Community-Interest Not Self-Interest


By Togba-Nah Tipoteh, PhD

Since earning my doctorate degree in economics at the age of 27, and I am now 79 years of age, I have written in the public space on numerous local and global issues and problems, as well as provided solutions to societal problems, based on historical experience. A year ago, the Liberian Economy Group (LEG), chaired by me and composed of some highly qualified Liberian professionals, presented its Report on the Liberian Economy, free of charge, to all government and non-government leaders, the general public and to foreign partners. These professionals are: Mr. David Vinton, MBA; Mrs. Estelle Liberty, MSc; Dr. Geepu Nah Tiepoh, PhD and Mr. Amin Modad, MBA.

In the face of credible information to the effect that the surge of the coronavirus pandemic has reached nearly 80 million cases and nearly 2 million deaths globally, I have become placed in a Wake-Up state. This state of mind is also informed by the growing income inequalities within countries and between countries, where In 1820 the income and wealth ratio between the top 20% of the world’s population and the bottom 20% was 3:1; now, the ratio is almost 90:1 (WB/IMF). Such massive poverty is occurring while 22,000 children die daily in the world from poverty (UNICEF), when it takes USD60 billion, 25% of the income and wealth of the 100 richest billionaires in the world, to end extreme poverty (OXFAM). However, all is not lost as the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has eliminated extreme poverty in this year, having reduced the PRC poverty rate from 88% to less than 1% in 40 years (Asian Development Bank).

The foregoing state of mind leads me to write this Commentary: Community-Interest Not Self-Interest, in the expectation that it will be a positive contribution to raising awareness in ways that motivate people to take actions in their collective interest. Throughout history, the principal concern of human beings continues to be survival. Generally, human beings prefer to save lives than to commit suicide. In the observation of human beings, two types of decision-making have emerged: decision-making for self-interest and decision-making for community-interest.

In his observation of human beings, the Scottish Economist Adam Smith, the Founder of Modern Economics, concluded in his path-breaking book, The Wealth of Nations (1776), that human beings are driven mainly by self-interest and therefore the best system for economic growth and development is laissez-passez/laissez-faire/free enterprise, all meaning the same thing. Examining the facts of history, one finds out that access to enter the market place and control the ballot box was free only for the rich. During the era of Smith, when the workers tried to get access to enter the market place and control the ballot box, the Powers That Be used violence to prevent them from entry. Free enterprise became synonymous with capitalism and Smith’s Ideology of self-interest became the ideological justification for capitalism.

Prior to the time of Smith, the pursuit of self-interest led to the slave trade. The greed of rulers in Africa led them to sell some human beings to greedy slave owners from the United States of America (USA) who needed the slaves to work on the cotton plantations in the USA. Hundreds of thousands of slaves got killed during the slave trade from the violent treatment that they received from the slave owners. On account of the movement to free the slaves, informed by the 1791 revolt against slavery in Saint Dominique, now called Haiti, and the advance in technology that led to mechanization in the cotton industry, there was much less need for slaves. Therefore, slave owners formed an organization called the American Colonization Society (ACS) that repatriated some freed slaves to Africa by 1822. Many of these freed slaves landed in the area now called Liberia, after the former slaves declared the area to be a Republic in1847. Constitutional rights were not given to the indigenous people of Liberia until after the Second World War.

It is recorded in history that Liberia has the world record for the holding of faked elections (Guinness Book of Records), established during the election of 1927 in Liberia. Subsequently, Liberia was taken to the League of Nations by some indigenous persons on the grounds that the President of Liberia was heading a business in which indigenous people from Liberia were sold as slaves to work in Fernando Po. The historical record on the Liberian economy in the 1950s shows that the Liberian economy exhibited the second highest economic growth per capita rate in the world but less that one per cent of the people accounted for over 60 per cent of Liberia’s income and wealth, leading to a syndrome that is referred to as economic growth without economic development or growth without development for short (Robert Clower, et al, 1966).

 Despite the fact that the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA) raised alarm publicly about the high likelihood that the income and wealth inequality in Liberia, with the attendant poverty generation, would lead to the use of poverty as the pretext for violence by greedier persons, the Powers That Be paid no heed to this alarm and the Civil War hit Liberia in which at least 250,000 people (ten per cent of the population at the time) died and billions of dollars worth of infrastructure got damaged and the economy remains unrecovered to the pre-war state. After the Smith time, another example of greed emerged with the ownership of Belgian Congo, an area in Africa equal to the size of western Europe, by King Leopold of Belgium. Under this ownership, at least 10 million Belgian Congolese died from slave treatment.

Alternatively, in terms of the Economist Smith, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels of Germany, in The Communist Manifesto (1848), concluded that “The history of all hitherto society is the history of class struggle”. They went on to say that this class struggle will end up with the ending of capitalism and the emergence of a classless society, a socialist society. Vladimir Lenin of Russia, in his writings. concluded that the world of capitalism was experiencing the centralization and internationalization of capital, exhibiting collaboration with the writings of Marx and Engels, resulting in the formation of an ideology called Marxism-Leninism. The main example of socialism prior to the Second World War was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). In the war between Germany and the USSR, involving Great Britain and France, and subsequently the USA. known as World War Two, 80 million people died, not forgetting the infrastructural damage that led to the launching of the European recovery plan that came to be known as the Marshall Plan.

Rising awareness about inequalities evolved in the Soviet Union, especially when looking at the USSR relationship with Poland, as the Workers Movement led by Mr. Lech Walensa engaged in activities that ended up in the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the “breaking up” of the USSR, the main part of which is now Russia. The People’s Republic of China (PRC), which has now become the second-largest economy in the world, is another example of socialism. Then there is the socialist example of Cuba with life expectancy moving from 33.2 in 1900 to 78.9 in 2010, being the world leader of the percentage of medical doctors to population, 150 in 100,00 for the start of the twenty-first century, through progress in the elimination of HIV/AIDS and for direct health support to other countries during the ebola outbreak (Wikipedia/ABC News, November 29, 2016)

Another alternative, this time with respect to Marx, is the work of the French Economist, Thomas Piketty, as seen in his book Capital and Ideology (Harvard University Press, 2020). In his book, the Economist Piketty concludes that the main struggle throughout history is not class struggle, the struggle between capital and labor, but “the struggle between ideologies and the quest for justice” (p1035). According to Piketty, the struggle between ideologies can be observed historically in the evidence on income and wealth inequalities that he refers to as inequality regimes. Piketty indicates that his goal is: “To enable citizens to reclaim possession of economic and historical knowledge”(p1041). Unlike Smith and Marx, Piketty provides no societal system to attend to the problem of income inequalities that he presents. While Piketty claims to be promotive of the citizens’ reclaiming of economic and historical knowledge, he terms the current state of capitalism “hypercapitalism” and calls the current state of socialism “disastrous”. which in effect are his conclusions.

In the time between Smith and Piketty, several well-known economists have appeared, writing on variations on capitalism. There was the Economist John Maynard Keynes of Great Britain who called for considerable government intervention in the economy to promote recovery and growth, through his best known book, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1936). In the landmark book, The Great Transformation, by Economist Karl Polanyi of Hungary, he argued that it is community interest over individual interest that remains the way forward for societal transformation. Then there was the Economist Milton Friedman of the USA who insisted that Freedom of Choice is the way to get the economy to recover and grow rather than government intervention, regulation or control. With the persistence of the income and wealth inequalities within countries and between countries, one wonders as to the Truth in the foregoing conclusion. Furthermore, let us recall the International Financial Crisis of 2008, where the former Chairperson of the Federal Reserve of the USA, Alan Greenspan, supported deregulation, as seen in the operation of the sub-prime market within the decision-making of the Stock Market. Such operation led to the 2008 Crisis, now called the Great Recession, becoming the worst International Financial Crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The Economist Friedman’s call for Freedom of Choice runs into problems when people say that they want the right to choose but they have no power to choose. The commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the United Nations Charter of Human Rights as held in Paris, France. concluded that Constitutions in general have excellent human rights provisions but they are not implemented  around the world. In effect, the Paris Conclusion indicates that the Powers That Be who benefit from the power-generating system in countries are not about to implement human rights provisions that would lead to poverty-alleviation, as such runs counter to their self-interest.

Responding to the global initiative of the 15 year old Greta Thunberg of Sweden, during the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Forum (actually founded in January 1971), the Organizer of the World Economic Forum indicated that in our one world faced with the numerous global problems, especially climate change, the focus for economic growth should now be on stakeholdership rather than shareholdership. Stakeholdership involves the participation of the Community, meaning farmers, labor, women, youth and civil society entities, while shareholdership refers to the participation of self-interest entities.

There were encouraging signs when the two biggest producers of carbon emission, the USA and the PRC were among over 100 countries to sign the Climate Change Accord in Paris, France only to have the USA, under President Trump, pull out of the Accord. The election of Mr, Joseph Biden provides evidence that the USA will return to the Accord on Climate Change as well to the Accord on Nuclear Energy from which the Trump administration withdrew the participation of the USA.

History has taught us through the ebola virus epidemic and the corona pandemic that action speaks louder than words and the observation of action provides the Truth to solve problems. When the community residents receive knowledge in ways that motivate them to take non-violent actions in the community- interest, they take such actions and that is how the ebola problem ended and it is highly likely that the corona problem will end in the same way. The PRC which is considered to be the country in which the coronavirus first appeared has now provided anti-corona assistance to nearly 100 countries, developed and developing, and is recovering to the point where extreme poverty in the PRC has been eliminated this year.

There are challenges in each part of the capitalist/socialist divide. Whether or not the challenges occur through the work of the Trilateral Commission, led by the Group of Six (USA, Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain and Japan) or that of the Politburo in the Communist Parties of Russia and the PRC, or the racism in the USA, scientific evaluation demands focusing on the most important element for eliminating poverty-generation and promoting poverty-alleviation. In this direction, it is instructive to note that the People’s Republic of China has eliminated extreme poverty in the PRC this year, thereby making an enormous contribution to poverty-alleviation, violence prevention and global peace.

It is through the observation of actions in history that my background as Founding Leader of the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA), Chairperson of the Servants of Africa Fighting Epidemics (SAFE) and the work on my doctoral dissertation, Negative Taxation and Work Effort, Implications for Poverty Alleviation, plus my experience as Founder and Board Chairperson Of Susukuu, the 49 year-old poverty alleviation NGO, have enabled me to come up with the conclusion: Community-Interest Not Self-Interest is the way forward for the better that brings justice, the only ingredient for sustainable peace, with the attendant improvements in mass living conditions to eliminate income and wealth inequalities. Community-Interest is implemented through Democracy, the institutionalization of the sustainable participation of at least the majority of the people in decision-making that affects them,  Hopefully, my use of knowledge is done in a way that motivates people, especially the poor, to take non-violent collective actions to change the poverty-generating system into the poverty-alleviation system.

Acknowledgment: Expressions of appreciation go to Dr. Brahima Kaba, Dr. Geepu Nah Tiepoh and Mr. Kpanneh Doe for their pre-publication comments on this Commentary.


  1. Thanks, big brother, for a broad sweep in making this essential point. For example, community interest found expression when after WW 1 the Liberian Settlement of seafarers in Western Freetown built structures to provide free Primary School Education. By the way, an effort which benefited many kids residing there from the early 1950s to the late 1970s. Another instance of community interest-driven initiative was the Susuku Initiative referenced.

    The question though, is, how can such small scale successes be replicated in a Liberia of Western-style democracy enthralled to group-interests’ party politics? Needless to say, ironically, it is the winner-take-all mentality (indifferent to merit) in major appointments that has perennially deprived various administrations of the capacity required in executing policies directed at alleviating inequality and life-denying pervasive poverty.

    Most worrisome for responsive effective governance and, by extension, stability, is a realization that society has accepted the fiction that each administration can appoint whosoever – unqualified or unethical – to any position. The constitution puts that power in the hands of the people through their elected senators whose duty is to confirm these individuals just like an annual budget cannot pass without approval of representatives in the lower house. Incapacity undermines economic growth, and threatens peace, Let’s put community interests above self-interest.

    • Mr. Sylvester Moses, in the HOLY WRIT of John 11, 25 and 26, Jesus says “I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me, though he or she were dead, yet shall he live! And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die!!!“ May this truth be and remain your evergreen rearguard and canopy in these grief stricken times!!!

      Having seen responses from you on the transition of YOUR LOVE…someone so dear and precious to you, we say kindly accept our warmest condolences for the passing of your dear wife Mrs. Edwina Andrews Moses whose soul, upon her ascension,, we are confident,, is now resting in the bosom of THE LORD our God who giveth and taketh! And to whom we forever say blessed be HIS NAME!!

      Accordingly, may life perpetual shine upon that great soul and LOVE OF YOUR LIFE from lifetime to lifetime!!!

      Indeed, we must confess that you must be a mentally strong and spiritually awakened soul to be experiencing such grief stricken situation, but still have the strength, courage, and patriotism, to engage these intellectual exercises….an inclination, or in fact selflessness and patriotism of yours testamentary of your conviction vis a vis the spirit and letter of this subject matter “Community-Interest Not Self-Interest!“

      Once again, kindly accept our deepest sympathy, S. Gbayahforh.

  2. I read Professor Tipoteh’s commentary with keen interest. In my reading, I could not stop being conflated with his meandering thoughts of history and its relevance to his thesis: I was more into wanting to see ways community approach should take precedence over self rather than subjectively being told about his organization, Sussuku, which he provided no evidence to his claim of it lifting Liberians from poverty in its 49-year existence.

    This is not a stricture but a desire to see a formal disquisition in shedding light on my tenebrous mind on community fusion over individualistic capitalism. Case examples of successful countries in Africa or communities approaches in Liberia that have triumphed over self (individualism).
    Suffice to say: I love the history lesson that were summoned in a spur of strengthening his opinion, but which audience is the commentary being addressed? Is the commentary meant a universal approach to communal undertakings, or a contextual African approach, of African perspectives?

    I would say cultural racism introduced by the settlers in Liberia marred and stifled communal fusion which contributed largely to Liberia’s under-development. Though they are not in power now, that vestige of their practice is still pervasive in our society which is why individual empowered to lead often glide to the path of individualism while ignoring the path of collectivism.

    In the professor’s commentary, I saw a corollary being proffered to communism over capitalism with instinctive examples on Cuba and China—two countries that are opposed to electioneering democracy and the will of the people. While these two countries ascribe to intellectual and infrastructural development, they are strongly opposed to the “Will of the people” and anything that has do with democracy in the western context.

    Thus, I am saddled with more questions than I would have rather without reading the professor’s commentary. Would the professor please come back and state patented ways of engendering communal approach over individual approach in the context of the African, or Liberian perspectives. Also, may the professor please cite statistical examples of Sussuku’s successes in the poverty eradication effort.

  3. My honorable buddy, Mr. True Nationalist,
    Thanks for quoting the synoptic gospel of St. John. I wish a sympathy card could be send to our friend and brother through Jesus Christ our soon returning Lord.

    Brother Moses, once again, be strong in the Lord. Irrespective of how it looks, God is in charge.
    Expect showers of blessings from above.

    • Oh, yes, Man of God Hney!!! It is written in Psalm 33 @ verse 1 that “By the word of God were the Heavens made!“ And of course, it is implied and expressed throughout all of the HOLY BOOKS (eg. the Bible, the Koran, etc.etc.) that THE WORD OF GOD is our tool, weapon, and firepower against satan and whichever situation!

      We are glad to gain cognizance of your religious life and your reverential life. For true love for the word of God and trust in God are the foundation for peace of mind, confidence of heart, and of course of the ontological and epistemological balance of power of the universe!!!

      Once again Director Moses, TAKE HEART! For as Henry Wordsworth Longfellow resounded in his Psalm of Life … “Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul! Hence, A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, seeing, shall take heart again!!!“

      • Your religious urge and your reverential life is exactly what was meant to be written in the first and second lines of the 2nd paragraph.

  4. Dear Professor Tipoteh,

    Mr. Varney, above, has addressed my inquisition of many of us who read through your article. Frankly, I would have been uneasy to ask barrage of questions if I were receiving this from you in person in a lecture hall. We hope you can address our query.

    However, professor, knowing your ideologies since your advent on the Liberian political landscape, my instinct triggered me to believe that the construction of affordable housing units by Weah to be distributed freely among his partisans was your handicraft.
    If proven true, you need to comprehensively develop the history lessons of countries like China, Cuba and Russia to your disciples to objectively inform Liberians on how China curbed poverty from 88% to 1%.

    Though the former slaves gruesomely went down the back door of history, it must be admitted too that our scholars (indigenous people) also erred lamentably.

    To close professor, I believe communism can work for a people if, through a democratic process, the inhabitants of a given country decide to adopt such philosophy or ideology in total respect to set governing rules. A good example is China.
    In the same way, capitalism can equally work for a group of people provided they adhere to set rules of the ideas.

    From the study of the notions of capitalism or communism or Marxism or so, I have NEVER seen a country that implements the meaning of any ideology at 100%. Many countries have a blend of 2 or 3 ideologies.
    The great USA is not a capitalist country at 100%. No European country is equally a capitalist country at 100%.

    For Africa to make a headway in the comity of nations, you, our scholars, need to rethink and customize our development. We need to stop waiting for the western world to grade us 90 or 100% to nod in appreciation. We need to consider our cultural complexities and philosophies to customize our communism or capitalism or “Mendalism”.

    The young breed has understood, professor. In the face of the wars being waged through multinationals, we shall prevail and set African development foundations. Do not be proud of your lessons when getting medical care from Ghana or Cote d’Ivoire. Do not be proud of your lessons when Liberia has no developmental foundations.

    Hope the professor can address our inquisition!

  5. Fellow travelers, True Nationalist and Mr Hney

    Losing a best friend of forty years at my age of 72 years, is, in so many ways, a terminal worry. Therefore, continuing engagement with the hot button conversations at home has a therapeutic effect. And knowing her all those years, she wouldn’t have wished for a better preoccupation for me than contributing towards achieving stability, equality of opportunities, and unity.

    My late wife Edwina Andrews Moses was born in Sarclepea, Nimba County, grew up at Mamba Point, attended CWA, worked at NSA, and graduated from Pace University in New York, a city where she worked for 33 years unbroken years before her death at age 65 years. She was a patriot convinced that prioritizing parochial interests over national interests undermined togetherness and tranquility at home. May she Rest In Peace, Almighty Father.

    • Mr. S.G. Moses,

      We, my spouse and I, wish to join Hney, True Nationalists and a host of others to express our sympathies to you and your family for the passing of your wife and friend of forty years.

      As people who was born in the mid eighties, we only know you by reputation, which has preceded you, and to be a person for such a long time says volume of both of you.

      your wife and mine has something in common in that both of them are graduates of CWA and so we share a common bond.

      Again, our deepest condolences to you and may you find the strength to carry you through in the coming New year.

      Mr. Hney, I really did not want to rub this in your face, but upon consulting with my wife, we both agree that we should and here it is. We are spending the holidays seasons in your county, Maryland County and you are not. Deal with Trump, the snow, COVID 19 and the promise of a stimulus check that has yet to pass your congress while we sight seeiing in your beautiful county with such stunning beaches.

      Happy holidays to you and your family and we trust that you are recovering from your accident. Also to Mr. P. Dolo, True Nationalist, James Davis, may the New year treat you all well where ever if finds you.

      Thank you

      • Mr. Kimba, another adorable little brother, like Joe Moses!
        Enjoy your time along the beautiful Maryland coast. Enjoy the beauties of nature and the peace of the countryside
        My regards to your wife and children.

        Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous, Peaceful and Graceful 2021!
        May God watch over your faltering steps in your endeavors!

  6. Moses, if you are not still getting it, these guys are reminding you, in a prism of subtle satirical empathy, to redirect your energies to mourning the loss of your wife. Engaging in trivial matters, such as writing commentaries and news articles seems uncharacteristic for a man of your cultural standing. It seems, to them, you are socially cavorting on the internet when you should be doing the opposite.

    For this period, the writings of these guys infer, go on a hiatus in respect to your falling partner whom you were emotionally attached. This period of mourning matters more than the never-ending “Liberian palava.”

    I might be wrong… but they are blunt in their suggestions. Inference is a key ingredient in reading comprehension.

  7. Neal, like I said in the opening paragraph, Edwina would’ve asked for nothing better… She was passionate about reconciliation, stability, equality of opportunities, and unity. Matter of factly, I’m making enquiries about a scholarship award in her name.

  8. BIL Kimba,
    Remember this, ” Good things happen to good people”.

    I am convinced that you’re a good guy! And so, I expect good things to happen to you and my daughter”. While in Maryland county, eat well. Drink refrigerated coconut water! Eat good breadfruit and bread seeds. Eat good yucca (cassava), not the kind of yucca that’s sold in the Monrovia area. I love collard greens in this world than anything else, so maybe, you can take a shot at requesting her to prepare a collard green stew! I hope you drove your car to Maryland. Drive carefully, but don’t drink and drive. Don’t forget to wear your masks always. Wash your hands before you eat. Practice social distancing, don’t take anything for granted. If I know what your address is one of these days, I will send a reply in good faith. Lastly, if you took your Bible with you, read Psalm 27 every day together. Above all, may His great love guide and protect all of you.

    American News:
    (1) Covid-19 is out of control in the US. But the medical experts are telling us that the new vaccines will defeat the dreaded pandemic. A variant of the pandamic was recently discovered in the Southern UK area. According to the UK medical experts, the new Covid-19 variant is contagious…. especially in younger people. But it is believed that the new vaccines will fight back.

    The pundits say that the new variant may have arrived in the US already. We need showers of blessing from above, because without Him, we will fail.

    A couple of days ago, Congress gave approval to a stimulus package. But the incompetent theatrical Trump is threatening to veto the bill because he wants the said package increased to 2,000 bucks! The first approved stimulus, ($1,200) went out to us nine months ago. Since mine months ago, Trump has paid deaf ears to a new stimulus. Now all of a sudden, Trump is threatening to veto the newly approved stimulus.

    Reaction: Trump’s brains might have been affected by Covid-19. Although the ungentleman has 29 more days left in his government, Trump continues to say he will be the next president.

    323, 944…….
    As of this minute (7:04 am) 323,944 Americans have died of Covid-19. That number goes up every day. Very sad. Very dispicable. Trump’s ineptitude is to blame.

    There’s a known apologist. He’s a defender of weak people. Don’t be surprised if he springs up from nowhere to offer all kinds of conspiracy theories. Guess what? There’s a beautiful woman whose last name is mistakenly attached to the apologist’s name. I think he should be like that beautiful woman. The apologist is on the road to Damascus. He needs to be stopped. Before we look up above for stoppage, maybe we can appeal to Cllr Jayweh to confront the said apologist. If that doesn’t work, we,’ve got three powerful women in our neighborhood. They can be counted on to stop him.

    Have a great day in the county of Maryland partner. Merry Christmas to you.

    • “This apologist will make no comment!”. I think that was a smart move on your part, not to comment to Mr. Hney’s comment.

      Cllr. Jayweh can never confront the said apologist, in that both of them are of like minds, so, Mr. Hney, you may have to turn to your three powerful women in your neighborhood to stop him, but dont be surprise when he charm them to his views.

      A very quiet Christmas we had here in Maryland County. you can never find nicer folks anywhere else. hospitality is top notch and walking on the beach is indescribable. Just the sight of the vast ocean serves as a reminder that there is indeed, a Living God.

      I had a heartfelt talk with a good number of our CDcians and the message was the same all over; we have to revisit our platform if we want to be at the helm of power. We can still achieve our goals.

      Mr. Hney, I walked for over two hours asking for anyone who has a Hney last name and no, I did not see anyone. I am slowly taking over your town.

      Mr. Dolo, I plan to visit the Ivory Coast after the New Year. Hopefully, i might bump into you.

      Happy New Year to all.


      • Mr. Kimba,

        I will be honored indeed to ring you up and and give you a treat at Green Valley or Songon Park.
        Don’t forget to get in contact with me. You can easily get me on Facebook, not here.

        Look forward to hearing from you!

  9. Mr. Arthur Kumba,

    Thanks for the encouraging words. Edwina was such a caring and brave woman; may her soul Rest In Peace.

  10. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, PhD, has spoken. Liberians and the leaders of Liberia are advised to put community interest first and not personal and private interest over and above the interest of the Liberia and the people of Liberia. Prof Togba-Nah Tipoteh, has clearly spoken. He who has ear, let him hear. Since 1847 to today, Liberia and residents have undergone and undergoing unmeasurable hardship and under-development due to the fact that our leaders literally have little or no sense of putting Liberia and Liberians’ interest first.

    Merry Christmas and blessed and best wishes in 2021 to Liberia and the suffering people of Liberia

  11. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, PhD, has spoken. Liberians and the leaders of Liberia are advised to put community interest first and not personal and private interest over and above the interest of the Liberia and the people of Liberia. Prof Togba-Nah Tipoteh, has clearly spoken. He who has ears, let him hear. Since 1847 to today, Liberia and residents have undergone and undergoing unmeasurable hardship and under-development due to the fact that our leaders literally have little or no sense of putting Liberia and Liberians’ interest first.

    Merry Christmas, blessed and best wishes in 2021 to Liberia and the suffering people of Liberia

    Certainly, we must give thanks to God for bringing us thus far!

    Soon and very Liberia and residents will get there.

  12. BIL,
    You are a genuine guy! I’ve noticed that your comment was posted less than thirty minutes ago. So, don’t go to sleep yet! My time is 6:04 pm.

    There’s something that goes like this:
    Politics makes strange bedfellows.

    What’s the implication?
    The Grand Apologist and Cllr Jayweh are supportive of a strategy that calls for dumping Weah in 2023. But between the two gentlemen, there’s a kind of bad blood. Cllr Jayweh abhors the guts of Alexander Benedict Cummings, but strangely, he supports the CPP/Rainbow Coalition.

    Look at the twist….the Grand Apologist and corporal Defender of Weak Causes is a staunch supporter of Alexander Benedict Cummings and the CPP/Rainbow Coalition. The bottom line reverts to the adage….”politics makes strange bedfellows”.
    BIL, the bad blood that runs deep in their backyard is indisputably Weah’s window of opportunity. Once Weah sees and profoundly investigates the “split and weaknesses” of his political enemies……..Weah will ultimately carry out his exploitation game at the highest level.

    BIL, every Liberian knows very well that a change is needed in Liberia. But, as much as we know that a change is imperative, there are some people who are not seeking the interest of the country and its people, but rather for themselves! Secondly, instead of helping in terms of creating jobs, the “disturbers” are hell-bent on causing trouble in order to make Weah a bogeyman. There’s a potential for such a strategy to backfire. We will see.

    The name Hney circulates more in Pleebo than in the Harper area. My grandma was born in Blaijay. It’s a town that exists alone the Sea coast. Keep trying. You will bump into someone.

    I hope you watched the last video I suggested you should watch. I look forward to hearing from you.
    It’s now 6:15 pm.

  13. Mr. Hney,

    No, am not asleep at the moment. it is 11:28pm here and the wifey and myself are just chatting while the night while itself slowly but surely.

    The apologist and the Cllr. abhor Dr. Weah for whatever reason they may have, but, as a true CDcian, we have to change our tactics. We have made some mistakes and it is those mistakes that we as a party have to correct or come 2023 will be not a good year for us.

    President Weah has his own faults which is normal because he is nothing but a human, and as such, is entitled to his mistakes but his enemies will dump every mistakes of his government at his footstep and rightly so, because he is our leader and as a leader, BUCK STOPS AT HIS DESK.

    Both the Cllr and the apologist love this country in his own way and we cannot fault them for that. i sincerely admire the passion with which they both voice their dissent.

    My wife and I attended the commencement exercise of Bong County Community college and it was heartfelt to see graduates rejoicing as they marched up for their diploma.

    But the question that lingered in the air as we chatted with friends at the graduation was: WHAT NEXT? It is those question that has to be answered because it involves lives and livelihood for them.

    My father in law says that he hopes nothing come January 20. we will see

    Peace and safe night at home or work or where ever you are.


  14. Yap. I am hanging in there. Three of my boys came by today. It’s very hard to mingle with them because they have different schedules. My oldest boy drove us around. Before we departed, I took them to McDonald’s, a popular fast food restaurant. Because of Covid-19, restaurants do not allow patrons to sit in and eat.

    I am trying to get a car, (Hyundai/Elantra). Since my accident on November 28, I have not worked. My car was totaled! But I go for treatment 4-5 days a week.

    American News At A Glance……
    Trump is making more waves. One of his lawyers is urging Georgians not to vote. Another one of Trump’s lawyers is strategizing on how an election can be held in the states he lost. To matters worse, Trump is threatening to veto the recently approved stimulus package bill that his Treasury Secretary negotiated with the members of both Houses of Congress.

    A Murky Scenario…….
    If the Grand Apologist and his demigod follow in the footsteps of Trump, Liberians will suck air. In other words, if Alexander Benedict Cummings loses to Weah, (Cummings will not make it against Weah), the apologist may introduce Trump’s tactics.

    Let’s continue this dialogue tomorrow. I’ve a fine time with my boys today. I am tired.

  15. Season’s greetings to Grand Frere Hney and boys, Kimba and wifey.

    No politics from me until 2021.
    Best wishes to all friends and foes!

  16. Merry Christmas Mom Petit Frere,
    You’re Right On The Ball Man. For The Time Being, Politics Takes The Back Seat.

    I Certainly Hope That You And Your Family Enjoyed Christmas. By His Grace, We Look Forward To A Happy New Year.

    Be Safe Out There.


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