A Challenge for the Incoming Joe Biden Administration


The American people have spoken. They have elected Joe Biden as the next President of the United States of America. Biden’s victory at the polls became clear after a nerve-wracking cliff-hanger vote count that saw Biden gradually narrowing Trump’s lead and eventually overtaking him to win the vote count in a decisive clincher

Joe Biden’s victory has been welcomed by world leaders as well as the plurality of the American people. In many respects, his victory signals a shift from divisive far right policies to at least a left of center shift that seeks to protect social gains achieved under President Obama.

Many world leaders  have expressed optimism that the unilateralism of US foreign policy under President Trump will change to one of constructive engagement and mutual respect rather than the abrasive rough-edged, “America First” posture which has been a hallmark of US foreign policy initiatives under Trump.

For us in this “sh*thole” country called Liberia, known to “catch a cold every time America sneezes”, the victory of Joe Biden over Donald Trump, as promising as it looks, could be deceptive.

A cursory review of the history of the relationship between both nations, it can be discerned that it was under a Democrat-led administration that President Tolbert’s was removed from office through covert means.

It was also under a Democrat led administration that concerted attempts to discredit and trash the TRC Report were made by officials of that administration.

It was yet under a Democrat led administration that the US government took charge of the restructuring and retraining of the AFL and state security forces under the Security Sector Reform (SSR) program, which has proved to be a dismal failure, and whose results leave much to be desired.

Under a Republican-led administration, about one-billion US dollars was given as assistance to the Doe government

It was under a Republican administration that Secretary of State Schultz declared that the 1985 elections were free and fair by African standards when it was an open secret that the results were stolen by President Samuel Doe and that the actual winner was Jackson Fiah Doe.

However, it was under a Republican led administration that Charles Taylor was indicted for war crimes and removed from power. Nonetheless, it must be noted that both administrations, Republican and Democrat have in Liberia’s troubled past, repeatedly declared that the US have no strategic interests in Liberia.

This was evidenced in 1990 when a flotilla of US ships and troops anchored off-shore in Liberian waters and idled while the nation burned although it was within their means and capacity to stop it. Without saying it, Liberia’s search for peace and security has tended to depend heavily on US diplomatic and financial support.

And the peace it has received has been fashioned largely along lines considered acceptable and non-threatening to US interests, real or perceived. For example, ten (10) years after the submission of the TRC report to the government of Liberia, the report had until recently remained virtually in the doldrums with no significant official US government support for implementation of the recommendations contained in that report.

This situation obtains irrespective of the fact that five US citizens were killed in cold blood by individuals whose identities are known to US officials but who continue to enjoy impunity for their actions. The Liberian people have long wondered just why this anomaly continues to persist, given the fact the US has a history of going after those who murder its citizens.

Nothing, it seems, can explain such an anomalous situation and questions are being asked whether this incoming administration will make any difference in terms of assisting the drive for accountability.

All things considered, Liberia remains perhaps the only country in Africa that has blood ties with the United States of America.

In the view of past Liberian leaderships, the relationship between Liberia and the US was a special one. Generations of Liberians were brought up to believe that the US was Liberia’s natural and most trusted ally, characterized by a special relationship.

In retrospect that special relationship often has been one in which successive US administrations have supported fascist and corrupt dictatorships against the people. And the people’s hatred of such dictatorships often tend to fuel popular resentment against the US.

In just about 30 days from now the December 8 elections will be up. At this stage, no one knows for sure whether the elections will actually be held, given apprehensions that the clean-up of the Voters’ Roll/Registry may not have been concluded before that date.

And should the elections not be held, it will throw a lot of uncertainty into the process and raise questions about the legitimacy of the entire government itself. This is where the influence of the incoming new Biden administration will prove crucial.

The US government should not wait for the outbreak of trouble and confusion before it can react. It needs to state where it is on troubling developments in the ongoing electoral process such as the purchase of voting materials outside the requirements of the Law, the attempt to foist upon the people a highly compromised VR and, last but not least, the refusal of the Supreme Court to stand by its own decision and mandate to have NEC clean-up the Voters Roll.

By becoming seized of the situation, and encouraging the government to do the right thing, the new Democrat-led administration can help avert trouble, chaos and confusion in the land and ultimately prevent Liberia from relapsing into renewed bloody civil conflict.

This is the challenge to the incoming Joe Biden administration. Congratulations President-elect Joe Biden. Liberia, the world awaits your leadership.


  1. In Matthew 7 @ verse 5 it is written ….“Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye“!


    (1)Mr. Editor with .the Liberian media (particularly the Daily Observer) “being biased and a guard dog for the highest bidder instead of performing its role as a watchdog to expose the ills in the society“, you guys better

    (2) graduate from this display of fantasy and sheer ignorance that the US has or will ever have more interest in Liberia than say its overseas territories and dominions, or in fact, the Philippines with which the United States of America has had and continue to have superbly strong political, economic, strategic, and military, interests dating back to 1898, you better,

    (3) desist from that guard dog for the highest bidder mentality in order to have such regional powerful capitals as Abuja, Addis Ababa, or say Brussels, 10 Downing Street to have respect and confidence in the integrity of the Liberian media. For..

    (4) make no mistake about that in the new world order where great power is no more defined by sphere of influence as resounded by former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that “the United States does not recognize sphere of influence “, or as another US former Secretary of State John kerry made clear that “THE ERA OF THE MONROE DOCTRINE IS OVER “, YOUR BEST BET IS

    (5) to realize that a Liberian media (particularly the Daily Observer) “being biased and a guard dog for the highest bidder instead of performing its role as a watchdog to expose the ills in the society, certainly..

    (6) blinds not only the Joe Biden’s Administration regarding challenges in Liberia, but any future or succeeding US Administration, and also those supranational Secretariats in New York, Abuja, Brussels, Paris, London, Abuja, Addis Ababa, etc. etc.! More so that ..

    (7) under the George Manneh Weah Government New Millennium Challenge Compact Scorecard Shows Improvement in Rule of Law in Liberia, and as declared by Transparency International there is far far far Less Corruption Under Weah-led Government!!!

    • Now, True or False Nationalist got his October pay check on time, so are his blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! He must had attended the Family Forky Jlaleh Fellowship Church to know about the Bible. Preacher Man George is doing well in his church. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Just got his paycheck and Hell has broken loose in Heaven. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  2. James Davis, when I have cashed it this morning, I shall send you your Jack Daniels. I hope hell does not break loose after you have received the Jack Daniels sent, and after you have downed the whole bottle.

  3. True Nationalist, aka Samuel Tweah, Minister of FInance, Liberia will not remain this way under the watch of you, McGill, Koijee, Gray, and Morlu.

    We are better than this!!! This country was founded by decent people who opened the doors of freedom, liberty and equality to every Liberia.

  4. Mr. Tarpeh Duo states:
    “This country was founded by decent people who opened the doors of freedom, liberty and equality to everyone”.

    Yeah. The Quakers, abolitionists and other church groups who opposed slavery and fought hard to secure a place in Africa for freed slaves were decent people, no doubt. But the people that were settled in Christopolis/the Grain Coast and eventually Liberia were not as decent as they could have been.

    Just take a look at the presidents Liberia has had since 1847 when the settlers declared Liberia as a nation that could govern itself without European or American encroachment. By looking at the list of presidents since 1847, can you name one president who was a non-settler? Duo, I do not want to be misconstrued. I sincerely believe that all the settlers did not have the same mindset. I have a feeling that the settlers didn’t do a good job of uniting all of us. That’s precisely why we are the way we are today.

  5. Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent. Hath he said and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken and shall he not make it good?”


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