Help Ease the Tension! Count the Money in CBL’s Vaults!


Information filtering into the offices of this newspaper suggesting that the international community, including ECOWAS, the UN, the US Embassy and those of Sweden and the United Kingdom and others, have written the Government of Liberia (GoL) urging it to respect the Constitutional rights of the people to freedom of assembly, is indeed welcome.

Their intervention in the would have been December 30 protest, according to observers, served to stave off what had threatened to be a bloodbath. It was indeed timely, for it had appeared at the time that both sides were headed for a showdown whose outcomes were uncertain but were widely believed to have been laden with a potential for violence.

But judging from the weekend raid by state security officers on the Tropicana Beach Resort, sending beachgoers and hotel guests scrambling and cowering in fear despite assurances from President Weah that peace will be ensured, has left the public wondering whether such assurances mean unrestrained action against suspected or perceived political enemies without thought about the consequences.

Once again, this newspaper finds itself constrained to warn this government that the weekend raid at the Tropicana Beach will only serve to undermine whatever trust Guarantors of the Peace have been seeking to foster between the GoL and organizers of the protest now rescheduled to January 6, 2020. The Daily Observer is aware and reliably informed that Monrovia is once again becoming awash with arms and proliferated with criminal gangs, some of who are believably clad in official state security uniforms.

From a historical perspective, Monrovia has always been the major conflict flashpoint for the simple reason that all the various factions have been based in Monrovia and, given the fact that factional military command and control structures have maintained a sort of loose coherence through their various commanders, there are sufficient reasons to suspect that old alliances could take shape in the event of an outbreak of random political violence in Monrovia.

And the consequences could be just deadly and politically destabilizing as the events of April 6, 1996 can attest and which cannot be ruled out. From all indications, the culture of impunity has served to embolden hardliners on both sides who seem prepared to face-off and this must never be allowed to happen. President Weah, above all, has the chief responsibility to prevent this from happening.

According to sources, unsavory characters such as the notorious Generals Power and Noriega, including criminal gang leaders such as the self-styled notorious criminal “Man Devil” and others, have been hired at the instance of Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill. He is alleged to be the mastermind behind such a scheme, obviously intended to maintain a grip on power at all costs, never mind the implications or rising public discontent  against a backdrop of ever-increasing economic hardships.

Thus, Monday, January 6, 2020 will prove to be a litmus test of how things will proceed going forward. Comments made by the Chairman of the Independent National Human Rights Commission on the conduct of state security forces on December 30 are troubling and the need for urgent remedial action to mitigate a potentially explosive situation appears to be lost on state security particularly the Liberia National Police. Its partisan approach to law enforcement, which it makes no secret of, constitute cause for concern and this should not be lost on the international community, particularly the guarantors of the 2003 Accra Comprehensive Peace Accords.

Again, the final word goes out to President Weah. His disposition and his utterances in private or in public as well as the actions of his partisans, supporters and state security forces would no doubt, to a significant extent, determine the course of things going forward as of Monday, January 6, 2020. Swearing that he would publicly slap Henry Costa in the face were he not President is regrettable. In the final analysis, he will certainly take blame for whatever may go wrong. If he is not aware of this, then just what will make him aware is anyone’s guess.

The word should also go out to USAID, whose duplicitous flirtations with this government is helping more to stoke the flames of conflict through actions that rouse public anger. The USAID for example as well as the Kroll investigators cannot claim that they were not aware of the actual situation surrounding the missing billions, Kroll produced a report which left the public in doubt not knowing what to believe.

And now USAID has once again stepped forward with big money to pay expatriates to conduct a similar exercise requiring expertise which is available locally. In the eyes of the public, the Presidential Investigation Team(PIT), performed credibly unlike the Kroll which like the proverbial mountain labored but brought forth a mole hill because it failed to establish responsibility of the actors when it knew who the culprits were. Such duplicitous behavior by the USAID has to stop. It must stop.

Who says the IMF, for example, was not all along aware that, during the Sirleaf administration, CBL officials were deliberately not recording official monetary transactions and that the state of the nation’s finances was in very bad shape? The printing of excess Liberian dollar banknotes without Legislative approval was done under her watch and who says our benefactors were not aware? They must have been. It is like an adult watching a little child playing with fire and doing nothing to stop it until the child gets burned before feigning a rescue attempt intended to mislead the public into believing otherwise.

The suggestion proffered by financial analyst J. Yanqui Zaza to physically count the money held in the CBL’s vaults is, in the opinion of this newspaper, a practical step to take, given such widely bandied suggestions by officials of this government urging the printing of new Liberian dollar banknotes. Sixteen billion disappearing into thin air is by no means an ordinary event. Counting the money held in the CBL’s vaults is the way to go and it will surely help to ease the current tension and restore some credibility to this government.


  1. Dear Webmaster Admin,

    Thank you for doing your job.
    However, there are things that may appear opaque but, they are crystal clear. You don’t condemn education and expect it to save you. There is no duplicity on the part of USAID or the Kroll Investigators. The latter presented a professional auditing report that all Liberians should learn to read and understand.
    It is laughable to state that the PIT performed a credible investigation if you can conclude that it failed to establish responsibilities.

    Look, Ellen dealt with the IMF on a professional level. There was no favoritism on the part of the IMF towards the Ellen’s administration. She used her experience and knowledge to get by so many things. If the Weah’s administration wants to benefit from similar treatment, it must ultimately acknowledge and respect education, then hire the right people or pay Ellen on a consultancy basis to help him. STOP the blame game!

    As for the behavior of the Weah’s administration towards the protest leadership, let me tell all Liberians to never be afraid. Weah and thugs are making themselves afraid. If there should be bloodshed of a single Liberian, it would be the greatest regret of their lives.

    • It is no surprise that NPFL REBELS, thugs, supporters will always hail Ellen as their god.

      Let your ANC and Alexander Cummings hire Ellen based on her experience. Ellen became President of Liberia, the international community waived Liberia’s debt to give Liberia a fresh start, infused more than 2 billion USD in the economy under her watch. How did she repay Liberia ? She left Liberia with a deficit, printed billions LD unauthorized under her watch, Millions got missing from the Liberian oil company that she took responsibility for and have yet repay GOL.
      Now ANC human resource manager, you go ahead and hire her.

      The leadership of the COP have already profiled themselves as a terrorist group that’s why their leaders have to walk back their intentions and statements on a daily basis, ie burning down RIA, destroying government properties, burning down Minister Tweah’s house, his cars and causing harm to his family, burning down Minister Mcgill’s house, cars and causing harm to his family, bringing war to Liberia and dragging the President down from his office during their unconstitutional regime change. etc.. etc..

      You can put a apple red lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. whether or not they walked their previous Rebel, terrorist statements back, their intentions were known for months on record and their leadership was already profiled by well meaning Liberians from the get go.

      Let the terrorists COP get in the streets and don’t control their supporters and you will see who will regret it. The lawless days of the NPFL are gone, the government of Liberia protects all.
      No wonder those that benefitted from NPFL never caution about bloodshed but have the guts to open their mouth.

  2. My brother Dikenah,

    Our country Liberia have suffer a lot to the point that the voting population is so confused that they don’t know who or what to trust. They tried the so called experienced and qualify people and they just steal from the poor.

    • Yako Liberia!

      So Aaron, where did the “3 Hebrew boys” (Weah, Mcgill and Tweah) get their money from to break down all their properties and reconstruct them within a year?

      Simple question, answer for once without profanities!

  3. The same place You , Ellen and others took money from to bring war in Liberia, kill 250,000 people, rape women and displaced children, that’s why you would recommend Ellen in your post for a consultancy job in Weah’s government after all she did in her 12 years as president, because that’s what you are use and all that you know, CHAOS and WAR.

    Insult the President of Liberia and think for one second you might not get insulted, oh, you can’t stand the crap you dish out right…


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