER.

  2. Mr. True Nationalist:

    It was reported by CNN and the the respected New York Times that Trump took refuge in the Bunker, however briefly that may have been

    Stop bashing the Observer and its Editor because you dont that Trump took shelter in the Bunker..

  3. Mr. True Nationalist,
    Are you really a Liberia nationalist or someone with a vested interest? This editorial provides a historical lesson that needs to be consider in the light of what has happened and what is happening in our country. Nationalism is about love for your country and not blind loyalty and insults.

    You are so afraid of the truth that all I see you doing is using words that will not help Liberia gain its true potential. If you are a ‘nationalist’ as you name claim, engage in constructive dialogue about your country. One or few trees do not make a forest.

    Amos Sawyer one described Liberia as a mosaic. Liberia is a mosaic made of all its people. Equity and equality for all its people is what is important.

    Maybe you need to read the history of why the US, despite all its mighty weapons did not win the Vietnam War. The determination of a people can bring down anyone. The story of David and Goliath should be lesson from history also.

    Those in Liberian leadership need to ensure that the wealth of the country is equitably shared, this may not be equality. Read the politics of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway…) and contrast that with other countries in Western Europe and you will see why these countries have low crime rate and better life for every citizen.

    Learn Mr. Nationalist. Learn sir.

    • Mr. Jon Paul,

      What does what this fool wrote on Liberia (over 80% of his writing) in this his so called editorial has to do with THE HEADLINE OF HIS BULL DUNG HE CLAIMS IS EDITORIAL! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

      So you expect this Liberian leadership, which has been in power for just three years, “to ensure” in just three years or six years “that the wealth of the country is equitably shared”, despite the fact such has not been possible since the founding of the nation!


      This editorial provides no historical lesson! This nonsense you believe is editorial is simply one of the many politicized journalism or opposition/elitist advocacy journalism exploiting this “every now and then” brutal discriminatory racial event in America!

      That is, this rubbish you wrongly believe is editorial only objective is to disseminate his silly diatribe while shaping the minds and further control the thinking of tools, fools, etc. etc. of these losers of election who want power at any cost to privatize our economy and buy those very privatized entities!

      America did not win the Vietnam war because in the history of mankind, and inter alia no nation has won every war! The welfare system has made crime rate very very low in Scandinavian countries and other EU countries! Its as simple as that.

      Again, what does what this fool wrote on Liberia (over 80% of his writing) in this his so called editorial has to do with THE HEADLINE OF HIS BULL DUNG HE CLAIMS IS EDITORIAL??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

    • Mr. Arthur KImba,

      Never ever regard as reputable any news organ, whether private or public!!! ALWAYS REMAIN SKEPTICAL!!! Regarding news organ or journalist as “reputable” is as the danger of enjoying the sweet singling voice of LUCIFER and ENDING IN HELL!

      Take it or leave it, Arthur: Journalists, the world over, generally do not know their arse from their elbow when it comes to understanding what is going on in the world!! They are mere tools and fools!

      And the hilarious part about it is that they journalist very stupidly believe they are manipulators, when the truth, fact, and or reality, is that their mentality is simply the combination of idiocy and naivete!

      Hence, these news organs are controlled or owned by politicians and businessmen- all of whom do not “give a damn” for the truth going out to the public! All they are interested in is their propaganda against their opponents with whom they are in the struggle for power whether on the domestic or international plane!

      Gaze at the relationship between Henry Costa and that thief Benoni Urey! Or the relationship btw Rodney Sieh and Alex Cummings whose intent is to mortgage Liberia.

      To control humanity through the mind and emotions, you simply have to control the media! Without that itś impossible!

      THIS IS WHY, Alex Cummings and his gang foolishly believing they will be able to sell our country made sure to buy FrontPageAfrica, and to some extent, the Liberian Observer!

  4. Mr. Arthur Kimba,

    Reports based on ANONYMITY FROM ANONYMOUS SOURCES, are simply always false mere yellow journalism.

    Besides, both the Oval Office and the Secret Service made clear that report was a blatant lie. President Donald Trump never ever took shelter in any bunker.

    Remember, just as these transmission belts and paid agents around here claiming to be journalists are so prejudicial, unfair, unjust, and extremely bias, against President Weah because he trashed the elite on behalf of THE POOR MASSES, so too, THE PRESS IN THE US is generally bias to President Trump because he trashed out the so called corrupt US political ELITES! It is as simple as that!

    Again, Reports based on ANONYMITY FROM ANONYMOUS SOURCES, are simply always false mere yellow journalism. Is not the killing of blacks or African Americans in such manner a de facto modus vivendi and modus operandi of US Law enforcement agencies since and even before 1776! IT IS! Rodney KIng, Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo, etc.etc.

  5. Mr. True Nationalist

    For a reputable news organ such as CNN and a well respected newspaper like the New York Times to such spew a lie like that on the most powerful man on earth without regards to consequences, I do find that a little hard to swallow, but I will accept what you say.

    But not all anonymous sources are always blatant lies and we know that mr. Trump has much to be desired and I’m not here to critique him as he much on his plate to deal with and I’m sure he can do without my criticism.

    Good day to you and remain safe

  6. “I can’t breathe” is the headline here; however, the theme weaves around a truism – a hungry man is an angry man, and political discontent could morph into a ticking time bomb. Although the editorial sounds a tad preachy, the concerns expressed fall within the purview of journalism. For example, it is a fact that the Ghana where, since 2007, our politicians and rich Liberians have been using as healthcare center, savings bank, and real estate hub, became attractive by the no nonsense leadership of Kwame Nkrumah and Jerry Rawlings who weren’t saints.

    Paul Kegame is also working wonders in Rwanda; and what did Ellen and Boakai bequeath in 2018 despite reportedly almost USD $18 billions in foreign investments, aid, and additional loans on top of UNMIL protection? Some of us are stability advocates and admirers of GMW’s empathy for the downtrodden, yet we want him to listen to voices other than choristers and echo chambers. He became a soccer legend on the field by listening to critics, and perfecting his skills which later brought applause of the world. We will outshout detractors, but this editorial should be heeded for the sake of tranquility in Mama Liberia.

  7. Sylvester Moses, you are wrong! Call a spade a spade! What does police brutality in the USA have to do with THE RUBBISH the fool wrote as details of his so called editorial? NOTHING! Which bookś TITLE is different from the subject matter written in the book?

    Yes, “journalism” indeed, as you Sylvester Moses believe. But of course, YELLOW JOURNALISM – the usage of “eye-catching” headlines having absolutely no ligament to the entirety of the story!

    Where in the world or in which aspect of mankind and his civilization, not to talk about intellectualism or professionalism, that AN INTRODUCTION may have no reasonable connection to the DEVELOPMENT and or the CONCLUSION?

  8. “Sylvester Moses, you are wrong” is an opinion anyone entitled to, but thankfully not a fact here.

  9. Sylvester Moses, dishonesty, idiocy, and ignorance, are the only logical explanations for your belief that “the headline of a news story does not necessarily have to have any logical connection or ligament to the entirety of the story;” or “a bookś TITLE may be different from the subject matter written in the book.”

    These are facts and not opinions! For it IS A FACT that an “INTRODUCTION” which is the headline of a news story, MUST HAVE a logical connection to the development and or the conclusion of a news story, article, or feature.

    Hence, IT IS A FACT that you are absolutely wrong! And I am RIGHT!

  10. I don’t see anything nationalistic about hiding behind anonymity to abuse someone you disagree with. Remarkably, though, I hear that rants on radio and print media – passing off as weapons of psychological warfare – are the new tasks of few. Well, if that’s the reason for such unprovoked attack, what a waste of time, energy, and funds that could’ve been more effectively used elsewhere; good bye, True Nationalist.

  11. There is no fundamental difference between PRINCIPALS (eg. this yellow journalist editor) AND ACCESSORIES (eg. you Sylvester Moses) ! The law never allows anything contrary to the truth! The deceiver deals in generalities – exactly what this rascal calling himself editor is doing here!

    Accordingly, debunking the totally deceptive, hypocritical, and unreasonable, act of someone giving credence to an editorś deceptive and diabolical conduct is in no way an “abuse” nor an “unprovoked attack”! Rather, such an act on the part of the debunker is absolutely patriotic and nationalistic; giving the fact that the issue is national!

    • Mr. True Nationalist, aka True Coward,

      I refer you to a Fox News Interview ( you can also find it on YouTube ) in which the Attorney General of the USA, Mr. Barr, was asked to explain the reason president Trump took refuge in the bunker. The AG explained that the Secret Service had accessed the situation and determined that the protesters were a threat to Trump and hence the refuge to the bunker. Trump himself was asked the same question and as usual, he gave a complete non sense answer.

      But that’s not the point. The point I’m trying to stress to you, Mr. Rude, is that he took shelter in the bunker. When the Daily Observer wrote about it you immediately went on the offensive. You also lashed out at Mr. Moses. I also said something about it and you tried to convinced me that the Observer was lying.

      Go ahead and verify what I’m saying. Don’t take my word for it. Let me see if you will admit you misspoke
      And offered an apology to Mr. Moses for the folly of your ways.

      But, knowing you with your self inflated ego, and how extremely educated you are, you will find a very good reason to justify your actions.

      Be a Man and just apologize.

  12. When abuse means “debunking”, it screams your familiarity with persuasive essays; next time, try courtesy, evidence, and logic. Effective writing isn’t a war of words. Little wonder, then, a “True Nationalist” bravely conceals his identity.

  13. Sylvester Moses, you should be ashamed of yourself. Courtesy to an accessory before and after the fact? If this were to be the case, then we would let the so called editor be! As for logic, or evidence, here is it again:

    Sylvester Moses, dishonesty, idiocy, and ignorance, are the only logical explanations for your belief that “the headline of a news story does not necessarily have to have any logical connection or ligament to the entirety of the story;” or “a bookś TITLE may be different from the subject matter written in the book.”

    AN “INTRODUCTION” which is the headline of a news story, MUST HAVE a logical connection to the development and or the conclusion of a news story, article, or feature. PERIOD!

  14. Mr. True Nationalist
    Your arguments seem to only look at the issues from your vested interest. Liberia which is the land for all Liberians including me has so much potential. I know that a new government with all its constraints cannot solve all the problems in a few years. In fact my response to your comment was geared toward making you to think beyond what you see. Critically questioning what is happening and what has happened before will lead to a better Liberia. We must question and we should not accept anything at face value.

    Your answer about America not winning the Vietnam was because no nation has ever won all wars is so narrow-minded. Read the history and you will see why a country that had (has) all the weapons and the economy to back it suffered the humiliation it suffered in Vietnam. The shared determination of the Vietnamese people provided the victory. Don’t take the determination of a people for granted. It can break the power of the most powerful

    The welfare system in the Nordic countries are affordable because of their equitable and progressive system. It is not because they are wealthier. The more you make in these countries, the more you pay in taxes so that the taxes becomes the level-playing field of those who cannot afford the lives that the most privileged have.

    Mr. Nationalist, educate yourself. Unfortunately most of us in Liberia think that by getting a degree or PhD, we are educated. True education comes from questioning and debating and looking through many lenses.

    When Isaac Newton developed classical mechanics, it was deemed the most progressive laws of science (physics) at the time. It was almost unquestionable. Other scientists thought no. Newton was not always right. They questioned his theories and laws and that led to quantum mechanics. Today, we have remote controls, mobile phones, satellite and the list goes on because others questioning Newton’s laws and theories in a civilised manner. We all need to open our minds and start questioning.

    All I see in your responses are vulgarities. No nation is built that way. If you are a true nationalist, then debate issues in a level-headed way, sir.

    • Jon Paul, you know nothing. Hence, that chronic limitation causes you to rant reckless, unreasonable, meaningless, and flapping conclusions.

      Until you can ascend to that level of THE NATURE OF KNOWLEDGE, we who have passed such stages of the positivist, interpretivist, internalists, or externalists, vis a vis the methodological assumptions and beliefs of knowledge, can only help you if you are willing to learn.

  15. “Courtesy” is a requirement of persuasive essays. After all, your bosses aren’t paying you just to stay undercover and be rude.

  16. Sylvester Moses, courtesy to bastards as you is like wasting water on a dogś back! You come here to vent out your frustration from joblessness by supporting such silly headline, simply because it ligates with your frustration of not been offered a job in spite of all your crocodile cry about stability. Hence you cry out “a hungry man is an angry man,”

  17. Sylvester Moses, courtesy to bastards as you is like wasting water on a duckś back! You come here to vent out your frustration from joblessness by supporting such silly headline, simply because it ligates with your frustration of not been offered a job in spite of all your crocodile cry about stability. Hence you cry out “a hungry man is an angry man,”

  18. Mr. True Nationalist,

    Why does everything boils down to getting a job for you guys? Do you think everyone is interested in getting a government job?
    Face the argument as directed by Jon Paul and prove everyone wrong. Stop the abusive languages. Liberia is you and me, not the vast land that lays waste. Liberia can be what we want it to be if we constructively and persuasively argue out our points and make the majority accepts them, that’s democracy.

    • Petarus, Jon Paul has no argument. To have an argument, one must have the knowledge. Jon Paul knows nothing about domestic or international politics.

      Now, listen up: IN A WINNERS TAKE ALL WORLD OF SCARCITY, do not let anyone deceive you! Its all about money/job! Politics is a lucrative business!

      What inter alia proves this is the factuality and norm that in politics, there are only permanent interests and nothing more!

      Do not get “carried away” by Sylvesterś rap about “reforming system”! Benoni Ureyś mentality, nature, and character, should be your reminder.

      If it were not about job or money, these rascals calling themselves CPP would not have the conviction that only their supporters should get government jobs, and the rest of the citizenry and society can “go to hell”!

      If it were about “reforming system”, the very Sylvester Moses would have not worked with Amos Sawyer who ranted all over the place about reforming system from the 70ś!

      But when he Sawyer became President in November 1990, he forgot about “reforming system”, and built his mansion in the USA.

      And for all the twelve years he Sawyer stayed with Ellen, he Sawyer, Boima Fahnbulleh Jr. Commany Wisseh, etc.etc. only enriched themselves within his Sawyerś capacity as Chairman of some commission.

      Have you forgotten why and how Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Charles Taylor, Richard Tolbert, Tiawen Gongloe, Olu Banke King Akerele, Sekou Damate, George Dweh, Kabineh Janeh, and the rest of these rebel bandits came to power? DID THEY COME TO REFORM?

      If the country or the people are lucky to have the President to be someone who has a heart and a conscience (as is the case with this President Weah from an humble background and the fear of God), you will see developments for the good of the people.

      This is why you see “your man” Pres. Weah is so forward looking on roads, jobs, investments developments, etc. etc. from the West, China, the UAE, etc. etc.

      See what has become of the likes of Commany Wisseh, Matthew Jaye, Dew Tuan Wleh Mayson, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Augustine Ngafuan, Eugene Shannon, Amara Konneh!

      Or better still, this same Isaac Jackson blasting political neophyte Cummings, Lewis Brown, H.Boima Fahnbulleh Jr. Kofi Woods who has become the bag boy for that thief Benoni Urey,

      Or even still further, that corrupt and inept Joseph Boakai who after 40 years of doing nothing for the country want to be president at nearly 90 years old. POLITICS IS A LUCRATIVE BUSINESS!

      If you do not believe me, ask Lewis Brown, Benoni Urey, or your man Cummings whose MIRAGE is to privatize all of your public corporations and have him and his financiers buy them up!

      Accordingly, with that intelligence, my goal is to ensure that for once, LET THE COMMON MAN BENEFIT AS DEMOCRACY REIGNS!

      • Dear True Nationalist,

        Thank you for your candid view and the defense of your perception of politics in general and, specifically, Liberian politics.
        I have learned a lot from you, and I think I have understood you and agree with you on major issues.

        I agree with the description “IGNORANT Petarus Dolo”.
        I am indeed ignorant to the perception of politics in my country Liberia. If politics in Liberia means embezzlement of public funds for a privileged few with total impunity, then I would like to remain ignorant.
        If politics in Liberia is to support and uphold the thesis of politics being a lucrative business to the detriment of the masses, then I would like to remain ignorant.

        Like Cummings, I am also a political neophyte. Like Cummings, I have never studied political science.
        But from the society I was academically groomed, the perception of public service and politics in Cote d’Ivoire, as well as other developed and developing countries, greatly contrasts with the notion of politics in my country Liberia.
        I do not want to enumerate names, but I am not a fanatic or an admirer of most of the personalities you listed above. I admire and I am a fanatic of Alexander B. Cummings.

        The mindset of Liberians about politics, as underscored here by you, calls for a total privatization of all public corporations in Liberia with minimal participation (at most 20%) of the Liberian government.

        George Weah was my man, he is NO LONGER my man!
        He was my man when he was one of the few Liberians who portrayed positive image of the country during the gloomy days of the country’s history.
        He was my man when he embarked on investments in Liberia to uplifting and empowering young Liberians.
        He was my man when he began sponsoring young Liberians to achieve the education they desired.
        He was my man when he was reaching out to the lowly and desperately in need to put a meal on their table.

        I would have loved him to remain my man by building a decent football school in Liberia to promote young and talented Liberians in Europe; the turnover and value added to Liberia would have been substantial.
        I would have loved him to remain my man by positively impacting the political arena by grooming and supporting the rightful people to defend our interests at the helms of power.

        Brother, in life, when you want to get something done professionally, hire an expert, NEVER try to be one.
        Weah cannot help Liberia as president. The first bait he easily got hooked to was by bribing his way through the presidency. It means no embezzlement case under Ellen or even himself will be persecuted, watch it and proof me wrong during his tenure.

        Loving a child or a people doesn’t mean giving them free food, building problematic shanty houses for them. If you love a child, educate that child such that when you are no longer around, such child should be able to fend for himself, build his own home and channel his life at will; if Weah loves Liberia, graduating a student making a pass in 1 subject out of 9 is suicidal, this is no love but total destruction of our country, even worse than the AK47. Let Weah make Liberian students competitive in the world again to ensure a brighter future.

        Developing Liberia doesn’t mean bringing companies from the West, China, UAE to beautify Liberia while Liberians themselves cannot benefit from the modern infrastructures.
        If a president wants to build a road that costs 50 million, then borrow such funds from the IMF to be reimbursed with interests, hire a Chinese company that will come to Liberia with even its drivers and cooks, then such development is counterproductive. What added value have you created? All the 50 million will go back to china, and Liberians cannot even afford to own cars to drive on such road, it’s a mess brother.

        If Weah loves Liberia, let him upgrade our technical schools and build a polytechnic for Liberia to enable us build our own roads, transform some of our raw materials like Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, etc.

        Let’s learn to make public service and politics a calling in Liberia. Cummings has been touched; he has the calling to improving the livelihoods of Liberians. Never mixed him up or compare him with some other thieves, assassins, disgruntled and immoral bandits loitering in public services and at the helms of our country.

        Your man Weah, is the wrong man for Liberia at this time!

        No more war in Liberia!

        • Petarus Dolo, Politics, or whichever been a lucrative business, DOES NOT HAVE TO BE TO THE DETRIMENT OF THE PEOPLE!

          Accordingly, IMMEDIATELY rescind your misconstrued, illogical, and disgusting, notion that “politics in Liberia (or anywhere) means embezzlement of public funds for a privileged few with total impunity” or theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s government or state!

  19. Thanks Petarus Dolo for assisting our so-called True Nationalist. The rudeness, overreaction, and intolerance of these guys, ironically, help drive political discontent because many suspect they’re beneficiaries of the system therefore against reforming it.

  20. Sylvester Moses, it is your dishonest, bastardly and very rude backside which ignorant Petarus Dolo has assisted. I am too educated and very much informed to be assisted by people like Dolo or you.

  21. Petarus Dolo writes ” Stop the abusive language ”

    First of all, you Dolo should be the last one on this forum to make such call, a darn hypocrite like you.
    You are on record here of insulting the President of Liberia, officials of the Liberian government and me ,using words like growna boy, stupid fools, idiots, jackasses etc, etc. to promote your selfish and hidden agenda, that have everything to do with your bias political interest and Alexander Cummings, which have nothing to do with the reforming of Liberia.

    Your hands are not clean on this forum, you lack the integrity to caution anyone about abusive language, so you pretty much need to shut the hell up when it comes to morality.

    Go back and read your various stupid attacks on those of us that disagree with you on your bias political views. The records are there. We live in a world of technology, Just to let you know, we are aware of the other 2 fake names you are using on the forum, will call it out at the appropriate time.

    • Petarus Dolo,

      I have come to admire you, Sylvester Moses, Hney and Joe Moses who recently lost his father, in the manner in which you people stick to issues and there are also a few others here as well. No matter the mudslinging and hitting below the belt, you guys deal directly with the issues even if you disagree with the writer of that issues.

      Your take comfort in the fact that there will always be be people like True Nationalist who, as soon as your disagree with his their views, they bare their knuckles and start swinging and using profanities. Only cowards assume fake identies to insult others. True Nationalist should change his name to True Coward.

      Please ask Mr. Hney and others to return if you can Petarus Dolo. Some of us value them here

  22. Arthur Kimba, until you can provide an authentic PROOF that you are actually Arthur Kimba, just keep quiet about identity. Untill then, you are simply amongst the sum total population (99.9%) of this site using aliases as identity.

    Now, outlandish lies, strange naivety, and divergent views, are not the same. The editor of this story and Sylvester Moses are lying when they claim: “the headline (the introduction) of a story does not necessarily have to have any connection to the development, and conclusion of the story.

    You (Arthur Kimba), display strange naivety when you claim “a reputable news organization as CNN will never disseminate falsehood and inaccuracy”. While Dolo, out of ignorance, and reading comprehension problem, is lost in the mix.

    So, you see, there is nothing like “disagreement of views” here, as you wrongly believe. What has happened here is that Moses, you Kimba, and Dolo, have simply been debunked and rightly condemned.

    Take for example this BIG LIE hereunder by FrontpageAfrica as it refers to the CPP as “a political party”; when it is known to all, including the CPP itself, that the so called CPP IS NEITHER A COALITION NOR A POLITICAL PARTY. But rather simply some ACTUALLY headless bunch of disorganized political flunkies:

    “As the Special Senatorial Election draws closer which precedes the 2023 presidential election, the Collaborating Political Party (CPP) seems to be embracing itself to unseat the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

    But there have been tons of condemnations from the public in recent weeks about a document that was crafted by the CPP. In that document, a clause states that only active members of CPP should be given jobs.”




  24. True Nationalist, AK True Coward, AKA Matilda Witherspoon, AKA Dortu-Sebo, and all the other AKAs you hiding behind, you really have the nerves to ask someone to provide proof of his identity when you hiding behind so many aliases. The problem with uncouth individuals such as yourselves is that you think you are the smartest in the room. Go find marble and play.

    My problem is not with your many aliases. You can call call your yourself Donald Trump jr. For all I care. My problem with you is that you are intolerant of opposing views and then you lash out. You contradict yourself many a time in writing and yet you want to act like Mr. Righteous. You cannot have it both ways.

    I voted CDC and I will vote CDC again but that does not mean that I should turn a blind eyes to the ills in our society and there are many ills but I can almost bet my neck that you don’t reside here in liberia so you are not well versed to the daily occurrences here.

    So, accept opposing views as repugnant as they may be to you or don’t lash out. Be civil. I’m putting you on notice that me and others with lash out at you if you lash out. Plain and simple

    I’m not Peratus Dolo or Sylvester Moses or any of the others that you insult because you know that they won’t hit back because they are gentlmen to the core.

    You write interesting stuff. Continue to do that and I might treat you to a cold beer the day you find yourself in liberia.

    • Mr. Kimba,

      Greetings and my respect to you.
      If there were 10 decision or policy makers like you in the CDC, it would have been a pro-poor government. Maybe you could have gotten me over.
      Of all the CDCians I have heard and read about, you stand out greatly. I hope you are on the team that defines the course of actions of the party. If yes, I guess your voice is never heard or always in minority on major decisions.

      However, my arms are opened wide to receiving you in the ANC (not CoP or CCP, please). Let’s bring real change to our country and people.

      CDC = Big Liars’ Political Party!

      No more war in Liberia

    • You loutish and boorish ignoramus “Arthur Kimba”, you should simply keep quiet in your chronically disgusting naivety and idiocy until you can provide an authentic PROOF that you are actually Arthur Kimba!

      At least, I demonstrate the intellectual excellence by using my nom de plume (name of pen) instead of using a name (eg. Arthur Kimba) which is not mine and may certainly be that of someone, as you have done! This is FUNCTIONAL ILLITERACY, FRAUD AND IDIOCY on your part!

      You can surmise me to be whoever you can. That for me is irrelevant and childish. For even I also once upon a time believed that Sylvester Moses was Dortu Sebo, Matilda Witherspoon, and a few others, until I did my research and found out such conclusion was incorrect.

      You rascals come here with your chronic limitations and expect highly educated people to accept your lies, idiocy, and naivety in action, as opposing views or divergent opinions when such intellectual or political phenomena must never ever condone outlandish negligent and fraudulent misrepresentations as deliberate lies, etc. etc.

      I challenge you to debate THE ISSUE here about whether the headline (the introduction) of a story needs not be connected to the development and or conclusion of the given editorial or news story!

    • Mr. Kimba,

      Nothing is impossible in life. I can be won over to the CDC. If you really want me over, tell Weah to put an end to graduating students who make a pass in just One (01) Subject on the WASCE. It is disastrous for the country, brother!
      We know where we are coming from. To encourage our sluggish students for now, tell them they can graduate if they fail in One subject.

      You see, my nephew graduated for passing in 3 subjects and I can’t get a school for him in Ghana. We are hoping that he can enroll BWI. Why make life difficult for our children like that?
      Beware, no serious companies will employ such graduates.

      STOP compromising the future of Liberia, maybe I can then start thinking about the CDC as a patriotic and republican (not Republican Party in the USA) political party

      No more war in Liberia!

  25. True Nationalist aka true coward, aka Matilda Witherspoon and your many aliases.

    Your childish and boring raving and ranting here tells us that I hit a raw nerve of yours and now you going in a tailspin.

    You think I give a flying fig about what you think of me? I don’t. I come here to engage in intellectual exercise with people of opposing or similar views and hopefully might learn a thing or two. That’s my goal.

    But assholes like you, true Nationalist, come here to pollute this forum simply because you disagree with a person’s view. The day you decide to deal with issues and not personality, trust me, you and will debate to both our heart’s content.

    But if you want to talk trash because you don’t like what Mr. Dolo or Mr. Moses says, I will talk trash right back to you. You are a very rude and uncouth individual and you have the temerity to call yourself educated. If you are what education is all about, then I rather be uneducated. Once you, true coward, aka Matilda Witherspoon and your many aks, disagree with a person’s view, you automatically translate it into a lie. Enough of your BS. No one has monopoly over trash talking. I’m prepared to debate issues with you or talk trash with you. Your choice.

    Mr. Dolo, my respect sir. You never hit back in spite of all the negative talks that come your way. I hope to be like you one day, but for now, I have to fight fire with fire.

    Don’t give up on the CDC. Yes, we are not perfect, but then again, no one is. Because CDC is flawed, I can’t just turn my back and abandon my party. I can bet that you won’t turn your back on the ANC just because Mr. Cummings is not perfect. Would you?

    Our president is trying, Mr. Dolo. He is. We have to continue to rally around him to ensure that he does well by us all. If we have to criticize him, encourage him, then by all means, we should do so. But we as a people will rise again.

    One thing I am happy about is that mr. True Nationalist, aka true coward, aka Matilda Witherspoon, is not the president of liberia, because if he was, he would have line all the opposition up, you included, Mr Dolo, and shoot you all simply because he disagreed with you all. Maybe me included.

    Mr. Dolo, I hope to win you over. Thank you.

    • Mr. Kimba,

      Nothing is impossible in life. I can be won over to the CDC. If you really want me over, tell Weah to put an end to graduating students who make a pass in just One (01) Subject on the WASCE. It is disastrous for the country, brother!
      We know where we are coming from. To encourage our sluggish students for now, tell them they can graduate if they fail in One subject.

      You see, my nephew graduated for passing in 3 subjects and I can’t get a school for him in Ghana. We are hoping that he can enroll BWI. Why make life difficult for our children like that?
      Beware, no serious companies will employ such graduates.

      STOP compromising the future of Liberia, maybe I can then start thinking about the CDC as a patriotic and republican (not Republican Party in the USA) political party

      No more war in Liberia!


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