Where do we go from here?


I have called the Press here today to present the most urgent national issues we should be prioritizing at this time. In this connection, I noticed the following interesting statement by Senator George Weah, in the Wednesday, July 27, 2016 edition of the Daily Observer. He said:
“True liberation comes in October 2017 when the voices of the people will speak in the first truly, free, fair and transparent election in Liberia.”

So, he actually believes that all elections in Liberia – from President Joseph Jenkins Roberts to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – have not been “truly, free, fair and transparent.” This means he is including those in which he ran and lost, as well as the one in which he became a Senator; but he alone does not hold this prevailing false historical narrative; other politicians also falsely add that there has never been a smooth transition from one living president to another in Liberia; do they think that Roberts, our first president, died before being succeeded by
Stephen Allen Benson, our second president? Do they think that Roberts waited until after the third – fifth presidents, respectively, died without a smooth transition, then raised himself from the dead to become our sixth president?

We had our first unconstitutional change of government in 1871, when the light-skinned black politicians overthrew Edward J. Roye, the fifth president, and first Standard Bearer of the first “progressives,” or “men of ebony complexion” from the TWP, which regained power six years later, in 1877; from then, until 1980, a period of 103 years, there were only smooth transitions; in fact, in 1943, President-elect Tubman travelled with President Barclay when he made an official state visit and addressed the U. S. Congress; and in 1971, when President
Tubman died in a London clinic, and was succeeded by Tolbert, his V.P., I heard Liberians boasting about the “maturity of the Liberian political system,” as evidenced by the “smooth transition.”

Yet, most importantly, Weah’s statement echoes the exact rationale used by all our politicians who tell us that Doe’s rigged election of 1985 is the primary root cause of the massive bloodletting in our country; perhaps they have forgotten that Doe was killed in 1990, but the war continued for another 7 years; until the 1997 elections which Taylor won in a landslide with 75.33%, while 12 other candidates shared the remaining 24.67%.

But amidst all these frenzied maneuverings for fleeting political power, our politicians have not yet realized that, firstly, we have not had a valid Constitution since 1980; if they argue that the abortive-and aborted PRC Constitution is valid, then they will all have to admit that: (a) Samuel Doe actually established democracy by democratic means in Liberia; (b) he and his NDPL freely and fairly won the democratic elections of 1985; (c) they are all guilty of treason under Article 76 (a) (1), (4) & (5) of that invalid constitution for conspiring, organizing, supporting, funding, and/or participating in armed rebellions, which eventually killed him; and (d) they and their political parties should be proscribed from participating in any elections in Liberia, under Article 80 (a) & (b) of that invalid constitution.

Secondly, every government since 1980 has been an interim government, which came to power after violent struggles, and not by the unconstitutionally-and-violently suspended 1847 Constitution, nor the abortive-and-aborted PRC Constitution. So, how did we get here?

As politicians are currently posturing and maneuvering to succeed Ellen, it ought to be instructive, that, during the periods 1978-1980 and 1988-1990 as the politicians were posturing and maneuvering to be elected/appointed as successor, respectively, to Tolbert and Doe, by any means necessary, none was aware that many of them were already dead in the spirit world; nor, in the first period, that God had chosen the youngest leadership team in the history of the nation; many of them didn’t know each other, nor that they would be led by Samuel Doe, the youngest Liberian head of state in the history of the nation; and, until shortly before the coup, many of the future PRC members, besides Quiwonkpa, had never even heard his name! Although he was the biggest coward in the group, he and they didn’t know that God had ordained him to lead them and the nation. However, due to greed, false pride, etc., the PRC began to fall apart from the first day; on that day, Doe unsuccessfully tried to change the name ordained by God for our country; also, from that day, he began unnecessarily lying to the nation to exaggerate his role in the coup.

Then, on April 22, 1980, 10 days after overthrowing Tolbert, the PRC executed 13 of his officials; after their unconstitutional and illegal executions, the politicians realized that the 1847 Constitution was still in force; so, three days later, Friday, April 25, 1980, the PRC suspended the Constitution, and imposed martial law. PRC member Jerry Friday, with other PRC members in full agreement, said: “But all in all … you see some of these politicians, they make a big blunder; so for this reason, people will always come from behind them, to take power. Like 1980, those 13 men! The coup was finished! Politically, it was finished! April 12, 1980! It was not April 13, 14, 15. Okay, all we know, we eliminated Tolbert. What happened to these 13 men? They were put into jail. What (was their) duty? Is to tell Doe, say ‘Look, let’s put the guys to jail …’ but they were the same more identical people saying ‘Get rid of them! Let’s get rid of them,’ you know, ‘our revolution will not stand!’ You see? And through their recommendation, the man carried out the execution! Then, today, they turn round and say “Doe killed 13 persons!” Also, J. V. Tubman and other PRC members said: “We never knew nothing about council! All we knew we wanted to overthrow … to become generals, colonels, commanders and all those things!”

Nevertheless, by 1981, Doe’s blind-and-inordinate ambition made him to embark upon a successful-tyrannical campaign, which aborted the PRC Constitutional process, since it is inherently impossible to establish democracy by undemocratic means! He and his collaborators and/or detractors used the following 21 stratagems: He: (I) employed a course of wickedness, with a goal of eliminating all opposition and tyrannically ruling Liberia for at least as long as Tubman; who, he said, told him the Executive Mansion was his; (II) used “his death squad, headed by Col. Alfred Menyea,” to secretly murder soldiers and citizens he feared; (III) rejected God, put his faith in juju, and imprisoned those, including Rev. Samuel Monwell, who God sent in 1982 with a warning: “‘The Lord says YOU must change from your evil ways! If not … there will be no mercy! …” This was also the year that Doe’s Malian “medicine man” told him that God had rejected him from being president, and told Taylor that God had appointed him to replace Doe; on November, 6, 1982, a puffed-up Samuel Doe, asked Samuel Monwell: “If I kill you, they will say I kill dog?”

Also, he: (IV) frustrated the efforts of the National Constitution Commission (NCC); (V) terrorized members of MOJA and PPP; (VI) promoted indiscriminate stealing, but hypocritically pursued his former allies-turned-enemies; i.e., he, who had stolen millions of dollars, began to pursue Taylor for allegedly embezzling $900,000.00, which is $50,000 less than the amount in the Global Witness Report; (VII) effectively nullified the referendum by his dictatorial actions, which began six days later, when he unilaterally dissolved the PRC, created and made himself president of the cruel INA; (VIII) staged several fake coups; (IX) targeted politicians for assassinations; (X) fraudulently issued and backdated PRC Decree 88A, and prevented democratic exchange of ideas, without which there can be no democracy; (X) used his goons in the Ministries of justice, defense, etc. to terrorize, oppress and repress the media; (XI) banned political rivals; (XII) used his Special Military Tribunal to incarcerate his rivals, commit murders, etc., and cloak them in “due process.”

During this period, God reconfirmed, through our friend Euphemia Brumskine, that the next Liberian leader was in exile, and that none of those running in the 1985 elections would succeed Doe. Taylor was then locked up in the Plymouth House of Corrections in Massachusetts, USA.

Moreover, (XIII) Doe and his INA usurped the functions of SECOM, and decided who could register; (XIV) he colluded with SECOM & Chairman Harmon to steal the 1985 elections. Mr. Harmon, who had promised Doe “I will make you President of Liberia,” had placed himself in a no-win situation; he confessed to me: “Counselor, I tell you straight! I’m going to cheat, because the man likes too much power! And if I don’t cheat, there will be too much bloodshed in this country!” I replied: “No, Mr. Chairman, there will be too much bloodshed if you insist on cheating! In other words, you will in fact be causing the very bloodshed you say you want to prevent!” He was so troubled, that one day when Elouise visited his office on behalf of Footprints, he held unto her hands, dropped to the floor, started rolling and crying and said: “Your pray for me … I’m in too much trouble …”

(XV) Doe utilized his goons in the ministries of justice and defense to sabotage the constitutional process. On one occasion Minister of Defense Gray D. Allison told Elouise and me, before Chief of Staff Henry Dubar and the entire top brass of the Ministry of Defense, that Doe’s orders to kill me and “wipe out [my] entire family” would be implemented, “and one night your will not be able to wake up, because we will kill all of your …” They did try on several occasions; but God protected us. Also, in the aftermath of the failed Quiwonkpa coup, Dubar, Allison and Minister of Justice Jenkins K. Z. B. Scott, arrested and took me to Allison’s office, where they threatened: “… we tire of this shit! We will kill you! We have our orders! You can’t get scared! Your brother was sitting right in that same chair you sitting in before we killed him! …” Dubar added: “I’en got time for no damn constitution! I mon see any damn sen-na-ma-bay [son of a bitch] come stand before me and talk about any damn constitution …”

(XVI) Doe was constitutionally disqualified under the abortive-and-aborted PRC Constitution; the politicians had eliminated him by setting the minimum age of 35 years, when they knew that he would only be 33 by elections day; he countered by arbitrarily, but unsuccessfully, trying to add two years to his age, as he explained that someone had mistakenly given him the wrong age of 28 years in 1980. But God confused him so he and his biographers moved his birthday from May 6, 1952, – (which made him 33 years old on October 15, 1985) – to May 6, 1951, but this still made him only 34 years old on October 15, 1985; in January, 1986, he was still only 33 years old, according to his real date of birth of May 6, 1952; or still only 34 years old, according to his adjusted fake birthday of May 6, 1951.

(XVII) A confused Doe inaugurated himself on the wrong day; whereas Article 50 of the abortive-and-aborted PRC Constitution specified “the third working Monday in January,” which was January 20, 1986, he unconstitutionally inaugurated himself on the “first Monday,” January 6, 1986, thereby, worsening the ab initio invalidity. Oddly, the “first Monday” is the day specified by Article V. Sec. 6th of the suspended 1847 Constitution, for “the Legislature [to] assemble …;” also, on this day, Isaac Dan E. Bantu, Dr. Byron Tarr (Secretary General, LAP), Peter Johnson (Campaign manager, LAP), David Farhat (Treasurer, LAP), Peter Bonner Jallah and I were released from jail.

(XVIII) On the other hand, the politicians also helped to destroy the democratic process; in “Founding the Liberia Action Party,” Dr. Byron Tarr, alleged that both NDPL and LAP were conceived and bred in infamy, and that their founders were aware that they shared a common inability to play by the rules; he said that from 1981-1984, amidst Doe’s evil machinations and killing sprees, LAP and NDPL officials “Jackson F. Doe, Samuel K. Doe, Peter A. Johnson, Samuel D. Hill, Dr. J. Bernard Blamo and Dr. Augustus F. Caine” deliberately violated PRC decrees, and “clandestinely consulted among themselves and with others;” also since LAP and NDPL, respectively, knew that neither party was committed to democracy, and that each side was determined to cheat, their “secretive, hypocritical consultations” produced “two [non-democratic] contentious groups.” So, the seeds of the civil war were sown as the parties prepared to steal the elections.

(XIX) The dispute between NDPL & LAP had reached the stage of armed conflict; so LAP and other political enemies of Doe had already recruited General Quiwonkpa and his National Patriotic Forces of Liberia (NPFL) to oust Doe and his NDPL, and they had been training at their base in Sierra Leone. Thus the political parties joined Doe in casting aside the abortive-and-aborted PRC Constitution, especially Article 76 (a) (1), (4) & (5); there was no longer even the semblance of following the democratic process!

During this period, God also showed Rev. Monwell, my wife Elouise and others, the failure of the November 12, 1985 Quiwonkpa-led coup by the NPFL; unknown to him, H. B. Fahnbulleh Jr. and his protégé Joe Wylie were conspiring with their own counter power-play; also, Cooper Teah had his own plan to double-cross both Quiwonkpa and Fahnbulleh. God said He would minimize the bloodshed, and He did!

(XX) Having totally abandoned the constitutional process, 70 and 15 days, respectively, after Quiwonkpa’s failed coup and Doe’s sham inauguration, on Tuesday, January 21, 1986, there was a “Congregation of the Enemies of Samuel Doe” at the Star Hotel in Accra Ghana; they included Togba Nah Tipoteh, Boima Fahnbulleh Jr., Joe Wylie, Tom Kamara, Commany Wesseh, James Fromoyan and Charles Taylor; they all belonged to both MOJA and LPP, and were former allies of Doe who were now strategizing to oust him militarily. Two months later, there was a similar congregation in Falls Church, Virginia, USA, involving Ellen, Byron Tarr, Amos, etc. George Boley said: “… I called Amos Sawyer from the Executive Mansion in Monrovia and when he recognized my voice, I could hear and feel the panic in his voice …”

Further, the Lord showed the Liberian Civil War along with many events that would occur during them, long before the main supporters and protagonists ever knew there would be a war; and God said it was both: (A) a necessary chastisement for our national sins, including our national bigotry; and (b) a vehicle, as He told Elouise, through which the entire world would come to know that He is God; thus, these are among the reasons why I can never hate the Liberian actors and their international puppet masters – the primary providers of funds, training, guns and other materiel – for whatever roles they played in the Liberian Civil War. Accordingly, in May 1989, seven months before the outbreak of the war, Pastor Evergreen Godson prophesied: “The Lord says that there is an impending judgment on Liberia …” Six months later, Sunday, November 26, 1989, he added: “The Lord says that before the end of this year there will be a terrible and horrible bloodshed in this country. … AND ALTHOUGH YOU PRAY, EVEN YOUR PRAYERS WILL NOT STOP IT!”

Moreover, when the war started, God continued these revelations. Now, this same Almighty God has repeatedly promised what I am optimistic about, through various persons, including the “Message from the Lord” which was brought in 1985, by our friend Euphemia Brumskine; it was transcribed by our friend Sophie Dunbar Boayue, and published by me in Footprints Today, stating: “… MY PEOPLE WILL rejoice in freedom and the world will know that this is the land where I live. … This is my land, and these are my people. … TELL MY PEOPLE, be not afraid. I am with them. … MY PEOPLE SHOULD let the world know that I exist. …”

Also (XXI) as the war progressed all the politicians and their political parties, including Doe’s NDPL, endorsed it; and, as further evidence that the abortive-and-aborted PRC Constitution had already been discarded by the political parties, in the ninth month of the war, in Banjul, Gambia, in August 1990, 22 Liberians constituted themselves as “the people of Liberia” and arrogated to themselves the authority to suspend it, and “elect” a government; and, incredibly worse than what Doe and Harmon had done with their illegal 50-person ballot counters, they even established their own committee to submit a report on the “constitutionality” of their shameful unconstitutional action. So, if the abortive-and-aborted PRC Constitution was still valid, those individuals would have to face treason charges.

(XXII) Charles Taylor certainly did not come to power, nor was he removed under the abortive-and-aborted PRC Constitution. The Accra CPA was an extra-constitutional arrangement; yet, Article XXXV, 1a-e, purported to suspend the abortive-and-aborted PRC constitution, which was already invalid ab-initio, and had been discarded by Doe, Taylor, all the political parties, and the warring factions they created. Also, Article XXXV, 1a admitted: “the parties agree on the need for an extra-constitutional arrangement …” Further, Article XXXV, 1c made the CPA superior to the abortive-and-aborted PRC constitution, as well as “statutes and other laws of Liberia …” Also, Article XXXV, 1d “All other provisions of the 1986 Constitution of the Republic of Liberia shall remain in force” is historically erroneous, since no Constitution of Liberia was ever approved or adopted in 1986; then Article XXXV, 1e purported to restore the non-existent Constitution of 1986, or the abortive-and-aborted PRC Constitution, whose ab initio invalidity has already been established.

(XXIII) Although the NTGL was a creature of the CPA (Article XXI), which was signed in Accra, Ghana, on August 18, 2003, between Taylor’s GOL and his party NPP on one hand; and, on the other hand, 11 losing parties, plus others – (Labor Party, TWP, etc.) – and the two new armed groups, LURD and MODEL. Yet, once again, the politicians failed to do the right thing and tricked them. Mr. Gyude Bryant, the Chairman of the NTGL, prematurely and opportunistically appointed members of the Commission even before the passage of the TRC Act, which called for the creation of a Select Panel to choose the Commissioners of the TRC.

(XXIV) The indispensable parties to the CPA, – (GOL and the warring factions) – should never have been politically outmaneuvered and excluded – (obviously by the political parties) – from both the Selection Panel, and the Commissionership on the TRC. In fact, it is extremely politically myopic for the political parties to believe that the four objectives of “the TRC Act of Liberia” – (“national peace, security, unity and reconciliation”) – could ever be achieved in our country by continuing the failed and age-old strategy of trying to trick or marginalize their compatriots who have taken the ultimate gamble, – (invariably through the active succor and connivance of politicians) – to overthrow what they may have, rightly or wrongly, perceived as tyrannies. The faction leaders – (warring and/or political) – know each other and their motives very well. This kind of political chicanery did not work against Samuel Doe and the PRC; and it will not work against their subordinates, almost all of whom, ironically, have constituted the various political parties and warring factions since 1980.

(XXVI) Two examples of the chicanery and lack of integrity of the TRC process are exemplified by: (1) the selfish unprecedented benefits the TRC Commissioners, who were GOL employees, recommended for themselves. “That Commissioners of the TRC:” (A) “be accorded personal security for themselves and family for a period of 30 years;” (B) “continue to carry, bear and retain their diplomatic passport and status for life time,” etc.; and (2) the listing of one of Amos Sawyer’s armed groups (Black Beret) with ECOMOG under “Military Institutions Drawn into Conflict …” whereas the warring factions and the various security organs of GOL are listed under either “Significant Violator Groups” or “Less Significant Violator Groups.”

So, detrimentally, although essential, there has never been any genuine attempt at reconciliation; for the resultant selfish and unpatriotic “TRC Recommendations” would have led to further bloodshed, because President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf may have endorsed this subterfuge if the sinister architects had not overplayed their hands, and tried to entrap her; so, this is how we got here. Now, where do we go from here?

Firstly, it is imperative that we work together to mobilize, prioritize and direct our efforts to ensure that there is, and ought to be only one Republic of Liberia, with one unified Constitution, which acknowledges, reflects, and appreciates one permanent-and-inalienable Liberian identity, as well as Liberia’s unique, historic and providential founding. Let me reiterate: There is only one Republic of Liberia! There are not, and should never be, two or more Republics of Liberia! It is impossible to overemphasize the fact that this is much more important than who emerges as the next president of the Republic of Liberia! So, the existing interim government should be utilized to swiftly take the necessary measures, prior to the next election.

Secondly, we must have genuine reconciliation; should we not reevaluate ourselves and our motives when we know that the Chairman of the TRC fled the country and published that his wife and President Sirleaf had conspired to kill him? Also, how can we have true reconciliation, if those who actually fought the various wars are not allowed to reconcile with each other, and are, instead, treated as outcasts? We urgently need to prioritize this now! Thirdly, we must discontinue our national hypocrisy and begin to behave like we actually believe in God, as we have been professing nationally, since our founding; we know that many of our compatriots have been displaced both intra-nationally and internationally and coerced to seek refuge and citizenships in various parts of the world. So, we must, like God-fearing people, do all we can to help them.

Thus, fourthly, it is already an open secret, that many of those natural-born Liberians who have served, and are serving in government, and the various opposition political parties think they have at least dual citizenships from various nations in Africa, Europe, the USA, etc.; they would therefore be shocked to learn that in addition to the fact that dual citizenship is currently illegal under the laws of our country, they have automatically lost their Liberian citizenships! To me, this is unconscionable! Also, many of the dispersed children of Liberia have offspring of a few generations. Their inalienable rights must not be circumscribed; they must be enshrined in our organic law! We must make de jure what is already de facto in our society.

Also, fifthly, since fraudulently procuring Liberian citizenship is a felony, with all the attendant consequences, if we do not correctly constitutionalize the rights of natural-born Liberians and their offspring who find themselves in this dilemma, we will, unwittingly, place them in the same category as those naturalized citizens who have fraudulently procured their citizenships. This would be very wrong! So, sixthly, we must emulate the good example of Israel, which welcomes the descendants of Israel from all over the world, although most of them and their ancestors were not born in Israel, and have obtained and maintained foreign citizenships over several centuries. Otherwise, some demagogues may arise among us and cause cataclysmic upheavals in the body politic under the guise of enforcing the law; also, it would mean that the work products of natural-born Liberian officials and politicians, who thought they had dual citizenships – including those who have participated, and still participate in all three branches of the government, as well as in the opposition – will remain fruits of the poisonous tree, and be voidable, and/or void. This is applicable to every program, legislation, contract, etc.

The urgency for President Sirleaf and the Legislature to correct this dilemma is exemplified by the fact that in the current Global Witness confusion, Mr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa is, unfortunately, among the thousands of people who have automatically lost their Liberian citizenships; and it does not matter, whether he was born in Chicago, Illinois, or Monrovia, Liberia. To me, this is a bad law, with amendments, which were enacted by the TWP Legislature, and approved by President Tolbert. It’s like the gallows which Haman prepared for Mordecai, for it automatically strips natural born Liberians, including the children and descendants of TWP officials, of their Liberian citizenships; although I hate the existing law, Mr. Koffa is disqualified from being an Attorney-at-Law, or bringing any charges against Liberian citizens or officials; so, since, all his work products will remain fruits of the poisonous tree, until we correct the situation, his investigation or obtaining of an indictment of Liberian government officials is invalid ab initio, and never legally happened. Since we cannot pass ex post facto laws, we must urgently constitutionalize the appropriate remedy for this injustice, consistent with the purpose of our existence as a sovereign nation.

Seventhly, because of our inherent-and-historically-demonstrated tendency to use various artifices to harm each other, we must protect ourselves against ourselves, if we are serious about beginning the process of ending our culture of lawlessness and impunity, and truly uniting our country, in pursuit of the greater glory God has ordained for us; this means that we must constitutionally immunize our politicians and/or faction leaders, as well as the ordinary soldiers and fighters from, or before the events of 1980 to the present.

Eighthly, we ought to learn the lessons from our mother country. For example, the four-year American Civil War produced more casualties than all the previous wars the USA had fought; it is estimated that about 659,000 (18.83%) of the approximately 3,500,000 men that fought were killed; also, the number that died in captivity equals the number of Americans that would be killed more than a century later, during the USA’s 16-year campaign in the Vietnam War (1959 – 1975). Yet, after the surrender of the Confederate army in April, 1865, 57-year-old Jefferson Finis Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, was captured in Georgia on May 10, 1865, and imprisoned for two years in Fort Monroe, Virginia; but he was released in May, 1867, without ever being tried for treason. Five years later, the USA passed an Act which granted Amnesty to all, but 500 of the secessionists; but Davis stubbornly refused to renew his citizenship, until his death in New Orleans, Louisiana, in December, 1889. In 1978, 113 years after the end of that civil war, the U. S. Congress restored his citizenship during the administration of Jimmy Carter, the 39th POTUS, and first southerner-POTUS, since the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, 17th POTUS; and, he played an invaluable role in ending our civil war.

Yet, we continue to, instinctively, strive for mediocrity, although we are very prepared and capable of achieving excellence! So, we deliberately choose to do wrong, and our people follow our bad examples. For instance, about two weeks after my arrival, I came across some documents showing how an alleged murder case had been handled by some veteran lawyers in the executive and judicial branches of GOL, as well as the private sector; I know them personally, and I consider them as being among the best lawyers I’ve met; some have even taught, and written books on the law. Yet, when I saw how, despite all their knowledge, they had not even thought about doing the right thing, I shook my head, and said to myself: “Only in Liberia! You can’t make this stuff up!”

In that case, contrary to basic elements of due process, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court assumed the role of the initial investigator; there was no police report or autopsy. When invited to participate in this case over which the Chief Justice had no legal jurisdiction, the veteran private lawyers timidly acquiesced. Then, incredibly, the Ministry of Justice relinquished its original jurisdiction to the Chief Justice; and making matters worse, the Minister of Justice wrote the succeeding Chief Justice and asked him to participate in the felonies which had been approved by his predecessor, wherein “… the witness … was later promised to be paid the sum of US$20, 000 as bribe so that he cannot say the truth in court, and he was given US$2,000 as advance payment of said US$20,000… please investigate this matter so that … their clients pay the balance $18,000.00…” The succeeding Chief Justice acceded. However, if you transplanted these same lawyers to any other culture, they would behave differently, and insist on doing the right thing!

Fellow citizens, 40 and 9 days ago, respectively, we celebrated our 169th anniversary as a sovereign nation, and the hoisting of our flag the Lone Star forever; this year is also the 194th anniversary of the first hoisting of the American flag, at Cape Mesurado. So, you will probably agree with me that the time has come for us to end this futile process of wandering in the wilderness, and aimlessly walking around the same mountain; and, although it may seem impossible to some, we are able to begin the process of ending this debilitating culture of lawlessness and impunity in which, blinded and enfeebled by the vestiges of our Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome, we have cocooned ourselves.

Thus, in ending this statement, I leave you with the visions of four individuals who have occupied five presidential positions in our country; these quotes come from “The American Israel’ – The Power of God in the Destinies of Nations.” Volume I, Books I-VI will soon be published. (1)“In the wise economy of God, each nation has its particular work assigned it, and … that through [Liberia, God’s ‘special design’] the conflict between truth and error, between freedom and slavery, is to be decided, and the victory given to eternal righteousness in the elevation of downtrodden Africa.” (2) “You see this young man here, he’s not only very brilliant, he’s very patriotic … … these technicians are more patriotic than we the politicians … Ministers … we the politicians have to learn to be patriotic like the technicians …” (3) “… patriotism … I know all that one … but I tell you the truth, you wasting your time, because Liberia fokker! … [Liberia is f**ked up!] … It takes hundred years, Liberia fokker….” (4) “… Nobody in this damn f**king country wants to do the right thing! Why should I be the one to do the right thing? …”

The speakers were, respectively, presidents Roberts, Tolbert, Doe and Taylor; each of us must choose which vision to follow. As for me, I wholeheartedly believe in and choose Roberts’ vision, because I, a typical Liberian, with all the frailties attendant thereto, have been blessed by Almighty God to witness and document the exhibition of God’s awesome power in the lives of ordinary people, – (Liberians and non-Liberians, as well as Christians, Muslims, atheists, etc.) – both within and outside Liberia; and just like He did with Biblical Israel, He has revealed, and continues to reveal the very momentous occasions in Liberia and the world. I thank you.


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