How Many More People Must Die Before President Weah Acts to Stop the Killings?


Just how many more people must die before President Weah acts to bring things in check, realizing that the killings of innocent people for political reasons have gone way too far. Reports reaching this newspaper speak of additional deaths to follow. All of those killed so far have been connected in one way or the other to ongoing audits of government revenue.

Further, sources have told this newspaper that four (4) more individuals from the Ministry of Finance, LRA, and RIA have been handed the death sentence and will shortly suffer a similar fate to those of the others.

Informed sources (identities withheld) have told this newspaper that those individuals have been killed because they had reportedly observed questionable transactions involving the wholesale diversion of government revenues into ghost accounts allegedly owned by top officials of this government.

Revenue paid by the LRA to the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) intended for deposits into official government consolidated accounts have allegedly been finding their way elsewhere, which auditors were trying to determine.

And according to informed sources, it was discovered that certain top officials are allegedly linked to the disappearance of government revenue. This discovery, according to sources, sent alarm bells ringing and inevitably placed the auditors involved on a list for elimination.

Meanwhile, news of the unexplained and suspicious deaths of these auditors, which are suspected to have been sanctioned by top individuals in government, have spread like wildfire on social media and, according to diplomatic sources, appear likely to attract the attention of the International Criminal Court.

This may be because many of those ex-rebel generals and fighters absorbed in the official state security apparatus were named as perpetrators in the TRC report and are now being linked to the current wave of unexplained killings of government auditors. 

Some of those notorious characters have been identified as Augustine Nagbe (a.k.a General Power) and Ofori Diah (a.k.a. Iron Jacket).

Ofori Diah was identified as an ex-ULIMO J fighter who was reportedly involved in the killing of UN Peacekeepers in the Ivory Coast, including hit and run attacks on Ivorian security forces, killing some. He reportedly fled to Liberia, was arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned, where he spent some time before being amnestied by this government.

Both individuals including the notorious gang leader known as “Man Devil”, and two other alleged notorious armed robbers, according to local residents, were reportedly seen together on Coleman Avenue in Sinkor near 21 Street on the night before the suspicious death of the Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA).

According to residents, the sight of Man Devil in tow with this group of strange looking individuals aroused their concern. According to a local resident and former LNP officer (name withheld) who retired recently, he recognized Man Devil, an armed robber called Kezele and the self-styled General Power that night.

As for the gang leader “Man Devil”, he has been reported wanted by the Police for the murder of a rival gang leader known as Pharoah, who was abducted from his Red Light hideout by Man Devil’s men and taken to Man Devil’s base in Fiahmah where he was killed and his body dumped on the street near the Fiahmah market.

“Pharoah’s” death at the hands of “Man Devil” sparked an angry reaction from his followers. Armed with machetes and other dangerous instruments they drove in a convoy consisting of motorbikes and Kekehs to Fiahma, Sinkor, where they invaded the Fiahmah market terrorizing, looting and sending marketeers running helter-skelter.

They attacked Man Devil’s hideout and burned it to the ground but Man Devil had been forewarned and fled the area before the arrival of the Pharoah gang. However, according to residents, the very next day, Man Devil was seen bodly parading the area with a gang of individuals armed with machetes in what was clearly an act of defiance.

This is the cast of individuals who have allegedly been openly courted by Minister of State Nathaniel McGill. It can be recalled that on April 18, 2019, court activities at the Temple of Justice were disrupted by a group of ex-rebel generals from three (3) defunct factions who stormed the court yard in two jeeps bearing markings of the Ministry of State.

They claimed to have gone there at the invitation of Montserrado County attorney Edward Martin to clarify threatening statements made against Representative Yekeh Kolubah. The threats were issued at a press conference said to have been sponsored by Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill.

At the press conference they issued an ultimatum to Representative Kolubah to apologize to President Weah else he would face their wrath. But the wave of public condemnation of their act apparently forced them to backtrack.

But even then, storming the Temple of Justice in Ministry of State assigned vehicles was simply to send home the message that their actions intended to frighten political opposition and flout the rule of law were officially endorsed.  

Now it appears from all indications that these elements have upped the ante from mere statements of threats. It appears they have swung into assassin mode, tracking down and eliminating perceived enemies.  

LRA insider sources have told the Daily Observer the auditors met their fate because they had apparently conveyed the impression that they were strongly opposed to the fraud and malpractices which they had uncovered.

And also, because those officials involved, fearing public exposure, have resorted to the foulest and most evil means — mafia-type slayings to ensure that the secrets remain far from the eyes and ears of the public.

But their killings have instead drawn not only the ire of the public but also heightened their suspicions of official involvement in the killings. And it is not only reverberating with devastating effect on the public image of this government, but it is also painting a very ugly image of President Weah, which casts him as a greedy despot with blood-stained hands.

And so, we ask just how many more deaths will it take before he realizes that valued human capital, precious lives are being taken away needlessly, leaving their families and the nation feeling helplessly distraught.


  1. Weah and his inner circle members are well secured and as far as they are concerned, they have qualified men, who are carrying out their vicious bidding. And with this assurance, more murders will continue against many of our honest, poor, and vulnerable populations; moreover, no consequences neither an iota of evidence will come out of their brutal acts.

  2. A majority of Weah’s critics will never have a change of heart based on some of the things he does. Here in the US, Trump’s critics can be counted in the millions. But despite all of that, some of Trump’s critics agree with him on a thing or two on some occasions! In Liberia, the ball game is totally different. Can there ever be situation where Weah’s critics could blink for a nano second?

    Every peace-loving Liberian is upset at the mysterious deaths that have been occuring in recent months in Liberia. Realistically, there were mysterious deaths during the reign of Madam EJS. On a fair score, all patriotic Liberians demand a complete stop on mysterious deaths. I join my Liberian brothers and sisters and boldly say “enough is enough”.

    Main Event:
    Like every Liberian, the president, Mr. Weah, wants to get at the bottom of Mr. Nyeswa’s sudden death. Therefore, an investigation has been launched. In order to make the investigation “un-creepy”, Weah cleverly solicits the help of the US government. Most likely, our most valuable friend (the US) will once again lend a helping hand.

    (1). Did Weah do the right thing to ask the US government for help in the death of Mr. Nyeswa?

    (2). Is it right for patriotic Liberians to point fingers while an investigation is about to begin?

    (3). So far, does Weah deserve an inch of a credit (not asking too much) for doing what he did?



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