Humanitarians, Please Help Save Genevie’s Life


Our Women’s Columnist, Claudia Smith, ever concerned about her fellow Caldwellians and other people in distress of one kind or another, on Wednesday reported on the critical condition of a 21 year-old Caldwell woman who may be dying if humanitarians do not come quickly to her rescue.

Genevieve Stemn returned home from school one day in July 2016 bitterly complaining of severe pain. She had eaten a bit of attiéké, a famous Ivorian-Nigerian dish, and was later diagnosed with food poisoning.

She subsequently underwent surgery to remove her appendix at a Caldwell clinic, whose Dr. Bah allegedly performed the operation without anesthesia.

Genevieve continued to feel weakness in her hands, neck and legs and was rushed to several hospitals in Monrovia, including SOS and Hope for Women. She was eventually taken to the Jackson Doe Memorial
Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County, where Dr. Sherman diagnosed her with ‘fluid’ between her brain and skull. He said her head may have hit something.

That ‘something’, Gen’s mom recalled, was an accident Gen had some time ago while riding a motorbike en route from school.

Oh, these highly dangerous motorbikes! We have often appealed to motorbike riders to be careful, but the more people complain, the faster and more reckless motorbike riders run, the more deadly risks they take with people’s precious lives and their own.

Dr. Sherman said the condition in Genevieve’s brain was so serious that if not urgently treated, she could become paralyzed.

But once again, we find all our hospitals incapacitated. There is none that can help this distressed young woman right now. She has to be flown to Ghana, if her life is to be saved.

We are appealing to the Liberian government, particularly the Ministry of Health (MOH), to come to Genevieve’s rescue and help her get to Ghana for surgery and relief.

We call on all other humanitarians in the country to donate the US$8,000 needed to save this young woman’s life.

We further appeal to the Business Community, including our Public Corporations, to come to Genevie’s rescue.

You may contact Genevie’s mother at 0777955737 or make your contribution via the Gofundme account: or via Fundly:
Thank you!


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