Open Letter to President Weah

Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, Jr., Senior Pastor, Providence Baptist Church, Monrovia, Liberia


My Dear H.E. President, The Honorable Legislators, The Eminent Justices, our Loving Citizens and Appreciated Friends of the Republic of Liberia:

In a manner of humility, respect, Christian love and homage to the Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, Citizens and Friends, I bring to your attention a matter which I sincerely believe is of serious proportions and if not timely attended to, could amount to immeasurable consequences. The issue to which I refer is the impending Senatorial Elections which has been rescheduled to take place on December 8, 2020.

My apprehensive concern is based on the acknowledgement that contravening the constitution without following the constituted amendment or suspension, etc process/es of the Organic Laws of our Country” as stipulated in Article 83 (a) from The Second Tuesday in October of each election year to December 8, 2020, in my humble opinion, gives contentious rise to a Constitutional Crisis.

Your Excellency, Mr. President, Honorable Legislators, Eminent Justices, our beloved Citizens and Friends of the Republic of Liberia, besides this apparent distinguished Constitutional Crisis, we have recently learned that the CPP (Collaborating Political Parties), petitioned the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia to compel the National Election Commission (NEC) to clean up the Voter Roll, and in their own words: “in order to ensure peace and stability in the country”. The CPP went further in their submission to the High Court, to state that they have “…exhausted all remedies available to them to get NEC to address the shortcomings in the preparation of the elections with no success.”

Let me submit in no uncertain terms, that these two issues of: (1) an apparent Constitutional Crisis and the contended (2) Voter Roll Shortcomings, are certainly of consequential magnitude to warrant immediate attention and redress.

It is therefore, in this context that I consider it my nationalistic, patriotic and spiritual duty to share my thoughts as to how these issues which, could potentially amount to a national catastrophe, may possibly be expeditiously abated and eventually resolved.

In this regard, I suggest that Government should, without delay, set up an Ad Hoc, NEUTRAL BODY, to investigate the allegations of supposed irregularities within the NEC; also with considerations for addressing the issue of constitutional tempering. This Body should suggestively be composed of the following:

  1. A Constitutional Lawyer to Chair the Body
  2. A representative From the Traditional Council
  3. Three persons from the Inter-religious Council
  4. One persons from the Liberian Business Community
  5. The body should reflect Gender & Youth sensitivity and balance
  6. There should be no more than eleven members to this body, it is important to think outside the box by soliciting ordinary professional Liberians, moving away from the normal list of Liberians most frequently uses over the years.

This Body should be charged with the Terms of Reference to accomplish the following:
(a) Investigate the irregularities which have been alleged by the political parties and within the public domain.
(b) This investigation should have State Backing/support and police power as needed for consultation and support
(c) Complete their investigation with in a maximum Three-Week-Time-Frame.
(d) Each member of the Group is to take an Oath that he/she will be objective, fair and honest.
(e) At the conclusion, through Government, make public their findings and recommendations.
(f) The Body should in its deliberations, remain free from political influences and biases.

I write this Open Letter which is addressed to those that make up the BODY POLITIC of Liberia because I pray that, first, the Government and the public, at large, will find merit in what I am proposing. My fear is that if something is not done, about these impending adverse situations, we could find our beloved MAMA LIBERIA, unstable and open once again to regional and global ridicule. Certainly, this situation, left in abeyance, could, most obviously pertain the propensity to exacerbate chaos, rioting, violence and mayhem; which, I am sure, no Liberian, or citizens of the regional and global communities will want to occur.

I am strongly inspired to believe that we can overcome these apparent adversities. However, we must, urgently and forthrightly act, before it’s too late. I hope, Government that is the Executive Branch, under the leadership of HE President. Dr. George M. Weah, the Honorable Legislative Bodies, through the Speaker and President Pro Tempore and the Eminent Justices of the Judiciary, through His Honor, the Chief Justice, will take my suggestion for a Group to be appointed to investigate the alleged irregularities in the NEC and potential constitutional crisis. Most importantly, I trust that the political parties will add their endorsements.

Of course, it goes without saying: “The voice of the People is the voice of God”. Therefore, I also look and expect their voice and advocacy in this regard.

May the Lord be praised and may His will be done!

Yours in Humility & Christian Affection

Citizen Reverend Dr. Pastor Samuel B. Reeves, Jr.
Gatekeeper, The Nation’s Cornerstone


  1. well, thanks Rev. and Gate keeper, I hope Weah or the govt can Listen to avoid blood share in few months from now. Cause Liberia is not Like America were the govt protect its citizen even in rioting or protest, nor Nigeria who have not experience war since its independence if I may be correct. we are just from 15yrs war, trying to recover. we are hearing the sound and signs of another war not too far. it happens when people are oppressed too much, one day they will have no choice but to fight back.
    I pray for Liberia everyday more than even myself, cause If Liberia is safe, life gets better, we can continue to enjoy the peace innocent people from other countries around the world die for and tell the story to out kids and grand kids. But as it is now, weah govt seen to be failing and may at the end do things that will cause chaos to make the entire country fail again. “He who down fear no fault”. I pray this will never be mama Liberia portion. “if the father in the home always beating the kids cause he is the father, one day the kids may fight back or protest against the beating for outsiders to know what they are going through with their father; and force him to stop beating them”.

    I hope something can be done before the end of this month or the middle of November this year to prevent chaos from taking place on or before Dec elections 2020.

    For peace seek, Please do something about this, Bro Weah. or sit and wait for the USA or other countries leaders to tell you what to do or use their money again to bring peace to Liberia for the 3rd time. there are a lot of problems in the world now. Even our below big brother America has its own problem they trying to fix. it will take time to fix theirs before coming to fix Liberia own. “Remember, You must first fix your house or remove the dirt in your eye before telling others to fix or more theirs”. with America issue, America and Americans Come first, which I love America and support them 100% for that. so Mr. weah think and do something before its too Late.

    Liberia, and Liberians should come first before your presidency, your family sir, cause you were elected to serve us and not us to serve you, Please put us and our country Liberia first Mr. weah before its too late. Stop thinking you or your people are untouchable when there is chaos.

    its my word to our wise president and his people in power. I pray that God make it fall on good ground and ears also. May God Almighty Safe mama Liberia. Amen, Amen and Amen.


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