“Be Thou Diligent to Know the State of Thy Flocks, and Look Well to Thy Herds”


The January 6th protest is now history. Its fallout effects remain yet unclear. However, from the look of things, neither side appeared to have balked, although the protesters ran helter-skelter, having been forced to abandon the protest after state security forces moved in firing teargas and bursts of hot water from its water cannon truck. Speculations are however rife that President Weah will address concerns raised by protest organizers in his State of the Nation address later this month.

A major public concern is that of corruption — that is runaway official corruption, and the apparent failure of this government to keep it in check. During his inaugural address on January 22, 2018, President George Weah, just like his predecessor, pledged to treat corruption as a major public enemy declaring that under his leadership those found engaged in acts of corruption will face the full weight of the law. His predecessor failed and corruption thrived under her.

Having served as Senator for a period of two years prior to being elected as President, George Weah must have or developed clear perspectives on the ills of the country especially corruption which he should have been aware was a major public concern. Almost incessant street protests mounted by his party zealots highlighted corruption under the Sirleaf government was the main driver of those protests.

Since assuming office, corruption, rather than being the number one enemy he pledged to battle against, President appears to have turned a blind eye to corruption. His officials, simply by virtue of their ostentatious lifestyles, are largely perceived as corrupt individuals bleeding the country dry — amongst them legislators who are on record for approving or passing into law bogus concession agreements. The Moore-Stevens report, for example, pointed out that 64 out of 66 concession agreements passed into law during the tenure of President Sirleaf were bogus and flawed, in other words, illegal.

But even as corrupt as the Sirleaf government was, the current President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate, who was a serving official in her government was dismissed on corruption charges. Since becoming President Pro Tempore of the Senate, he has overseen the passage into law of another bogus agreement with a shadowy company called Hummingbird Resources. He is said to own a 15 percent share in the company.

When queried by the Daily Observer on this matter sometime ago, Senator Chie could neither confirm nor deny the report, but he did retort that even if were it true it would not be a bad thing. The concession agreement grants Hummingbird Resources exploration and exploitation rights to virtually the entire mineral rich(gold, coltan, bauxite, iron ore, etc) southeast Liberia, the poorest region in the country, in return for a pittance to Liberia.

Currently, according to reports carried in the January 9, 2020 edition of the FrontPage Africa newspaper, Senator Chie is on the move again, and this time it involves the sale of oil blocks under what is referred to as the 2014 Petroleum Law.

However, investigations conducted by the Daily Observer show that the negotiations were done outside the framework of the 2002 New Petroleum Law passed into law during the presidency of Charles Taylor. The evidence shows that the law had not been amended prior to the conclusion of negotiations of the ExxonMobil concession agreement and it provided for 10 percent Liberian participation, in addition to a Government of Liberia 20 percent equity in any oil concession, which according to experts in the industry was good for Liberia.

All those provisions of the 2002 New Petroleum Law were circumvented for ulterior motives ostensibly influenced by the US$50 million paid to NOCAL by ExxonMobil and from which huge bonuses (bribes) were paid to officials involved in the negotiations. Against this backdrop, analysts suggest that the public announcement of bids for the sale of oil blocks is simply to induce the public into believing that the their economic woes may be coming to an end with the sale of petroleum blocks.

But far from it, with Senator Chie exercising undue influence over the Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Agency (LPRA) is for self-interest and nothing more. Just what do Senator Chie and their likes want? Has enough blood not been spilled already? He and his like have bled and continue to bleed the nation dry with impunity and without regard for the future of millions of Liberians.

The Scriptures in James 5: 1-7 reminds all and sundry:

“Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. (2) Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth eaten. (3) Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. (4) Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. (5) Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter. (6) Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you. (7) Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receives the early and latter rain”.

Truth be told, a day of reckoning is sure to come, Senator Chie and colleagues. This is a Caveat!

And to President Weah, the Scripture in Proverbs 27:23 says: “Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds”. So heed not these words at your peril, Mr. President!


  1. “Throw the rock and hide the hand”, thou perpetual praise-singers of profitable confusing, commotion, and conflict.

    • How else did Mr. Baghdad Moses, our erstwhile NSA Exterminator-in-Chief expect this well written and balanced reportage/editorial to have been written? This editorial did not only cover the excesses of this useless government as the case may be, but its immediate predecessors as well in a well balanced and even-handed fashion, quite in consonance with best journalistic practice. Or is Baghdad Moses telling us Mr. Weah’s misrule of Liberia is beyond criticism? This pay to troll mission by Mr. Baghdad Moses and cohorts, must be on steroid in that regard. Another Judas! Did I mention 30 pieces of silver too? You get my drift.

      • The key problem or stupidity on the part of Dempster Yallah under a fake name Hilary Snyder, or particularly John Stewart writing this mess with a biblical headline, is that…

        ( A.) been the followers they have been to their former masters…of their backward fake progressive gang etc. and as they remain to their new masters as Boakai, Urey, etc. they have,

        ( B ) not been able to comprehend that the more they want things to stay as things have always been (for their selfish personal desires and benefits), as happened with their Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joseph Boakai Unity Party corrupt government for twelve years,


        ( D ) neither the seraphims, Cherubims, thrones, powers, dominions, powers, nor principalities, or angels, see any decency or truthfulness in the writings, and actions of these cockroaches and their followers… Dempter Yallah, John Stewart, etc., but rather..and INSTEAD these seraphims, powers, angels, etc..

        ( E ) see duplicity and stupidity in the likes of the writer of this editorial or the likes of this little Dempster Yallah hiding behind a fake name Hilary Snyder.

        These were the same hypocrites who have made former President Sirleaf their life span enemies because Ellen would not accept the request of Joseph Boakai and his gang that she should destroy the choice of the majority by outright vote buying, and ballot box stuffing to have notoriously corrupt and inept Boakai (God forbid) win election.

    • Editor, The Lord will never hold anyone guiltless who uses his name in vain as you are doing here in the aftermath of the failed plot of you haters of the poor! Now you can see that fool Costa furtively trying to negotiate his exit, something he said the President would do when he and his bandits get on the streets.

      In my counter to your headline, I say this to you ..THE HERD OR FLOCK OF THE PRESIDENT hears THE VOICE OF THE PRESIDENT! He knows them! And they follow him!: – John 10:27. Our anointed President George Weah IS A TRUE DISCIPLE OF JESUS!

      After you satanic agents have been defeated, you come here to fight shame with Bible verses.

  2. PSALM 91!!!!!!!…..

    Mr. President, Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night (hypocrites as John H.T. Stewart, Joseph Boakai etc and their plots); nor for the arrow that flieth by day fraudulent and vain headlines as this one by this news outlet);

    Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness (Jerome Verdier,etc, their lies and sickening propaganda); nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday (criminal and stupid protests).

    A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it (ENEMIES OF THE STATE BOAKAI, UREY, ETC.) shall not come nigh thee.

    Mr. Editor and accomplices, “Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.” PSALM 105 15
    REMEMBER! “Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?

  3. The gotcha mentality since Weah’s Inauguration of pay-to-play journalists has brought Liberia closer to where they wanted her: Edge. The UN, ECOWAS, and AU offices saw it coming, and in a February 25, 2019 joint-statement warned against “media messages that promote violence”. Incidentally, a warning that would prove prescient when shortly after violent mobs in Margibi County burnt down a police station, because police allegedly released one suspect in a homicide under investigation.

    By the way, if name-calling and false accusations by John H.T Stewart, Dempster Yallah et al are supposed to cower me into silence, they should forget it. For example, the mid-19th century disinformation gambit “Peace was in heaven until Kru people got there” recently repeated by rabble rouser James Davis didn’t stop them from resisting oppression. It informs Dhi Tweh’s opposition to ethnic cleansing by King & CO, so, if the tactic didn’t work with my great-grandparents, why would it fly with me in the 21st century.

    We Liberians must be patient with democracy. Should in case voters believe, in spite of evidence to the contrary, that this government blameworthy for everything, let them show displeasure at the ballot box in 2020 and 2023. But ganging up on a leadership intentionally and criminally left a mess by supposedly best and brightest – who went on an orgy of rape and waste of resources for 12 years – is irrational. Needless to say, praise-singing on behalf of revenue-killing protests amid hardships is blatant idiocy.


    Anytime, lads.

    • By this claptrap are you insinuating Hilary Snyder is the same as John Stewart and Dempster Yallah? Such lousy detective work! It demonstrates how we surely wasted meager resources on you for all the years you hoodwinked us as our spy chief. No wonder you up the ante to exterminator-in-chief to impress your dim-witted boss as a loyalist, just as you are at it again with this other semi-literate one. But the day of reckoning is nigh at hand my friend, for lack of a better approximation.

      • Dempster Yallah hiding as Hilary Snyder, I can never claim John Stewart is you or you are John Stewart.

        I know the writing of John Stewart MORE THAN when I knew you when you and your now wife Lucia Massaley Yallah, James Fromyan, and other students at LU lived in the same house in Lakpazee, Airfield Monrovia.

        This is why I used the word PARTICULARLY to your name Dempster Yallah, and also named Gabriel Williams another colleague of yours as a follower who wrote trash about bloodbath.

      • Secondly, Dempster hiding behind this fake name Hilary Snyder, you make a fool out of yourself to perceive that I Freedom to be Blunt I am Sylvester Moses.

        I cannot be, since I have never worked for the Government of Liberia.

        So holding such high post as NSA Director is out of the question.

        I just cannot allow hypocrites and cowardly offenders to walk with impunity.

        Yesterday you were here, and yonder in your silly and incompetent defense for a corrupt Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and corrupt Joseph Boakai corrupt Unity Party Government, but today, you are here prostrating your cowardly and hypocritical stupidity. NO FREE PASS FOR YOU, OKAY?

        • My only response to this other nonsense, since I vowed to not lend credence to anymore of your unending idiocies, is to shove in that empty calabash sitting on your shoulders is the fact that I could never confuse you with Mr. Baghdad Moses. I may have my disagreement with the man based in principles, but I could never mistake him for a irredeemable moron like you. At least the man has two remaining brain cells, one for mischief and one for whatever the survival demand, that compared to your empty skull. Further proof that science has made it possible for some humans to live without brain. You are nothing but a pest with nothing substantive to contribute to these discussions, other than a distraction, or perhaps a kamakazie! So seek your level Mr. kaykay.

          • Corrections:…”calabash sitting on your shoulders is the fact that” ought to be, …the fact that.
            “…other than a distraction, or perhaps a kamakazie! So seek your level Mr. kaykay.
            Ought to be: as a kamakazie.

          • That is the problem with you, DEMPSTER YALLAH. You are a LIAR, A COWARD, A HYPOCRITE, AND A DUMMY.

            That is, but Dempster hiding as Hilary, if you never MADE SUCH MISTAKEN IDENTITY then why you made this response to my reply? …

            By this claptrap are you insinuating Hilary Snyder is the same as John Stewart and Dempster Yallah? Such lousy detective work! It demonstrates how we surely wasted meager resources on you for all the years you hoodwinked us as our spy chief. Dempster Yallah hiding behind the fake name Hilary Snyder.

            Of course, you could have never referred to me as NSA this or that if you did not wrongly perceive me to be Sylvester Moses!

            Well, just know that spotting your one way traffic tantrums is as easy as sipping a cup of tea. That is the problem with you, DEMPSTER YALLAH. You are a LIAR, A COWARD, A HYPOCRITE, AND A DUMMY.

          • Dempster Yallah hiding behind a fake name Hilary Snyder, so referring to others as Baghdad Moses, exterminator in chief, etc. are your contributions to the discussions? Well, you are now exposed . Your usage of the fake name Hilary Snyder is as of now useless.

    • Mr. Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses, your urging that Liberians must be patient with democracy, and your mention of this gotcha mentality typical of people you mention in your comment, have prompted me to comment that this was the very mentality and not been patient with democracy which licensed Charles Taylor and foreign powers to have become EXPLOITERS to our detriment and an embodiment of their cult elite led social change which took our country decades backward.

      It was these same people NOW supporting Benoni Urey, Joseph Boakai, and this foolish boy Costa living in a foreign country, who made Charles Taylor , Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Harry A. Greaves Sr. and Jr. and their foot soldiers within their ACDL to tap into a widespread intuition with particularly Charles Taylor exploiting that intuition by whipping it into frenzied anger, and he and his killers directing most of that anger not at the elites, but at the most marginalized and vulnerable!

      The result was that Charles Taylor became the reductio ad absurdum of a mentality that tasks elites with reforming the very system which has made them, and left others in the dust.



  4. It seems that the protest organizers wanted to make the GOL look bad. The protest organizers did not tell their protesters to go home immediately after the march. Instead, the protesters encamped on the presidential grounds with their cooking utensils, mattresses, etc.
    What would have happened if it rained heavily on them? Or worse yet, God forbid….what if a lightening had struck? Or would have happened if someone got raped? So although I don’t support the use of force, it is understood why the protesters were removed by force.


    • What a byzantine illogic! By the same upside down logic, what if you will hit another person’s vehicle while driving. Driving privilege suspended! What if people will get drunk when they go to parties? All drinking at parties must be banned! What if some screwball will murder his wife at some point? All weddings are banned! What if Liberian government officials will pilfer public resources at some point. Stop the appointment or even the election of public officials. What if the Lone Star will lose a game (no news by the way)? Dissolve the Lone Star! …The inanity could go on and on.

      Except right at this moment before I saw the wisdom in this seeming illogic. Having to do with the ultimate scenario: What if George Weah is not performing to expectation? Remove his azz!!!!

      • Dempster Yallah hiding behind a fake name Hilary Snyder, dont you see the massive developments been made by President Weah throughout the country? Oh the expectation you fools want is appoint fools as you to big big position? NO MORE! NO wonder you are afraid to use your name. You are afraid because if your wife is still working in government, she will be thrown out as a result of your rubbish, and you also want to get a government job, since twelve years is a very long time.

      • Demster Yallah under the fake name Hilary Snyder, stop confusing tantrums for intellectualism. That is, before taking a position, interest, argument, or action, you SHOULD ensure that your contention or argument have met the standards of rightness, or at least, your argument passes the scrutiny of THE GIVEN RULES.

        Or else, you will be giving credence to or suggesting, and even adopting A PRACTICE which if everyone adopted by breaking the rules as you have suggested, THE CONSEQUENCE is bound to be anarchy, disorderliness, and of course, lawlessness.

        Thus, it is THIS PRINCIPLE OF RULES TAKING PRECEDENCE OVER PRACTICE, for which the UN, ECOWAS, and the diplomatic community accredited near and in Monrovia stressed that there is no way they nor the GOL would ever give credence to nor sanction any step down protest of the president who has been elected for a six years term.

        So, Yallah faking as Snyder, your position or argument that What if George Weah is not performing to expectation? Remove his azz!!!!, DOES NOT MEET THE STANDARDS OF RIGHTNESS, THE DICTATES OF SANITY, the compelling principles of rules, the fact that rules must override practice, added to the reality and the fact that the upholding of rules is fundamental to the ethos of A CIVILIZED polity, nation, or society.

  5. Although not yet official, it’s being rumored that another protest march in Liberia, or especially in Monrovia is in the works. Let’s hope that the planners of the march will be nice enough to tell their protesters not to bring stoves, mattresses or bedsheets anymore in the streets. This is like a sword that has two sharp edges; the GOL being one sharp edge and the other, the planners of the march and their protesters. People have got to go through a metamorphosis. It’s good for Liberia!

    • One minute this other Troll comes across as someone with senses intact, but no sooner than later, especially with the advent of a new moon then his true colors or character begins to surface. Perhaps he was not born yet when the “Occupy Wall Street” phenomenon broke out across the US few years ago. If so, he would know that the main “Headquarters” of those demonstrations-Liberty Plaza in New York, was occupied by protesters for nearly 3 months. Meanwhile, for the duration of the protests in New York, California, and other cities, the protesters erected tents, moved in mattresses, cookeries, portable generators to power computers and other necessities, etc ., etc. Not until about 3 deaths and other emergencies started arising before the authorities asked the protesters to leave. So what the heck is this chap talking about? As alluded to above, either he was not alive when that incident occurred, or he is just too darn dull about anything beyond his usual heckling to dissuade and distract antagonists for the needed corrective.


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