Baboon, We Beg You To Please Bust The Rock Yah So Our Hearts Can Lay Down Mehn!


Just what is going on in this country, with George Weah at its helm, is a question begging answers in the wake of recent unprovoked violence attending the aftermath of the just ended Montserrado County by-elections. And just who is in charge is what nearly everyone is asking. Is President Weah really in charge or whether it is a surrogate or surrogates in charge is what the Liberian public anxiously desire to know.

From the look of things, it appears the nation is falling apart as national governance now seems to be not an experiment in progress but an experiment horribly gone wrong. And most unfortunately President Weah, it seems, is apparently overwhelmed, in critical need of sound advice, honest criticism if you like but is surrounded by a coterie of individuals with disparate interests that place far above the national interest.

For example, the violence unleashed by CDC supporters on a peaceful assembly of opposition parties and their supporters moments after a rabble rousing address by Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson declaring that he will act to protect their democracy, the attack mounted against National Bureau of Concessions head, Gregory Coleman by his deputies (professed CDC loyalists)and the flogging of a senior Police officer at the CDC headquarters are prime examples of how fast things appear to be deteriorating around here.

This newspaper has repeatedly cautioned President Weah against allowing others to take charge and lead on his behalf lest they lead him to an unkind and untimely fate. But it appears as though its efforts have been like “wasting water on duck back” and resultantly, the nation continues to suffer.

That Director-General Coleman’s deputies would not only physically attack him in his office but would call in Police officers and thuggish elements to assist them forcefully evict him (Coleman) from his office and that Justice Minister Musa Dean does not even lift a finger or utter a word is indeed testamentary of the grave threats posed to the civil liberties of the Liberian people by rogue officials of this government and more importantly the danger it poses to national stability and social cohesion.

That President Weah should become seized of this matter is an understatement. He cannot and should not afford to allow himself to become the laughing stock of the sub-region neither should he allow himself to become the tyrant of the subregion remembering that tyrants do not last.President Doe is a classic example of this. His insatiable thirst for power and his drive to sanitize the political landscape and cling on to power until death was brought to an untimely and inglorious end at the feet and mercy of torturer in-chief and nemesis Prince Johnson.

Further, that CDC chairman Mulbah Morlu would publicly acknowledge that President Weah now needs to take some hard decisions in order to turn things around suggests that perhaps the realization that his (President Weah) popularity is fast fading, is beginning to dawn but whether it has dawned sufficiently enough to induce a turnaround is what remains to be seen.

But it is indeed true that President Weah needs to take some hard decisions to rid himself of incompetent and or corrupt officials in whose charge corruption has taken an official pride of place, the economy has taken a nosedive and under whose watch the erosion of civil liberties is occurring.

These just ended elections, although not by any means problem free, should prove more of a blessing to President Weah than anything else for it has laid bare before him that he is losing or has lost that touch of magic which could open any door or “bust any rock”.

The popular song “Monkey you na able to bust the rock but baboon able” was a favorite praise song suggesting or implying that Presidential candidate George Weah held the answers to all the nation’s problems.

But nearly two years on, “Baboon has yet to bust the rock” and a restive Liberian people are demanding answers why. So “Baboon we beg you, please bust the rock yah so our hearts can lay down mehn!


  1. This editorial reminds me of the Liberian adage, “Monkey never heard the whistle, or thought he was man, until fineshot brought him down.” Mr. Weah’s buddies keep nudging and telling him to carry on, and not pay attention to the gnashing outcries and reaction of his people for a change in the direction of governance, that is, not until it is too late. By then, that’s exactly what it will be, too late. Let him ask Doe.

  2. President George Weah has ears but he can not hear, he has eye but he can not see. His administration is crumbling day by day, just a matter of time.

  3. These kinds of violent actions on the part of CDC supporters are not strange. When yhe CDC was in opposition, these same goons of the CDC used to be attacking Unity Party supporters. Our people knew the violent nature of the CDC party and opted for the CDC. So why be surprised about what is going on today?

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