Forh, Others, Learn from Partisans’ Decision


Over the past week some political parties, including the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (otherwise Coalition for Democratic Change), held their primaries in which many aspirants lost their statuses. One of the losers is Representative Edward Forh of Montserrado District #16. Another is Julius Berrian of District #10, and all of them sustained their losses for reasons best known to their electorates.

CDC is a party that has given representative and senatorial positions to a number of people on the principle, “Vote one, vote all,” and this principle has led many incompetent and corrupt gravy seekers to ride on the popularity of George Manneh Weah, using the party to ascend to these prestigious and responsible national positions.

Some of them have been very recalcitrant and disgruntled; going as far as fighting and using profane language in the National Legislature. As an indication that CDC has two categories of membership, comprising the ignorant and vulnerable majority and a few deceptive intellectuals, these deceptive intellectuals will ascend to positions at the expense of the ignorant and vulnerable majority. But in the end, they (the ignorant majority) would abandon the same people, sometimes describing them as “noise makers.”

Many politicians will turn to remember the electorates only when it is time for election and they want to seek reelection.

In the case of Representative Forh, his woe in the CDC comes with two conditions. First, our Editor, Omari Jackson analyzed that Forh joined Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff go against CDC, both of whom eventually abandoned the party that made them. This is one of the worst things that a politician can do, running the risk of not being easily forgiven.

These vulnerable partisans, whose power only lies in their vote, had no reason voting Forh to serve as Representative for 12 years other than the belief that he would be loyal to the party and defend it against other opposition parties. But to their dismay, he abandoned the same party and left the supporters in despair.

Secondly, partisans accused Forh of being one of the most corrupt Representatives to serve the Legislature. Partisans recalled that a few years ago, Representative Forh was caught trying to siphon Montserrado County Development Fund.

The conversation between Representative Forh and former Montserrado Superintendent, Grace Kpahn is still ringing in the ears of electorate and vulnerable members of the CDC.

Upon demanding the sharing of the money with the Superintendent and the then Internal Affairs Minister Blamo Nelson, the electorate vividly recalled what Forh told Superintendent Kpahn: “You eat; I eat, and the Minister, too, is waiting for his share. When the recording was played on the radio, Forh described it as a “foolish joke” between him and the Superintendent.

Now that you are out of the picture of CDC, Forh, there are lessons to learn. It is a fact that CDC comprises members, many of who are unreasonable and contumacious (willfully obstinate; stubbornly disobedient), and the political leader George Weah is politically inexperienced and semi-educated.

However, being an experienced person with some learning, you could have utilized your training to help the party to gain the reputation it needs. On the contrary, you woefully disappointed the party, proving yourself nothing more than one of the deceptive ‘intellectuals’ in our midst. Now that they have the chance to revisit their earlier decision, they have reciprocated the gesture you showed them after enjoying power at their expense. You may encourage yourself that you have spent more years, but the gravy seeker is never satisfied.

Another lesson to consider here is that all eyes are on you as a failed public servant. The Bible says, “The bread of deceit is sweet to a man, but afterward his mouth shall be filled with gravel.” You, like other politicians, promised to seek the welfare of the people, using their resources to bring development and represent their interest by making good, progressive and forward-looking laws and exercising oversight responsibilities.

Again, instead of meeting their expectations, you treated them like fools and decided to engineer a corrupt conspiracy to siphon off their development money for your personal gain. Many of them would even conclude that the loss of your daughter at JFK Hospital was a vengeance by God on their behalf. We do not know about this, and we deeply regret your beautiful daughter’s demise.

Let us also not forget the mounting revelation that George Weah charges each legislative aspirant a certain fee to be paid him to secure a desired seat on the party’s ticket. Is that your excuse for losing the primary?

We cannot independently confirm this, but if true, it will place all of you in the same category that you are making business out of the people. But with your case and those of other losers, the Daily Observer will use only the managerial definition of learning to direct you: Learning is a change in knowledge and behavior as a result of experience. He, who has an ear to hear, let him hear.


  1. THIS EDITORIAL is absolutely Political Science 404 for all politicians aspiring for elected positions! As Geraldine Doe-Sherriff´s turn awaits her, this tragedy of Forh is a divine retribution from God against Forh.

    Even we were very surprised at the disgusting ungratefulness of ESPECIALLY Forh who “joined Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff go against CDC, both of whom eventually abandoned the party that made them, and both of whom RODE on the popularity of George Manneh Weah, using the party to ascend to these prestigious and responsible national positions”.

    It may be true that politics has its own morality as Machiavelli seems to suggest, but according to Social Science 101 or even African Science 404, a politician-especially a legislator, must not destroy the very bridge via which he crossed the Rubicon.


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