“For Heaven’s Sake, Politicians Should Be Making Friends, Not Increasing Foes” (former NSA director)


Former National Security Agency(NSA) director Sylvester Gbayafore Moses, commenting on remarks made by outgone Information Minister, Eugene Nagbe attacking the families of the slain LRA duo accusing them of politicizing the death of their loved ones rather than showing interest in knowing the truth, rightly observed that the former Minister’s remarks were insensitive, offensive and deserving of an apology.

The Daily Observer fully agrees that the former Minister’s rants were insensitive and offensive but more than that his rants conveyed the impression, rapidly gaining public traction, that all this is being done to protect the image of President Weah and his government from censure and accusations of complicity in the deaths of the auditors. The former minister in his rants declared:

“The deaths of people from the LRA followed all sorts of statements including [from] the wife. There are all sorts of allegations, condemnations and rumors of these people. Everyone is now politicizing it and not wanting to know the truth. You cannot begin to make unfounded comments, especially in a matter that involves your wife. By now the husband of the deceased should be interested in the cause and circumstances that led to the death of his wife, rather than going around making wild-cat accusations”.

But what are the so-called ‘wild-cat accusations’ and what are the causes and circumstances that led to their deaths that the former Minister did not know already when he launched such a blistering attack on families of the slain auditors?

At the time of Eugene Nagbe’s caustic rants, it was already public knowledge that a suspected government operative, code-named “Supreme”, was heard on a tape identifying himself as “Supreme” while banging at the door of a room in which it is believed Mrs. Victoria Asmah ‘Gifty’ Lamah was being held.

Supreme, according to Police spokesman, Moses Carter, is already in their custody undergoing investigation. What is known about Supreme is that he was a member of disgraced Liberian former President and convicted war criminal Charles Taylor’s notorious Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU).

This was a widely feared group known for its barbarity, cruelty and use of torture. It was commanded by Charles Taylor’s son, Chucky Taylor. He was tried, convicted and is now serving a 90-year sentence in a US prison on charges of crimes against humanity.

Now that an arrest has been made owing to information provided by members of the public, Supreme has to be questioned to determine what his motive(s) for was doing so and at whose behest was he acting, as well as who were/are his accomplices.

Further, since the dead bodies (corpus delecti) are available, the autopsy will determine the exact cause and time of death as well as the instruments used in committing the crime.

There are suggestions that Gifty Lamah may have been forced to either inhale some toxic powder going by what appears as powder on the face of the deceased in a photo taken at the scene where their bodies were discovered or, she may have been injected with poisonous substances. As for her counterpart, the photo taken of him at the scene showed that his body bore signs of torture.

Now just what are/were the circumstances leading to their deaths, have been the subject of intense public speculations. For example, sources have told the Daily Observer that the auditors, prior to their premature deaths, had been involved in audits of Liberia’s revenue streams and tax payments.

Informed sources say that the auditors had stumbled on startling discoveries of unexplained disappearances of government revenue (outright theft) going into virtual sinkholes. Those sinkholes had allegedly been traced to top-ranked government officials. And probably for this reason they were silenced.

The sequence of deaths of 4 auditors, within a very short time span, conveys a distinct impression to the public that there was a frenzied attempt by those officials to cover-up their tracks.

Further, the fact that Supreme was arrested only in the wake of huge public outcry and only after a recording of his voice was aired and his photo displayed on social media has aroused suspicions of deeper connections yet to be revealed.

Can former Minister Nagbe really claim ignorance or that he has never been aware of such developments? In case he is, the public does not believe him. His caustic rants have hurt, deeply hurt not only the families of the slain, they have also hurt and angered the public. More to that, he has in a single blow, caused grievous harm to the public image of President Weah.

Truth be told, there is a rising tide of public opinion suggesting that officials close to President Weah are complicit in the slaying of the auditors. It is not just a simple case of murder, involving the suspect named Supreme.

It is what a prominent human rights activist (name withheld) has called “a politically motivated killing for which there could be repercussions”.

Families are grieving and agonizing over the sudden loss of their relatives and here is the former Minister making light of the issue and attempting to cast this government as victim of a conspiracy intended to tarnish the image of President Weah by politicizing the situation for whatever meaning such asinine remarks are intended to convey.

By his utterances, he is succeeding in making more enemies for this government and he should be aware of this except, of course, he is jesting.

Mr. Eugene Nagbe must apologize to the families of the deceased and if he refuses to budge, President Weah should demand that he does so forthwith. It is in President Weah’s best interest that he demands, on behalf of the bereaved families, an open apology from former Information Minister Eugene Nagbe.

Why? It is because he is creating enemies for the President and his government.

Former NSA director Sylvester Gbayafore Moses speaks pointedly to the issue when he writes: “For heaven’s sake, politicians should be making friends, not increasing foes”. And this is exactly what the former minister is doing. President Weah must beware of the implications of any nonaction on this issue.


  1. ASSOCIATES OF THE President have been doing that for a long time, since his days in opposition; it is surprising that this particular Minister will go to the extent he went, especially, after serving in government recently; but it seems that is the modus operandi that the President has carved for him to gauge the loyalty of his officials. They have even set-up a cyber warrior unit spewing invective against critical voices on the social media. Time will surely tell.

  2. “Politicians making friends“ at the EXPENSE of THE TRUTH, and THE PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO KNOW THE ACCURACY AND TRUTH OF A GIVEN MATTER is simply a selfish and counterproductive expediency driven by the emotions which have wrongly overridden the will, intellect, and the conscience! Remember “love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise“.


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