Editorial: Weah’s Impressive Early Lead


The National Elections Commission (NEC) yesterday announced the first early results of the October 10 presidential elections, which showed Senator George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) taking the early lead.

We consider this to be rather impressive, especially since tally in several of the counties that people thought would have been easy wins for Unity Party’s Joseph N. Boakai are so far in favor of CDC’s Weah.

These counties, including Bomi, Bong, Gbarpolu and Grand Cape Mount, are all heavily Poro and Sande areas that people expected to be easy wins for Boakai, a very strong Poro man from the Kissi tradition of Lofa County.

In Bomi, the preliminary results had Weah in a 11.3% lead – 44.4% over Boakai’s 33.1%. In Bong County, the preliminary results showed that Weah out-polled Boakai by 5.4%, taking 39.4% compared to Boakai’s 34.0%.

In Gbarpolu County, the preliminary results gave the CDC standard bearer 44% of the vote, compared to Boakai’s 34%; while in Grand Cape Mount County CDC polled 44.4% compared to Boakai’s 37.5%.

Even in Margibi, home of Boakai’s running mate Emmanuel Nuquay, CDC again out-polled Unity Party at 42.8%, compared to UP’s 34.6%.

Now these, as NEC Commissioner Jerome Korkoya made clear in yesterday evening’s press conference, are only preliminary results that have come in, while counting in the various voting precincts is still going on.

CDC is handily leading in most other parts of the country, with the exceptions of Nimba as well as Lofa, where their favorite son, Foya-born Joseph Nyumah Boakai, has a whopping 78.1% of the vote, while CDC’s Weah has scored a meager 5.8% so far.

Weah’s strongest showing, as also in the past two elections (2005 and 2011), was in Montserrado County, where he has garnered a whopping 50.4% of the vote, compared to Boakai’s 26.6% so far.

Weah is handily sweeping the entire southeast, from Grand Gedeh to River Gee to Grand Kru, Maryland and Sinoe counties. In River Gee, Boakai has made an impressive showing, scoring 15.9% compared to Weah’s 16.7% of the votes counted so far. But in Sinoe County, the preliminary results showed Weah scoring very heavily – 69.3% compared to Boakai’s 13.12%.

The big exception for both leading candidates – Weah and Boakai, was Nimba County, where the preliminary counting showed Senator Prince Johnson carrying 52.6% of the vote, leaving only 18.16% for Boakai. But there also, Weah has so far managed to get 7.1%.

Predictably, Liberty Party’s Charles Walker Brumskine polled handsomely in his home county, Grand Bassa, where the preliminary counting gave him 48.4% of the vote, compared to 8.3% for Boakai and 32.5% for Weah.

Weah and his CDC also upstaged Alexander Cummings of Alternative National Congress (ANC) in his own county, Maryland, with 36.2% of the vote, compared to Boakai’s 15%. Cummings captured a strong 31.5%.

One grave concern of the electorate is who is doing the counting in the remaining precincts and whether all of the party representatives are at these precincts to ensure transparency and accountability.

We hope and pray this is the case, and that ALL party representatives are present, watching and are actively involved in the counting, so that no one will be able to cry foul. This is would translate to everyone being involved until the very end of the counting and transmission of the results to the NEC headquarters in Monrovia, so the results would be welcomed and accepted by the electorate and the various parties.


  1. Very good editorial. However, as concerning as the results appear, relax Mr. Best, as it appears as if we are back to 2005 open round results between Ellen and Weah, after which Ellen prevailed. You recall that those first round results saw Weah leading Ellen by a wide percentage margin, right?
    It is hoped that and expected that a sense of patriotism and good political sense will encourage such party leaders as Brumskine, Cummings and Prince Johnson will put aside their differences and ultimately rally around the UP (despite the ruling party’s shortcomings) to ensure a second round victory, not necessarily for the sake of VP Boakai, but for the much greater interest of mama Liberia. To do otherwise, will take Liberia back to square one and expose the country once more to international ridicule. Please save mama Liberia from retrogressive and mediocre governance system.

  2. Mr. Kenneth Best and Web Administrator….the editorial is interestingly divisive. Why referred to Boakai as a Kissi man who favors pro-society heavily instead of just writing simple that Joseph Boakai and the Unity Party. Was this by designed or it is some form of a smear? Like Boakai, Weah won most of the counties that are closely aligned with his ethnicity, Kru, the Southeastern. Why didn’t you say that Weah, a Kru man from the southeastern, a pro fisherman is leading in these counties? This is unprofessional journalism and as an adult and old as you’re, you shouldn’t be trivializing anyone with their ethnicity, but instead describe them as patriotic Liberians.

    Boakai agenda didn’t include anything regarding these traditions that are heavily practice in Lofa, Bong, Grand Bassa, Nimba, Grand Gedeh, Margibi, Bomi counties, etc. His campaign center on his experience and long service in government, which simply gave him the opportunity to ask voters to give him a chance as president to prove himself. His message centers on road building to connect all parts of the country. Youth & women empowerment, quality healthcare and improve educational system to benefit all Liberians. Fighting corruption through lawful means, etc. Why couldn’t your editorial focus or described him with these qualities instead of tribalizing him. Is this some form of implicit bias against the vice president? Stop the nonsense and write the stories or editorial impartially.

  3. Kenneth Best, this Congo man would elect to call our dear Joseph Boakai, a Kissi man. Yes he is a proud Kissi man who knows his roots . Whereas the Best came from the West Indies,(Barbados) mere freed slaves brought to Liberia by Arthur Barclay who wanted to increase the Americo Liberian population in Liberia. Best should be ashamed of himself with his stupid name calling. We love our dear Joe Boakai who is set to take Liberia to higher heights. Best should be sent back to Barbados where the majority of his relatives presently reside.

  4. Weah is leading but the day for the run off favours Boakai so he will win the run off. If Wear wants to lead he should think of the next elections.


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