Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan: An Agent of the Imperialist System?


By: Kadiker Rex Dahn, MA, M.Ed, PhD


The angel of death, through its assigned agent, the Corona Virus, is indiscriminately killing people all over the world. The Covid-19 Virus started its deadly mission in the People’s Republic of China and then to Europe, America, Africa and the world at large. The death threat posed by COVId-19 Virus is unthinkable and uncontrollable. This deadly Virus knows no boundary, country, continent, ethnic group, white, black and the list goes on. Medical researchers relentlessly are in the laboratories struggling to find a curable vaccine. In an effort to find a vaccine that would serve as a panacea for Covid-19, two French doctors proposed testing a vaccine in Africa. Such proposal was denounced in the highest terms by the Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanon Ghebreyeus, who is an African. On the other hand, Liberia’s infectious disease expert, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, who equally is an African by birth, gave his approbation for the vaccine to be tested on Africans. We ask, has the spirit of colonialism embedded in imperialism navigated its way in the thought, analysis and comprehension of Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan? The purpose of this article is to argue Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan has qualified and certificated himself as an agent of the imperialist system. By his own admission and utterance, we declared him as an agent of the imperialist system.


According to the BBC as reported in the Daily Observer on April 7, 2020, two French doctors, Camille Locht and Jean Paul Mira proposed to do a COVID-19 vaccine trial in Africa. The head of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros termed such proposal as “racist” and a “colonial mentality.”According to the BBC, Dr. Tedros stated, “it is a disgrace, appalling to hear during the 21st Century to hear from scientists that kind of remark. We condemn this in the strongest terms possible, and we assure you that this will not happen.” Giving support to Dr. Tedros’s statement against the two French scientists, a son of Africa and former footballer, Didier Drogba referred to the statement made by the scientists as “deeply racist.” Drogba further stated, “Do not take African people as guinea pigs! It is absolutely disgusting.” Another son of Africa and former footballer, Samuel Eto referred to those two doctors as “murderers.”

On April 10, 2020, Daily Observer carried an opinion piece by Augustine Kphe Nguafuan, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberia under the caption, “I Stand against Death Threats and Racist Insults. I Stand with DG Tedros.” In this article referenced above as well as comments from Dr. Tedros, Drogba and Eto, one can deduce that racism and colonial behavior intended to subdue and undermine Africans and minorities are at work. With such clear colonial mentality, for a Liberian medical doctor, Dougbeh Chris Nyan, to give his approbation for the vaccine formulated by the two French doctors to be tried in the Continent of Africa is unthinkable. On April 8, 2020, the Daily Observer quoting Dr. Nyan stated, “it is unfortunate that the perception about what the two doctors suggested became a continental or racial issue. But through history, no vaccine has been tried on persons already affected with a sickness for whose cure the very vaccine was made. Africa is less affected now and should there be a vaccine today, the continent would be a good ground for the test.”

Twisted comprehension

Here, in our opinion, the learned infectious disease expert, Dr. Nyan has a twisted comprehension why vaccine trials are done elsewhere than the affected area. Dr. Nyan claimed that Africa would be a good ground for the trial because the continent is not affected compare to other continents and countries. We ask, if the continent of Africa was affected like Europe, would he equally propose for vaccine trials that will safe Africans be tested in Europe? The two scientists in question are French citizens. We do not want to dig past ugly history of colonial masters but at this point, we are forced to set the record straight. French imperialism is incomparable to any colonial rule. The French were vicious and inhumane. Someone may ask, what does vaccine trials have to do with colonialism? There is a Liberian adage that says that when one has been bitten by a snake, when he or she sees a lizard, such person considers such lizard to be a snake.

The two French scientists are sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons of the French colonial power. They equally may have been properly schooled in the way of their colonial fathers. There is no evidence that we can point to suggest that these two French scientists are like their colonial fathers in thoughts, beliefs, practices and way of life neither is there any evidence to point that they are not the “real sons” of their imperialist fathers. However, because of cultural miseducation to borrow a phrase from Jane Roland Martin, a feminist and philosopher, we tend to be apprehensive of their decision to do a vaccine trial in Africa. We wonder whether Dr Nyan is fully aware of French colonial rule and practices in Africa where Africans were brutally and inhumanely treated?We wonder whether Dr. Nyan is aware of other failed vaccine test in Africa? If Dr. Nyan is aware of such failed test and yet wants Africa to be a testing ground, we will conclude that he is certainly an incarnation of real imperialism. Dr. Nyan claims of trial vaccine being effective in an unaffected area than the affected area, is preposterous. As a medical professional, we wonder whether Dr. Nyan is fully aware of HIV vaccine failed trials in South Africa? The New York Times, on February 4, 2020 published an article under the caption, “Another HIV Vaccine Fails a Trial, Disappointing Researchers.”

Failed HIV vaccine tests in South Africa

In this article, the Times inform us that after more than 30 years of research, 1.7 million people are still infected each year with the virus that causes AIDS. Consequently, the Times stated, “in the long quest to prevent HIV infection, a trial in South Africa has been shut down because an experimental vaccine was not working.” As an agent of the imperialist system, we wonder what other explanations Dr. Nyan will give to the failed HIV experiment in South Africa?  Dr. Nyan’s reliance to do vaccine trials in Africa is that vaccine trials have a history (and we add a tradition) where such history and tradition do not allow testing in the affected area. Here, we argue that in this 21st Century, for Dr. Nyan to still hold to such belief is an indication that he has refused and failed to take himself out of the “box.” We made this claim because he buried his critical, analytical and intellectual abilities to question the intent, historicity and tradition of not testing in the affected area. In the very history and tradition that Dr. Nyan’s reliance is based, it is believed that those who wrote such history and transmitted both history and tradition were imperialists. Would it not be that such practice has its origin in a colonial beliefs and practices where those conquered are considered inferior compare to their colonial masters and that these masters in their own wisdom can do anything to those they have conquered? Emphatically, we ask, is such policy and tradition of not trying vaccine elsewhere written in stones that it cannot be changed? On April 17, 2020, BBC News reported that Oxford University’s Scientists have developed a vaccine and “the first patients are expected to take part in the Oxford trials next week.” This new development from Oxford debunks Dr. Nyan’s argument of not trying vaccine in the affected area.

According to worldometer, a real time world statistic, the population of France as of April 11, 2020 stands at 65,241,874. The total number of cases in France as it relates to the COVID-19 as of today, April 11, 2020 is 129,654. The total number of those who have died as ofApril 11, 2020 is 13, 832. The above statistics reminds us that the unaffected people in France stand at 65,112,220. If this position is true, while not test the proposed Vaccine on those who have not been affected and Dr. Nyan is supporting the idea for these imperialist scientists to travel to Africa with the proposed vaccine? Colonialism and colonial practices have been effective over the years because of the very few that have been indoctrinated, brainwashed with twisted minds and who at the same time have become true agents of the imperialist system, relentlessly work on behalf of their masters. Some African governments and individuals’ loyalty to colonial practices are based mainly on whatever compensation these agents receive in return for their loyalty and advocacy. This is the foundation and reason how and why the imperialist system has been alive, breathing and kicking in Africa. Certainly, like Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, it will not be strange for some African governments to embrace such imperialist endeavor.


Where Dr. Tedros sits as the Director General of World Health Organization is more informed about theories and practices than Dr. Nyan. Dr. Tedros is like a door. Where he sits, he sees both in and out of medical practices that may be both ethical and unethical. Certainly, Dr. Nyan has a right to volunteer himself for the test if he chooses to participate in such an experiment. However, to force his will on the Continent of Africa in the name of vaccine’s history, tradition and being an expert is more colonial and imperial and leaves us with no other alternatives but perhaps to conclude that he might have equally received his fair share of research funds. Be as it may, we conclude that Dr. Nyan’s assertion that vaccines are always effective in an unaffected area and thus the COVID-19 trial vaccine proposed by the French doctors should be tested in Africa is misleading and intended to endanger the lives of Africans. He failed to critically and analytically question the intent, historicity and tradition he honors. By such assertion and advocacy, we maintain Dr. Nyan has qualified and certificated himself as a true agent of the Imperialist System.

About the author:

Kadiker Rex Dahn holds a PhD in Historical, Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education. He once served as a deputy Minister of Education and Deputy Director General, National Commission on Higher Education. He is a member of the North America Scholar Consortium, membership with Highest Honor. Contact: [email protected].


  1. My question to Mr. Dahn and others that are really taking this situation to different level is, all the vaccines that has benefited Africans from the time vaccine was introduced in this world, who are the people that Was tested first? Was it African, Europeans, Asians or Americans? Africans has always been at the receiving end in terms of medications and surgical equipments.

    I am not a scientist to determine where suitable should the vaccine be tested and Mr. Nyan is a scientist who just defended others scientist suggestion for some testing measures in africa and you are labelling him as racist? The sacrifices that others did to benefit Africans from previous vaccines, how will you term or labell those individuals that were used for testing that benefited the entire world including Africans? No one saw racism then, and now for testing to be done in Africa, it has turn racist. I think Mr. Nyan has some reasons for defending those French doctors since he is a scientist and we are not scientist.


    I am with consternation to read Dr. Dahn’s thesis statement in the article hereof unequivocally stating that respectable and patriotic Dr. Nyan is indeed an agent of the imperialist system.
    Though known for his customary lengthy exposé sometimes embedded with mundane details, I resolved to reading every paragraph of this article as the author unraveled his trend of thoughts of his claim.
    Carefully browsing through the referenced articles of proof, psychologically and mentality unprepared to be taken aback or disheartened in a high opinioned and respectable Liberian, my perception was eventually proven right, making me to reach the conclusion that the above may have stemmed from misinterpretation or bad judgment of what was said or written, hence futile and baseless.

    Dr. Dahn,
    Are you vainly attacking Dr. Nyan, or do you want to castigate him, or do you intend to mudsling him?
    Dr. Nyan has always been consistent and vocal on issues of public health in Liberia. He has always supported and encouraged the upholding of standards and professional ethics in public health in Liberia and Africa as a whole.
    He has always said, “Any trials of COVID-19 vaccine must be done under internationally acceptable scientific standards as a multicenter trial and that Africans should not be singled out as subjects for COVID-19 vaccine trials.”

    Also, since the onset of COVID-19, Dr. Nyan has always warned Africa against the use of testing kits from the US Centers for Disease Control.
    And if you have not, I would like you to read the article on Dr. Nyan in today’s edition of the Daily Observer. Therein, he is proposing the establishment of 2 independent and African institutions to regulate and monitor data and to serve as ethical protectors for our vulnerable population and gatekeepers for any trials of new drugs or vaccine.

    To this juncture, I am compelled to ask the following question: Are we referring to the same Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan?
    If your replay is negative, then I am sorry for misunderstanding you. But if your reply is affirmative, I would admonish you to refrain from slander and misinformation, both are punishable by law.

    My regards Sir. I look forward to hearing from you in case of misconception or misinterpretation.

    • Mr. Akoi and Mr. Michael, both of you are dead wrong! Dr. Nyan, IS IN NO WAY “defending any French or whichever doctors” as you both have misunderstood and of course, misconstruing here. Here again is Dr. Nyanś argument or position:

      “Any trials of COVID-19 vaccine must be done under internationally acceptable scientific standards as a multicenter trial and that Africans should not be singled out as subjects for COVID-19 vaccine trials.”

      How can such position supra from Dr. Nyan be seen as ” defending French or whichever doctors”? Such premise or spirit of said premise can never ever be seen as “defending and French or whichever doctors”.

      Accordingly, you guys´ premise or argument is not only an absolute ignorance in action or a strange opposite to Dr.Nyanś position; but also a total contradiction to commonsense, and a bizarre abomination to conventional wisdom!

  3. Dear Joseph M Akoi, if you read history correctly, you will come to the same conclusion as Dr. Dahn. Good number of vaccines used in the West today has been tried in Africa first. This is my first point to eliminate your assertion that we “African has only been on the receiving end” Sadly many of us do not read history.
    If we’re not careful to inform ourselves, the wickedness of the evil being perpetrated agaisnt us will continue. Many reasons why Africa being the testing ground is wrong. Firstly, we dont have a strong legal system to hold people accountable when a test go wrong and people become permanently injured. Secondly, just in recent times, vaccines that was meant for the prevention of Tetanus was tried in Kenya on females between the ages 14-49 by a Western group in collaboration with WHO (You may wonder why female and this age group). A group of Catholic churches in Kenya found reasons to verify the vaccines. They discovered that it was not a tetanus vaccine but a sterilization vaccines. All the females that had the vaccines can never bear an offspring ( that is against their desire). Many of such examples can be found across Africa and Asia including the South Africa fail vaccine trial stated above. Many westerners are coming up and confessing their involvements in using vaccines to spread disease in and across Africa. Could this be the reasons why many informed Africans are calling the idea to test vaccines in Africa a racist mindset? From a common sense perspective, Europe being the epicenter of the virus, why can’t it be tried there? My brother, please allow me to direct you to check out few sources where you may discover some shocking facts, than maybe you can understand the quiet battle being raised against us: Eugenics (some of the most outrageous documentaries that exposed what the Eugenics did to blacks has been removed from Youtube). Now Eugenics is called planned parenthood, they operate in Liberia as I write. Secondly, check out a book called An American dilemma ( Margaret Sanger) and lastly, Medical apartheid, the list goes on.

  4. Having been whipped and disgraced for his extremely stupid and groundless rants against Hon. Eugene Nagbe, jobless Kadiker Rex Dahn has come here again to exhibit his tendency of madness/insanity – the most logical description of Kadiker Rex Dahn since all his begging for government job ended in futility and disgruntlement.

    Read infra what the world knows about Dr. Nyanś position on the COVID 19 VACCINE, and you are bound to conclude Kadiker Rex Dahn needs help.

    By Fatoumata Njie

    “Washington, DC 23rd April 2020 – Award-winning scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan of Liberia has said that, “any trials of COVID-19 vaccine must be done under internationally acceptable scientific standards as a multicenter trial and that Africans should not be singled out as subjects for COVID-19 vaccine trials.”

    Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dr. Nyan has employed his infectious disease expertise in East Africa, warned African governments against the use of the faulty COVID-19 testing kits from the US Centers for Disease Control, cautioned against the use of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine in Africa for COVID-19 treatment and carried out continent-wide COVID-19 Pandemic Awareness.

    Dr. Nyan offered his expertise to the Liberian government and Africa to produce Africa’s COVID-19 testing kits. While the Liberian government did not respond to Dr. Nyan’s offer, Ethiopia and Rwanda have since expressed interest. He is the inventor of the US patented Rapid Multiplex Diagnostic Test for many infectious diseases, including COVID-19.”

    Culled from FrontPageAfrica

  5. Rex Dahn, a lunatic and a personification of envy and stupidity, you write or spew rubbish for the sake of spewing rubbish. Your elimination by COVID 19 would be a good riddance to bad rubbish.

  6. Dr. Dahn, please ask Mr. D. Christopher Nyan to list and name the medical institution or school that he, Mr. D. Christopher Nyan graduated from and earned his Doctor of Medicine (MD degree). You should also ask Mr. D. Christopher Nyan when did he, Mr. Nyan, graduate and state the year he obtain his medical degree. As much it is known of Mr. D. Christopher Nyan, he once worked for a research company that entered and obtained a research contract with NIH. It is reported that by fraud and deception, he, Mr. D. Christopher Nyan, published and owned a joint research work financed by NIH. And so, Mr. D. Christopher Nyan was terminated and barred from ever entering the premises of NIH.

    So for nearly 5 years, Mr. D Christopher Nyah became jobless in the United States and he Mr. Nyan could not even pay his rent. Also Dr. Dahn, please ask Mr. D. Christopher Nyan to tell the public if he ever sat and got licensed to practice Medicine anywhere in the United States. As far the the record is concerned and goes, Mr. D. Christopher Nyah, appears to have no Doctor of Medicine (MD degree). In fact it is alleged that after he Mr. D. Christopher Nyan dropped out of Medical school perhaps in Russia or one of the countries in the Eastern Block, he, Mr. D. Christopher Nyan, swiftly moved to the United States and started to hold himself out and pretend be a scientist/medical doctor.

    For all intents and purposes, no real, actual and learned Medical Doctor, without much research and established data, will ever dare dream of offering Africa and the people of Africa as mere testing ground and objects to test COVID-19 Vaccine. Either Mr. D. Christopher Nayn, is merely a fraudster and hustler or an absolutely bankrupt creature calling himself a highly and so-called renowned and accredited medical doctor offering Africa and the people of Africa for COVID-19 Vaccine to be tested.

    If Mr. D. Christopher Nyan will not and cannot tell us the medical institution/school he graduated, the year he Mr. Nyan graduated and published the medical degree he purportedly obtained, Mr. D. Christopher Nyan must never to taken seriously. Mr. D. Christopher Nyan, is not a licensed medical doctor (MD) and he has never ever practice Medicine in any of the 50 states of the United States of America. Howbeit, Mr. Nyan is running around here claiming and referring to himself as a scientist /medical with vast knowledge and expertise in ineffectual medicine.

    Mr. D. Christopher Nyan, how dare you present and offer Africa and Africans as a testing ground and people to test COVID-19 Vaccine simply because you are a fraud and hustler?

    Frederick A.B. Jayweh, Esq.,B.A, LL.B., LL.M
    Counsellor-At-Law & International Affairs Director
    Africa Center for Law and Human Rights, Inc.
    77 Broad Street, 3rd Floor, Presbyterian Building
    CounsellorJayweh,[email protected]
    Ph: (231) 775-204-677
    Ph: (231) 888-511-595

    • Frederick Jayweh, look at yourself in the mirror infra. And see how so poor you are at common past and present tenses.

      “state the year he obtain his medical degree.” A man claiming to be a lawyer does not know his tenses.

      Instead of using the past tense – “obtained” he uses the present tense “obtain.”;

      “he has never ever practice Medicine in any of the 50 states of the United States of America.”

      INSTEAD OF USING THE VERB PRACTICED, Jayweh uses the verb “practice” in the present tense again. What a shame!

      Then he comes with his: “It is reported, it is alleged”. Very stupid boy!

  7. Frederick Jayweh, just shut up your silly mouth. The whole world knows that the award winning scientist and medical doctor Dugbeh Christopher Nyan studied chemistry and zoology at the College of Science and Technology of the University of Liberia. He holds a degree in human-medicine (infectious diseases) from Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany.

    Nyan did his post-doctoral fellowship as a biomedical scientist at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA and the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

    On top of that Dr. Nyan has recently invented testing kits for multiple diseases right here in the USA. Unlike you Frederick Jayweh a job hustler who does not know the very law he claimed to have studied, Dr. Nyan is A PRIDE OF LIBERIA AND OF THE WORLD!

  8. Certainly, it is indeed the truth, Mr. D. Christopher Nyan, is not a licensed medical doctor as he purports. Again, Mr. D. Christopher Nyan is not licensed and has never practiced Medicine anywhere in any of the 50 states of the United States. If D. Christopher Nyan thinks otherwise, let him produce and publish the name of the institution he graduated from and the year he obtained his Doctor of Medicine (MD degree). Come to think about it, a virtually unethical and unprepared individual calling himself a medical doctor, will dare recommend that Africa and the people of Africa should be used a testing ground and subjects for COVID-19. What is much more unprofessional and unheard of is for a so-called medical doctor to medically suggest and hold that because COVID-19 has not impacted Africa and the people of Africa that much, Africa and Africans are the best and appropriate place and people to test the VACCINE of COVID-19. Only highly insane and inept people would dare stand-up and support such nonsense! Absolutely, Mr. D. Christopher Nyan is a mere hustler and fraudster. I will wait for D. Christopher Nyan’s so-called Medical Degree and the name of the medical institution he obtained his so-called medical training to further prove him and his inept supporters wrong.

  9. T. Nathaniel Tamba and Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah, I bet you all are simply blinded by D Christopher Nyan’s lies and nonsense that he writes and publishes deceiving and naming himself as an “Award Winning Scientist”. Absolutely, Mr. D. Christopher Nyan, is an award winning hustler and fraudster. You and I know that D. Christopher Nyan, never studied long enough at UL to have obtained a degree in Chemistry and Zoology from the UL as you purport and want the word to believe. Mr. D. Christopher Nyan a while back, worked for a research company that contracted with NIH. This was an indirect contract and D. Christopher Nyan worked with some highly qualified doctors on a research project which project Mr.D. Christopher Nyan later claimed as his sole research work. After NIH learned of this crafted fraud and deceit committed against NIH, D. Christopher Nyan was kicked out of the premise of NIH and barred from ever stepping his foot on the premises of NIH, For nearly 5 years, D. Christopher Nyan, could not afford to pay his rent. Today being totally bankrupt, Mr. Nyan is again running around fooling himself and recommending that Africa and Africans should be the next testing ground and people for COVID-19 VACCINE. Shame on you both and anyone else support and standing up for this nonsense.

  10. Frederick Jayweh, provide evidence of your claims against Dr. Nyan.

    So it is Dr. Nyan who published this headline in FPA: “Prominent Liberian Scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan Honored with Medicine and Research Award!”?

    And Dr. Nyan wrote this story again:

    Monrovia – “When Dr. Dougbeh Christopher Nyan came up with a ground-breaking invention in the form of a single test that rapidly detects and distinguishes a host of different infections, simultaneously, Rwanda was more than happy to seize on his invention.”

    Jayweh, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  11. D. Christopher Nyan, without a doubt, is simply a hustler and fraudster. Obviously, you are just simply naive and blinded to and by D. Christopher Nyan telling lies and misleading himself. Only an unethical and inept creature would dare argue and hold that because Africa and Africans have not been much more infected by COVID-19, it will be good and appropriate to have COVID-19 VACCINE tested in Africa and on Africans.

    This spineless and inept argument of D. Christopher Nayn,clearly presents him to the world and all Africans that he, D. Christopher Nyan, is merely a hustler and fraudster. D. Christopher Nyan is running around with such lies and deception with the hope that France may award him a contract to help test COVID-19 VACCINE in Africa. Unlike Liberia where inept and unqualified creatures would accept lies and deception, France and Europe will thoroughly investigate and establish D. Christopher Nyan’s so-called award winning medical degree and training before remotely dealing with him.

    Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah, if this is your real name and identity, you must be a heartless and spineless creature like D. Christopher Nyan to dare support and accept such nonsense! Hope you are not equally an award winning hustler and fraudster. You need to take time and read the reaction of the Director General of WHO. We encourage you to go and read the reaction of WHO’s Director General with commitment.

    Hustler and fraudster, D. Christopher Nyan, is nowhere near this true son of Africa and Medical Director. Mr. D.Christopher Nyan was never educated in Germany as you all are fooled to believe.

    Do you know that D. Christoopher Nyan and two other friends were taken to the UEA and while there D. Christopher Nyan took some pictures and claimed he was invited officially by UEA to give medical and scholarly presentation on his so-called award winning infectious disease discovery? Certainly, D. Christopher Nyan is a true fraudster and hustler and a born liar.

    Mr. Nyan and his friends’ tickets, food, hosting and ground transportation to and from the UEA were privately settled by a resident of the United States, but yet, this hustler and fraudster published lies and deceiving himself that he went to the UEA to make scholarly medical presentation on his so-called discovery.

    When Public Trust Media Group, published the true story against D. Christopher Nyan’s lies, he threatened to sue Public Trust Media Group.

  12. Please find enclosed, Mr. D. Christopher Nyan lies clearly brought to light by Mr. Lee Hudges. It must be noted that though Martin K.N. Kollie and Prof. Alaric K. Tokpa were also transported, fed and hosted by Dr. Lee Hudges and Mrs. Mulbah, leaders of New Vision Liberia, though Mr. Kollie and Prof Tokpa knew of Mr. Dougbeh Christopher Nyan’s public lies and deceit, Mr. Kollie and Prof Tokpa consciously refused and failed to correct the false story of Mr. Nyan and chose to publicly say nothing.What a shame. These are Liberia’s so-called progressives!!! Absolutely, Dougbeh Christopher Nyan is a hustler,fraudster and lifelong lair .

    Forwarded message ———
    From: Lee Hudges
    Date: Tue, Oct 8, 2019, 19:48
    Subject: New vision

    Dear Editor

    We write to respond to the story on your website and en-captioned, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan presents ” New Vision to rescue Liberia “. This story is false misleading and baseless. Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, Prof. Alaric K Tokpa and Martin K. N. Kollie, seen in the attached photo, were flown to the UAE, (Dubai) to attend a conference understand the auspices of New Vision Liberia to discuss Liberia.

    The conference was not a forum for science an technology as is being portrayed in the story. All airfare, hotel and food was underratten by New Vision Liberia.

    Therefore, we kindly ask that you retract this story as it’s false, misleading and does not represent New Vision Liberia.


    On behalf of New Vision Liberia

  13. Forwarded message ———
    From: Lee Hudges
    Date: Tue, Oct 8, 2019, 19:48
    Subject: New vision

    Dear Editor

    We write to respond to the story on your website and encaptioned, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan presents ” New Vision to rescue Liberia “. This story is false misleading and baseless. Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, Prof. Alaric K Tokpa and Martin K. N. Kollie, seen in the attached photo, were flown to the UAE, (Dubai) to attend a conference understand the auspices of New Vision Liberia to discuss Liberia.

    The conference was not a forum for science an technology as is being portrayed in the story. All airfare, hotel and food was underratten by New Vision Liberia.

    Therefore, we kindly ask that you retract this story as it’s false, misleading and does not represent New Vision Liberia.


    Onbehalf of New Vision Liberia

  14. Frederick Jayweh, are these what you childishly believe is or are evidence? Dr. Nyan is being honored and recognized by sovereign international actors (the USA, Rwanda, etc.etc.) and credible news outlets; and you are here boring people with your individual trash.

  15. Today, the DAILY POST, a Nigerian daily news-outlet, reports that the House of Representatives of Nigeria and some key members have allegedly received US$10,000,000 to hastily pass a Mandatory and Compulsory COVID-19 Bill intended to inject each and every Nigerian with COVID-19 VACCINE. The Opposition Coalition (CUPP) in its PRESS Release to the DAILY POST of Nigeria, warns all members of the Opposition Coalition to work and vote against the passage of the COMPULSORY COVID-19 VACCINE Bill alleged paid for by Mr. Bill Gate. According to the Opposition Coalition (CUPP), Mr. Bill Gate, has provided US$10,000,000 to the Nigeria House of Representatives to induce members of the Nigerian House to speedily pass the COMPULSORY and MANDATORY COVID-19 Bill intended to compel each and every Nigerian to be injected with the COVID-19 VACCINE purportedly financed and being pushed by Mr. Gate.

    The Opposition Coalition (CUPP), wonders why push to hastily pass a bill meant to use force to inject COVID-19 VACCINE in each and every Nigerian when COVID-19 VACCINE has not been found. Africa and African House of Representatives and Senate, need to keenly watch out for large sum of money coming from the developed world meant to be used as bribe to test COVID-19 VACCINE, anyway and anyhow in Africa and on Africans. One key and compelling reason why Dougbeh Christopher Nyan and his recent argument and campaign to test COVID-19 VACCINE in Africa and on Africans is evil and criminal and therefore, Dougbeh Christopher Nyan and his kinds, must be keenly watched.

    If and should Dougbeh Christopher Nyan is found and determined to have received bribe to argue and campaign for COVID-19 VACCINE to be tested in Africa and on Africans, Dougbeh Christoper Nyan, speedily deserves to be arrested and charged with the Crime of Attempted Murder or Conspiracy to Commit Murder. African Governments, need to watch out in these trying and confused days of COVID-19. People like Dougbeh Christopher Nyan need to be carefully watched, cause many of your so-called award winning scientists like Dougbeh Chris Nyan, could simply be Agents of Death sent to Africa.

    The Right to saved and protected healthcare in Africa, constitutes human and peoples’ Rights!

    Frederick A.B. Jayweh Esq.
    Counsellor-At-Law & International Affairs Director
    Africa Center for Law and Human Rights, Inc.
    77 Broad Street, 3rd Floor, Presbyterian Building
    Monrovia, Liberia
    Ph: (231) 775-204-677

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