Bring the Killers of the LRA/IAA Quartet to Swift Justice, Mr. President!


The serial killing of top-notch young professionals within just a short period has sent a wave of fear through the public and heightened public concerns about their safety and security.

It appears that public suspicions about their deaths being officially sanctioned have deepened despite Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie’s attempt to place a spin on the murders, claiming that those killed were not auditors.

The Police says it is conducting an investigation into the suspicious deaths of the IAA and LRA officials. But other than naming the spouse of Albert Peters as a person of interest, the Police has not since publicly disclosed or named other persons of interest.

Amongst those accounts given which claimed the attention of the Daily Observer is that of Mr. Teakon Williams and quoted in large part by the Thursday, October 15,edition of the FrontPage newspaper.

Going by his accounts to the Police, the public is left wondering just why the Police has not declared as persons of interest those officials mentioned in Teakon Williams’ accounts to the Police. The public would like to know, for example why the Police has not publicly declared NPA managing director Bill Twehway as a person of interest given what has been disclosed about his links to the deceased.

Based on observations gathered by our reporter it appears that there was nothing in the house of the deceased that indicated or show any signs of struggle in the house including his own bedroom. Going by this, it appears unclear that the crime did not occur inside the house nor in his room.

Further, a female friend was reported to have been with Nyesua in his room but just who she remains unknown but her testimony could prove crucial in this case. The name of UL Veep, Norris Tweah, was also mentioned in Teakon Williams’ account to the Police according to the FrontPage Africa story.

It still remains unclear, at this stage, whether and breakthroughs have been made in the investigation, given public apprehensions about the bungled handling of the crime scene on Broad Street, where the dead bodies of two individuals, both employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), were discovered in a vehicle parked opposite the Catholic Cathedral on Broad Street.

As regards motives for the killing of auditor Nyesua, sources have told this newspaper that the NPA audits had been completed and revealed that funds generated from the Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) scheme were not going into the Government of Liberia’s consolidated accounts. The CTN was introduced and imposed by the NPA.

Under the arrangement, according to sources, a fee of US$180 is levied on each container that is imported into the country. NPA management collects this amount for forward deposits into Government of Liberia consolidated accounts.

This is in theory. But in practice, it is different. The money simply disappears into a sinkhole. And Nyeswa, according to sources, had probed the matter and had uncovered some damning information allegedly suggesting links to President Weah.

Sources have told this newspaper that there is a growing perception in the international community that the Weah led government is becoming a rogue government and may become a pariah state.  The Liberian economy, crippled by rising foreign debt is in tatters with signs of recovery appearing increasingly dim.

A former IMF/World Bank official has told this newspaper that there are rising fears in international circles that the Liberian economy could implode with devastating consequences for stability and security in the subregion especially in the Mano River Basin countries, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and La Cote d’Ivoire.

Several factors, one of which could hasten the process according to the former official is the prospect of hyperinflation likely to be induced by the infusion of billions of Liberian dollar banknotes into the market.  Already there are signs that inflation is rising as the Liberian dollar continues to depreciate against the United States dollar.

Another factor is what appears to be very poor and corrupt handling of the electoral process by the National Elections Commission (NEC). The just ended Voters Roll Update (VRU) process has been marred by a host of irregularities ranging from Voter trucking, multiple registration, including registration of minors and foreigners.

Lest it be forgotten, the full impact of the deaths of these promising young Liberians is yet to be felt. Failure on the part of this government to bring perpetrators of the gruesome crimes to justice will send a clear signal to all and sundry that the Government of Liberia is incapable of protecting the life, liberty, dignity and rights of the people.  

This government is once again urged to reflect on the past, on how we as a nation have got to where we are. History provides more than adequate lessons from which this current leadership should take guidance. But no! They are disdainful of every good advice and their inordinate greed could prove to be their very undoing.

And this is what appears to be unfolding before our eyes with the serial killings of senior government auditors and the growing exposure of those involved in the planning and murder of the officials.

The nation, the public expects that President Weah will act with firmness and dispatch and bring the killers of the LRA/IAA quartet to justice without delay.


  1. Indeed, the killers should be brought to justice. Therefore, Daily Observer should have an open mind instead of going full throttle with speculations blaming government like it did in the murder of broadcast journalist Trayon Browne. Despite a coordinated misinformation campaign that government sanctioned killings of the dead to cover-up corruption they uncovered, no evidence exists for the four murders to arrive at that conclusion. Regarding motive, this administration has more to lose than gain, and let’s look at reasons as follows:

    First, political suicide two months prior to a senatorial election seen as test run for 2023 presidential and general elections. Second, the authorities can’t afford creating a climate of fear in a capital city they’ve been gradually lighting up to also augment public safety ends. Third, reasonable people would wonder at the absurdity of a government which cannot meet a huge payroll scaring off LRA revenue collectors. Fourth, GMW won’t risk probability of economic sanctions against his government. Fifth, the two most senior murdered auditors are from his Kru tribe.
    Sixth, that he reached out to the U.S embassy for help in solving these murders, underscores his innocence. (Please, let the police do its work).

    • Book man. Y’all keep supporting nonsense. Maybe, you just celebrated your first birthday and are still innocent of what this regime is capable of doing. I can understand though, as talking against this regime and what it may cook up for just anyone. We inside anyway. Police do its work my foot. I hope the police too know better as to what this country is running into.
      Wicked and evil so-called rulers preying on their own people.

  2. Sylvester, I chose to respond to you because your piece portrays a pensive mind but, considering publicly known facts and pattern spanning an 8 day period, your opinion on these events is bias either by being ignorant or broody. Consider just a couple of these publicly known facts:

    1. Colleagues found lifeless in a parked vehicle on BROAD Street.You tell me if I’m wrong, but either of two scenarios could have contributed to their death, suffocation from carbon monoxide or murder, because both would not have suffered coincidental deaths at the same time due to sex. More besides, people rarely die from sexual intercourse.

    With carbon monoxide death, only two things would have been possible at their death, either the vehicle would be off and out of gas or the engine still running when the vehicle was still discovered. From the video, however, the vehicle did not appear to run out of gas, only the battery died.

    With murder, it’s possible that they were murdered and staged in that vehicle on Broad street, giving also that someone said that they saw a fat man exiting the vehicle with a cap and another vehicle picking him up.
    2. With IAA boss’s death, do you think he walked out of that barricaded backdoor in the middle of the night to his death, and for what? If you have seen photos of his deep lacerations, one to his head and two to his right collar boons, do they match wounds resulting from a one story building fall?

    The facts herein do not implicate the Government of Liberia or its president. However, it is possible, just possible, that a member of the government could have orchestrated one or more of these atrocities unknown to the president just as the possibility exists that someone else could have done it. The only known facts are these: someone or some people did murder them.

    Who did, we don’t know, but the circumstances surrounding their deaths do not exonerate anyone until a thorough and independent investigation is carried out, not by the State, though.

  3. Amos,
    It’s a pleasure to get in touch. Your comment has raised some interesting issues. If you could, I will appreciate it if you could answer a few questions.

    (1). Why do you think it is improper for the government of Liberia to investigate the deaths of the recently fallen middle-level Liberians?

    (2). Using your words “coincidental death”… you think it is impossible in a real life situation for two people to die a coincidental death? Why? Why not?

    (3). Amos, please do not get the impression that I am uninterested in an in-depth investigation. Neither should you think that I am in a stupid defense mode. But I have to ask this question because in my view, it is equally important.

    What happens if a foreign entity carries out the investigation and the investigation turns out to to be inconclusive? And finally,

    (4). You state that someone who was in the area saw a fat person who wore a cap. Do you think that the particular individual who saw the transfer of the dead bodies a reliable person?
    Caution: Some Liberian people are chronic liars.

    • I will respond to only a couple of your questions due to both relevance and time:

      a. Many Liberians do not trust the Government’s handling of past cases including deaths. Additionally, some are accusing members of the Government in these recent murders. For these reasons coupled with the indisputable fact that the Liberian police are ill-trained and ill-equipped to handle such crimes, even as demonstrated by their contamination of the very crime scene on Broad street, there’s no doubt a necessity for an independent body to investigate.

      b. Coincidental deaths of two is possible but not likely in this case. When did you ever read that a couple died in the same bed or car on natural causes? One example would suffice.

      Look brother, this issue is not philosophical a involves human lives, it involves brutal deaths of fathers, sons, daughter, wife, mother and husband s of people. This could have been you or me or yet our relatives.

      Needless I say, these mysterious deaths are scarring the image of the Government in particular and our country at large. Do I need repeat the abysmal ramifications?

  4. Amos,

    Thanks very much for responding to some of the questions I asked. Sadly, fingers are being pointed. Some commenters have reached an unsubstantiated conclusion already. The commenters, possibly hardcore critics of Weah, believe that no one else could have encouraged or authorized the senseless killings without the knowledge of Weah and his henchmen.

    So far, I think Weah has done the right thing by involving the US in the investigative process. Like you, I am fully aware of the fact that the Liberian people are not as equipped as the US. But I think the Liberian detectives (if we have detectives) should work alongside the US because of the experience.

    There could be a number of situations where two people could have died under a mysterious circumstance in a car. But, I am not aware of any off hand. However, there are coincidental deaths I am aware of that occurred under a mysterious situation. Please note, I am not accusing you as a finger-pointer!

    The bottom line as I see it, is this; instead of pointing fingers at Weah or his henchmen, the critics and supporters of Weah alike should wait until the investigation concludes. It’s my hope and prayer that the culprit (s) will eventually be brought to justice.

    • Well said.
      My only hope is that an investigation is done involving a neutral party that will work alongside local police. Reports should be made available to the general public, unlike other past investigations. The sooner the better, because this issue has beclouded every other major issue facing our mama Liberia.


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