Bring Criminal Charges Against Augustine Nagbe, Aka General Power


Just when did Augustine Nagbe, otherwise known as ‘general Power’, become the trustee and guardian of the Kru people? And what gives him the temerity to openly declare on radio that he is forming a Kru Defense Force to, as he put it, to defend his Kru President, George Weah and the Kru people of Liberia? But just when did the Kru people come under attack from non-Kru Liberians, such that this common criminal would dare to openly threaten to form an armed group, in blatant violation of the Accra Comprehensive Peace Accords?

To the best of available information, this so-called ‘general Power’ was conscripted into the AFL as a volunteer in 1990 during the height of the civil war. The AFL volunteers were made up mainly of lumpen elements recruited from the slums of Monrovia, especially from the Township of West Point, from where Power hails. Later he would defect to Prince Johnson’s Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL) and then later to the Taylor-led National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL).

During the TRC hearings in Monrovia, a woman from West Point told the TRC under oath that ‘General Power’ forced her at gun point to eat a large can of feces. He is accordingly listed in the TRC report as a perpetrator of gross human rights abuses.

Since the election of President Sirleaf in 2005, Power and other ex-generals, including Momo Geebah, had been receiving regular monthly payments from the National Security Agency (NSA) according to well placed sources. It is from this pool of unsavory elements, according to sources, that hitmen were allegedly recruited to carry out attacks against perceived enemies.

Since the election of President George Weah, these unsavory elements have emerged from the shadows and have become so emboldened that they, at one point, held a press conference in Monrovia and issued open threats of arrest against Montserrado County District #8 Representative Yekeh Kolubah. But, faced by mounting public criticism for their actions, they shortly thereafter stormed the grounds of the Temple of Justice in a Ministry of State vehicle sending party litigants, lawyers and by-standers running helter- skelter.

More recently, this ragtag ‘general Power’ has been involved in brutally suppressing student protest demonstrations around Monrovia, He has been captured on video shots and he can be seen actively commanding Police officers although he is not known to have been recruited into the ranks of the Liberia National Police (LNP). Additionally, other criminal minded elements including an ex-US service man known as Zoely Zoe, have appeared on social media threatening to kill would-be December 30 protesters. These individuals, according to sources, are supported directly by Minister of State Nathaniel McGill.

The Daily Observer has often reminded President Weah to rein in these elements because, in the final analysis, he will have to take blame for their actions. Power and his likes proved unable to defend and keep President Doe in power neither were they able to protect and defend Taylor. At the end Taylor was forced to step down and go into exile, He was later tried and convicted of war crimes and today sits uncomfortably in a British jail where he will languish for years to come.

In this regard, this newspaper reminds Power and others in their proposed organization that his utterances will be sure to draw the attention of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The fact that his (Power’s) open remarks have not drawn rebuke from the government tends to suggest that it is in full agreement with the actions of these men and it underscores the urgent need to establish the War and Economic Crimes Court for Liberia.

As the clock ticks towards the December 30 protest, there are growing concerns that the outcomes may be violent with unknown consequences for protesters and the government as well. Against the backdrop of extreme economic hardships currently being experienced, tempers and nerves could become easily frayed and provoke response to any incident of violence against protesters. In this regard, President Weah must act swiftly to distance himself and his government from Power’s threats to organize a Kru Defense Force.

Perhaps, this ragtag, so-called ‘general’ needs to be reminded that President Weah is not leader of a Kru nation; rather, he is leader of all 16 ethnic groups of Liberia. The entire Kru population of Liberia put together would never have earned the required votes to single-handedly Make Weah President of Liberia.

Accordingly, it is the considered view of this newspaper that Power is inciting ethnic hatred, which should not be countenanced by this government.

Equally so, is the Freedom FM, whose hate messages and inciteful rhetoric have continued unabated. This needs to stop or be stopped forthwith. Those who seek to reverse the gains of peace and return the nation to its bloody past in a desperate attempt to cling on to the reins or power must be stopped at all cost for the future of this nation.

It is the considered view of this newspaper, that Power should be made to face criminal charges for inciting ethnic hatred. This recent outburst by this self-styled general warrants his appearance before a court of competent jurisdiction to face criminal charges.


  1. I wonder why Mr. Egune Farghon has not commented on this yet or explained to the Liberian people if such statement constitute charges hence leading to prosecution because it’s totally destructive and unhealthy for Liberia peaceful environment she now enjoy. As long as the freedom FM radio station is running propaganda in favor of the Weah led administration, they have the green light to say whatever they want regardless of its content or context. This was the sole purpose of establishing the radio station to counteract the Roots FM daily broadcast and since the government succeeded to paralyzed Roots FM, Freedom FM will do just what they please and this government will never see the wrong as bad. If president Weah thinks these self decleared generals will defend him to dictatorship in Liberia, I think he’s being misled.

    • Eugene Fargon will not respond simply because, General Power’s hateful comments were sanctioned by the Weah;s Government, under the direction of Minister Micgill. Remember, these common criminals are on Government of Liberia’s payroll and are assigned vehicles from the office of the Minister of State. President Weal is fully aware of the operations of these red-tag groups. These lawless group of criminals do not understand civility. Liberians must rise against these criminal elements parading as leaders of our Nation.

  2. This editorial should’ve pointed out that the Kru people are so diverse, individualistic, and one of the most informed that no one person can talk on their behalf. Conversely, why give credence and lambast statements of individuals that defend a besieged government after maintaining deafening silence regarding terroristic threats of former Rebel Rep. Yekeh Kolubah who railed about going “militant” to the Capitol building and ambushing presidential motorcades, or, for that matter, the threats of Henry Costa about “buying guns for old rebels to kill on his orders” and bring down GMW should anyone touch his radio station? Bloody hypocrisy.

    Frankly, hostile media types had since February 2018 pivoted an anti-establishment stance, and, unfortunately, few unenforced errors by government in handling recovery of a bequeathed bleeding economy helped them in radicalizing opposition parties and a good number of the 48% that didn’t vote for GMW. Therefore, concerned citizens who see a deja vu in how some newspapers of the mid-1980’s flattered and emboldened Qwinwonkpa are correct to be worried. But more worrisome, allegedly, covert operators are funding unscrupulous journalists and have taken over Henry Costa and his CPP sidekick Dillon.

    Perhaps, a hook-up with Prof Dr Neils Hahn’s consequential article “U.S Covert and Overt Operations in Liberia 1970s to 2003” will convince my countrymen about the gravity of the crisis confronting our nation. And as someone familiar with the naïveté, bravado, and cluelessness of some among our praetorian guards, I urge that the Legislature should quickly resolve disagreements over infusion of new local currency to checkmate further blood loss of an inherited bleeding economy. For if prognosis of the grapevine sounds right that Liberia will be a target of foreign covert active measures, the earlier countermeasures are taken the better. (To be forewarned, is to be forearmed).

  3. What happened to: the Congor Defense Force (CDF)? , The Lofa Defense Force (LDF)?, The Mandingo-Krahn Defense Force? (LURD/MODEL, LPC, ULIMO J, ULIMO K)? The Amos Sawyer Defense Force (the Black Berets headed By John H.T. Stewart Jr. Anthony Kessely? The Gio Defense Force headed By Kerper Dwayen, or the Gio-Manoh Defense Force ? Or the TWP Defense Force aka National Patriotic Force which invaded Liberia on November 12, 1985 led Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Harry A. Greaves Sr, Harry A. Greaves Jr. Archie Williams, CL Simpson Jr., with H. Boima Fahnbulleh Jr.Tom Kamara, James Fromoyan, as hired foot soldiers?

    • Mr. Siboe Doe , what happened to the other name , Mae Moore ? Left FPA as Siboe Doe because of the heat and no longer can defend George, now to the Observer as Marx Muhammad ? A Kru man Muhammad ? You are sick. Very sick.

  4. James Davis

    You are “Very sick” for forgetting your frivolous anti-Kru rant on Daily Observer in a story about Information Minister Hon. Eugene Nagbe. Do you remember saying that “there was peace in Heaven until the Krus got there”, a reference to a sarcasm of your forebears because the Krus resisted oppression, suppression, and dispossession? Of course, that rationale informs why duly-elected Rep. Hon Dhi Dwo Tweh was expelled from the Legislature for reporting ethnic cleansing of Southeastern tribes via Fernando Po under guise of migrant work by the illegitimate, corrupt, and dictatorial King government.

    Like I said elsewhere on General Power, the Krus were a well-traveled seafaring people long before our nation-founding fathers furthered onto Cape Montserrado in 1820 from Sherbro Island in Sierra Leone due to deadly mosquitos and especially violent reactions of natives. And if you knew your history would’ve known that a Kru Chief – controlling waterways around the area now Bushrod Island – was the first to welcome them as brothers. Put another way, no one person speaks on behalf of an ethnic group as individualistic and liberty-conscious as the Kru people.

    Nonetheless, the stupid suggestion here that General Power should be taken to court for his statement after an unprofessional media space, allegedly funded by foreign spies, supports terroristic threats of former Rebel Rep. Yekeh Kolubah and Henry Costa is utter rubbish. It reminds of how media practitioners readily flattered and pushed Qwinwonkpa, but escaped before the genocide. And if the past prologue should be taking to their heels again when foreign spies directing Henry Costa and his COP/CPP pal Darius Dillon, like they did vis-a-vis the rice riots, causes another instability.

    One thing I admire about foreign aggression spy organizations center on the truism that most of us Liberians are so dumb, corrupt, selfish, and unpatriotic that all you need to do boils down to giving us between USD $15,000 and USD $25, 000 plus visas for our dependents and we will betray our people and country. Ironically, only in Liberia they know the demonic strategy works over and over again. God have mercy on our greedy, grasping, “go fund” my bloody hands: Nonsense!

  5. One more thing, the hysteria over defensive declarations of US Army veteran Zoey and General Power driven by Siamese twins FPA and Daily Observer tellingly denotes one thing:

    AFL, most likely, will remain neutral should there be confrontation with violent 30 “Step Down” protestors. So, any indication that apart from a probably unpaid LNP, lacking morale, there might be outside resistance to an insurgency being propagandized as a protest-cum-uprising must be discouraged and suppressed. Not surprisingly, known and unknown legislators sympathetic to the Henry Costa- led CPP’s regime change agenda have rejected infusion of Liberian dollars to help stabilize the money supply thus de-escalating anger and political discontent – April 14, 1979 here we come again.

    Well, anyone who’s dissatisfied with the current government should vote against it come 2023. That will be in abeyance to rule of law enshrined in the constitution; needless to say, we don’t see Americans going outside theirs to change Trump!

    But taking this foreign covert aggression-directed route has unforeseen consequences. As for some corrupt journalists (allegedly rolling in blood money circuitously-funded by racist foreign spies that love to assist our suicidal tendencies as further proof that we are unthinking brutal savages) should stop this malicious undertaking morphing into madness. Question: can’t they make money without a Faustian bargain with wicked people whose hatred for our kind is an open secret?

    • As I read your beautiful essay, I could not resist the urge to congratulate you, Mr. Moses. Your decision to defend your kind, is understandable, as any well-meaning folk would have chosen this path, provided that the regime been discussed, has an ounce of integrity. Your uncontrolled exhibition of support for a criminal cartel, that has unremorsefully reduced our beloved nation to a dungeon of poverty, is pathetic, disgraceful, unpatriotic, and terribly destructive. Mr. Moses, I have chosen to engage in is conversation, because my mother-land is been discussed. As per my simple comprehension of your ill-advised deliberation, I would have preferred to remain silent. Before I disengage, please be reminded that you will be hearing from our people, soon! Good bye, Mr. Moses.


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