No Liberian Is More Liberian Than the Others


No Liberian is more Liberian than the others. Mitigating cultural dishonesty and educationists in Liberia require a democratic solution, a collective efforts where citizens proffer and propound diverse and constructive views for the betterment of the society. That said, I am HAVING MY SAY…

Regional or Geographical Nepotism: A Deficiency in the George Weah-led Government

By Kadiker Rex Dahn, MA, M.Ed, PhD


In a country where citizens butchered one another on ethnic and religious lines, where national reconciliation is lacking especially after a hard fought general election, what a good leader does is to reach out to all citizens even citizens that canvassed and voted against.

This may be President Weah’s intention because demonstrably, the President appointed Emmanuel Nuquay, who was the vice running mate to former Vice President, His Excellency Joseph Nyumah Boakai. Whether Nuquay double-crossed the Unity Party and gave support to Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), while on the Unity Party’s ticket is not the purpose of this article, but the fact he was appointed by President Weah portrays the President’s willingness to have a government of inclusion.

IN FACT, THE PRESIDENT IS ON RECORD CALLING FOR GOVERNMENT OF INCLUSION. The purpose of this article is to remind the President of his stated intention of inclusion and not to consider divisive politics because looking at the present composition of his government, he has committed what we called REGIONAL OR GEOGRAPHICAL NEPOTISM.


There are those who claim that this is CDC’s turn and such people are in support of political alienation as is manifested in the CDC’s led government. These approaches by some insiders undermine the President’s quest for government of inclusion as demonstrated with Emmanuel Nuquay. Considering the President’s own presidential appointments unarguably has undercut his own thesis of government of inclusion.

The CDC’s led government from initial analysis seems not only to have failed on nepotism but have upgraded the act to Geographical or Regional Nepotism.

By geographical or regional nepotism, we intend to argue that President Weah’s appointees in government miserably lack the test of inclusion where almost all his appointments are from the Southeast where he hails from. We ask, Did only the people of the Southeast vote for him and no other sector of the Country voted, thus he wants to appease only his Southeastern electorates? With geographical or regional nepotism, President Weah has failed to deliver the goods for all the Liberian people.

For example, present appointments in his government indicate predominant selection in the echelon of the government is from that region.

To prove beyond all reasonable doubts, here are the names of some of those presently serving in President Weah’s cabinet and their region of origin: Minister of Finance: Samuel Tweah; Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism: Eugene Nagbe; Minister of Commerce: Wilson Tarpeh; Minister of Foreign Affairs: Gbehzohngar Findley; Minister of Justice, Frank Musa Dean; Minister of National Defense, Daniel Ziankahn; Minister of Gender, Williametta Saydee Tarr; Mary Broh, Director General, GSA; Zogar Wilson, Minister of Youth and Sports; Samuel Wlue, Minister of Transport; Mabutu Nyenpan, Minister of Public Works; Patrick Toe Sudue, Inspector General, LNP; Reginald Nagbe, Director General , Liberia National Lotteries Authority; Francis Wreh, Director, LISGIS; and Francis Kateh, Deputy Minister of Health (all hail from the Southeast).

At the Legislature, the top echelon from the Southeast is also in dominance: Senate Pro-Temp, Albert Chie and Speaker Bhofal Chambers. Such nepotism breeds alienation of others who are not from the Southeast. Is it not against what our progressive fathers fought for? Did they not championed equality regardless of ethnic or religious back grounds? Does the present composition of the CDC’s led government not undermine their ideal for progressive nation building?


Finally, Your Excellency, from the above analysis, wouldn’t you agree that your appointments so far betray the genuine concerns you have professed to bring about democratic leadership, where equality, fair play, and inclusion will be the cornerstones of governance? The fact is that the presence of regional or geographical nepotism in your government indicates that ending the struggles you promised are remote possibility for national reconciliation. Surrounding yourself with individuals who are mostly like-minded will not give you diversity and constructive views. You are right in part to have some of your folks around you but the Presidency is not for supporters alone; you also need experienced citizens from diverse backgrounds with impeccable records who will guard you both at the national and international levels.

Again, Excellency, these suggestions are being made in good faith for the better of your leadership and that of our country.

One of our progressive fathers, Gabriel Baccus Matthews once said of President Sirleaf’ election, “this is the President all of us did not vote for, but this is the President all of us have.” Whether a citizen voted for you or not, you are the President of Liberia thus our candid advice to take a stock of your activities since coming to power because in our opinion, those activities undermine your quest to end the struggles where equality, fair play and good governance will be the cornerstones.

About the author:
Kadiker Rex Dahn holds a PhD in Historical, Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education from the University of Oklahoma. He is a member with distinction of the North America Scholar Consortium. Contact:


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