Presidential Candidates, Where Are the Platforms?


Presidential Candidates, Where Are the Platforms? All ye who are running for president of Liberia, do you realize that there are only 39 days to elections? Yet until now, we have only seen one party platform, that of a minor political movement, the United People’s Party (UPP). Where are the platforms? We are compelled to ask. Only two presidential candidates, Kennedy Sandy of the Liberia Transformation Party (LTP) and Benoni Urey of the All Liberian Party (ALP), several months ago promised to send us their platforms, but until now neither has kept his promise. So far, only the United People’s Party has released its platform.

We are constrained, then, to ask three questions: first, do those seeking the nation’s highest office, the presidency, not think that the people deserve to know in the printed word where they stand on issues and what are their plans for Liberia? Second, how do these candidates expect the people to make up their minds who to vote for? As a follow-up, are these presidential hopefuls only waiting for the last minute to dish out bags of rice and money in order to win votes? Would this not be an attempt at manipulation? Third question: why are you hiding your platforms? If indeed you are hiding them, what are you afraid of?

We the media and the public have heard many of your speeches promising Liberians the moon. But why are you hesitating to commit yourselves in print? Do you doubt yourselves, that you might not be able to deliver on your precise promises? If you doubt yourselves, why do you want to be our president? Who, may we ask, needs a self-doubter for president? For if indeed our presidential candidates are unwilling to tell the Liberian people in precise, written form what they (the candidates) intend to accomplish as president, and HOW, how do they expect the people to make up their minds as to whom to vote for?

It is true that Liberia is about 60% or more illiterate, meaning that at least 60% of Liberians can neither read nor write. Yet, we are bold to say that the 40% who are literate would be only too willing to share with their illiterate brothers and sisters what the presidential candidates have written. More besides, all of the radio stations would willingly and readily read on air each platform and invite thinking citizens to discuss it. So all of us, the literate and the non-lettered, will have opportunities to hear, listen and understand what each candidate is saying about what he will do and how to lift Liberia and move her forward.

At this eleventh hour in the campaign, with only 39 days to these historic elections, we fervently appeal, once again, to all presidential candidates to bring forth, by this weekend, their platforms in printed form, so that the media may publish them for the benefit of the reading public. As earlier stated, we have no doubt that the finally released platforms will be widely shared with all the people, the literate and the non-lettered, so that they may begin to decipher (decode, interpret, make sense out of) what each candidate’s plans are for Liberia.

We await the responses of all candidates to this urgent plea so that the people may begin to discuss in earnest what each candidate plans to do as he or she seeks this highest office in our land. We think it is only fair to us to tell us in the printed word what your plans are for the country and people and how you intend to execute them. Please email your platforms to

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