How Can They Possibly Frustrate a Good, Talented Man Like Kanio?


We told George Manneh Weah this long ago, in 2005, to leave this politics thing alone and stick to what he knows best—football—but unfortunately, he would not listen.

The mindless crowds around him kept urging him to go for the presidency of Liberia, even though most of them knew fully well that being a football super star had nothing to do with the ability to run a country. They also knew that the man had hardly done eighth grade, so how could he run a country?

It turns out that his football prowess showed that he was a good follower, not necessarily a good leader.  Indeed, because of the expert and effective management of all the European teams he played for brilliantly and successfully, they were able to inspire and support him in doing well, and he did, winning the Africa and World Football trophies several times.

Alas, when it was time for him to pass on his football expertise to his own people—Liberian footballers and his national team—the Lone Star—he could not do it because he did not know how to lead.  Many say that was because of his autocratic demeanor.  Such demeanor can never inspire excellence and success in anything.  A team—football or any other team—in sports or in business, needs team work in order to succeed.  Any team leader who does not know that CANNOT and WILL NEVER lead a team to success in anything.

We all remember how because of his overwhelming popularity, he won the race for the Liberian Senate hands down. Alas, what has he done with the people’s confidence and support? In the two or more years he has been a Montserrado Senator, no one can ever remember anything he has ever said on the Senate floor.  So why did he run for the Senate? Just because he has a popular following?  Now here are all these highly educated people encouraging him to run for the presidency, when they KNOW he is neither a leader nor does he have the education or intellectual capacity to lead a country—or anything else.

Now look what he has done to a decent and talented young man like Kanio Bai Gbala, a Liberian who returned home several years ago determined and willing to use his talents in service to his country—for the good of Liberia!

Kanio announced this week that he had resigned from George Weah’s political party, the Congress for Democratic Change and the Coalition for Democratic Change. It was not exactly clear why he had made this move, but it is widely believed that he could not stand the decision by his party leader, George Weah, to SELL for money candidacies for the Legislature. Who in the history of politics anywhere in the world ever heard of such a despicable (immoral, disgraceful, vile) thing?

In his letter to CDC Chairman Nathaniel McGill, Kanio made it very clear that “I visualize myself as a man of personal conviction, consistency and honor.”  He described his decision as “probably one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make in my entire life.”

This young man immediately and decisively sensed the pitiful and tragic degree of hopelessness in a party which, instead of searching with a lantern for the most qualified, most committed and most patriotic people to lead the CDC to victory and to help Liberia move forward, the standard bearer is SELLING for money the candidacies, which means that any crook or scoundrel (rascal, rat or rogue) can buy his way into becoming a CDC candidate and, because of the party’s popularity, can enter the sacred (or so it should be) House of Representatives or even the Liberian Senate!

We highly commend Kanio Bai Gballah for this most honorable decision he has made and beyond that, we call on all well-meaning and honorable members of the CDC to follow Kanio’s most honest, honorable and patriotic lead.

God give us more men and women like Kanio Bai Gbala, who have the courage, decency, honor, integrity, pride and self-respect to stare evil and wrong directly in the face and say “NO!”


  1. I congratulate Kanio Bai Gbala for his decision to leave CDC of George Manneh Weah. To me, any such
    decision by anybody to quit George Weah is not a surprise at all. From where I sit in the United States,
    I see George Manneh Weah as neo-dictator, desire-drung for money. Therefore, if he is elected President,
    Liberia will again dwell under a new kind of oppression with regret ever.

    From George Weah personal dealing with people who made ways and means for his international popularity today; man like the late John P. Beh and President Samuel K. Doe, and the way and manner
    in which he treating Liberian people today by his connection with Charles Taylor, I was clearly
    convinced that he (George Weah) will not be a good President. He just wants to get in and politically
    torture the Liberian people; coupled with Mr. Weah selling of candidacies for Legislature for thousand
    of dollars each position. George Weah needs to define what is corruption if he consider his selling
    candidacies to represent his CDC.

    Then too, look at how he treated Cllr. Winston Tubman and Hon. J. Rudolph Johnson who was his
    Vice President in the 2005 elections. What measure of decency can be described in such a conduct?
    Is this the kind caliber to be president of Liberia?

  2. Observer, why sympathise with Kanio? It is no secret that supposedly educated folks who joined the CDC do so for personal advancement, and not because they believe its leader has the competence to lead or change things for the better. If not so why would anyone in his sound mind( educated or not) would want to commit the future of the country in the hands of a person with known limitations? Mr. Weah’s educational limitations are no secret. So my question is, would Kanio had left the CDC had he been the preferred candidate of the leader? Ofcourse not. So have no sympathy for his likes. They don’t have Liberia at heart.

    Don’t be surprised he will soon be jumping on the bandwagon of another Party with questionable characters and origins. Liberia’s tragedy is our failure to see beyond petty personal pecuniary benefits. It is time to see the bigger picture folks!

    • Conway you are damn right. Kanio was prepared to compromise the future of Mama Liberia for his personal gains. That fellow is an extremely greedy man who was only a given a dose of his own medicine, because he is not better than George Weah. He is only crying foul because he has finally become a victim, but he stood bye, in the past and witness other partisans being robbed, and he approved. Mr. Bai Gbala, you can go to hell, as far as I am concerned………


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