There is but One China in the World


November 28, 2016

It is reported that a former member of the Liberian legislature recently wrote letters to the Taiwanese authorities, indicating that he regards Taiwan as a sovereign state and is seeking resumption of official relations between Liberia and Taiwan. It is known to all, there is but one China in the world. The government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal government of China. The mainland and Taiwan belong to one and the same China whose sovereignty and territorial integrity brook no division. The Chinese government upholds the One-China Principle and firmly opposes “Taiwan independence,” “two Chinas” or “one China, one Taiwan.” This position remains unchanged and will not change regardless of what happens in Taiwan. The One-China Principle is a consensus reached by the international community and is also acknowledged by the Liberian government and legislature. Any attempt to diverge from the One-China principle is not consistent with the will of Liberian people and government, or the Liberian law. The Embassy of China in Liberia solemnly condemns such irresponsible and malicious intent.

We noted with appreciation that the Liberian government adheres to the One-China Principle and turned down Mr. George Dweh’s lobbying and Taiwanese authorities’ inducement.

Since 2003 when our two countries resumed diplomatic ties, China-Liberia relations have been developed on a fast track. It is widely witnessed that significant progresses have been made in bilateral cooperation in various fields. China is regarded as a major development partner of Liberia and has played an important role in Liberia’s socioeconomic development. From peacekeeping mission to anti-Ebola assistance, China always stands side by side with Liberia at critical moments. In a long run, China has been proven to be a reliable partner of Liberia in its country-rebuilding process.

The China-Liberia Comprehensive Cooperative Partnership aims at promoting the common development and benefiting the two peoples, which has been warmly welcomed by Liberians. The further strengthening of China-Liberia Friendship has turned out to be an irreversible trend of the times and the common aspiration of the people, and will continue gathering momentum. Whoever attempts to impede the trend and undermine the China-Liberia Friendship is doomed to fail.

China places the high value on sincere and honest friendship with Liberia. We are willing to develop friendly relations with all political parties of Liberia on the basis of recognition of One-China principle and to further strengthen China-Liberia Comprehensive Cooperative Partnership. The Chinese Embassy appeals to the Liberian people and all the political parties to cherish what we have achieved over the past 13 years from the friendly partnership of the two countries.


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