What Is God Saying about Ebola?


Many Liberians claim to be depending on God to protect them from the outbreak of the Ebola Virus, but are on the other hand holding unto mindsets and attitudes completely opposite to the mindset and attitudes God wants them to have towards such a contagious and infectious disease.

Many believe they don’t need to take any extra care because God will protect them. Others believe that there is no need to do so because God has already decided who will live and who will die. These beliefs, mindsets and attitudes are completely false, misleading and are lies from the pit of hell… meant to ignorantly destroy the lives of those who hold such thinking and put the lives of many others at risk.

Sickness and Diseases did not originate from God; they are the result of man’s SIN (disobedience, negligence, carelessness, failure to follow instructions, wickedness, etc.) that has shortened his life and made his body vulnerable to all kinds of weaknesses and external factors… including that of deadly viruses, that eventually leads to his death (Genesis 2 & 3). Because of disobedience, God may remove aspects of His protective covering from over a people. When this happens, they become exposed to afflictions like sicknesses and diseases… until they learn. (Num.12).

Sickness and Diseases do not bring glory to God. God is glorified when we are healed, but He is not in the business of afflicting people just to receive glory from healing them. God is totally against sickness and diseases because they destroy His beloved creation and hinder His perfect will for man. This is why scripture says He anointed Jesus Christ to heal sickness and diseases (Matt. 8:23, Matt. 4:18). Though man will return to the dust, God’s preferred will is that he lives a full healthy life… to a ripe old age (Gen. 25:8, Psa. 90:10).

We must know that when it comes to protecting us, God never leaves us out of it. In order for us to demonstrate how serious we are about our own protection, God gives us protective guidelines and principles to follow. These guidelines and principles become our part of the responsibility in His effort to protect us.

In the case of infectious and contagious diseases for example, God has given guidelines and principles in His Word to follow in preventing their spread among people. Instructions like washing hands, feet, entire body and clothes are all common biblical cleanliness/health instructions. Other instructions like (1) reporting oneself to health authorities if suspected of having signs of a deadly infectious disease, (2) being tested by medical authorities, (3) being confined or quarantined if tested positive (4) burning of infected clothing and materials, etc., are all given by God to us as our part of the responsibility in His effort to protect us from such highly infectious diseases. Praying for the sick, for health workers and authorities, for the communities, for our families and our own selves are all further instructions.

At the back are instructions (guidelines and principles) found in the Book of Leviticus, given by God outlining how the society and health authorities in Israel were to prevent the spread of Leprosy, a disease that was also highly infectious. These measures were given as principles to also be used in case of the outbreak of other similar infectious and contagious diseases like Ebola.

When you read those verses of scripture, you will realize that God is saying He expects us to play the natural role given us by Him for our own protection… and He will play the supernatural role regarding our protection.

Biblical Laws (Principles) Concerning Dreaded Skin Diseases (Or Highly Infectious/Contagious Diseases)

The below passages outline guidelines that God gave Israel to follow in containing the infectious disease of Leprosy. It was also written to give us a clear picture of the type of attitude and actions God wants us to take towards highly infectious diseases… including that of EBOLA. (The comments in bold in parenthesis were added for broader understanding.)

LEVITICUS 13:1-52 & 14:54-57

1 The Lord gave Moses and Aaron these regulations (guidelines & principles). 2 If anyone has a sore on his skin or a boil or an inflammation (or signs & symptoms of a disease) which could develop into a dreaded skin disease (or a highly infectious/contagious disease like Ebola), he shall be brought to the Aaronite priest (to the hospital to see a Doctor). 3 The priest (the Doctor) shall examine the sore (do a test), and if the hairs in it have turned white and the sore appears to be deeper than the surrounding skin (or if, as a result of the test a highly infectious virus like the Ebola virus is discovered), it is a dreaded skin disease (or a highly infectious/contagious disease), and the priest (the Doctor) shall pronounce the person unclean (or infected). 4 But if the sore is white and does not appear to be deeper than the skin round it and the hairs have not turned white (if the signs & symptoms appear but it is not yet certain of what it is), the priest (Doctor) shall isolate (confine) the person for seven days (for a period of time). 5 The priest (Doctor) shall examine him again on the seventh day (after a period of time), and if in his opinion the sore looks the same and has not spread, he shall isolate (confine) him for another seven days (period of time). 6 The priest (Doctor) shall examine him again on the seventh day, and if the sore has faded and has not spread, he shall pronounce him ritually clean; it is only a sore. The person shall wash his clothes and be ritually clean. 7 But if the sore spreads after the priest (Doctor) has examined him and pronounced him clean, he must appear before the priest (Doctor) again. 8 The priest (Doctor) will examine him again, and if it has spread (the virus is present), he shall pronounce him unclean; it is a dreaded skin disease (highly infectious/contagious disease)…

45 A person who has a dreaded skin disease (a highly infectious/contagious disease) must wear torn clothes, leave his hair uncombed, cover the lower part of his face, and call out, “Unclean, unclean!” 46 He remains unclean as long as he has the disease, and he must live outside the camp, away from others (until of course his disease is healed. This does not mean the sick should be neglected or abandoned to die. It rather means they should be identified, separated and well cared for to get well).

47 When there is mildew (or signs of contamination) on clothing whether wool or linen, 48 or on any piece of linen or wool cloth or on leather or anything made of leather, 49 if it is greenish or reddish, it is a spreading mildew and must be shown (or turned over) to the priest (or Doctor). 50 The priest (Doctor) shall examine it and put the object away for seven days (a period of time). 51 He shall examine it again on the seventh day, and if the mildew has spread, the object is unclean (contaminated). 52 The priest shall burn (destroy) it, because it is a spreading mildew (or infectious disease) which must be destroyed by fire…

…Chapter 14:54-57

54 These are the laws about dreaded skin diseases (highly infectious diseases); 55-56 sores, boils, or inflammations (including symptoms of Ebola); and about mildew in clothes or houses. 57 These laws determine when something is unclean and when it is clean.

NOTE: God is saying He expects us to play the natural role given us by Him for our protection, and He will play the supernatural role. To those who have ears, eyes, and minds, let them heed what the LORD is saying to His people. If we do this, divine protection is guaranteed.

WARNING: Those who have chosen to take God’s instructions for granted, thereby directly or indirectly putting their lives and the lives of others at risk, keep in mind that God is watching you. Beware that what you sow today, you may reap tomorrow… when you think all is well with you.

About the Author:

Frey Bedell is the founder and executive director of Christ-Centered Ministries and Fit to Rebuild, a Liberian NGO. He can be reached on 0777318444 or 0886920920.


  1. god-jesus christ is saying repent of your sins today and you will be saved.you see if the people do not repent they will perish.god send his son to die for us so if we repent of our sins and receive the holy ghost he accept us as his children so that the reason why they are sick and die because they do not want to repent and give their life to him


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