The Thursday February 25 2021, edition of the Daily Observer carries a stark headlined- “HOPELESS?” The story narrates that opinion polls conducted by the group Afrobarometer show that most Liberians seem fixed in the belief that the country appears to be going downhill.

Most of those surveyed, according to the report, have a sense of hopelessness despite a welter of promises made by President Weah to usher a change for the better, in the lives of the Liberian people.

Further, findings from the survey show that most Liberians believe that the Legislature and the Liberia National Police are the most corrupt public institutions.

Other expressed concerns include the increasing rate of official corruption as well as the use of excessive force by the Police which many people agreed was a causative factor that contributed to the poor public response to calls for a mass protest demonstration recently.

Whatever the case, the findings of the Afrobarometer survey for the most part confirms what the Daily Observer has long since flagged as problems requiring the urgent attention of President Weah.

The results of the recently concluded senatorial elections in which the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) lost heavily to the opposition, should have by all means constituted a wake-up call to President Weah to get his act together.

But apparently, based on observations, President Weah appears not to have taken stock of his own situation . This is with the view to setting his steps right and taking strong and appropriate measures to rein in his errant and corrupt officials.

And the Daily Observer has consistently cautioned President Weah against tolerance and or indifference to the corrupt behavior of many of his officials.

But truth be told, President Weah has set an example that officials of government can operate outside the law.  The President has remained non-compliant with the Asset Declaration Law.

He has justified his non-compliance citing reasons of security and privacy. His officials have also followed in his stead by refusing to declare their assets as well.

Additionally, their lavish spending on what some would call frivolities and their ostentatious lifestyles often betray the false claim that they are honest and hardworking folks who could earn their keep just about anywhere on the globe.

According to sources President Weah as of late has become concerned about what observers say is his fledging public image amongst Liberians.

He has made a welter of promises to the Liberian people to address rising concerns about the drastic fall in living standards of the Liberian people. This has not yet happened and there are little indications if any, that the promised upturn in the lives of the people will be at hand at least not anytime soon.

As the Daily Observer has consistently pointed out, President Weah has to take charge and lead from the front. This is because there is a widely held view in the public that it is instead Minister of State Nathaniel McGill rather than President Weah who is in charge.

According to a retired diplomat, the government of President Weah appears to be going from one crisis of confidence to the next.

The recent shooting to death of an EPS officer while on duty and the conflicting official accounts of his death is cited as an example of how fast things are unravelling under President Weah’s leadership.

His critics say during the just ended agricultural fair invited guests including foreign diplomats turned out to grace the program were kept waiting for hours for President Weah who had without notice, veered off instead to visit Sanoyea.

Critics further maintain that officials of this government appear to be caught in a frenzy to amass as much wealth, howbeit illegally, before time runs up in 2020 which is just about two(2) years away.

Be it as it may, there is still time for President Weah to regain public trust by adopting a strong stance against corruption by naming, shaming, and prosecuting corrupt officials. But whether he can do it is the question hanging on the lips of the public. And until he does, hopes shall continue to wane to the point where the hopelessness of the people become easily discernable — HOPELESS!


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