Eternal Vigilance a MUST in the Voter Registration Process


The report in this Wednesday’s Daily Observer of a Guinean national attempting to register to vote in Liberia is a very serious matter.

It is proof to the widespread rumor, even allegation, that certain politicians with connections in the Republic of Guinea (Conakry) have been hauling truckloads of Guinean nationals to take part in the ongoing Liberian registration process.

Why should these politicians, many of them big businesspeople, engage in this patently dishonesty and fraud, which could mess up our electoral system and cause confusion in the country?

Reporter David Menjor, who broke the story, said the Guinean national, who refused to give his name, told the National Elections Commission (NEC) officials that there were many other Guinean nationals attempting to register in various parts of Monrovia and its environments.

It could be conjectured (assumed, speculated) that there may be many, many others in other parts of the country, especially those bordering Guinea, such as Bong, Lofa and Nimba counties, who have crossed the borders trying to engage in this nefarious (evil, reprehensible) act.

It is a great pity that many in and around this government fail to understand why we at the Daily Observer have been consistently pushing the empowerment of Liberian businesspeople.

Instead, it is—or seems to be—the modus operandi (distinct pattern or method of operation) of this government vigorously to engage every other group in business—Lebanese, Indian, Fula and now even those with very close connections with Guinea, in addition to the Fula. Many of them, who are now big businessmen, are using their financial empowerment to interfere in a clandestine (secret, underground) and dangerous way in the country’s politics. They say when a man has money, the next thing he wants is power, and people have a tendency to think that money can get them anywhere, anyhow, regardless of the means. People with money have a tendency to think that their money can buy them anything—especially in Liberia of ours.

So our officials, so many of whom favor foreigners to their own fellow Liberians can—or should—see how their stupid and unpatriotic behavior—favoring foreigners over fellow Liberians—is paving the way for a dangerous precedence, foreign intervention in Liberia’s electoral process.

As it is true that when a person has money he wants power, why are our government officials not empowering their own people to obtain power themselves? Do these selfish and unpatriotic Liberians think that foreigners will have more interest in, and inclination toward, protecting and defending the political and territorial integrity of Liberia, more so than Liberians themselves?

Or do these selfish and unpatriotic Liberians want to hand the country over to foreigners? Some say that given the way things are, they may already have given the country away!

All ye who are running for President, do you see what is going on in Liberia? What is your position on this dangerous and self-deprecating habit of government officials in favoring foreigners over Liberians, especially in business?

As we said in a recent Editorial, such behavior—empowering foreigners over Liberians—is not sustainable; for tomorrow, ALL Liberians, including today’s government officials engaged in this dangerous and self-defeating practice, will end up—they and their descendants—in the same boat as the rest of us Liberians—impoverished and powerless. We know some former government officials who, when the war came, ran to live with some of the same Lebanese whom these officials, in their heyday (glory days) had empowered with contracts!

Have we not seen, do we not see every day in our country, who really is enjoying Liberia? Surely not the poor Liberian masses, many of whom live in the squalor of Buzzi Quarter, Douala, Red Light and other slums, but the foreign businesspeople. It is they who own the means of production and distribution, the big buildings, etc., so they are on top of us.

Mr. Boakai, Mr. Weah, Mr. Brumskine, Dr. Jones, Mr. Cummings, Rev. Sandy—all ye who say you want to be our next President, are you satisfied with what you see? If not, do you have a plan to change this despicable and degenerating status quo—the powerlessness of your own people in their own rich country?

What plans do you have to transform the business sector in favor of your own fellow Liberians? For if you have not, they will continue forever to remain “have-nots,” impoverished in their own rich country that other people are allowed to enjoy.

What plans do any of you have to reverse this dangerous trend and take our country back?

We pause for an answer.


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