‘We Strengthen Democracy by Demonstrating Maturity’

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Address to the nation by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Nov. 7, 2017

(As Delivered)

My dear Liberians,

As we go through this time of uncertainty in our electoral process, awaiting the country’s historical presidential transition, I commend you for your patience, and your peaceful demeanor.

Liberia’s laws and democratic institutions are strong. They will withstand this challenge, and they will stand the test of time.

We can strengthen them by demonstrating maturity, and not abuse our positions or misuse the platforms that have been made available to the Country through news media and new technology.  We must continue to respect each other, the rule of law, human kindness and decency.  Allegations, hate speech, inciteful language has been defining what should be a proud moment in our history.

I am glad that all Political Parties have agreed consistently and publicly to adhere to the provisions provided under our laws.  These provisions include the right to challenge, through an established and orderly process, the voting and electoral arrangements that have been put in place.

Democracy is only as strong as its weakest link and at these moments, our democracy is under assault.  Our country’s reputation is under assault, our economy is under stress.

We politicians must do better.  Our people went the distance.  We achieved 73 percent voters’ turnout demonstrating confidence in our electoral process and the future of our country.

Historians will look back at this time and judge us by how we conduct ourselves at this critical moment in time.

We cannot fail them.  We cannot damage our future.

May God save and protect our State.


  1. There is no uncertainty in this election process. We will have a peaceful election. We must be on time on par with the ramifications of the electoral rulings of Liberian Jurisprudence. Political gimmicks cannot stop freedom of choice. Election which provides for complaints and accessories have time factors constitutionalized to vote and abstain accordingly. When it is time for next President of Liberia to be announced the people will know.
    Gone to 57% silent majority. Let the Republic of Liberia know in peace.
    Do not reply this box.


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