What Liberian Politicians Could Have Learned from Me

"Locking down Monrovia": A crowd of supporters at the launch of a recent politcal campaign in the nation's capital. (Photo: Nick N. Seebeh)

By Rufus Berry, MBA

What Liberian Politicians could have learned from my experience with these sanamaswine belly-driven kooba dem that tend to attend all politicians’ rallies… I will say what the other politician dem na want to say yah: Liberian people dem got serious dettyway. But I was their match 100%. Read below…

Aaaaay Liberian People. Politicians please be on the alert, yah! One thing these sanamakooba dem in Lib know is to make complete Jackarse out of politicians (especially presidential candidates and detty their mah like there’s no tomorrow…

The hypothesis was established with Boy Varney Sherman and others. Varney had thousands of folks at his rallies and those gathering at his home 24/7. They even made a song for him. Aaaaay Lord… when the votes were counted – the overwhelming majority of those kooba dem voted for other candidates – Boy Varney almost had a freaking heart attack. Another major victim was Boy Robert Sirleaf. At some point, he had more kooba dem at his rallies than George Weah. But, when the votes were counted, he was seen on the street of PHP cussing people ma and pa and we heard he was rushed to JFK for both oxygen and drips!

Immediately after I announced my Presidential bid — I don’t know if da Abe Darius Dillon, Henry P. Costa or Eugene Nagbe told them to come detty me (I’m talking to my lawyer to take legal action against them). But before I could open my eyes, kooba dem were gathering at my place beginning at 6:00 a.m., chanting, “Amandla! Awethu!” I was like, Aaaaay these people can’t come out with their own battle cry now? They’re still using the popular rallying cry from the days of resistance against apartheid in South Africa? They had already drawn out a budget of 25K USD (I na talking about LD oh, da USD) for the first three months. 100 bags of rice and all kanna yama yama to eat for lunch and dinner, and milk, sugar, vimto, eggs and all kind of stuff for breakfast. I sat down calmly, and listened to all of their yama yama BS talk. And they were talking as though I was already their Prezo for LIB. One other useless kooba was like, “Now is the time for us to be planning for your first term as Preso…” I almost put one detty slap in that useless sanamaswine ear, but decided to play dumb.

After they were done talking and chanting their Amandla Awethu, as though I could understand the Zulu language, I coolly told them that my candidacy is a new one for Mama Liberia.

They were like, “Our own Preso what you mean by that?”

I was like, “I mean I want you all to play an active role.”

They were like, “Preso ehn we already playing an active role by coming here 6 in the morning?”

I responded: “No oh, your came here 6 a.m. to eat, but the active role I want you to play is different oh. I want allor your to make financial contributions to this movement — that’s geared towards giving power to your — the people of LIB.

I shouted, “Amandla!” and the crowd didn’t respond with their usual “Awethu”. And dat was the end of the pem-pem pekin dem coming to my house in the morning.

After few weeks, few of them came back and said, “Papay, we respect you yah, cause we were just going to detty your mah serious way for tea breakfast and dinner. But the thing you said make sense oh… Iffy we want great leader, we mur do our part to support that leader yah… Even though we didn’t give you any mah, but we got mad love and respect for you and others with similar mindset.”

I concluded by saying, “Let’s get away with this belly-driven sanamakooba politicians and voters yah. Let us vote to bring in the people that will transform Mama Liberia in a positive way.”

It has now been established that crowds at political rallies aren’t the best indicator to make any projection. Most Liberians are still belly driven. We have to do everything to change our people mindset about politics and politicians. The battle against corruption is certainly the right and best start.

In union strong success is sure. We cannot fail!
With God above, Our rights to prove, We will o’er all prevail!


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