All Is Well that Ends Well


“O, then, give pity to her, whose state is such that cannot choose but lend and give where she is sure to lose; that seeks not to find that her search implies, but riddle-like lives sweetly where she dies!

The seemingly endless political drama fired off by the turn of events leading up to the elections of October 10 and their aftermath can, in many ways, be likened to the Shakespearean drama, “All is Well that Ends Well,” in which deception plays a leading part. The courting and wooing of presidential candidate George Weah by President Ellen Sirleaf as her intended successor has raised not only eyebrows but fears also, just about everywhere in the sub-region about the President’s choice of characters to whom she intends to bequeath the leadership of the nation.

For one thing, it is clear to most observers that her tilt towards the George Weah-Jewel Howard-Taylor CDC ticket, is not driven by ideological affinity, social identity or love for the CDC, but rather by her personal desire to fashion out a protective capsule into which she can retreat, and be safe from probes of whatever kind when she retires from office  in a matter of weeks.

For quite some time now, it became clear that nothing was going to stand in her way of crowning her chosen successor.

This perception was reinforced by statements coming from the Carter Center, the United States Ambassador accredited near this capital, and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Linda Thomas Greenfield, all of whom appeared to give approbation to the deceptive reports from NEC officials desperately seeking to conceal from the public the actual magnitude of irregularities and fraud that characterized the October 10 elections.

But as the saying goes, “Behind every dark cloud lies a silver lining.” Signs are now emerging that there just maybe light at the end of the tunnel with reports (yet unconfirmed) that President Sirleaf has conceded to suggestions from several quarters to lend credibility to the process by giving NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoya his marching orders, bringing in technical experts from ECOWAS to help sanitize the Voter Roll and provide technical oversight to the expected runoff elections.

Of interest also to sub-regional leaders, according to reports, are suggestions that President  Sirleaf has conceded to bury the hatchet between herself and her estranged Vice President as a way of allaying fears of retribution should her Vice President happen to emerge winner of the runoff election. If this is actually the case, then she may likely encounter problems of credibility from the ranks of the CDC whose hierarchy, quite unlike previously, has been conspicuously silent over reports of fraud and irregularities in the October 10 elections.

However, should these reports of concession, reconciliation and pulling back from the brink have any substance or measure of truth, then we must declare that we wholeheartedly welcome same, particularly those which concern the sanitization of the Voter Roll that should lead to the production of a credible Final Registration Roll (FRR) to serve as a basis for holding the runoff election. We await the outcome of these behind the scenes negotiations with more hope than foreboding.

After all said and done, Liberia is the only country we have and it is ours to bequeath to posterity, a nation proud, hopeful, prosperous and confident of its chosen path to the future. We commend you in advance, Madame President, and we hope that like Shakespeare, Liberians can triumphantly proclaim: “All is well that ends well.”


  1. While the insinuation of the sidelining of this Korkoyah buffoon may seem a welcoming news at long last, it goes to show at the same time how some dumb decisions by leaders and their insistence on those paths no matter how skewed and ill-advised could be dangerous for an entire country in some instances. What if those parties affected by this demonstrated incompetence of Mr. Korkoyah had reacted in a violent fashion as a result? Perhaps we would have been witnessing another round of turmoil in Liberia and occasioned by deaths. The families and loved ones of such victims would be mourning while the president worries about her legacy, and Korkoyah continues to draw free checks every month even after causing such deaths. This is why it is important for Liberians to think hard, deep and somberly in choosing our next president. If we fall for cheap popularity over capability and preparedness to lead our country at this crucial stage, we will definitely be “F for G,” as they say.

  2. “What if those parties affected by this demonstrated incompetence of Mr. Korkoyah had reacted in a violent fashion as a result? Yeah right, because UP and CDC are the two top finishers; isn’t that an epiphany?

    Sometimes, we should tone down the hyperboles especially for lack of reason, rhyme, or resonance. The leaderships of major political parties were aware that historically NEC, like most of our governmental institutions, is beset with “anomalies’, but failed to make overhauling or reforming it a precondition for the October 10, 2017 election, a public knowledge since January 18, 2012. Ironically, when Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh raised those very issues, the same so – called “rule of law” proponents dismissed his concerns as the railings of a political “dinosaur”.

    Let’s stop the double standards, admit that we are apprehensive of the true will of the vast Country – Congua majority, and consequently want to choose whom they should vote for. That’s the heart of the matter!


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