December 8, 2020 Great Liberia Referendum: Poor and Powerless Liberians Must VOTE NO, NO and NO!

Rev. Torli H. Krua, Founder, UHRI

By Rev. Torli H. Krua, Founder, UHRI

Barely six days from the celebration of Liberia’s 173rd independence, Frontpageafrica published an article on July 20, 2020, captioned “The Great Liberian Referendum-2020.” According to the article, the December 2020 referendum calls on Liberian voters to “turn [the] clock on history” by voting on four politician-favored initiatives; reduction of politicians’ term of office, “President from 6 years to five years; Senators from nine years to seven years; Representatives from six years to five years, allow dual citizenship.”

I call on all Liberian voters to reject and vote NO on all questions within the 2020 referendum because not a single one of the ballot questions aims to address the urgent concerns of citizens such as the root causes of abject poverty, war crimes, endemic corruption, excessive salaries and benefits of politicians.

The omitted citizens’ concerns have reduced our mineral-rich nation to the #1 poorest country on earth. Meanwhile, America that enslaved and colonized Liberia is the richest country on earth. In Liberia’s corrupt system of governance, politicians become instant millionaires. To address citizens’ concerns for the very first time in 200 years, I call on all Liberians to urgently demand a public hearing into the original purpose for which Liberia was founded, the origins of systemic corruption, and 200 years of American Slave Masters’ deception. We have written to all three branches of the Liberian government on this urgent citizens’ concern and await their response as paid public servants.

It’s an uttermost disgrace for Africans in general and Liberians in particular that for 200 years, the first republic in Africa proudly bears the insignia of American Slave Masters as well as the emblems that honor Slave Masters and Liberia’s White Supremacists founding fathers. It’s time to demand a new authentic African nation designed by African citizens to empower the citizens and guarantee equal opportunities for all before worrying about the non-issues of the 2020 Referendum that favors only politicians and foreigners.

The 2020 referendum, like all previous historical ballots, are poison pills designed to empower and enrich politicians and it’s not what the citizens want. The process is controlled by the servants (politicians), not the Masters, the citizens. Like the politician-favored referendum, politicians also set excessive salaries and benefits. Liberian citizens will remain powerless and in bondage if they keep voting the politicians’ agenda.

A public hearing is necessary because our research proves that the Republic of Liberia was designed by foreign slave masters, not citizens. General Robert Goodloe Harper, a white American who supported the removal and colonization of free African Americans in Africa but not freedom for African Americans in America, described free Blacks as “…greater nuisance than even slaves themselves.” Harper coined the deceptive name ‘Liberia’. Harper also suggested the name change of the colonial capital city from Christopolis (city of Christ) to Monrovia (city of Monroe-a white slave owner who never freed his slaves).

If the free African Americans were truly free, why couldn’t they be allowed to name their own country or choose their leaders in ‘Liberia’? The names Liberia, Monrovia, Buchanan, Bushrod Island, Clay-Ashland are all relics of white supremacism that should have been swept away since 1847 if Liberia was truly an independent African country.

Not a single African nationalist, or Black or White American abolitionist’s name (Douglass, Stowe, Garrison, or Sojourner Truth) appears on anything significant in Liberia. Only the Slave Masters and Americans who protected slavery are our heroes. From General Harper in the East to Monroe and Bushrod in the West, Liberia treasures only American Slave Masters, not Africans or abolitionists.

When the winds of change started blowing across Africa, the Gold Coast, named by Europeans for what they most valued, the natural resources, not the people, became independent Ghana. Leopoldville was changed to Kinshasa. Upper Volta became Burkina Faso. Rhodesia became Zimbabwe and Salsbury was changed to Harare.  Liberia, on the other hand, remained branded by Slave Masters before and after independence- corrupt, poor and bankrupt economically, morally, culturally, and educationally!

In the words of the American Slave Masters who founded Liberia, “...the colonization of the free people of color will render the slave who remains in America more obedient, more faithful, more honest, and, consequently, more useful to his master, is it proper to regard this happy consequence to both, as the sole object which the Society (ACS) hopes to attain…

In 2020 Liberia is sinking under skyrocketing unemployment for college graduates, our roads are impassable, our bridges-broken, schools, health delivery systems are broken or nonexistent. Yet the salaries and benefits of Liberian politicians are higher than all American politicians; consistent with the Liberian saying; “99 days for rogues, but one day for the Master.”

To conclude, people, the Floyd Gates have opened. Douglass said, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.”  It’s time we demand that the US Congress, the only surviving partner in crimes against humanity with the defunct American Colonization Society (ACS) who initiated, financed, provided security, in sustaining oppression, slavery, and racism in Liberia pays damages for ongoing theft of lands, torture, and atrocities committed in Liberia including ritualistic killings, impassable roads, endemic corruption by Liberian politicians who are also American citizens and American persons with green cards.


  1. @Rev. Torli H. Krua

    If you are truly a man of God, my advice is you should continue to focus on God and the Bible.

    For about Politics and History because this article just proved that you are totally clueless.

    If the People vote NO to everything, HOW do you expect to realize Change in Liberia?

      • Hey, Warningshot, thanks for responding to my post. Do you like the truth? Would you just write a rebuttal to my article instead of telling me to be quiet? What about the truth that scares you? First and foremost, I am a human being and a Christian. I thank God for my parents who educated me and equipped me to discover the historical facts of 200 years of American Slave Masters’ Deception on the American Colony of Liberia. Are you really serious and thoughtful in your suggestion that a human being who happens to be a Christian and a refugee forced to flee his native country needs to forget Politics and History? My background is also computers and telecommunications. Do you believe I need to forget computers and telecommunications also? I really wonder who do you think will follow your counsel and live in darkness? I know nothing about your faith but as for me, my faith motivates me to write the truth about politics, science, history, etc. I am committed to the truth because my faith embraces the truth. John 8:32 “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

    • Thanks for asking. “If the People vote NO to everything, HOW do you expect to realize Change in Liberia?” This is the 4th referendum in our history. Like the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, were all focused on changes that foreigners and Liberian politicians wanted and not the most important concerns of Liberian citizens. If Liberia is a republic, then it must function like a republic, not a monarchy. A republic is a nation state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives who serve as public servants, elected by the people. Because for 200 years, only foreigners and Liberian public servants have dictated what appears on the ballot, these exercises have become theater and major distractions from the real change the Liberian people want. Changes such as functioning healthcare delivery system that will serve ordinary citizens and elected officials, war crimes court, changing our system of governance to make public servants accountable, empowering the people to set the salaries and benefits of elected officials so that the people’s money will be spent on education, building of the national infrastructures-roans, bridges etc. With our current corrupt system designed to empower and enrich politicians designed by racist American Slave Masters, Liberian Voters must vote no, no, no & no because following the agenda of politicians for 200 years have made Liberia the #1 poorest country on Earth. Change will come when Liberians vote no and demand a public hearing into the roots of corruption. How come an independent African country bears the emblems of slave masters for nearly 200 years? Why are the salaries of Liberian politicians higher than American politicians? No no no means Liberians are tired being the poorest country in the world.

  2. Is Rev. Krua on crack or is he confused?? If majority of the “Poor and Powerless Liberians Must VOTE NO, NO and NO!”, it means that NO changes will be made to the Constitution. In other words, the presidential term will remain at 6 years (instead of 5), senators will remain at 9 years (instead of 7); representatives will remain at 6 years (instead of 5), and no dual citizenship.will be allowed. Is that what he wants for the Liberian people….to keep the status quo?? There will be less state stealing and looting if elected officials stayed in office for shorter periods

  3. Martin, I am not confused or on crack. I desire systemic change in Liberia and unlike many politicians, I know electing people into office in a country with a corrupt system of governance designed to enslave people doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked in 200 years and change means abandoning the old corrupt system designed by dead racists and using our minds to design a new system that empowers the people and creates equal opportunities for all citizens. Liberia is the #1 poorest and corrupt country on Earth, not by accident but by design of American Slave Masters. Sadly most Liberians know nothing about the origin of their country and its purpose. I was in that shoes until I discovered the truth about the name ‘Liberia”, who named Liberia-Monrovia and who was James Monroe-Goodloe Harper-Who was Bushrod Washington. I bet you actually have no idea that the founding fathers of Liberia were white supremacists and slave masters who created Liberia to enslave Africans. Neither President Weah, the current elected officials of government designed the status quo or Liberia current system of governance. However, as paid public servants, it’s their duty to listen to the people. Unfortunately, the current system has no place for the direct voice of the people aside from mere voting. If voting to change the term of office of elected officials and the president of Liberia is the solution to the corrupt system of governance designed by American Slave Masters 200 years ago, then the past three times Liberians voted for change in Liberia’s 173 year history would have changed Liberia. If the people of Liberia had a different system of governance that respected the direct voice of the people, the questions was going to reflect the concerns of the people: Healthcare Delivery System, Excessive Salaries and Benefits of public servants, war crimes court, tackling endemic corruption. Instead, people keep voting and only the corrupt system has remained the same. Look keep your Monrovia and Slave Masters’ system of corruption if that is what you desire. I have a right to educate myself and whosoever is interested. NO vote and demanding a public hearing into the purpose of Liberia and how we got to be the #1 poorest country in the world is a reflection every rational person needs to welcome, including you, Martin. Thanks again for responding.

  4. Reverend KRUA,

    I appreciate your patience and time for addressing rebuttals on your article. I also understand your frustration for the status quo in place in Liberia, but I pray that you will understand the meaning of the Chinese proverb which states that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!”

    First, contemplate few questions:
    – Did the past administration not conduct a Truth and Reconciliation Forum (public hearing) to address all wrongs done to the land and people of Liberia?
    – Was the Truth and Reconciliation process not financed by our dear partners in development and friendly governments?
    – Did the committee not make proposals and recommendations for a healed Liberia?
    – One of those recommendations was for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to not seek reelection. Was that recommendation heeded to?
    – With this glaring defiance, did our dear partners in development or friendly governments raise any opposition to Ellen’s candidacy in 2011?
    – Was she sanctioned or reprimanded in anyway?
    – From the previous public hearing, did you not know who were behind the atrocities suffered by Liberia over the years?
    – Why aren’t the other perpetrators in prison but ONLY Mr. Charles Taylor? Etc, etc, etc, etc.

    There are many questions at the corner of the mouths of many Liberians. How do we address these issues?
    Saying NO, NO, NO, NO to the upcoming referendum is not a solution. The proposed changes do not benefit foreigners but Liberians. Many Liberians took up other citizenships, like the Israelites or Jews and many other people, for mere financial gains and improved livelihoods. They yearn to come back home and live as Liberians.

    The crusade of real change should start NOW, Reverend. Change is gradual, painstaking, methodical and smartly initiated.
    My last word to you Reverend, pray for the children of Liberia to embark on this change come 2023 by voting a qualified Liberian as president, the rest will be unleashed gradually until we get there.

    Peace unto you!

    • Dear Patarus,
      Thanks so much for taking time to read and respond. Why did I think a piecemeal approach to Liberia is not necessary? Liberia was never independent when it was created on March 3, 1819 in the United States of America and exported to Africa using the smokescreen of mixed race and free Blacks, who were never in control. Did you know that before independence, the colony was called Liberia? Did you know that after independence, it was still the same Liberia? Did you know white men governed Liberia in the first two decades of its existence and the mixed race and free African American Settlers didn’t have a say in matters of governance? Did you know the purpose for creating Liberia was to keep Africans in bondage because the white supremacists Slave Masters wanted to protect their private properties-slaves? I would fast forward to the truth and reconciliation you mentioned. DO you think if America, the colonial master that created Liberia wanted the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation in Liberia it would be gathering dust today? Why did Gold Coast, Leopoldville, Rhodesia, etc change their names at independence? They were free to decide their own future. Liberia is not free and the system of governance is corrupt intentionally by design of the United States, the surviving partner. Let’s talk about gradualism in our case. The purpose of the Truth and reconciliation was different from the public hearing I mentioned. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” With the TRC, people didn’t know their country was founded by slave owners to enslave Africans. They were trying to make peace among warring parties. We are not at war right now and our public hearing will uncover a sinister plot by the United States and American Slave Masters to deprive our people of life, liberty and access to opportunities. In fact our country may not continue to carry the name Liberia, carry the name Monrovia, Bushrod Island, Harper, etc because the secret has been bursted. Damages will be paid. Restitutions and reparitions will be paid for stolen lands and other things. The people will be allowed to have input in drafting their laws to empower the citizens and lay to rest the current system of representative democracy, where you the citizens elect but have no power for ever until the next and next and next and endless elections. WIth a broken and corrupt system electing qualified professionals don’t work. Matthew 12:33 is crystal clear. We need to change the seed planted in order to change the fruits we hope to reapo. True-”You reap what you sow”. America sowed corruption and we have been eating the bitter fruits for 200 years. Please check my references and suggest a better path. No man is an island.

  5. Rev. Krua,
    I do support some of your viewpoints. For instance, your call for a presidential term to be reduced from twelve to ten years is very positive. In fact, because of Liberia’s historical ties with the US, I will walk the extra mile by suggesting a presidential term limit of 8 years. Let’s take a look at Johnson-Sirleaf. During the first six years of Johnson-Sirleaf’s presidency, she was semi-effective. But as the boat rolled during her second term (meaning six more years of her presidency) the Atlantic Ocean pushed its powerful wave on shore with extraordinary tenacity. The net result of the ocean’s powerful wave was rampant corruption. Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf seemed not to be in charge. You will recall from the Old Testament….”In those days, there was no King in Israel. Everybody did that which was right in his own eyes”. If a leader is weak, corruption takes hold, pure and simple!

    Why on earth should a Liberian lawmaker sign a concession or buy a “share” with a foreign company that does business with the government? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Why on earth should a Liberian lawmaker earn $15,000 to $16,000 per month when there are no computers in our public schools? The egocentric Liberian legislators must be booted out of their respective offices. That should be the call. Once that happens, names will begin to change and change itself will occur without any strains attached.

    On the line of America, I am not sure if America deserves any blame. Rev. Krua, let’s be realistic. When Liberia was founded, the freed slaves had no idea of a good government. The freed slaves were anti-native. Furthermore, the freed slaves possessed a dimwitted idea of themselves. And so because of the freed slaves’ half-baked ideas, no one could tell them what to do. Example, you happened to have mentioned names like Harper, Bushrod Island and other American or English names. But none of the cities, towns and villages were named after “Krua”, Pleebo, Dolo, etc. Why did that happen? Because as I said earlier, the freed slaves were inhospitable, unsophisticated and downright confused. The freed slaves perpetuated a culture of black on black crime.

    Our public schools are in disarray! I visited Liberia last year. Some of the public schools that I visited had insufficient desks for students. In some cases, two students sat in one desk! What a shame for a country that declared independence in 1847? Weah must try his level best. But Weah didn’t cause the problem of insufficient desks and textbooks for students.
    Question:. … Should we blame the US for book shortage and insufficient desks?

    You’re right to demand changes. Our politicians have become whimsical. Our poor brothers and sisters are not being governed right. Unfortunately, slave mentality has caused and continues to cause backwardness. The politicians are resistant to change. A change such as your clarion call will challenge their evil ways of life. But we have to start somewhere.

    A good number of your suggestions are okay. But it’s about time we had blamed our own people than the Americans. I am not saying that the US has no iniquities!

    • Dear Hney,
      Thanks for taking time to read my article. “No man is an island.” Please allow me to respond to your questions. Why is it that our law makers earn $15,000.00 for a country with a budget of $535 million, when the richest nation on Earth pays senators less than $15,000.00? Why do our senators get unlimited 9 year term? Why do we honor white supremacists and American Slave Masters-Bushrod, Monroe, Buchanan, Harper? There’s only one answer; Liberia was not created by freed slaves from America. Rather, Liberia was created by an illegal partnership between the United States Government and a group of high ranking US government officials who happen to also be largely members of a private organization of white supremacists and Slave Owners, The American Colonization Society (ACS). I am making a legal argument that the surviving partner, the US Government alone is liable to pay damages for all atrocities, theft, torture and ongoing corruption in Liberia’s system of governance established by the partnership. The United States appointed and paid the Navy in Liberia as well as its agents and also paid the ACS. Of course the purpose for creating Liberia was and still is to “Keep Africans in bondage…” The US taxpayers have spent $2 trillion dollars in Afghanistan, including money to rebuild. According to international law the occupying power is responsible and accountable for security and rebuilding. It took an Act of Congress to create Liberia, fund the Liberia project and authorize the US Navy to provide security, engage in battles with indigenous tribes, including Matilda Newport’s massacre, torture and theft of land. If one of the partners passes away, who do you hold. By the way slaves were freed in 1865 and the settlement of Liberia began on March 3, 1819.

  6. Dear Rev. Krua,

    It is a great pleasure indeed to see the level of patriotism on the part of some Liberians like you. I would also like to commend you for your History lessons on Liberia.

    Reverend, it’s true a lot of water has flown under the bridge since the creation of the first black republic viz Liberia.
    Do you think the USA is going to pay reparations fees in trillions of dollars? To whom? In fact, who will dare submit such petition before the American Congress? You, Rev. Krua, a private citizen? Or the Government that represents the people? And let’s be realistic, can any Liberian government dare make this demand? That very day will be the end of such regime.

    Look, once there is life, there is hope. Liberia is still rich beyond comparison. Lets’ learn to harness our immense resources henceforth to benefit all.
    Yes, we can be counted among respectable nations on planet earth. Africans, especially Liberians, should STOP crying like babies. We are in the 21st Century, let’s make use of technology to enhance our development.

    Once upon a time, there was a time in history where the world was commended by and from Rome. Is it the case today?
    Once upon the time, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two Japanese cosmopolitan cities, were reduced to rubbles under the American deadliest atomic bombs. Did the people of Japan sit idly to cry for Americans to come to pay reparations? NO! They understood that when two (2) persons fight, one must come out victorious and so they accepted defeat and signed a humiliating peaceful deal with Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Where is Japan today? They got down to work 24/7 and today, the country is a pride and leading world economy.
    Once upon the time, the children of Israel, the Jews, were subject to systemic eradication under the hypocritical watchful eyes of world leaders then. But look at the small nation of Israel today, it alters major world decisions and is one of the most powerful nations on planet earth that has transformed deserts into fertile land.
    Just few years back, your country Liberia made donations to the impoverished children of South Korea but look at the level of development in South Korea compared to Liberia today.

    I can go on listing examples for you unendingly, Reverend. In Liberia, we are suffering from a special disease called “stupidness”. Look out the world for me in a dictionary, you will find out that it doesn’t exist anywhere in any other dictionary, but only in a Liberian dictionary.
    Liberians do atypical and iniquitous things that the rest of the world cannot really fathom. After World War II, the Europeans introduced an intensive educational system (both theoretical and practical) to replenish the devasted human capital loss for speedy recovery of economic activities, but Liberians prefer to downplay education by awarding a WASCE certificate to a student who make a pass in 1/9 subjects.
    While the rest of the world will comb the world round in search of its sharp-witted and best of its educated elites to revamp every economic sector, we vote people who believe you DO NOT need to be a Socrates to rule Liberia (Da book we le eat!).

    Reverend, even ECOWAS is discouraged and disappointed with Liberia, what can any humanitarian organizations do?
    Countries were sending volunteers through the Peace Corps to help Liberia in various capacities, but they have scaled down activities. Why? Da book we le eat!

    You need to fervently pray for Liberia Reverend so that in 2023, the country can reintegrate the comity and community of nations.

  7. Reverend Krua,
    Once again, in your reponse to my comment, you did a good job in terms of addressing some of the issues Liberia is plagued with. But jokingly, I think our “genes” have been messed up from the beginning. On a serious note, we can overcome our differences. With a firm commitment, we can rebuild our country.

    In my view, there’s been a great deal of confusion from the beginning due to the following reasons:

    White people ruled Liberia for a period of years before passing the baton of leadership to the settlers, exclusive of the natives.

    The settlers were comprised of people whose skin tones were dark or light. The settlers came from different backgrounds and regions. And so because of this issue, there was an “uncle Tom” mentality amongst the settlers.

    A. Different backgrounds… some settlers were educated, while some were poorly educated and others, totally uneducated.

    B. Skin tones…. settlers who were mixed (that’s how we’ve got the word coloreds) possessed a sense of superiority and

    C. Places of origin……freed blacks who came from the southern states (the bastion of slavery) had a different mindset about themselves than those who came from other parts of the country. Fact!

    The settlers weren’t peace-loving upon arrival in what is now known as Liberia. I wonder whether some of the settlers were forced to go to Africa. A corn seed is a corn wherever it is planted. Similarly, black is black irrespective of skin tone or place of origin. A notorious KKK individual does not distinguish between a Brazilian black, a Nigerian black or an African-American. The Liberian settlers had a different thinking about the natives. That ugly concept of theirs was not good for national development.

    What do I mean?
    1. The seal of Liberia reads, “The love of liberty brought us here”. By saying that, the natives of Liberia were completely left out of the equation of governance and

    2. If the settlers had sincerely, truthfully and lovingly embraced the natives as their own brothers and sisters in harmony through Christ Jesus Our Lord (Phil.chapter 2), there would have been positive growth and development.

    In conclusion, I think the previous leaders of Liberia did not govern Liberia based on the reasons for which the country was founded.

    Today, you have a body of people who cannot wait for 2023 to come by. Oh God, these people just can’t wait. They think they have the answers for Liberia. They make all kinds of promises that “we” know they cannot keep. The legislators take home big chunks of money every month, but the so-called “neoteric people” (as I will call them) do not think it is wrong for the lawmakers to do that. How can the new people who claim to have new ideas be trusted if they cannot see the present danger of the lawmakers?

    Rev. Krua, my Liberian compatriots and friends of Liberia, we’ve got some ways to go. More importantly, we need the watchful eye of God. God’s got the moral compass we need.

    Blaming others for our problems is enough. Let’s blame ourselves for a few seconds. Please.


  8. Rev. Krua,

    Before you reply, if only you will have the time to do so, allow me to clear the air on a subject that keeps popping up, indexing me indirectly and seldomly directly.

    When I first appear on this blog, I rebutted Comrade Hney on why he did not come to serve Liberia after graduation. In his brash and fizzy reply, he found it scurrilous (denigratory, calumniatory, aspersive) to have come to serve a nation “he so dearly loves”.
    Every week, if Comrade Hney is to publish 10 comments, 2 (20%) will be against our lawmakers’ emoluments.

    Once again, this is my take on this subject:
    I have no element of proof to ascertain if our lawmakers make US $15,000 or $16,000 per month, but if this figure is correct, I personally think it is a FAIR monthly emolument.

    For Liberia to embark on sustainable development, we need to have qualified philosophers, architects, technocrats and engineers heading the executive and legislative branches of government to set sound policies, vote proactive and progressive laws in major development sectors of the country. Most people of such caliber can easily be found in the diaspora nowadays. Therefore, minimum compensatory inducive packages or incentives should be offered to these people to convince them to come and serve Liberia professionally and honestly.

    It is against this background I support the figure above. With a business-friendly environment and a qualified executive and legislative branches of government, the justice system can be cleaned to bring sanity to the nation, law enforcement will be professionalized and respected. The result will be a vibrant economy where private sectors may even pay 3 times what our lawmakers make in a country with huge untapped potential and a population of less than 5 million which is projected to grow to 6 million in the next 10 years.

    However, from observations since I came to this blog, I DO NOT want to believe the amount advanced all the time as monthly emolument for a lawmaker is correct.
    Senator Dillion made a campaign promise that if lawmakers were paid more than $5,000, he would give the surplus to his constituency. It meant for me that Mr. Dillion is complacent or can comfortably live within a monthly emolument of $5,000. However, it was a great surprise to see the Senator push a sigh of relief to have learnt that he was entitled to a cumulative bonus of $6,000, what a contrast! It clearly meant the guy had been under financial pressure or constraints somewhere.
    We have just witnessed the untimely passing of 2 young and energetic lawmakers, Mr. SLOH and Miss YOUNGBLOOD. If our lawmakers were making that much money, both may have been flown away, not in Ghana, but to a European country or the USA to seek better medical treatment.
    Do you think a lawmaker making such money will boldly come out to say that when people come to be confirmed, I asked them to employ 2 or 5 of my boys as I cannot always afford to take care of people who work with me? (Senator Teahjay)

    The upcoming elections in 2023 is a turning point in the history of Liberia. Liberia will decide to live with the current status quo (frequent annual budget of half a billion with snail-paced development, brain drain, who-knows-you policy, etc.) or opt for progressiveness with huge development projects in major catalytical development sectors like education, energy, telecommunications, good road networks, etc.

    In a nutshell, let’s learn to uphold excellence, reward hard work and merit and strive to love ourselves before others develop love for us.
    We are not blaming others for our problems; we are blaming people who cannot provide answers to our problems but play on the naivete of our people to maintain them in slums and servitude.

    No more war in Liberia!

  9. Rev. Krua,
    My honorable friend should not tell you when to respond. You will respond at your leisure time. But I think you will enjoy reading all that’s being said by comrade Dolo and I than writing a response. Why? Because so much is being dumped on you. Secondly, you’re a man of God. You have to prepare your sermon and tend to your flock and family. How much time is left for you to analyze everything that’s being written Rev.? Just relax! Drink your decaffeinated tea or coffee and humbly calm your nerves.

    When I graduated from two universities in the Midwest, I worked to acquire work experience. That’s one of the problems we have in Liberia. A lot of Liberian educators acquire impressive degrees, but they have zero experience. Also during those days, the bullets were flying all around in Liberia. Sadly, my oldest sister died in the Bong Mining area because of starvation. Also, all of my kids were born in the states. When kids are involved, a decision such as going back home to serve is not a snapshot decision. Exactly two years after my sister’s demise, my mother whom I had brought to America died. For me, it was a triple whammy!

    Question…. would it have made any sense for me to have returned to Liberia to work during those turbulent days, weeks, months and years?

    Comrade Dolo wants to give the impression that I became abusive and disrespectful to him when he asked why I did not return to Liberia after I completed my studies. Given the circumstances we were faced with during those days, it would have been unwise for me to have returned. Am I right?

    There’s an evil cabal of Liberians who are resistant to change in Liberia. If you cannot change them, you have to join them. That’s the problem. The neoteric forces of which my comrade, Mr. Dolo is one cannot wait for 2023. Mr. Dolo and his collaborators tell us that they have all the answers for Liberia. I completely and totally disagree. I do agree with him on a number of things. One of those things is this….. Liberia must change. However, the change factor is the critical existence path.

    Hang in there Rev. I am older than that young guy. But I will challenge him everywhere…., in the kitchen to cook, on the field to run a race or on the battlefield. All I need is a bottle of cold water to keep me going.

  10. A point of correction Big Brother Hney:
    I did not blame you in any way for not coming back after graduation, and especially during such level of turmoil in Liberia then. I couldn’t have done so either. Your defense of why you did not return was NEVER stemmed from the reasons enumerated above at first. It was ostentatious and sarcastic. It was after several exchanges that you humbly stated why you could not return after graduation. I vividly remember how you even threatened me then for saying why your children could not return to Liberia to work for such meagre salaries.

    Evil cabal of Liberians resistant to change
    You are 200% right on this point. There is a kind of gloomy spiritual cloud indoctrinated into the minds of Liberians nowadays. If you cannot recite such creed, you better find your way out or else you will die from hunger. I experienced it, I know people who underwent similar fate.
    Should you and I, positive thinkers with great godly values and authorities, sit supinely and do nothing? I think NO!
    If you yearn to see change like I do, 2023 should not pass you by without acting, and acting right too.
    Come with a group, I solemnly swear I will join your group to pursue that positive change we envisage for ourselves and children. If not, join a group like the ANC that can start such change.

    The ANC doesn’t have all the answers to the tons of problems facing Liberia. But the ANC can begin real and positive change.
    Get out of the political politics talking syndrome. You are a great asset to Liberia. We need your experience, knowledge, wisdom and balanced temperament back home at the dawn of 2023. Start packing your bags!

    Reverend Krua, as he has rightly said, Hney is my big brother. I admire him so much, though I have never seen him. I believe he can challenge me in the kitchen and on the battlefield and defeat me lamentably, but not on the field to run a race. There, I will make his nose to run and mouth open like a battle horse.

    Drink your cold water, decaffeinated tea or coffee and alcohol-free beverages, big brother Hney.

  11. Comrade Dolo,
    I don’t think you were ever threatened by me. I consider myself a pacifist. I cherish my pacifist views. Given that scenario, it would have been counterproductive for me to have threatened you intentionally. Jokes? Yes! I get underskin more than anyone else. I made have jokingly gotten under your skin. Whatever I did, it was not meant to rip you apart. However, I sincerely apologize if you feel convinced that you were threatened. I will be careful next time.

    Have a great day.


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