Failure of Leadership Plunges Liberia into Economic, Political Peril


It was King Solomon who gave us this most critical warning: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

The good Lord gave all human beings brains and eyesight, which are the sources of vision. These brains and eyesight are reinforced by faith, if one is fortunate to embrace faith in the Almighty.

This, remember, is why this new country, the United States of America, which is at least a half millennium, and in some cases over a millennium, younger than any of the dynasties of Europe, the Middle and Far East, has emerged as the world’s richest and most powerful nation in history. Why?

Because this relatively new nation, which is barely 130 years older than Liberia, was founded by a daring and determined group of patriots – people who truly loved their country and all the ideals of Freedom, Democracy and Good Governance that they envisioned – who also possessed something else that so many other dynasties and nations did not take seriously—Faith in Almighty God.

These Americans inscribed on their national currency a highly spiritual motto: “In God We Trust.”

That visionary decision, founded on the people’s faith in the Almighty, their ingenuity and patriotism, has made America rich, prosperous and powerful, more so than any other nation the world has ever known.

Yes, there were the Caesars’ Roman Empire, the Byzantium and the British Empires that for generations controlled many parts of the earth—but through oppression, subjugation and slavery.

Slavery is the enduring stain on American hegemony, too. But the great American President Abraham Lincoln fixed that by winning, on April 9, 1865, the Civil War waged by the secessionist Southern States against the Federal Government, and by his 1865 Emancipation
Proclamation that freed the slaves in America. It would take time for this Emancipation to be complete. Today, a century and a half later, immense progress has been made. The Civil Rights Movement, backed by Black Americans’ faith in God and their indomitable spirit and determination, forced America to change and today, there is a Black man in the White House. And despite all the hell the mostly white Republican Party gave him, President Barrack Obama has been there two terms and is poised, by the grace of God, to be succeeded by another member of his Democratic Party.

Yes, the Americans are still striving toward “a more perfect union.” But let’s face it: they have already achieved a lot, through their faith in God, their patriotism and ingenuity, which have made them not only the world’s richest and most powerful nation, but one thing more: a nation that showed the world how to GIVE BACK. Because of this, American academic institutions—their high schools, colleges and universities—are among the world’s most endowed, most creative and most favored, attracting students and scholars from throughout the world. How?
Because their alumni—the people who passed through their hallowed walls—when they succeed in life, GIVE BACK in the hundreds, thousands and tens of millions of dollars each year.

Where are we going with this narrative?

We are pitching it in stark contrast to Liberia, which was born in the belly of America. Our Constitution and Flag are both patterned after America’s, and our Capital, Monrovia, was named after the American leader during whose presidency Liberia was founded, James Monroe (1817-1825).

And yet, because we have failed to learn from America’s democracy, patriotism, their serious faith in God, their Protestant Work Ethic which, combined with their ingenuity, have propelled them into greatness; here we are, Africa’s oldest independent republic, at the bottom of the development ladder in almost everything, including EDUCATION, the sanctuary of the future.

Look what is happening in our National Legislature, particularly the House of Representatives which is in complete turmoil—why? Because of greed, selfishness and total lack of patriotism or vision or even respect for the people who put them there. These so-called people’s Representatives—Honorables, they like to call themselves—are nothing but a bunch of self-serving people, who have largely surrendered their powers to a manipulative Executive and ended up in hopeless turmoil.

It is so bad that the country, in the ninth month of the year, is yet without a national budget—why? Because of greed for power, corruption and also because of internal bickering, self-serving bigotry and a total lack of patriotism.

Although the House is now comprised totally of those “who own Papa’s land,” they have turned out to be the worst House of Representatives in history. They have paralyzed the nation, driving it to the precipice of peril.

Do these Representatives care that Liberia is at the bottom of the ladder in everything, including Education, and has abandoned our little boys and girls, from the age of four, and our teenagers and young adults to the streets selling chicklet and water, instead of being in school?

Do these Representatives care that Liberia’s economy is firmly in the hands of foreigners? That the land in the Deputy Speaker’s own hometown, Buchanan, is being swept away by the sea, with the remaining land being bought up by Fulas?

We end this Editorial by calling, once again, on our Liberian people to WAKE UP and each and every one of us work for change—change in leadership of our country that will propel us toward unstoppable good and help us to achieve the destiny which we believe the God of nations has set for us. Let us in faith, patriotism and with determination, seize it and move our country forward to achieve its long desired destiny!


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