Counselor James E. Pierre’s Response to Mr. Mamulu’s Commentary: “Children of a Lesser God”


To set the historical record straight the errors in Mr. Mamulu’s commentary: “Children of a Lessor God” which appeared in the July 25, 2018 edition of the Liberian Observer necessitates the following corrections to be made regarding the Gberie case.

  1. Mr. Mamulu’s statement that I “… [i.e., Counselor James E. Pierre] agreed to represent the Lebanese” is totally erroneous because i was never hired by the defendants. It was the late counselor Tilman Dunbar who was hired by the center street supermarket to represent the two Lebanese defendants who were employees of the supermarket. Several other lawyers which included the late counselors Stephen B. Dunbar, sr., and nelson Broderick were also hired to represent the defendants. Any association which i had with the case was based solely on the fact that at time I was working in the late counselor Tilman Dunbar’s law office.
  2. It should be noted that the late counselor Tilman Dunbar had been lawyer for the center street supermarket a long time before the incident. It was based on this pre-existing legal relationship which counselor Tilman Dunbar had with the supermarket that he came to be the lead lawyer for the two Lebanese defendants who were employees of the supermarket.
  3. Another of the false statements in Mr. Mamulu’s commentary is that the Lebanese defendants were granted bail and fled the country without being tried. It is an undisputed historical fact and a matter of public record that (i) they were never granted bail; (ii) they did not flee the country; (iii) they were tried by the courts in Liberia; and (iv) they remained in jail the entire time the matter was in court.

A professional duty is imposed on those who publish historical events to conduct the required research to ensure the accuracy of the historical facts before publication.

James E. Pierre
July 30, 2018


  1. Mr. Pierre, whether your claim that the killers were in prison and remained in jail during the prosecution of the case is true or not; is actually irrelevant at this juncture – nearly half a century after the murder; despite the fact Chief Justice Francis Korkpor who was then the superintendent of the very prison is still around to state the truth.

    But what is not only true but also relevant is that the court under the control of the TWP semi-apartheid tyranny besides dispensing a mockery of justice, made sure that the murderers walked scotfree out of the court, drove straight to the Roberts International Airport, and flew out of the country to Lebanon with impunity.

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