Dissecting President Weah’s Troubling Assassination Claims


This newspaper’s attention is drawn to remarks made by President George Weah at the United Methodist Church convention held over the weekend in Gbarnga, Bong County.

At that program, President Weah, according to reports called on delegates to pray for him as there were people planning and plotting to assassinate him. However he stopped short of disclosing just who are those individuals or people scheming to kill him. The Daily Observer finds President Weah’s remarks very troubling to say the least.

President Weah’s prayer exhortations over the weekend, has finally laid to rest rife public speculations about where he stood on those allegations first publicly disclosed by CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu. Morlu had specifically named opposition figures including Charles Brumskine, Alexander Cummings, former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai and others as individuals  plotting the assassination of President Weah.

It can be recalled that the Daily Observer in its February 8th 2019 editorial questioned where President Weah stood on Morlu’s allegations. The editorial, noting that Morlu had not offered a single shred of evidence to substantiate his claims, maintained that his allegations were indeed grave and they warranted an urgent Police criminal investigation to lay bare the facts.

The Daily Observer’s editorial also noted that it appeared that some individuals were bent on creating a climate of fear, judging from recent past experience where a rash of incidents of mindless political violence involving officials of the CDC and government, has been treated with benign concern by the Liberia National Police.

The Daily Observer further observed that the fruits of their actions will only succeed in making President Weah a virtual prisoner of fear, hyped up by individuals with self-seeking interests.

And above all the editorial noted with troubling concern that security sources say that President Weah appeared to convey the impression that he actually believes what Morlu is telling him that plans are being hatched to assassinate him.

Now President Weah has just confirmed worst fears that he actually takes stock in the tissue of lies and deceit being spun around him by crafty individuals whose inordinate ambition is to accumulate wealth even if it means acquiring it illegally or by questionable means.

In view of this development, this newspaper is constrained to question whether it is the nation’s security and intelligence services providing such information to the President.

In case they are, then we must also question why have these agencies, including the Justice Minister who is head of joint security, failed to act by arresting and charging those involved and have them appear before a court of competent jurisdiction?

Whatever may be the case, the public has a right to be fully informed. Already a cloud of suspicion has been thrown over a number of individuals and institutions all for the wrong reasons.

Many of them are now living in fear of threat to their lives by zealots prepped by the violent rhetoric of those creating such hype and fabricating base lies with the intention to distract public attention from shortcomings of this government, whatever those short comings may be.

This newspaper holds the strong conviction that the Justice Minister, who is indeed the chief legal advisor of President as well as head of the joint security, should clear the air on this. Did he advise the President, based on security reports, that his life was at risk?

For example, was the President’s exhortations and disclosures at the Methodist Convention part and parcel of a threat mitigation strategy proposed by the national security apparatus?

This newspaper must again warn President Weah that he risks losing it all, should he continue along the path he appears to be treading. We recall that contrived coup plots, and bogus assassination attempts were scripts employed by past governments to stifle free expression and muzzle criticism of government policies.

From history we know that such contrivances have never helped the ruling establishment; instead they have hastened the advent of their nadir. And the examples of Presidents Tolbert, Doe and Taylor, all of who met an inglorious end to their rule, are still fresh, reminding all and sundry what await those who ignore the lessons of history.

But all is not lost. President Weah still has the chance to pull back from the brink while he yet has the chance. He must avoid being boxed into a tight corner by his sparring partners.

Just what will be his next move? Will he or his Justice Minister order the arrest of the plotters against this life? In such a case accused individuals will have to be brought before a court of competent jurisdiction. And the trial might not last a day or a week. It may drag into months.

Against the backdrop of deteriorating economic conditions and attending hardships, it becomes difficult to fathom just how this government is going to keep a lid on public concerns about excruciating economic conditions and yet conduct a trial replete with political overtones.

This is indeed a risky adventure which must be avoided. President Weah is urged to reflect and consider the dangers he is inclined to court. As this newspaper has repeatedly warned, President Weah should not allow others to use his hand to draw their roasted palm nuts from the fire.


  1. By the script-First they intimidate or harass; then they begin to arrest over bogus concoctions, and finally they begin to “set examples” by “eliminating” opponents one at a time.

    But this will only be possible with the acquiescence of the press, opposition, rights groups, civil society organizations, religious institutions, students, international stakeholders, and all of us.

    We should not allow selfish people who don’t mean well for Liberia, to take all of us with them as they go down. Memories of our just ended war are too fresh to sit by idly ignoring these diabolism as they emerge, and just because it did not happen to any of us directly, yet.

    The best lesson to have learned from our uncivil war, is to ensure that we don’t ever allow those same vices that led us to become so ruthless and brutal to one another in that war, to ever raise their ugly heads in Liberia again. Never ever!

    And the way to do that is just as begun with this editorial. Call out the schemes or schemers whenever/anytime we smell one. For a president to declare in public, for example, that people are plotting to assassinate him, it must mean that the GOL has impeccable evidence to disrupt the scheme/schemers. Such culprits ought to be apprehended and made to face the law, and as a deterrence to would-be others with similar evil inclinations.

    We are tired with war and running all over the world crying for help. At the same time our leaders must realize that the manner of rulership is what gives rise to, or discourages these kinds of thinking. It’s not because of the presence or absence of UNMIL, or any other international peacekeepers. Democracy is the answer!

  2. Whosoever is cowardly calling himself Eddie Jones should’ve contributed an informed comment rather than indulging in personal attack.Tellingly, he and his forebears. like southern slave masters, love the blind, deaf, and dumb; no wonder, then, after 170 years, the country lacked one public library. Silly sarcasms aren’t potent enough to silence me. And if the writer of this editorial was interested, he would’ve sought clarification with the Justice Minister, Chief Law Enforcement Officer and Chairman of the Security Sector: Rubbish!

    • Mr. Moses, in your naivety, or is it sycophancy? you assume everyone takes your so-called “Justice Minister” credible, or as some high priest to beseech his narrative on these occurrences/incidents, “for clarification,” before we can ascribe our own interpretations? You better lay off that Freetown ganja as source of that delusion.

  3. Hilary Snyder,

    When slave masters returned your forbears to Africa, their destination was a Freetown Colony where other freed slaves from elsewhere and those from America on Cuffey’s ship were already relocated. For some reason, however, the 1820 group ended up on Sherbro Island hundreds of miles away from the colony. But mosquitoes and hostility of natives drove them to Lake Montserrado in the Grain Coast where my forbears had been living centuries before the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

    It was your forbears continual wars of conquest in the southeastern sub-Region – which also involved a ruse for ethical cleansing to Fernando Po – that separately forced the parents of two kids to send them to Freetown for safety. These kids would in turn have me. They returned home as grandparents and my mother was killed by a war you guys stoked in 1989. Liberia’s albatross is that as long as one of your ilks isn’t occupying the presidency, or you guys not controlling the President, the government would be overthrown even if it takes collaborating with foreign regime change covert agents. What a depressing self-knowledge that actually your loyalty will always be to ethnicity and financial interests, not a country.

    • sylvester NSA FORMER BOSS moses. What about the murders that occurred during your time as NSA director in the 80s your hands are bloody. Nobody on Liberianobserver believes anything you say as you were there when people were kidnapped, raped, and murdered. dont talk about the war and family members because you retaliated as the boss of the “killer squad” murder murder murder. dont come on this website looking for sympathy you are guilty of aiding and abetting murder, rape, and kidnapping

    • Poor grandmother, died needlessly and as a result of a war instigated by her egomaniacal grandson and cabal. One would wish she had lived and this bastard grand-rascal of a son taken away instead. But TWT!

    • Sylvester Baghdad-bob Moses, be there with your flowery display of words and be preaching congau native politics. As if we don’t know what you did during the murderous regime of Samuel Doe and even your own friend Tom Kamara said it. Remember how you had him whipped and sent to Belle yallah but thanks to divine intervention, the captain declined to fly – it’s all there in words which are cast in stone. The ides of March are coming.

  4. Johnnie Boy or Whomsoever,

    Not surprisingly, faced with facts fools would resort to slander. NSA had over 150 employees, many are alive and some live abroad and at home while few still work there. Stop hiding behind aliases, you guys should verify your foolish allegations. The truth though is that in their 1987 on-the-ground fact-finding Report, following Qwinwonkpa’s 1985 invasion, American Lawyers for Human Rights described me as a “low profile professional” when I wasn’t working for the government. Go eat your heart out; do you guys think I had any illusion that my stance on stability would provoke silly attacks, well, it is a struggle some of the best prepared me for.

  5. Sylvester Moses stop the nonsense. No one wants to overthrow Weah. He’s a mason and he has Bright and other Americos sitting at his right and left hands. Weah and his boys need to stop allowing you to scare them into making you NSA Director or some ad visor. Stop IT!!!!!!

  6. Bartum Kulah,

    Typical tomfoolery – read my comments before spewing nonsense – did I say that? It would seem some of you fellows are so addicted to misinformation it has become second nature.

    • Talking about “tomfoolery” Sylvester, by now you should realize that your utterances here and elsewhere for that matter are useless, nothing but guileful sophistries intended to impress I guess your benefactors, and for the 30 pieces of silver they throw at you every month.

      You are one discredited loser perhaps trying to reinvent yourself with these factoids you spew here every night? Only your impressionable patrons have not figure you out yet, and not because that specter in and of itself is that complicated, rather it is simply because of their own shallowness.

      As for us, we know you very well. Your despised notoriety at the NSA precedes you yester, today and forever! So no amount of factoid you spew here daily can change that. Anything contrary to that reality should be the real “tomfoolery!”


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