Failure Is Not an Option Mr. President!


It has now been nearly three (3) weeks since the serial killing of top government auditors began. It first began with the mysterious death of the LRA duo, Albert Peters and Victoria ‘Gifty’ Asma Lamah, who were found dead at the back of a vehicle which was parked on Broad Street almost opposite the Catholic Church.   

Their deaths were followed in swift fashion with that of LRA auditor George Fahnboto who, according to reports quoting eyewitness and bystanders, the auditor when driving home from the home of his boss, he was attacked by unidentified machete-wielding men riding a motorcycle.

The unidentified men, according to reports, drove up close to the auditor’s vehicle, forced his door open and chopped him on his forehead. That hit caused him to lose control of his vehicle, swerve off the road and ran into a house wounding a pedestrian in the process.

In a video that went viral on social media, neighbors can be seen attending to his wounds and desperately trying to stop the bleeding from the auditor’s forehead.

And barely before the nation could catch its breath, came news of the death of another auditor and head of the Internal Audit Agency, Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa. Informed sources have told the Daily Observer that the National Port Authority (NPA) Managing Director Bill Twehway, was allegedly present, as was a man named Logan, a notorious criminal and armed robber in the early hours of the morning when auditor Nyeswa was found dead in his yard.

Logan, according to informed sources was charged and convicted of the murder of Flecko, a notorious killer and member of the Tailey death squad that was responsible for the deaths of many prominent Liberians in the 14th Street and Cheeseman Avenue, Sinkor belt, during the 1990s.

Flecko had sought refuge in Nigeria following the end of hostilities in Monrovia following the deployment of the West African Peacekeeping force, ECOMOG. Later, in 1995, he returned to Monrovia to attend his mother’s funeral, according to sources.

At an entertainment center on Perry Street, where he had gone to enjoy some drinks, he was attacked, stabbed repeatedly and abducted allegedly by a gang led by Logan. Logan was apprehended by the Police, charged for murder, was tried and convicted.

He was, according to informed sources, serving a life sentence at the Monrovia Central Prison but was released mysteriously and had somehow landed a top position at the Seaport Police.

There is strong public suspicion that Logan may be linked to the death or suspected murder of auditor Barten Nyeswa and was most likely acting on orders from above.  In that case, the question then becomes just who or which official of government was/is responsible.

But while the Police fumbles over the investigation, families are in deep mourning and are grieving over the sudden unexplained deaths of their loved ones. They need closure and a sure way of giving them closure is by bringing to justice those responsible for the heinous murder of young promising Liberians whose only crime was to serve their country with honesty, dedication and commitment.

And make no mistake about it, the Liberian people are also mourning with those grieving families. This is why it becomes imperative for President Weah as leader of the nation to leave no stone unturned to ensure that the killers are brought to justice, no matter who they are, and let the chips fall where they may.

Another imperative for President Weah is to call a sovereign national conference in view of the impasse, which may result from legal challenges mounted to the conduct of the December 8 elections. If, for some reason, the elections are postponed or delayed beyond December 31, 2020, a Constitutional crisis will kick in and the legitimacy of this government will be drawn into question.

Further, it appears unlikely that the clean-up of the Voters’ Roll (VR) will be completed within the period before December 8. It is an open secret that the VR is compromised and holding elections with such a highly compromised VR could be tantamount to “asking for it” — breeding trouble and encouraging political violence.

Another troubling sign which could possibly mar the elections is the threat of withdrawal or boycott by opposition parties, particularly if the National Elections Commission(NEC) fails to clean-up the Voters Registry.  This is key in view of the rising tension and violence that has accompanied the Voters Roll Update (VRU) process.

Further, the rise in hate speech and strident rhetoric being broadcast on the airwaves and on social media as well, is cause for concern. This is because hate speech and inciteful language are dangerous cancers that can eat away the fabric of a nation if such are left to go unchecked.

As charity begins at home, the Daily Observer calls on President Weah to shut down the Freedom FM, which is said to be owned by deputy head of the National Security Agency, Sam Siryon. He is alleged to be running secret cells in the organization that are used to carry out dirty tricks against real and perceived enemies.

In the final analysis the record will show that the Daily Observer has repeatedly and consistently cautioned President Weah to take charge and act with firmness to deal with rogue elements bent on pursuing their private agendas.

For much too long, President Weah has allowed others to take charge and lead. Now he must take charge, he has the constitutional responsibility to do so, and he must, for FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!


  1. To seriously investigate a suspected homicide in a particular place, police first responders – whether in Freetown, London, or New York – intuitively will secure the scene of crime, cordon it off with yellow tape, and talk to witnesses while waiting for specially trained detectives. As soon as those arrive, they would photograph the undisturbed SOC, look for trace evidence including the following: Fingerprints, DNA, weapons, and identify, itemized, and bag all. The corpse is put in a special zipped bag to preserve it.

    These are some of the activities carried out before autopsies, and who had motive to cause the death. However, preparing officers in successfully solving homicides takes over a period of ten years or more of training, retraining, practicing, and being supervised to gain the self-confidence and experience which make facing homicide investigation an inviting challenge, not anguishing fear of failure. Is that possible at home, or are we going to always rely on confession of suspect caught not by evidence putting him or her at the scene of crime, but by an informant providing a lucky break?

    Not to mention that our country doesn’t compensate skilled law enforcement officers to motivate passion for their jobs, therefore, many prefer assigned to Drug, Traffic, Vehicle Registration & License, Alluvial Mining Rural Areas, and Border Check Points where they can easily get money. Moreover, every incoming administration let go skilled personnel, and bring in their own supporters to occupy policing positions that require knowledge, set skills, relevant experience, not just some degree in criminal justice.

    A police academy must have knowledgeable veterans in all types of criminal investigations, intelligence collection & analysis, criminal law & procedure, etc. Unfortunately, we want a shortcut to institutional efficiency rather than investing the commitment, integrity, and capital to achieve it. Ironically, when security sector agencies do a shoddy job or commit police brutality some members of the public assume that GoL ordered them to. Our political leaders have a responsibility to prioritize security sector professionalism, otherwise they would have themselves to blame tomorrow..

  2. I am sorry, the above comment was meant for the story entitled “Seriously Investigate Mysterious Deaths to Help Restore Public Trust”. Unfortunately, it was sent via iPhone which means irretrievable.

  3. Mr. Moses, your view contained in your first paragraph would have certainly been the case if the ”SOC” or scene of crime had not already been contaminated by the relatives, friends, and passers by who were the first group of people who got in contact with the vehicle and the corpses on that so called crime scene which from all logical police intelligence is certainly a ”staged” crime scene.

    So, it is fair and logical to say the scenario you may be attributing to is indeed not, and cannot share any essential commonality with or to the so called crime scene from which the corpses were parked and picked up by the police.

    Its good Mr. Moses, you made sure to mention ”undisturbed SOC”. Would any spouse, relative, or friend, or even a passerby not unintentionally (driven by obvious emotion) contaminated that scene in such a city? You bet.


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