Borrowing from US President Donald Trump’s Playbook?


From what it appears, the Montserrado County incumbent, Senator Darius Dillon has inflicted a massive defeat against the ruling CDC candidate, Montserrado County District #5 Representative, Thomas Fallah.

President George Weah’s expressed determination to ensure victory in his declared strong-hold, Montserrado County, appears untenable despite having urged his supporters to go all out to ensure the desired victory.

His exhortations appeared to have sent his party executives into overdrive. The preferred method of winning hearts and minds, it seemed, was to spend tons of cash to woo or buy Voters’ Registration cards to ensure the victory.

Well, prior to the elections, Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah had at a program, declared that George Weah will be President forever. Later he would up the ante, declaring that Liberians ought to make President Weah what he called a “BENEVOLENT DICTATOR”.

But from what it seems, the grandstanding and stentorian boasts of Minister Tweah have come to naught, leaving President Weah greatly embarrassed.

These are the individuals who, according to insider sources, have the ears of the President. It can be recalled that sometime ago, McGill had even declared himself THE LEADER of Liberia.

His utterances were widely and largely interpreted to mean that he was/is the actual power behind the throne, the real mover and shaker.

Sources say that the very arrogant manner in which he (McGill), on radio, declared the referendum would go ahead even if the Supreme Court had placed a stay on the conduct of such referendum, conveyed the impression that he had the final say, not President Weah.

Further, according to sources, his utterances lent credence to widely held public suspicions and opinion that McGill had effectively reduced President Weah to a mere figure head and virtually ascribed unto himself extraordinary powers.

But now, it appears that prospects of staring defeat in the face are proving much, too much to bear. And as if to save face or provide consolation to the CDC, FREEDOM FM, commonly called “Radio Kigali” has been broadcasting results indicating that the CDC candidate Thomas Fallah has won the Montserrado seat rather than Darius Dillon.

This radio station has maintained such broadcasts even though it is clear that initial results show that Dillon has won the vote by an overwhelming margin. It has since been urging CDC supporters to converge at the party’s Congo Town headquarters for a victory celebration.

But reports suggest that despite the hype, just a mere handful of supporters could be seen at the ruling party’s headquarters on yesterday, December 10, 2020, suggesting that much of the party’s faithful remain unconvinced of the claims of a CDC victory being reported on FREEDOM FM.

In face of these rather shocking developments showing that the CDC is losing not only in Montserrado but in nearly all the counties, President Weah should step back and reflect deeply.

According to political observers and a former CDC official (name withheld), President Weah should, by now, be aware of the hypocrisy and deceit, doses of which he has been fed daily by the likes of Tweah, McGill and others, including members of the CDC ruling council.

According to the former CDC official, McGill has failed to deliver victory in Gbarpolu, while Tweah has failed to deliver victory in Montserrado, despite the boasts and tons of cash he is reported to have spent.

Overall, according to political observers, CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu has failed and must accept responsibility for the party’s failure.

Thus, according to them, this defeat should provide a perfect and opportune moment for President Weah to reflect and introspect for he still has time left (3 years) to make changes and turn things around for the better.

But time will not wait. The economy under the watch of Samuel Tweah has continued on a downward slide amid rising fears of an economic implosion.

In this regard, Dillon’s victory according to observers can be seen as a rejection of President Weah’s fiscal policies and management of the economy.

If Tweah, after three (3) years in charge of fiscal policy has not been able to reverse the slide, it is doubtful whether he can do so in the next three years, according to a retired Ministry of Finance official (name withheld).

But whether President Weah can muster the courage to effect the needed changes, is the haunting question. Can he really part company with these individuals, especially given the power and wealth which they have amassed unto themselves that could embolden them to challenge him?

Answers to such concerns may, however, be short in coming. For now, all attention is riveted on the National Elections Commission (NEC). Final total count could be delayed until results come from those areas holding late elections. 

For now, only partial final results may be announced.

Just how the effects of such an announcement will impact the final vote outcomes remains unclear and, there is growing public suspicion that the Commissioner in charge of the NEC database, Floyd Sayor, may attempt to manipulate the data in favor of the CDC.

It can be recalled that Floyd Sayor was at the center of allegations of fraud in the District 17 representative elections during the vote count. He was investigated and found guilty. Public fears that he may once again attempt to manipulate the vote count cannot be ruled out altogether.

For now, the entire nation appears to be virtually on tenterhooks awaiting the final outcome and the official NEC announcement confirming the final results. But challenges cannot be ruled out.

The Supreme Court, whose stay order was ignored, may likely find itself faced with a plethora of legal challenges from the ruling CDC. The question is whether will President Weah concede.

Borrowing from US President Donald Trump’s playbook could appear appealing and cannot be overruled. In his popular piece, House of Exile, Jamaican reggae artist Jimmy Cliff says “a drowning man would clutch at a straw.” And he further continues, “you were warned but you didn’t pay heed”.


  1. I REPOST!

    George Weah’s entourage is a pack of diabolical and malevolent cunning individuals. The CDC Inquisition (some ill intent members of the CDC) successfully succeeded in ruining Weah’s reputation and destroying the nation at large, adding further complexity to the poverty equation Liberians are trying to solve. The CDC inquisition promotes elitism, arrogance, ignorance, vice, you name it and will not hesitate to commit murder to achieve their egotistic goals. Liberians are oppressed and repressed in their own homeland.

    We the people, are tired of the popular decline in governance, broad spectrum marginalization in our own country, hence the sum of driving forces acting against the current regime, which highlights the overwhelming support enjoyed by candidate Dillon and other opposition figures running for the Senate. Liberians want to revise and overhaul the decision making processes in government. This serves as a handwriting on the wall, and marks the accumulation of the people’s resentment against the suppression we we endue at the hands of the CDC Inquisitors.

    And no, I did not vote and am not a Dillon supporter ( neither am I affiliated with any party ) and guess what, if Dillon et al of the opposition get elected, we will watch them and criticize them for their wrong actions no less than we are criticizing the Inquisition right now! Dillon et al , if you are reading this, the people are watching you ! If elected (as is becoming increasingly obvious by figures from many other media outlets) any misstep will not be forgiven.

    What are the implications for the Weah led regime ? Liberians are demanding a political transformation. Throw all the bad apples out of the basket, repent! Liberians will forgive you! At the end of the day, its your reputation, Weah, that’s being ruined! Tweah, McGill and the bunch of other Inquisitors, will no longer be there to protect and support you. Thread carefully Weah! These guys are not acting in the best interest of the country!


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