George Weah, Robert Sirleaf: Please Don’t Do It!


Dr. Samuel Brisbane, MD.  Dr. Abraham Borbor, MD.  Dr. Sam Mutooro Muhumuza, MD.  Dr. Fr. Patrick Nshamdze.  Dr. Thomas Scotland, MD.  Dr. John Dada, MD.  The Catholic Hospital’s Sister Chantal, Brother George and Father Miguel.   The many Nurses and other Paramedical Personnel who have given their lives to save the rest of us from Ebola.  The over 3000 Liberians who have succumbed to the deadly virus and the over 600 orphans they have left behind.

On behalf of all of these saintly souls and innocent orphans, indeed ALL Liberians, we say to the Congress for Democratic Change and to independent candidate Robert Sirleaf, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED WITH YOUR MASS DEMONSTRATIONS!

We are calling on these two candidates to cancel their mass campaign rallies that could pose a definite and serious threat of the resurgence of the deadly Ebola virus.  Energizing this waning killer disease by this risky political frenzy will undo all the great and sacrificial work of the above named medical and paramedical practitioners; by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Liberian government and people who have striven tirelessly in the anti- Ebola fight.

We must quickly mention, of course, our many international partners—Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government and people, President Barrack Obama, the American government and people, the European Union and the other partners in Europe, Doctors Without Borders, our own African partners, led by the African  Development Bank and Nigeria, the many Liberian corporate entities, national and foreign, and numerous other individuals, institutions and organizations, including the Liberian National Red Cross Society (LNRCS)—all of whom have pitched in significantly to help us successfully fight the virus.

All of these efforts have handsomely paid off, and now the transmission of the virus has vastly receded.  The Ebola treatment units (ETUs) are mostly empty and many of the most terribly affected areas—Foya in Lofa County, where the spread first started, and other epi-centers including  Ganta, Nimba County, Monrovia, the capital and Grand Cape Mount County—are all reporting fewer or no cases at all!

This is an enduring credit, first to God Almighty who has mercifully answered our prayers; to ourselves and to all our partners; but most especially to our medical and paramedical practitioners who have been and continue to be on the frontline in the fight; and those, like Dr. Brisbane who led the way, and all others who have paid the supreme sacrifice to save the rest of us from Ebola.

Even the World Health Organization which, for reasons no one can understand, shamefully showed up six months later to join the fight (when they should have been the first) and who gave the Judgment Day prediction that hundreds of thousands of Liberians would BY December—yes, THIS MONTH, die from Ebola—yes, even WHO has now admitted that Liberia is winning the fight.

Let us not throw away the blessing and all the effort and goodwill and, in the moment of political heat, to our colossal discredit, draw defeat out of the jaws of victory.

It is for these reasons and it is because of this success story that we are APPEALING to our celebrated football superstar George Weah and to Robert Sirleaf NOT TO TURN THE CLOCK BACK!  STOP THE MASS CAMPAIGNING! 

George Weah, Robert Sirleaf, please put aside selfishness and think not only about yourselves and your political ambitions, but mainly about your people, the Liberian people and all who reside within our borders: think about the greater good for the greater number—that indeed is what politics is all about, isn’t it?

The mass demonstrations you are planning would most definitely violate the cardinal rule in the anti-Ebola fight: DON’T TOUCH ANYONE, for you never know.

We now end this Editorial because we think we have made the point and we hope that George Weah and Robert Sirleaf and all other politicians and partisans who think like them have gotten the message: STOP the demonstrations, SAVE your people, SHOW them that you love them and respect their right to live, and SOUND the final whistle to the defeat of Ebola in Liberia!


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