Beware the Politics of Opportunism


Political opportunism, of its many interpretations, can be interpreted as the tendency to make political capital out of situations with the main aim being that of gaining more influence whenever such opportunities occur. It is also the practice of abandoning or compromising important political principles that were previously held, in the process of trying to increase one’s political power and influence. Lastly, it is aiming to increase one’s political influence at any price or seizing any opportunity to extend political influence whenever such opportunities arise.

Such is the case of CDC Chairman Mulbah and CDC Representative Acarous Gray. Both men showed up at the confirmation hearings for the new Commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC). In an arrogant display of power, both men queried those opposed to Nwabudike’s confirmation as hypocrites for daring to challenge a Nigerian fraudster posing as a Liberian and almost desperately seeking to occupy the post of Chairman of NEC, a position exclusively reserved for Liberian citizens.

The CDC officials insisting that their man (Nwabudike) be confirmed justified their demands by making blatantly false statements to the effect that, Liberia’s fifth President, Edward James Roye, was a Nigerian and, because he served as Liberia’s President without challenge to his nationality, Nwabudike should therefore be confirmed to serve in that stead to which he had been nominated by President Weah.

Acarous Gray and Mulbah Morlu further maintained that they saw no reason for the hauling and pulling over the question of Nwabudike’s nationality and his legal competence to serve as Chairman of NEC, adding that outgoing NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoya is a foreign national (US citizen), who voted in the 2008 US elections but was yet allowed to serve.

And therefore, by their faulty reasoning, they believe that Nwabudike, who has since failed to produce his naturalization papers but claimed he applied for and was granted Liberian citizenship at age seventeen (17), ought to be confirmed. By making such spurious and outlandish claims, they conveyed a distinct impression of their true character as poltroons, chicken-hearted individuals desperately seeking to ingratiate themselves into the good favors of President Weah, with whom they had fallen out recently, for bad-mouthing him.

Gray, it can be recalled, was reportedly stopped/prevented by a Presidential protocol officer from seeing President Weah. Morlu was also reportedly in “bad books” with President Weah. And his rambling about President Weah’s alleged excesses which went viral on social media provided more than enough reason for President Weah to shut him down. But it was not to be as Weah, in an unexpected twist, described Morlu’s rants as drunken talk.

But back to the issue, this newspaper recalls that as far back as 2014, questions were being raised in the public about the integrity of the then NEC Chairman (Jerome Korkoya) to preside over the conduct of free, fair and transparent elections. Well before the 2017 elections, Korkoya had been in the crosshairs of adverse public opinion owing to his foreign nationality, his integrity, as well as his legal competence to preside over the elections.

At the time all those issues were being raised in the public, the likes of Morlu and Gray, kept their lips sealed, never ever once coming down on Korkoyah for his missteps and corrupt handling of the electoral process. Virtually on the eve of the 2017 elections, for instance, Korkoya led a team of elections magistrates and other NEC officers to visit President Sirleaf at her home, ostensibly to discuss elections matters. A high ranked member of her Executive Mansion staff was caught red-handed with voting materials in his home, but nothing came out of that case.

And while other political parties were raising challenges to Korkoya, Mulbah Morlu and his CDC remained mute, not ever daring to vouch any opinion on Korkoya’s missteps and, despite numerous charges the public proffered against him for the poor manner in which he was superintending the process, Morlu and others kept their lips shut and sealed. But by making such charges, Morlu and Gray are by implication insinuating that the elections that brought George Weah to power were fraudulent because a compromised Voters’ roll was used and more importantly because Korkoya was legally incompetent to preside over the conduct of the elections.

Such wanton and reckless disregard for truth has really exposed the true characters of Morlu and Gray, both of who, according to reports are desperately seeking to curry favors with President Weah by putting on a show of pretense. This has left the public wondering as well as asking just when did Morlu and Gray get religion? What they apparently seem not to realize is that as a result of their rambling that went viral on social media, they have since been drawn into the crosshairs of President Weah’s wrath. It is perhaps now only a matter of time when they will encounter a reality check. It is when they will realize that political opportunism is dangerous and can be as deadly as the Coronavirus.


  1. 2023 is generally stolen. The appointed commissioners are all stooges to Gray, Koijee, Morlu, Tweah, and McGill. These fellows are sucking the last doze of greed and corruption that will destroy Weah, an equally corrupt person.

  2. Nothing you said here makes sense Mr. Editor, especially when you mentioned here about ”Morlu and Gray are by implication insinuating that the elections that brought George Weah to power were fraudulent because …’….” when George Weah and Charles Taylor are the only people in Liberian history to have truly won a presidential election in Liberia. Another displayed stupidity on your part is attributing ”arrogant power of display” to certain politicians participating in such political arena, as if you are ignorant to what happens in the STRUGGLE FOR POWER.

    In short, you sound lackadaisical and extremely flippant as FPA which is there naming people for the ”next pick” to be nominated , and NONE of whom no responsible government would nominate. I would not be surprise to see that such as you would name Kabineh Janeh to go and display his ”abuse of discretion”again to fill his pockets.

  3. I know a little bit about political opportunism and, as a matter of fact, the opportunistic nature of human beings. The portfolio-totting politicians in and around Monrovia, and a good number of them in the diaspora seeking fat government jobs, have figured out long ago that George Weah pays a hefty sum to the sycophants around him. They know that sycophancy or playing the eyes servant is the name of the game in order to be awarded a special favor from President Weah. This is for the masculine gender.

    As for the feminine gender, it is a different ball game. SAD! And, by the way, what is the criteria and/or prerequisite for the position of Chairmanship of the NEC, a law degree?

  4. Morlu and Gray were defending party positions which is normal as was the case of Donald Trump impeachment trial in the Senate. The historical justification for an Edwin Roye presidency who was a Nigerian vs an election commission chairman- designate who also was a Nigerian was a fair argument which does not fit within the context of opportunism.
    Broader scopes of commentaries should be context focused of national debates and not the kind of personal attacks displayed by this article


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