Fire Police Inspector-General Patrick Sudue for Gross Negligence and Incompetence


Police Director/Inspector-General, Patrick Sudue, ought to be dismissed forthwith for negligence and gross incompetence for his bungled handling of the crime scene on Broad Street, where the lifeless bodies of two LRA employees were found dead in the back of a vehicle owned by one of the deceased persons.

Informed sources have told the Daily Observer that the deaths of these individuals were a result of a hit action carried out covert operatives of an alleged “Dirty Tricks” unit, said to have been established at the National Security Agency (NSA) during the tenure of former President Sirleaf. It is the same unit alleged to have been responsible for the deaths of Harry Greaves and Cllr. Michael Allison which, in both instances, were attributed to drowning.

Sources further say the Unit at the time included figures such as Augustine Nagbe, an ex-rebel general whose nom de guerre is “General Power”, Ofori Diah a.k.a, Iron Jacket and others. Former ATU commander, General Momo Geebah, is also said to be on the payroll of the said unit.

When President Weah assumed office according to informed sources, this “Dirty Tricks” unit was not disbanded and has remained operational since. There is widespread public belief that this group was responsible for the mysterious death of CBL employee, Matthew Innis, who was reported to have been killed in a hit-and-run accident. And now, this latest killing of two LRA staff, which has shocked the conscience of the nation.

Upon receiving reports of two individuals found dead in a vehicle on Broad Street, it was expected that the first thing Police Director Sudue would have done was to assemble a team of seasoned homicide investigators including forensic analysts, crime scene photographers, etc, who would have proceeded to the crime scene and immediately seal off the area.

The Police ambulance with qualified health practitioners on board would carefully remove the bodies from the vehicle after taking photos of the position and condition of the bodies and the entire interior of the vehicle. Additionally, the vehicle as well as the other vehicle said to be owned by the deceased female should have been towed to Police headquarters for thorough physical inspection.

Contrary to standing Police practice anywhere, LNP officers, not wearing gloves, instead entered the vehicle with the bodies of the victims and drove to the funeral parlor, thus compromising the crime scene. His claims that the error committed by the Police was not egregious enough to compromise the outcome or results of the investigation does not and cannot hold water anywhere.

The bodies of the victims were not even examined in order to lift whatever prints, finger or palm prints were left on their bodies by their assailants or in the vehicle itself. Apparently embarrassed by this inexcusable error, Inspector-General (IG) Patrick Sudue has made a public appeal, promising to protect whoever comes forward with information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

But the problem is there is a high lack of public trust in the Police so it remains to be seen whether there will be positive responses from the public to his appeal. What IG Sudue appears to not remember is the partisan role which the police has been seen to play during incidents of political violence.

Under the watch of the Police, thuggish and criminal elements have committed acts of violence against individuals perceived to be opposed to the ruling CDC with the recent case being the violent assault on Representative Yekeh’s compound by thuggish and criminal elements and, again, with the Police standing in plain sight, doing nothing to stop the perpetrators.

With so much public distrust in the Police, how then can IG Sudue expect the public to come forward with information when they suspect that the information provided could be used against them, or they (informants) could become targets for reprisals? 

As a former security official has noted, the government of Liberia needs to announce a handsome cash reward of US$10,000 upwards to anyone providing information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

Once again, the Daily Observer is constrained to ask just where is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Security, Attorney-General and Justice Minister, Frank Musah Dean, in all this? Is he in recluse or is he unfit to do the job of fighting crime, enforcing the law without bias or prejudice, as well as protecting the rights of the Liberian people?

President Weah has attributed the killings to acts of wicked people.  President Weah needs to know that the public has expressed deep concerns that there are many wicked people in his government who are doing many wicked things in his name. 

These latest killings, which the public suspect was officially sanctioned, is a case in point. Otherwise, why would the Police prevent the spouses and families of the deceased from seeing the bodies of the victims at least for identification purposes?

Justice Minister Musah Dean, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Security, has the charge to identify those wicked elements and bring them in check else, they may succeed in triggering off violence which may spiral out of control.

As the Daily Observer has consistently warned, this is a path on which this government cannot afford to tread. This is because, at the end of the day, it will become the greatest losers. 

Officials of this government need to consider the example of President Samuel “Kanyon Pepper” Doe who sought to or believed he could maintain his grip on power by sanitizing the political environment, meaning eliminating the opposition, whether political or otherwise.

At a point, headless bodies were being found on the streets of Monrovia; State-sponsored death squads became active and operated with impunity; the intent was to drive fear into the people. 

At the end of the day, Doe’s 10-year fascist rule, characterized by the gross abuse of human rights, ended within less than a year after Taylor launched his rebellion on December 24, 1989.

In September 1990, President Doe, trussed-up and tied like a pig, found himself a helpless prisoner of war at Brigadier General, Field Marshall Prince Y. Johnson’s feet, begging for mercy which he was never to receive.  

The rest is history! To restore Public Trust in the Police, fire IG Sudue forthwith, Mr. President.


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