It have been awhile since I have divorced myself from political conversations to devote my time and energy to the Ebola fight,  but it is touching while our fellow citizens are dying, people are seeking to be elected; while the Government, which has attracted all the international attentions against the Ebola fight, is still proceeding with electoral activities.

It's an ingratitude to our international partners, our health workers, the social workers and ourselves if we do proceed with this election; it’s for this reason and this reason only I thought to share this with you all.

The specter of Ebola resurrecting more than its genesis is high in the minds of those who are directly involved with this fight. I am no exception to the above assertion because I am a front-liner. I pray that God will speak to the consciousness of the decision makers in this country to see reasons why election must be deferred. Must is deliberately used because survival of the citizenry is at stake.

For your information today, is the deadline the WHO set to isolate all infected persons with the virus and safely bury about 70 percent of the dead without any infection but up to this minute according to the British
media (SKY NEWS) it is only Guinea that have showed some green signs in that direction.

Our situation today, reminds me of the last days of the powerful Roman Empire, they argued of what vices they could legalized and what happened was an unslung that nearly spell the end of civilization.

Now , I am not suggesting in certain terms that is what will happen to Liberia if we force election in this EBOLA crisis, but I think if we ready want to advocate for our people at the highest level as it is in the true meaning of advocacy, we need  to see that sincerity now by collectively petitioning the NATIONAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION to postpone this election on grounds that the people you want to represent are in a serious health situation where survival couple with the eradication of the virus is all they wish for now. Not new senators.

Therefore, instead of campaigning, that which will  evoke huge gatherings as we have been viewing, you need to intensify the EBOLA awareness in your various communities/constituents, follow the preventive measures that will help to kick this epidemic out of our country and then return to business as usual.

Let it be clear that we shouldn't tolerate leadership that shuts its eyes to the problems; as the Liberian Government is playing blame games with this crisis and our lives but firstly we need to handle this EBOLA
crisis with speed, effectiveness and safety for our health workers. In all, if we see the only opposition now in Liberia to be Ebola, our collective respond will be too strong for it to live here with us for even a day.

It is now time that we take political/constitutional correctness and throw it in the dustbin and seek National survival.


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