Double Shame on the Gender Minister

Disgusted is what we are at this point. Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister Piso Saydee Tarr finally spoke from her lofty platform Friday, on the heels of the peaceful protest against rape. But it was not to decry the sexual abuse of women, girls and boys. It was not to commend campaigners for their peaceful and constructive engagement. It was not to pledge her support, or report to them her own efforts towards their objectives. Most notably, the Minister’s statement was not to condemn the brutal treatment of protestors at the hands of the police. It was to cry in her own defense because her sister-friend dared confront her publicly for her deafening silence.
So here’s the tea: Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee had taken to Facebook on Thursday decrying the violence against protestors and calling out Minister Tarr for placing political loyalty over her duty to the citizenry. Tarr, in response, went on a tirade, pulling out dirty laundry (and what seemed like pent up jealousy?) to hit back. She accused Gbowee of criticizing the Government – admittedly the favorite pastime of a deeply dissatisfied public, these days. She even criticized Gbowee for exercising her God given right to political ambition. Shocking!
We won’t attempt to judge palava between an adult and a Minister too sensitive for the kitchen’s heat. We will however address ourselves to the person whose LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY it is, at the very least, to speak up for the welfare of Women and Children.
Minister Tarr: Leymah Gbowee has no obligation to tell you how to do a job you accepted. She, along with the entire citizenry, has every right to criticize you. Friend, bridesmaid or not. Also, other women did approach you months ago with similar petitions to the ones the protestors made last week. We have it on good authority that you brought partisan women to that meeting to intimidate them and to ask why these petitioners never spoke up before and are suddenly so angry about rape. We don’t know where to begin to answer that preposterous question steeped in inexplicable defensiveness.
Your intransigence and inaction are exactly what has invited the criticism you now decry. And, whether you think you deserve it or not, it’s your job to take it like a woman.
Let us put that into perspective for you: the sting of public criticism is nowhere near as severe or as long lasting as that of having episodes of sexual violation be the very earliest memories of your own existence. The shame, self loathing and suicidal ideation that results from such experiences is what hundreds, thousands of children are experiencing today, while you are whining about how your friend spoiled what little name you have.
Here’s a word of advice for a stateswoman: throw your tantrums in private. When you are making a public statement, stick to the issues that matter. Stick to your job: standing up for the rights and protection of women and children. They call that professionalism.
We took that straight out of the playbook of a woman who showed up for Liberia’s women, while you were hiding last week: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. We butt heads many a day with the Iron Lady and lived to tell the story. Why? Because she honored our constitutional right and responsibility to criticize her as harshly as we did. We appreciated that she would call and respond firmly if she disagreed with our reporting or editorials. We respected that she would maintain her dignity and just continue doing the work of the people, regardless of how unfair she often felt we were.
If you have not taken the lashes that woman has taken and you’re already wailing, then it’s time you left the seat. The women of Liberia need someone made of tougher stuff, who can stand up with them, when their own government turns against them.
To balance the equation, we must express our irritation with Leymah Gbowee. If the allegations of her political ambitions are true, what has she been waiting for?  If she had talked soon, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess! How do you suck your teeth in writing?


  1. Daily Observer

    “how do you suck your teeth in writing?” That was a very good one. I Laughed very hard when I read that.

    I dont know that the answer to that, but I am very sure that my brother James Davies has the answer to that.

    I will wait and see what he has to say.

    • Mr. Editor, do you really believe in this nonsense you have written?:
      “To balance the equation, we must express our irritation with Leymah Gbowee. If the allegations of her political ambitions are true, what has she been waiting for? If she had talked soon, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess!”

      You must be out of your mind to entertain the delusion that electorates anywhere in the world would choose anyone as President because he or she has butts to strip to the public.

      This little fat girl who is now so very OBOLO ( MEANING TOO FAT) as an overgrown hippopotamus, does not even have the required immaterial faculties to actually serve in any strategic position in government as made evident in her poor reasonings and rudimentary silly actions.

  2. They will soon label you as opposition Newspaper instead of appreciating the facts and issue published here. Pettiness in leadership. Wow.

    • ” They will soon label you as………”? Dabah Varpillah, Daily Observer since the de facto retirement of its proprietor Kenneth Best, has long become an unprofessional and irresponsible opposition Newspaper. Take into account the photograph they always use of this Leymah GBowee as compared to her actual photograph or how she actually is now seriously aged, badly fat and overweight.

  3. Daily Observe, as for your usual opposition political advocacy, your irresponsible and incompetent journalism anathema to the core key principles of journalism, there are of course no surprises with your stigma of multiples disgrace and shame upon you all the time, as made evident in the Supreme Court´s decisions and actions regarding your disinformation in the reckless deportment of the LNBA and its incompetent President.

    But for a woman (Leymah Gbowee) who will strip her butts and her main Private part for public view because of he vain desires for money and political notoriety, one must be dreaming to expect any sound, moral, decent, or truthful, action action on her part other than (after she has gotten her millions), “sitting on her lofty tower and criticize, instead of marching her fat butt down the street..”

    Can anyone in his or her right mind compare this foolish and vain girl Leymah Gbowee a political wannabe with Wangari Maathai, the Kenyan environmentalist who began a movement to reforest her country by paying poor women a few shillings to plant trees and who went on to become the first African woman to win the Nobel??? NO! NO NO NO!

    But this is a good lesson for many that people bow into the naivety that SUCH A VAIN AND EMPTY-HEADED RASCAL ranks with such noble achievers of Nobel Awards as those in Economics, Literature, Chemistry, Argriculture, Physics, and Medicine; hence they blindly take such a vain and very indecent and foolish girl as Leymah Gbowee as those highly sound and erudite minds receiving the Nobel Awards in Medicine, Literature, Chemistry, Physics, and Economics.

    Look people, the so called Nobel Peace Award is even given to terrorists when political expediency dictates such, or when at times the cash-stripped the Nobel Committee must justify funding from donors. A typical example can be seen in the mother of all rebels in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and to some extent in Ivory Coast – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf receiving this so called Nobel Peace Award.

    If Osama Bin Laden had lived on and the US and the rest of the comity and community of nations found it impossible to eliminate him, they would have, for political expediency, resolved to hand him this so called Nobel Peace Award which is actually a mere tool and a dumping ground when political expediency dictates such, or when at times the cash-stripped the Nobel Committee must justify funding from donors!


  4. Comrade Gborvelehn,

    How are you doing buddy?
    I would like to use the word “obolo” in the future. Not necessarily in our neighborhood, but if I can’t help it, I will not hesitate to use it here.

    Is obolo a derivative of Bassa, Vai or of any Liberian tribe? I am not an obolo person.

    • Comrade Hney, OBOLO ( MEANING TOO FAT) is from the Kpehlleh (Kpehseh) language or dialect. You know we the Bassas share a geographical contiguity with the Kpehlleh frontiers within Liberiaś territorial and political independence of of Africaś oldest republic.

  5. Where are Liberian people getting their notion or this concept that Leymah Gbowee wants to run for political office? Do you guys know how many times she had the opportunity to do such and she show no interest in it. If that was a dream of her’s, trust me she would have ran for office a long time ago but that is not her calling. People speaking the truth does not mean that they got political interest in running for office. So the women who protesting against rape are all interested in running for political office?

    Minister Piso Saydee Tarr accepted a job that comes with responsibilities and she failed to do that. She is a woman and a mother and that’s important so she should have done something from the first rape case. That is not Ms. Gbowee’s job! Ms. Gbowee is NOT the gender minister friend or no friend she had a right to call out a wrong as she sees fit as a Liberian woman and citizen seeing such barbaric acts going on and nothing is being done about it. It shouldn’t take the women getting up to protest to draw attention to the rape situation. It should have been taken care of if the Gender minister was focus and attentive to her job.

    Ms. Gbowee got her trouble with this government since she give a powerful speech at the last year’s July 26 ceremony where she served as the orator. They need to get over it because swallowing the truth at times is difficult to do. Part of being true friends is being told the TRUTH and not ALWAYS telling you want you want to hear. Minister needed to hear the truth especially when it comes to the rape situation going on in the country. Do your job Madame minister and stop wasting your time trying to respond to Ms. Gbowee. You got a job to do…..DO IT. STAY FOCUS PLEASE.

  6. Thanks very much, comrade Gborvelehn.
    At least I have learned something new. Maybe, it will be in my best interest to learn Kpelleh. You never know what could happen! In any case, I usually read your posted comments. Let’s continue the fight to speak truth to power. There are some misfits who spread false narratives about Liberia. But they will not succeed because of people like you.

    Hang in there buddy!

  7. I thought you made some very good points particularly where you touched on the alarm raised by some people in other quarters concerning Nobel Laureate Gbowee’s alleged ambition for the presidency.

    What tickles me about that assertion is, they speak about running for the presidency as if the presidency is the exclusive realm of Weah, or that if anyone else makes a least mention to run for it, then their intention is declared a crime.

    Let us assume she was to declare her intention right now of running for the presidency in 2023, would that be a crime? Isn’t she a qualified Liberian citizen like anyone else? So, what’s wrong with that picture? To continue, let’s assume that any other qualified Liberian was to declare his/her intention right now for that position, would that be a crime?


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