When You Fight Well, You Will Be Remembered


The deceased was very passionate about education. Many outstanding personalities in our society and abroad benefited from her passion. Her fight for education was a good fight. All Liberians should get involved with this good example of the deceased’s by creating awareness on the need for quality education in order to do away with the disease of ignorance that is so prevalence in our society.

Education goes with spirituality. In order to be spiritual, you must be educated. Some people who are involved in promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ do say that they would not need to get any form of theological education to promote Christ. They believe that the Holy Spirit will teach them. Interestingly, the Holy Spirit will not operate in a vacuum. You must have some form of education that the Holy Spirit will work with.

Jesus had a teaching and healing ministry. In Acts 4:14, we are told “when they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” Indeed, Jesus taught his disciples.

Additionally, Synagogues were also used for teaching during and after Christ’s death. History tells us that, “During the Babylonian exile, Jews began gathering to pray and study the scriptures in the synagogue. A quorum of ten men was necessary to form a synagogue. Women sat in a separate section, and were not expected to take part.”

Numerous synagogues were set up in Jerusalem, including one for freedmen, or ex-slaves. There were no less than 480 synagogues in Jerusalem during Jesus’ time.” (Bible History Online)

Education was also prioritized during the Reformation era. Martin Luther gave spiritual guidance to his people and Desiderius Erasmus gave academic guidance to his people through the Renaissance movement. This period was referred to as ‘The Age of Learning.’

Education will help make you a better Christian. This is because; you must be educated to read the Bible for spiritual growth. You must also be educated to follow the messages of preachers, evangelists and teachers. The Bible translators are doing a great job not only in translating the Bible in the different vernaculars for our people to read and understand, but they are also translating biblical and moral teachings in these vernaculars as well.

Education will make you a better asset to society. A literate society will build up a prosperous nation.

President William R. Tolbert Jr. saw reasons to fight three things in his government that he considered Liberia’s greatest enemies. They were: poverty, disease and ignorance.

I strongly believe that if we fight ignorance in Liberia, we will be able to tackle disease and poverty.

Liberians are witnesses to the damage caused by the 14-year Civil War. This damage was ignorance. Ignorance will cause us to abuse the freedom of speech we now enjoy as a country. It will cause us to carry on immorality in society and the church. It will cause us to have bad mannerisms. It will cause us not to be patriotic and nationalistic.

Like the deceased, Mrs. Gillian Tulay Moore, we can name some great women among many other great educators who have impacted and are still impacting many lives academically in Liberia. Women like Antoinette Brown Sherman, Mary Brownell, D. Evelyn S. Kandakai, Jessie King, Euphemia Abdullai, Mary Laureen, Jamesetta Massa Gwei, Ada Burphy Ajavon, Hesta Williams Katakwa, among others.

The need for educational awareness was conducted by Rev. Wozeyan Bazzie, Deacon assigned to the St. Stephen Episcopal Church on 10th Street, Sinkor, Monrovia. Rev. Bazzie, who is assigned to the Outreach of the Church in Back Bush Arthington, tried to answer to the call of creating the awareness of education, especially when he realized that the adopted school of the Outreach, the Ye Sumo Public School, was losing students. He gathered the leadership of the school, youth and other members of the Outreach and conducted a three-day education awareness in nearby villages to encourage people who have been discouraged to go to school. The team covered twenty-three (23) villages. Rev. Bazzie reported that after hearing some excuses given by the people for not going to school, he and his team educated them on the importance of going to school. After the education, some of the people remarked that they did not know the importance of education as was explained. The result of this awareness has attracted lots of students for this academic year. This would not have been possible without the massive awareness by Rev. Bazzie and his team.

Let me say BRAVO to caring Liberians who are in the business of extending scholarships and sponsorship to the less fortunate. Keep up the good work. Liberians are encouraged to buttress these efforts and efforts of other goodwill Liberians in order to help do away with ignorance in our society. Those opting for leadership in government, come 2017, are also encouraged to show their juice by helping to beat away ignorance in our society. Help to build an educated society; this will help to make Liberia a better place for your leadership, should you win in any of the elections.

We ought to also prioritize vocational education in Liberia. This will help build a strong middle class in Liberia. Presently, we have just two classes – upper and lower – meaning, when you are rich, you are rich; and when you are poor, you are poor. A strong middle class will help balance the other two classes.

The need for making available opportunities for our graduates to do master’s and doctorate degrees is very necessary for our time. We have smart Liberians whom, when this opportunity is given, will do exceptionally well. Example is Tyra Banks, a 13 year old Liberian in the 10th grader, and one of my Church’s GFS and Sunday School Choir members. She left Liberia during the Ebola War and enrolled in the Minnesota Central High School in the USA. The school’s authority thought that she should have instead been in the 7th or 8th grade, because of her age. She was then given an aptitude test, for which she earned high GPA. Because of this, she was admitted into the High Honor Society. She is currently in the 12th grade and the school’s authority feels that she has surpassed the high school’s curriculum. Hence, she has been allowed to do first year college courses while awaiting her 12th grade graduation. Like young Tyra, if the opportunity for Liberians to pursue Ph.Ds was available, we will have many doctorate degree holders in Liberia. This is because we have smart Liberians who can make the difference anywhere in the world. Other countries are not better than us.

Everyone must do something. The favorite song of the deceased’s was: “If I could help somebody, then my living will not be in vain.” If you help somebody while you are still alive, definitely, your living will not be in vain. Additionally, you will be remembered when you leave this world.

In your quest to help people, you will encounter people who will be ungrateful; you will have ingrates, despite the help you have given. This should not deter your efforts to help others. Just do your best and leave the rest with God.

The future of Liberia is bright. Everything that you suffered for will be enjoyed doubled. Poverty and disease will not be your portion. Let us together fight ignorance.

The deceased played her part well in her earthly theater. She fought a good fight; a fight that she will be remembered for. What are you doing to be remembered for?

The musician Jim Reeves told us that this world is not our home. We are all passersby. We will have to go one day. Wilton G.S. Sankawulo, a Liberian politician and author wrote: “Why, no one knows when he will die.” This is buttressed in the Holy Bible at Hebrews 9:27, where it is written that, “it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment.”

All of us will have to go one day. The when is in God’s hand; but how are we going, and what will we be remembered for? Joining the fight against ignorance and living a righteous life will get you there. Fight well and be remembered. GOD BLESS YOU!


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